Apparently It Was Take Twitter To Work Day In Arizona.

ChaCha better hope forever 21 is still hiring when this is over-Arizona

Hai everybody.  Well it was definitely an interesting day in court today.  We won.  Want to know how I know? No, not because my in house psychic told me.  I know we won because Alfred E. Nurmi asked for a mistrial today.  Now I know that you probably think that is what lawyers are supposed to do right?  Well, in most cases I would tend to agree, but this is a special case and Alfred E. would not in any way request a mistrial unless he was fairly positive that his clients goose was well and truly cooked.  Remove the death penalty?  Yup.  Dismiss with prejudice?  Absolutely.  But he would no way ask the judge to grant him the right to do this alllll over again unless he was fully convinced it was all but over.   The defense rolled over and showed its belly today and I was very happy.  So, to the defense team from me, eat a dick mmmmmkay!!

So this happened during court today. ChaChaisafucktard The ever professional Cha Cha Delarosa tweeted this charming thing while in court supposedly working. A copy of course has been forwarded to everyone I could think of in the Arizona court system because that is just how I roll. Please feel free to do the same. I sent one to the court and to the DA’s office. Oh and to Troy Hayden just because the Stabbyites seem to hate him so very much. I’m hoping he can use it for something.  So, Stabbyites, you can also eat a dick.

This is what Stabby wore to court today.

stabbynotappropriate  Nice to see that ChaCha is also aware that the ship is going down and trying to coerce the mens vote along with a lovely tank top.  Kind of like putting lipstick on a pig isn’t it?  Just sayin’.  I’d tell Stabby to eat a dick, but that ship has way sailed.

Now, on to court.  Juan was in full pace mode even before court started. Flores was ready and tried distracting him with some goodboy treats while Jenny from the Cell Block finished getting the attack suit on Geffner. Juan was quick to attack. God help Geffner if the attack suit gives out before court does.

Juan asked if the statements about the alleged masturbation incident were made years after her arrest. Geffner said yes. Then the pitbull said this isn’t documented in her journal anywhere. Juan asked if it’s true that Stabby told Geffner’s associate that Travis was viewing the offending material on a computer. Geffner answered that the associate must have typed it wrong. He said he didn’t know why she would have typed internet. The pitbull lunged and said because Stabby told the associate that!! Jenny picked that moment to try out the new ejection seats that have been installed and went three feet strait up as she screeched objection, speculation. Overruled. That seemed to make Juan madder and he asked if Geffner was SPECULATING that the associate made a mistake. He was still bristing as he said Geffner gave Stabby the benefit of the doubt instead of considering she was lying about the bullshit she was spewing. He asked again why associate 1 said internet and then said you just assumed that your associate, the trained associate made a mistake? Geffner said yes. Again, how is this man a doctor? Anybody?

The pitbull continued to pace as he said you weren’t even at the jail when Stabby made this statement so you are making assumptions because you are a hired gun. The Defense objectomatic 3000 was promptly deployed and that last remark was stricken from the record. Next the pitbull brought up the fact that Geffner has made over $100 000 off of testifying. Guess what? SIDEBAR.

Back from the sidebar Juan launched again and the attack suit started to look a little frayed. He ripped apart a ton of cases that Geffner had “worked” on, and then brought out that Dr. Sexpert was a speaker at one of Geffner’s non profits. Then he said so was Jenny from the Cell Block. OMG Jenny fired herself halfway up the aisle while screeching objection sidebar. Apparently that one was sustained, but no matter. The mighty pitbull had made his point that these people were all in collusion. He waited patiently for his goodboy treat before moving on.

Stabby seemed to think everything was all good. She had a slight smile on her face and chattered incessantly to Jenny who ignored her and took another bong hit as she watched the ship begin to sink. Juan asked Geffner why there was no mention in his notes that Stabby is a sick stalker peeping tom fuck? Geffner said he was not provided with that information and it was not an interaction between Travis and Stabby. Wait, what? He was never provided with that information. Wow defense!! Good job!!

Oh goody another definition. Dr. DOCTOR!! Geffner said that they needed to define “dating”. They kept having sex and seeing each other. Juan Snarled. While they were dating Stabby lived in California true? Geffnew answered true. After they broke up did she move to another place in California. Geffner had a mistake in the Stabby Anal Einstein this is your life timeline. Juan was fairly foaming at the mouth as he brought up the co worker from Big Sur that said Stabby’s personality changed in an affidavit. Once again Geffner cannot see the trap being laid so masterfully by the pacing Juan. He said you can’t say it had anything to do with Travis can you? Geffner answered “I can’t say nothing, it had something to do with it.” Juan continued. So you are blaming this change in personality on Travis? It’s more complicated than that Geffner said somewhat shakily. So, you are basing this on Travis and Stabby’s interactions? It involved their relationship and was a key factor in this personality change. A key factor to is a large factor right? the pitbull roared. Geffner answered It’s important. Juan continued to lead Geffner down the path of destruction. Couldn’t this personality factor be due to the fact she just lost her house?! What about her financial problems. Her house was being repossessed? Geffners answer was only that he was not sure about the house. He was looking and sounding decidedly shaky. Juan was very aggressively asking next about the breakup with Matt and Bobby and how Stabby was definitely assertive while hunting down the chick Matt was screwing around with. Isn’t that aggressive he snarled. Geffner’s psychological opinion was no, because that is totally an honest answer. yuwholwnhgtolewa…sorry my head hit the keyboard. Juan is driving home the point that Stabby was very aggressive as he brought back up the peeping tom incident. Travis was entitled to sit on his couch and kiss whoever he wants correct? he was broke up with Stabby? Geffner said the definition of broke up was an issue. Now we are rapidfire back to the timeline and Geffner admits that his timeline may not be 100% accurate.

Next the pitbull pulled out Stabby’s honest and for true journals and began to chew them up like a pair of Louboutins. He brought up the Havasupi trip. Stabby was droning on about it in her journals. She wrote that the day had bad and good parts and that Travis apologized to her saying it was 99% his fault. Geffner can’t remember about the fight and we were mercifully at lunch.

Back from lunch the mighty pitbull got one last ear scratch from Flores and trotted back out to the floor. He was all over Geffner like he was a porterhouse steak. Juan snarled that there was an incomplete picture in the journal. Geffner tried to fight back saying regarding the fight, yes. He next brought up that Stabbykins had written about when Dan called telling her Travis was dead and that everything she had written was basically bullshit. Geffner said she may have been disassociating aaaaand I threw up in my mouth a little. The bullshit that this man is spewing, I wonder how he ever gets the taste out of his mouth. Juan continues the carnage he started before lunch and rips Stabby’s diary to shreds. Every lie that she wrote down to try and cover her ass is being exposed in beautiful hi definition for the Jury to see. I bet if you threw holy water on that journal it would ignite.

Juan knew he had Geffner right where he wanted him and decided that this would be a good Tercio de Muerte. This is a great picture of Alfred E. and Jenny From the Cell Block as they watched their witness go down in flames. nurmiwillmuttPlease note the looks on their faces!  Isn’t it beautiful.

Nurmi picked this moment to request the mistrial because he knew what was coming and he knew if it got in it was going to be game, set, match. Not a Judge Stephens told him to eat a dick and testimony continued. Poor little Stabbykins bullshit PTSD came in. AND THEN THE BULLSHIT LIES SHE TOLD ABOUT THE NINJAS THAT GOT HER THE PTSD DIAGNOSIS CAME IN!!
AND THEN THE LETTER SHE WROTE TO TRAVIS FAMILY ABOUT THE NINJAS CAME IN!! And I peed a little. The story she wrote to the family was pretty close to what the prosecution alleges happened except for the Ninjas, so my guess is this is a fairly accurate representation of what happened except where ever she writes ninja replace that with Stabby.

From Jens Trial Diaries. Jodi says in letter she woke up on bathroom floor and heard Travis screaming in the shower. She goes onto to talk about the intruders attacking her and Travis Jodi says a girl came at her with a knife and she grabbed her wrist. She says she kicked her repeatedly in the knees Jodi says she was at an unfair advantage being barefoot Jodi says she had bleeding feet she didn’t notice until later Jodi says Travis was lying down in the hallway and the female was yelling at him Jodi says sorry about her handwriting she’s shaking Jodi get’s away and runs out the door.

Juan roared as he said, and every answer on the PTSD test are based off of this lie. And at that moment Not a Judge Stephens ended court till 9:15 Monday morning so the Jurors get the added bonus of thinking about that all weekend long.

Well done mighty pitbull!!

Oh and this is pretty much what Geffner looked like at the end of that cross.


RBMD peacing the fuck out!!


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  1. Connie Rust says:

    Omg Kelly….objectomatic 3000….there are no words. The holy water comment really put me over the edge. Hail to the Queen!

    • Ha! ..thank you Juan..thank you Kelly!
      Juan ripped Geff a new asshole and he gallopped back to his hotel room, feeling much like like Airy-ass..(please get me some magic underwear to fix this!) and tied himself to the watering hole. (Got charged for the 5 patrons drinks he spilled) .
      Our dear pit bull spilled blood, sweat and lies -leaving the whole weekend for the jurors to think about what had been laid before them like a kings feast…ah Ha!!
      On to Lisa /Airy something yesterday that IT and Lisa Andrews had figured out, together (…BA BA BA bum) ..that Travis was communicating w other women..and that’s caused Lisa to tell Travis she’d had enough of him. Scary I’ve spent so much time on the case that my brain is starting to think like Airy-ass’s.. I think Airy-ass was already into his email..and what would stop her from creating some emails for Lisa to see, and then delete them. That’s one way of getting a “competitor ” out of the way.
      Ok… with Darryl his kid just doesnt seem to cut it..looked like fun to get a chance to play “mommy “..then sleeping in separate beds.. and the financial problems to find another sucker ..poor Travis.

      Ya know.when you said you had the flu..and I know you’ve got some stuff coming up..I got worrried they WOULD go ahead with it..thank goodness they re-scheduled and put you on some (hopefully) kick ass antibiotics.
      I know it sucks feeling lile crap on a cracker and waitingggg..but better off you do.
      Take my word for it..unfortunately, I know.
      You don’t want to have the surgery redone a week later and then be laid up for 5 months w IV antiobiotics…and not remember it bacause you were so sick. Hang in there..

  2. reallybigmeandog says:


  3. Samantha says:

    Thank you kelly! As always, great work! Goodnight and sweet dreams 😄 “I bet if you threw holy water on that journal it would ignite” heehee

  4. shenson1209 says:

    LOLOLOLOLO. As I was reading those tweets today, I kept thinking OMG Kelly is going to love this. I knew today’s blog would be great. You did not disappoint. So glad you were well enough to write it. Love the Defense objectomatic 3000.

    Hope your nausea is better and that the antibiotics are working.

    xxoo. Sending lots of hugs your way even though you don’t necessarily like them. You need them so I am gonna give them!


  5. reallybigmeandog says:

    Hai Samantha. YAY!! Have a good night.

  6. reallybigmeandog says:

    Hai Sharon. YAY!! Thank you I’m glad you liked it. I’ll take them thanks.

  7. Anne Wyatt says:

    Hahahaha brilliant thx !

  8. Kelly..LMAO!…. Objectomatic 3000 hahaha and holy water. You are one fantastic writer! Thanks! A great day for the Alexander’s and Justice for Travis! Stabby can hit and kick her cell walls thinking how Juan annihilated all her lies! Hope you are feeling better!

  9. Linda says:

    Hi ya Kelly! Great read again. You bring in the humor that is needed so much in this disgusting farce of a trial. Juan didn’t let me down either, I was intensely watching his every interaction through the tweets. The defense witness thought he was holding his own when wammo Juan took charge for Travis. Your cartoon says it all and the DT will have to try to put Geffner back together again before facing Juan on Monday! Heehee
    Rest up Kelly and I hope your feeling better soon!! Thank you for making me laugh!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Linda: Thank you so much. Juan was absolutely on fire today. It’s my pleasure to make you all laugh. It makes me feel needed.

  10. hbbeachbun says:

    After Juan’ s annihilation of “not a Dr. Geff” today, I could not wait to read what you had to say. Had me LMFAO. You are the best and never cease to amaze us. Take care.

  11. Schaeffer says:

    Kelly, quite some time ago you asked for input on topics or cases we would like you to cover for sick fuck Saturday, and I have one concerning WOBO, but as I am rather new here, I’m not sure how you want me to communicate said topic, especially since you don’t know me. How would you prefer I clear it with you — just put it up as a comment or let you first look it over via e-mail? I was an active participant on the Calls for Justice website, and essem58 and Nancy B can attest to my sweet disposition (cough) if you want to check with them as character witnesses. Just let me know via the comments section here, and I’ll proceed as you wish. Hope you are feeling better soon, ciao

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      HaiSchaeffer: Welcome to our “dogpound” as it has been affectionately dubbed. I don’t need references, everybody is welcomed and encouraged to share, participate and guest blog if they want too. The only thing that is not allowed are attacks on other members. Since you belong to a couple of the places that I do, other than formality I already know I don’t have to tell you that. If you want to do a guest sick fuck Saturday just write it and email it to me @ and I will post it. Thanks for reading and joining in the discussion.

  12. margie416 says:

    Kelly, I was SO hoping you would comment TODAY!! Trust fund baby! Goofner, is a trust fund, baby. Apparently, If he keeps showing up for classes and daddy keeps building enough wings onto the right, prestigious buildings–PRESTO– Doctor, of ANYTHING! Fonseca couldn’t obtain a license to practice in Arizona, due to all the board complaints, so she was there in a strictly, bash Travis in a NON doctory, kinda way! A text message, “observasionalist.” If Alexander’s name came up, she found fault with it! “Anyone who is on the internetz, AFTER 11:00PM, PERVERT!!!” That one scared me! I keep waiting for the internet police, to arrest ME!!! Dr, no longer a doctor, DICK Samuels, well, he is no LONGER a doctor. Nothing to do with sending Arias, self-help books, greeting cards, and photos of Dick Jr, he was a Horn Dog , BEFORE this trial. Finally, Malice Laviolette! I NEVER publicly threatened her. My lawyers tell me, by saying that I hoped she choked on a chicken bone, it wasn’t really a threat, as much as it was “wishful thinking, with a HIGH probability, of occurrence.” I hope that the defense doesn’t try to put up anymore,” expert witnesses.” Every time I Google their names, my computer fills up with internet, “chorn.”

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Margie: Yup, you are correct. On all counts. Thank you so much for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have a great night.

    • HarleyGirl says:

      Hi Margie, Don’t forget somebody called Malice La Toliet a fat bastard too! I love that comment. Dr. Dick Samuels might be a used car salesman by now. He certainly has the haircut and cheap suits to be a used car salesman. Poor Dick! They must have had to soak the courtroom with lysol and febreeze after all of them were shitting in their pants today. Maybe Monday stabby and defense team and Dr. Giggles will all have diapers on. I bet stabby is freaking out and kicking the walls in her lovely cell tonight. you know the cell that is smaller than Travis’s closet! Also when she wrote that letter to his family she said she was shaking, was she shaking like a chiuahua like Travis used to make her shake! Remember that bullshit in the first trial! Today was awesome, Juan torn it up after all those days of bullshit Dr. Giggles bored the jury to death.

      • margie416 says:

        Hi HarleyGirl!!! Fat Bastard? THAT one, must have struck a nerve, with her! Sadly, I can’t claim that!! Oh, the Chihuahua, I’d forgotten about that! Good times, weren’t they? Getting to watch Stabby, up close, pretending to be too busy, to bother listening to the testimony. I bet those crayons were wearing down faster than Cha-Cha could sharpen them–replace, REPLACE! Damn did I just say SHARPEN next to Stabby?

  13. TisMe says:

    I freakin love this one Kelly….my teens kept asking me what I was laughing at ! You’d tell Stabby to eat a dick but that ship has sailed PMSL at that. I agree that they must by now realise that they’re done, I can’t help but wonder if there is really a lower level they can sink to in their last dying days. I’m willing to bet they will come up with something that will shock but not surprise us. As for Shady, I’m just left shaking my head.
    Thanks Kelly

    • TisMe says:

      What the…..?? What reason could there possibly be to file a motion for those things….Oh wait, this is Nurmi we’re talking about. He is such a wanker !

  14. Jodi J. says:

    Another excellent post! I almost feel like I was there and saw Jenny and her Objectomatic 3000…love the name! Juan rocked it, but he always does. I felt the tide turn today and I think the jury “got” it.

  15. reallybigmeandog says:

    Hai TisMe: YAY!! I’m sure that the bottom of the barrel has not quite been scraped yet unfortunately. Now Nurmi has filed a motion over that tweet that chacha sent out that is on my blog and a picture. I don’t know which pic for sure but I think the one of stabby in her tank top smiling in the camera while talking to chacha.

  16. ROFLACGU The things you come up with…still ROFLACGU.

    And some of the people who comment stay right on target too…Like, Malice Laviolette….

    One question no one has ever answered me…Why in the world does Fonseca wear what looks like a wedding ring on her POINTING FINGER? I think I could understand if she wore it on her ‘Birdie’ finger. I’d get that message about ‘husbands’ and ‘marriage’. But why on her pointing finger? Do you have any ideas about that?

    By the way, about the ROFLACGU…that’s me. Rolling On Floor Laughing And Can’t Get Up. I don’t recommend that anyone read 2 of your blogs in one sitting or they’ll be on the floor with me! Thanks, Kelly! Love you bushels.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Judy. YAY!! I have no idea about the ring. Thank you for enjoying the read. Have a great night.

    • Mama Via says:

      Why she’s wearing a wedding ring on her pointy finger:
      A: she’s Jewish? Traditionally, a gold ring is given to the bride, and she wears it in her right forefinger.
      B: she’s looking for a husband? Supposedly wearing a wedding ring on your forefinger indicates you are ready to commit
      C: she’s wearing her deceased husband’s wedding ring? My MIL wore her husband’s wedding ring on her forefinger in his memory, because that’s the finger it fit
      D: none of the above, she just likes it!

      Your Queen of Useless Information

  17. HarleyGirl says:

    Kelly, you make my day, When i am in the dark place I know I can always come here and get a good laugh. I peed a little in my pants after reading this blog. Take good care of yourself so you can come back to us. You keep me alive! sometimes all i need is one kind word and that means everything to me so keep taking your medicine and getting enough rest. Love ya!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Harley!!! That makes me so happy that my blog can do that for you, seriously thank you for saying that. YAY! I get points. Body fluids equals points. lol. Love ya back. Have a great night.

  18. claris says:

    I like very much that this person attempts to keep all of us interested in the daily events of the retrail up to date, however to continue to compare The PA to an animal is, (no matter if used by others in the media) horrible. Juan Martinez has a photo graphic memory and very high skills as to the work he does. I do not like it at all, as for all other names given Others in this trial I have no problem, but Mr Martinez is not an animal, he is perhaps the best at what he does. Please STOP the insults of this very profession man.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Claris. Actually the rest of the media calls him a bulldog. I choose pitbull because he is tenacious, loyal, intelligent, and will fight to the death (figuratively) for justice. I cannot think of a better way to describe him and writing Tibetan mastiff takes to long. It’s not an insult. So, I’m sorry if it bothers you. I think it is funny and appropriate. I’m not calling him an animal, I am likening his actions to the best breed for what he is doing that I could think of.
      I am not belittling Mr. Martinez. I think he is possibly the best prosecuting attorney I have ever seen work. EVER. I like him, I like his style and even if I was 100% innocent of whatever I was charged with I would never ever want to be cross examined by him. Have a nice day.

  19. Allison says:

    I am living in Bangkok, Thailand and wanted to also thank you for these posts. I was in the US during the first trial and was hooked – so I want to see it to the end! Thanks so much!

  20. shyloh says:

    yuwholwnhgtolewa… Sorry my head hit the keyboard over that picture. IT’S AWESOME!! Great job as always. I sure love how you recap. I laugh so hard. Thank you for all you do.

  21. Adele says:

    You can put us right into the courtroom with your blogs. Same words….fantastic job.

  22. Jodie Finney says:

    I so so so look forward to your blog. It is hilarious but also ties together perfectly everything that happened in court for the day Thank you!

  23. Jen Kane says:

    Kelly. DUDETTE.. Please consider putting together a book with your blogs from start to finish. That is if we ever get to a finish. You have a gift. Use it… then you cn pay tne heat. Lol. Well done. Read this beore I made my tea this morning. Jen

  24. fillymj says:

    Hai Kelly

    Great read as always. What a day for Travis huh ! This trial is something. My eyes were to the tweets all day yesterday.

    That picture of JA with her come-hither look. Sure “it” thought that a male juror has the hots for her. After yesterday there is no sane male on the planet watching this stuff that didn’t shrink an inch.

    Tell me what you think about the killer’s mother wearing a necklace in court saying #1 mom. What is this person? Not only would I be wearing a brown bag over my head if I had birthed this creature but I most surely would not be proclaiming that I was #1 mom of it. Is this woman so dense that she doesn’t understand that she created & enabled a evil,sicko, killing piece of shit, that took a beautiful man’s life?

    Stabby is cooked. That letter did it. A few days ago I wouldn’t have been shocked if they just turned her loose. Now no way. The pure cruelty of her actions & what the Alexanders have been put through is going to place her on death row. Thank god for Juan. Brilliant.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      OMG FillyMJ, she really wore a #1 Mom necklace? Bwahahahaha — you just can’t make this shit up. Next she’ll be waving a big foam finger in court while all the Hairyasses do the wave!!!!!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Okay that almost made me spit pepsi, so thank you for that. I get intensive visuals when I read and I got one of that nasty ass woman with a foam finger, a beer and a hotdog sitting in court. OMG.

    • Mama Via says:

      I kinda feel sorry for #1 Mom…first, HoHo didn’t give it to her, one of the other kids did!….and she’s showed marvelous restraint at not throttling that c-nt she gave birth to….AND has refrained from throwing HoHo under the bus…(the old “I Brought You In, I Can Take You Out” Law)

      For any of you that have kids over the age of 16…YOU know that once they leave the house in their car, you have no say as to what they do…and you just can’t kill them anymore like you used to…when son got his DL, I just had to hope that he was smart enough to stay out of trouble, and not go “hang” with the wrong people…I had to trust that between his dad and I, we gave him what he needed…AND that he was smart enough to use it! (That didn’t keep him out of the pregnancy trap with the drug user, however…)(thankfully, Son’s “high of choice” is beer… And I DID have to get up out of bed ONE (and only one) night, because since the moment he got his DL the deal was, “if you SHOULDNT drive, call me and I will come get you!! Don’t drive DWI!!”) and, I can’t tell you how many Mom Lectures he endured regarding “Responsibility and Consequences or Don’t Call Me From Jail, cuz I Don’t Have Bail”!!

      I NORMALLY blame the parent when I see a brat that is out of control…but…#1 Mom got a pass when she told Flores during her interview “We caught HoHo growing weed in one of my TupperWare containers on the roof, and we called the COPS!!” HoHo said during an interview “I don’t have any mitigators because my mom didn’t beat me enough!” She was joking, of course, but in every joke, there’s a grain of truth…and that is the ONLY thing I think she DIDNT lie about!!

      For those of you, like me, that have Bi-Polar or are manic depressive (Dr. DumbShit doesn’t seem to know they are both the same thing!) or some other “chemical imbalance”…you know that no amount of parental beating can make you “sane”…HoHo has been a sick puppy for a VERY LONG TIME!

      Dad said during HIS interview that they had “cause” to “shake-down” her bedroom (for drugs) and that she became paranoid, and “quit telling them anything” and “became secretive” (read paranoid). He also said during that interview that he “didn’t know what happened” between Travis & HoHo…because “they were going to get married”…you can’t help a delusional liar!

      But, that’s just my opinion…I could be wrong…

      • fillymj says:

        Can see your point however I don’t think #1 mom should have worn that necklace in court while the sentencing trial is occurring for her CMJA.

        I could be wrong but I don’t recall her or her sister ever expressing sympathy for the killing of Travis nor offering any condolences to the Alexanders.

        I have seen the videos of her & hubby asking for money & the snotty remarks of auntie. I will give them a pass for the smiling/laughing in court. Maybe one of them farted.

        Agree that once JA left the family home that wasn’t much they could do about her. However they must have known that something was very wrong with their daughter before she left their home. IMO they should have used whatever resources available to diagnosis & treat their daughter before she left their control. Would it have helped? Who knows.

        Personally I would have never called the police for pot usage/growing or beat anyone. But I would have locked down the hatch , lectured, listened & if need be pulled in outside help.
        Being paranoid,secretive, & no communication is not normal. They may have their reasons but I think did a poor job of parenting. I think they couldn’t wait for her to leave & become someone else’s problem.

        The only folks in this mess of a trial I feel sorry for is the Alexanders & maybe CMJA’s siblings.

        Love your posts MamaV. You always make me think. Thanks

      • Mama Via says:

        Ms Filly…thanks for the compliment, honey! (What is CMja?) anyway…I’m a fukkin PollyAnna sometimes…being a “bad parent” isn’t (usually) criminal (thank goodness! Because I’ve made my share of mistakes! Children need unconditional love, respect, discipline, consistentcy, encouragement, logic, responsibility and consequences. They need ATTENTION, and they need parents who selflessly, sacrifice their own wants in favor of their children’s beeds. And if only the people who vp could do this were allowed to gave children…there wouldn’t be many children around.,

        Some people are just not meant to be parents…mine were prime examples of people who should have been involuntarily sterilized….but, thank Gods, I had my Gramma, who did her very best..,and, as a result, She gave me what I needed to be a good child, a good mother and a pretty good wife…(I slept thru cooking class). I’ve managed to make a good life for myself, and raised my son in the right ways so that he is a productive member of society. Almost everything we know about #1 mom is what Arias has told us…and what we’ve seen as she sits (mostly) quietly in court….and Gramma says believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see…(arias is a proven liar!)

        I agree that wearing the necklace in court is in bad taste…and for all we know this could be an Arias/Nurmi play for sympathy…or that Arias arranged with Cha-Cha to buy it…to keep moms mouth shut…we just don’t know…no, she’s never to my knowledge expressed sympathy to the Alexander family…nor do we know how the Alexander’s would receive an overture of that nature…they might be even MORE offended!

        When my mother left my sister & me to die, my egg-donors wrote a letter sayin “we don’t know why she’s acting like this, she want RAISED to be that kind of person”…I don’t know how Gramma felt about the letter….

        What I DO know…is that I only saw my egg-donor 3, maybe four times in my childhood…and I only saw HER parents ONCE.. If they were “as loving” to my egg donor as they were to us…I understand why my egg donor was crazy…but…crazy is no excuse for coldly leaving children to die…or for brutally killing a man who doesn’t want to marry you, either!

        In actuality, I wouldn’t call the police about the growing pot, either…Son would have gotten a VERY LONG LECTURE!! But my point was, #1 was TRYING to do what she thought was “right”….

        Like you, I agree that Arias was such a “pistol” that they were happy when she left! I’d never seen this action in parents before…until my son married that crazy hoe, his first wife! The minute she and son moved in together, they dumped her brother on my son too…because he refused to do anything except sit around the house all day and smoke weed…so, the hoe quit HER job too…to keep her brother “company”…turns out that that’s all either of them had done for the past seven years… son supported the both of those children for almost a year…then she ran off with some guy she picked up in a bar…three years pass…and out of the blue, Son gets a call…the hoes “current BF” had beat her up, and she wants him to go get her…she’s five months pregnant…he feels sorry for her…brings her home…and, of course, she “can’t work” b/c she’s pregnant…four months later, my son gets home from work to find the hoe, her baby and baby daddy have moved into his house…and expect Son to support them…and the lay-about brother was coming down to “stay awhile” too…the parents didn’t want their son, daughter, grandson and baby daddy sponging off of THEM…but it was ok if MY son supported them all!! Son asked them to leave several times…they refused and cited chapter and verse of the law that kept my son from making them move….all the while, domestic abuse is going on between the three (brothers sister and baby daddy)…hoe grew a pair one day…and called 911…police came out to the house…arrested baby daddy….(it COULD be that the cops saw bruises on baby too!). So child welfare made a visit…and hoe tested positive for pot and opioids…to get out of trouble with that…she forced her mama to come get her…and now my son isn’t supporting three adults who refused to work and someone else’s baby…they are back where they belong…their own mamas house!

        I’d never SEEN such DRAMA before! Or seen parents trying to pawn their adult children who refuse to work, off on someone else! I asked the hoe “well, if you never “really” loved my son…why go thru that charade of a marriage? “Because my mom told me I should! And she said I could do whatever I wanted if I lived with Son!”

        I just don’t understand…wouldn’t it have been easier to teach them to be responsible for themselves?

  25. Tina Roche says:

    Hi Kelly, again you made me laugh, a great read.

    I have a few questions. I think it was Cathy Court Chatter showed a link for us to have a look at a Domestic Violence seminar or something like that, all the liars for JA were listed in attendance but i could not believe Jen Willmot’s name was also on the list. What do you think of this?

    Re: Cha Cha,is she not afraid she will be pulled up over her conduct in court?

    Re: JA’S change of clothes style yesterday in the photo in court which is simular to Cha Cha’s style, do you think she is advising her now what to wear or is JA demanding this change herself.

    Juan brought the court room to life Tuesday and Wednesday would love to have been there. Dearly hope the jury can follow everything and make the right decision.

    Hope you are feeling better, please don’t stop making us laugh.

    Yes, justice for Travis.

  26. Tyla says:

    Absolutely brilliant Kelly – would loved to have watched Juan doing his thing, only he knows how to make a witness wish they never heard of ja, nurmi and wilmott ….. Juan is amazing.

    Hope you’re feeling better and thanks for my morning coffee laugh again 🙂

  27. KarlaMNL says:

    Hi kelly great blog as usual I’m not sure about anyone else but when Juan brought up Jenny jump up was a guest speaker at one of goofies conferences I spewed coffee all over myself lol 3000th objection. Funny stuff lol you have to know that its a good day when stabbys update site is whining about how mean Juan is Anyway I don’t know how you do it but you manage to put into words what we’re all thinking luv ya take care & get well soon

  28. sherry says:

    Kelly that was awesome, and YAY Nurmi got Shot down ONCE AGAIN, tee hee, I sure hope his ass is hurting today as JSS shoved that motion right up it bahaaaa,, Love , that that shit isn’t flying and wow the JA Supporters still are in that FOG, I almost feel sorry for them, they are a special kind of stupid, oh oh oh I strolled over to PV’S BLOG (SORRY) lol she has a total of 3 comments 1 being herself 1 being anonymous(probably her too) lol and someone named Rob, I almost left her a message saying Damn only 3 comments? I’m going over to Kelly’s Blog you must not be that interesting LOL but I didn’t want her comment rating to increase, that honor is for you my dear, besides I never learned to read bullshit and that is all PV spews,, Hope your feeling much better, your the best, and we love ya

  29. Hi Kelly! I love your blogs. When I see a new one posted- a big grin spreads across my face- even before I read it! Best way to start my day. Keep up the great work, I cant wait for Mondays report.

  30. cereusle says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for blogging on the bullshitiest case of all time ever. I don’t know how anyone in that courtroom can keep their mouth from involuntarily opening and yelling “Bullshit”!

    I don’t normally care about the comments regarding appearance and attire, but seriously? A shell (which is only half a shirt) in court? Will next week be a racerback? A bikini? How disrespectful can one be?

  31. Amy Fisher says:

    Love the article and even more the thought of what an awful weekend a certain someone is going to have!

  32. Owlie says:

    What better way to write this particular piece than with the pukes! I’m always so fired up and pissed off when the duhfense is spewing their garbage and slandering TA…I have to remind myself Juan will clean it up. Feel better girlie. It shows what an awesome writer you are when you can produce this not feeling well!

  33. renaes24 says:

    Kelly, Thank you for the wonderful (as always) recap. I could only follow on Twitter for half of the afternoon. I would have given plenty of bodily fluids to have been in the courtroom yesterday; just to watch the faces on (in no particular order): Hodi/Willsnot/Numbnuts and most importantly: the JURY! Juan getting that 18 page horror of a letter in was brilliant……as was the timing.
    As for the Idiot Dr G: How is this man STILL getting paid to spew his nonsense after so many courts have ruled him #1 Paid Bullshit Artist? I would love to get that kind of gig! Definition of DATING? Excuse me? So far the defense is batting 1000 on ‘experts’ who smell worse than DOGSHIT on a hot summer day/from a dog who ate eggs and sardines!
    It is unclear to me if Juan is done with this witness, but I am SURE this witness is done with Juan, and the Jury is probably just DONE, DONE, DONE.
    New Motion? Well, my guess is that it is in response to the multiple tweets of screen shots of McGees prior statement/tweet about NO VIOLENCE, because it appears to refer to a picture of the day before filings. I could have read that wrong, but it would make sense.
    Get better, we need you desperately especially if and when the #1 dick-eater decides she will just HAVE to re-take the stand as all else has fallen into the shit-wagon that is her defense.
    Love ya!

  34. Kelly drake says:

    Omg Kelly I’ve never laughed so hard I think..ever! You are the most gifted writer and am so glad I discovered this blog! Thank you! I honestly couldn’t keep my breakfast down I’m laughing so hard..bravo and keep it coming xo Kelly

  35. bobbie thompson says:

    Awesome as usual! I’ve read you enough now I know exactly what parts you’re going to write about. I just wait to see what Kellanguage you’re going to choose to use though lol. Yes, it’s now official, we have a new language LOL! Keep it up, I need the laughs.

  36. barb says:

    Thank you Kelly. Thank you.

  37. debilu2 says:

    I agree, objectomatic 3000 is PRICELESS! That and Jenny firing herself halfway up the aisle – I laughed till I cried and my sides hurt! I can’t wait for the next installment from the Queen!

  38. karen30036 says:

    One day a lumpy black sweater looking small, frail, and cold, the next day a shit brown tank top and a come hither and give my ass a much needed pounding look … The pasty white and untoned arms were sure to have the male imaginations working overtime in the world of denial this murdering cunt lives in.

    Again, your post made my day. I need to know there are sane people watching, feeling, and seeing what I’m experiencing. The added bonus are the gut laughs and feelings of anticipation of your next post …

    Thank you, Kelly.

  39. TrulyUSA says:

    Love it as usual, Kelly! This defense really is sick as fuck if they think Stabby HoHo has a chance in hell — wait a minute — she does have a really good fucking chance to be IN hell, though. Do the lying and manipulations never end? Is she going to steer her Black Pearl right into the murky depths because she simply can’t be honest and remorseful? (Can’t you just see Cha Cha, Wurmi Nurmi and Jenny Ejection Seat standing on the bow going down with her?) So it would seem! What an incredible NOT-einsteiny thing to do!! What else can she possibly pull out of her cavernous ass? It all smells to high heaven and Juanderful has a giant can of Febreeze….psssssttttttt…ahh, smells like flowers in the Spring now!

  40. Hilarious, as always, Kelly! My husband hears me guffawing from all over the house!! Juan made us all proud yesterday, and I am sure it will continue on Monday. This witness is putty in his hands.

    I hope you are feeling better. From the length on this awesome blog, you sound like you are. God bless you.

  41. brenda says:

    I await everyday for your blogs!! LMFAO then I share to my page Jodi Arias Lies!! We all just love you!!!

  42. TisMe says:

    Stabbys Pencil…a tire swing, an anchor !! Roflmao !

  43. katkradle says:

    I want to retweet your blog, but you have me blocked? Sad face.

  44. Schaeffer says:

    In honor of sick fuck Saturday, and to hopefully spur Kelly back to health, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on these questions.

    Was WOBO a psychosexually motivated killer in June of ’08? Is she now? I’m not talking about the fact that she fucked anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhow, or that in the opinion of a select few she might be considered sexually attractive. I mean, was/is she a psychosexually motivated killer from a legitimate, clinical, diagnostic, within-DSM parameters perspective?

    I have only a very basic understanding of how sex and violence can become psychologically fused into one, and while I am unsure if she would have qualified for such a classification before she murdered Travis, I think she would definitely qualify now. Throughout their acquaintance (I refuse to say “relationship”), I think the more she tormented and tortured him, and the crazier things got between them, the more stimulated and sexually excited she became, until she eventually brought the situation to what was, for her, the ultimate climax. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn she had an orgasm during the killing, which would fit in perfectly with the degree of overkill and strength evident in the murder. She was obviously frenzied — the timeline of the photos and the number of wounds alone prove that — but rather than stopping when she saw what she had done, she became increasingly brutal. I think she only stopped stabbing him when the knife cut her finger and she couldn’t hold onto it anymore, so she switched to the gun.

    She is getting more than just amusement and smug satisfaction out of constantly reliving and recounting every moment of her interactions with Travis, but what? I think she is mentally, physically, emotionally, and sexually stimulated whenever she thinks of him, including the murder. Even the sexual exploits she is flat out making up are feeding something in her. I cannot begin to imagine how often she replays the murder in her mind, but I would imagine it is all consuming, and extremely pleasurable to her. She is the star of her own movie-in-her-head, which she plays on an endless loop. In her secret testimony, she made sure to emphasize that in all her relationships, the men were literally drawn to her from across the room, as if she were some overwhelming magnetic force they couldn’t resist. Odd she forgot to mention that once they got her, NONE of them wanted her for long and tried like hell to get away from her.

    I believe she will repeat this pattern of stalking, luring, grooming, and manipulating others, even from prison. She may not be able to physically commit murder again, especially if she goes to death row, but she will find a way to keep herself stimulated with the endless number of crazies she will be able to manipulate and control even from afar. I can easily see her convincing someone to kill themselves a la Gary Gilmore and Nicole Baker, or to kill for her as Richard Ramirez did, or as Hannibal Lecter did to a fellow prisoner in The Silence of the Lambs. She is already doing that with the legal system.

    I also think she will be an escape risk, simply because she thinks she is so smart she can come up with a workable plan, which would of course involve help from someone outside — maybe even inside — the prison, but whatever the plan, she will most assuredly be in charge of everything. She enjoys every aspect of this demented behavior.

    What do you think? Psychosexual motivation or not? Escape risk? Anything else?

    • karen30036 says:

      My opinion … all of her relationships were unsatisfying until TA. Her other boyfriends were young, not mature, and not financially stable. Gascan Darryl being the exception. He was “mature” in age, but not financially stable. He certainly wasn’t good looking, and not as fun or adventurous as the crowd Travis ran with (travel, parties, get-togethers at his house).She fought to stay in the other relationships (Gascan Darryl being the exception) because it was better than nothing, and NOBODY leaves her. The moment TA introduced himself, Gascan Darryl was history. Stabby Anal Einstein saw a young, dynamic, successful man and knew if she could snag this one, life would be grand.
      She became obsessed very early on and it became her mission to be married to TA. TA hesitated at first because he needs to take his time choosing his lifetime mate. She then started manipulating his friends (the Hughes in particular), creating fake e-mails from a “stalker” that thought she was all that, and Travis is a fool for not seeing it, and he will have her, and Travis can’t protect her all the way in Arizona …
      The Hughes caught on and tried to get TA to see it, but he didn’t for whatever reason. She converted to Mormonism to reel him in. When this didn’t work, then came the sex, her final card she had to play. She tried everything sexually she could to get him to marry her. What other woman would he ever find that would do the things she was willing to do, anytime, anywhere and be the ultimate slut in bed, and also be the good Mormon girl? She failed. Her sexual card didn’t win the game. She then played on his emotions with suicide threats. Those grew old, so the real stalking began. TA was slowly catching on that this is more than an annoyance, this is getting dangerous. She is now out to destroy his life. Threats (e-mails, tire slashing, following him on dates, showing up at his house unannounced, etc …). The final straw was the recorded phone sex. This would be copied and distributed to any woman TA would date, his business associates, and his Bishop for good measure.This was finally the catylist for TA. He was done and he said as much. He would suffer the consequences for a time, he would have to work hard to become whole with his church again, but he was willing to do that to move on and start living his life again without the bottomless pit of need, drama, and pain caused by Arias. TA going to Mexico showed her that the threats are not going to scare him into keeping her around and moving on was the final proof she needed to end his life. EVERYTHING she tried failed to keep him. How dare he?
      This is just an opinion.

    • Mama Via says:

      Both of you make some great points! I just love your thinking!

    • G’day Schaeffer,
      in response to your question about psychosexual motivations I did a bit of digging and found that according to the classification of sex related homicides by a former commander of the Bronx homicide NYPD that:
      ‘A homicide is classified as “sex-related” when there is evidence of sexual activity observed in the crime scene or upon the body of the victim. This includes:
      1. The type of, or lack of attire on the victim. (Naked qualifies)
      2. Evidence of seminal fluid on, near, or in the body. ( They allegedly had sex prior to the slaughter).
      3. Evidence of sexual injury and/or sexual mutilation.
      4. Sexualized positioning of the body.
      5. Evidence of substitute sexual activity, i.e. fantasy, ritualism, symbolism and/or masturbation.
      6. Multiple stabbing or cuttings to the body. This includes slicing wounds across the abdomen of the victim, throat slashing and over-kill type injuries which are considered highly suggestive of a sexual motivation.’ 27 stab wounds, a throat slit from ear to ear and down to the spinal cord, and a gunshot..)

      So from a brief look it seems that Stabby qualifies for this category. The question: was Stabby a psychosexual motivated killer in June of 2008 and is she now?
      In June of ’08 after her slaughter and overkill of Travis and according to the Classification of Sexual Homicides she DEFINITLY qualified! Karla Faye Tucker is the person I immediately think of when you talk about orgasms during killings. From what I can gather the murderer can experience orgasm, before, during and after the crime … so anticipation, action and aftermath if that makes sense. I believe she did orgasm during the slaughter. I have also spoken with paedophiles and rapists in the prison system (I worked there for ten years as a nurse) and the majority told me that they began to become aroused during the planning stages of their crimes.
      Escape risk?? Yes with help from outside but she would never give anyone credit for helping her.. unless of course she got caught in which case it would NOT BE HER FAULT, doncha know? Hope that is what you were after Schaeffer 🙂

  45. Pilar Arias Martinez says:

    Thank you for taking us into the courtroom. It’s almost better than watching it on television. Your ability to make me laugh while waiting for justice makes this trial bearable.

  46. Quiltmama says:

    Going to have to get some depends if you’re going to write like this on a regular basis. Seriously great stuff Kelly. Hope you feel better. Love me some Christine Beswick as well and of course Paul Sanders. You guys keeps it real on all levels. Big fat thank you

  47. Jen Kane says:

    Kelly..PLEASE do not ever stop with the pitbull visuals. It ia more g
    than apparent that you respect this man
    immensely. I’m willing to bet that he would get a bigger kick out of it than anyone. It is a clever way to get a real flavor for how pissed off he gets and his handling of hapless witnesses. Keep it comin girlfriend.

    • Mama Via says:

      Yes, Jen…I think if he knew…and hi might…anything is possible…that he would laugh at the reference! I believe he is very professional at work…but the very few times I’ve seen him away from the courtroom, he seems to be laughing and smiling…

      And I’m sorry to say this…but I will any way.,,Every time I see Nurmi’s hands, I get the “willies”…his fingers are shaped like the fingers of someone who molested me a million years ago(Chester the Molester)..and those little hairs on the back of my neck rise….I was in the second grade…so what is that? 7?….I don’t remember too much of what happened…just that he was hurting me…I must have been looking down,,,because I remember I saw his hands…was afraid of his hands…(I know, Twilight Zone, huh?)

      He looks like a Chester…goofy haircut, he looks like a big fat giant…he’s slovenly…just the way he lays in his chair shows he has no respect for the court…I’ve been watching the original trial…and it seems that the camera always catches him either putting his finger into, or pulling out of his nose…(and he tries to act all nonchalant…like, nice, I wasn’t picking…just scratching my nose hole! hey, I know we all pick our noses…but for pity’s sake…in the COURTROOM? While In Session? Now really! What a nasty Chester!

  48. Kathy says:

    I just figured out who Juan reminded me of; Jack McCoy (from Law and Order) only Juan is Jack McCoy on steroids!!!

  49. Schaeffer says:

    The link to the horrific letter WOBO wrote to Travis’s grandmother & family. I think she wrote it from jail, maybe even while she was still in Yreka. I think she gave it to Flores after she came up with the ninja story; she thought he believed her, so she thought “everyone will buy it.” I cannot believe she thought Travis’s family was even remotely interested in what she had to say, especially a blow by blow description of their “relationship.”

    Does anyone know if they ever received it? Did the family turn it over to the police?

  50. Schaeffer says:

    The letter is so awful; it is almost incomprehensible that someone could be so coldly calculating. She manages to slander Travis and Deanna Reid while promoting herself as an angel on earth whom Travis was desperate to marry, begging her to move to Mesa. I think Juan should distribute it in its entirety to every member of the jury, and send them in to deliberate immediately; it tells them everything they would ever need to know about her, and no further explanation is necessary. Talk about true colors.

    The entire letter is a lie, but at one point, she says Travis baptized her in Palm Desert, CA where she was living. I thought she said he took her back to his house, bent her over his desk, and fucked her in the ass while they were both still in their temple garments. If I’m right, this is a HUGE contradiction in her story.

    • Mama Via says:

      I just wasted several minutes of my life that I will never get back while reading that tripe! But, interestingly, if you read it line by line…you will see a sentence here abd there that IS the TRUTH! Like separating wheat from chaff, the confession is in that letter…all the ugly…even some of what she SAYS Travis SAID!

      I gotta go see Muther…I’ll see what I can do later about “interpreting” the letter for us!

  51. docsharon says:

    Who has ChaCha screwed in order to Keep her job? Why is she being paid by the state while she obviously is doing something other than her job during her working hours? She would be out on her ass trying to collect unemployment if she worked anyplace else or in private industry.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Do you know on what grounds Wurmy asked for the mistrial? What was Notajudge SS’s response?

  52. pasha00 says:

    OMGosh I am laughin’ so hard! Thanks Kelly for another great post.

    ” He ripped apart a ton of cases that Geffner had “worked” on, and then brought out that Dr. Sexpert was a speaker at one of Geffner’s non profits. Then he said so was Jenny from the Cell Block. OMG Jenny fired herself halfway up the aisle while screeching objection sidebar. Apparently that one was sustained, but no matter. The mighty pitbull had made his point that these people were all in collusion. He waited patiently for his goodboy treat before moving on.

    Stabby seemed to think everything was all good. She had a slight smile on her face and chattered incessantly to Jenny who ignored her and took another bong hit as she watched the ship begin to sink.”

    HE HE HE HE That is awesome.

  53. Tina Roche says:

    Hi Kelly and everyone. What do you think of J Willmott attending Geffner’s International Conference on Abuse and Violence, i think she was a guest speaker with all the other liars for JA.

  54. Lindy says:

    This was truly amazing! Love it…..the holy water thing..OMG……great read, the best in fact, over anything else I have read over this hmmmm “penalty phase”…….

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Varmt News Network

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Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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