The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-trial – I Have No Title For This Edition

January 27, 2015

Are we there yet? – Arizona

Hai everybody. Today’s Edition is brought to you by the letter G.

We started the day with a side bar because of course we did. Juan apparently had raw meat for breakfast and is right back to mauling Dr.(OMG HOW IS HE A DOCTOR) Geffner. He started out about the PTSD test, asked a couple of other questions and then all of a sudden he asked how many answer sheets Geffner has in the file for Stabby. Geffner did not want to answer. Juan ordered him to look and said you told us last week there was only one and there are two. Dr.(How much longer do I have to write Dr. about this guy) said one was a copy. Going over the DAPS tests a very foaming at the mouth Juan told(gogogodzilla) Geffner he influenced Stabby when she chose what her most traumatic event was. Juan paced and snarled and said (Gettagrip) Geffner constantly referenced the murder and didn’t let Stabby decide for herself. Juan changed gears again and suddenly whipped out the coded magazines and stated that Stabby changed her story. Aaaaand the objectomatic was deployed. Not a Judge Stephens called a 10 minute recess. The vet she had hidden behind her bench popped up, successfully deployed darts 1 AND 2 and quickly took cover under the court reporters chair. Juan and Jenny From the Cell Block were arguing like a married couple (see what I did there) and Not a Judge Stephens told them to not talk over each other.

Obviously the sidebar was about whether or not the magazines were going to be admitted this time around because once the recess was over Juan slammed the magazine up on the overhead or whatever you call it. Juan told (getthefuckout) Geffner to peruse the magazine and see if he saw any writing in it. (Godicantbelievehesadoctor) Geffner says yes but he can’t follow the code. Juan helps him out. “You Fucked up. What you told my attorney the next day directly contradicts what I have been saying for a year.” Juan asked ((gwordsarehardtocomeupwith)) Geffner if this gave him pause. And with a completely straight face (gonnaregrettheletterg)Geffner answered that he didn’t know what it meant or who it was to. Just as an aside, I think the Dr. might actually be working for the state. Just sayin’. Juan barked out that Stabby wrote it in a tone that suggested that he thought he might be talking to a moron. (greatanothergword)Geffner double checked the buckles on his attack suit and retorted that it had no context and it did not change his opinion.

The Jury was asked to retire to the scenic hallway for a few minutes. The fairly raging pitbull asked him about the tests Stabby took, he didn’t want to be specific with the questions because of copyright issues. Wait what? Well, it’s an original way not to have stuff entered into evidence. Juan was having a yelly and grilly moment and Jenny decided to object to the yelly behavior. Stabby was staring at Dr. ((gladididn’tpicktheletterz))Geffner with a look that totally said it’s not for nothing that they call me Stabby. He seemed to get the message and tried to get his shit together.

The mighty pitbull continued the complete shredding of the witness as he said that Stabby answered the tests differently instead of the same as she should have. The Dr. told him that it was because one was pre-jail and one was during jail. Juan asked to approach and Not a Judge Stephens shuddered a little. They came back and Juan and the witness continued to argue about the tests. Juan continued to point out inconsistencies in the tests Stabby took. Specifically, Stabby answered never to a question about whether a partner forced her to have sex on one, and answered sometime on the other one. The Dr. was becoming more distressed by the second and said Test 1 only dealt with the murder. Juan continued to hammer home all the inconsistencies in the tests until ((gianttool)) Geffner was a stammering mess. At that point lunch was mercifully called. (I’m out, I’ve been defeated by the letter G)

Court reconvened and the Vet with the Tranquilizer gun popped out from behind the seal of the State of Arizona and deployed darts 3 and 4. He then barrel rolled to the left and hid behind the first bailiff he could find. The darts had no visible effect.

Juan started his pace again and for a moment I thought of a shark circling a wounded fish. Juan brought up the magazines and the codes again and the witness said he had never seen them. Juan looked at Geffner and explained that he’d written down and reviewed them this past summer. The Geff said sorry it had slipped his memory. (BARF)

Next on Juans shred till you’re dead tour was the fact that Geffner didn’t want to release the data to Dr. Demarte unless she provided proof that she was licensed in AZ. He pointed out that Geffner knew she was licensed and he answered that she could have had complaints against her or her license could have been revoked. Apparently Geffner thinks he is the State licensing board. Geffner wouldn’t let the test be released because of a federal statute. Jenny dropped the bong long enough to ask for a sidebar. This statute that Geffner was referring to only applies to drug and alcohol issues. Geffner (WHO IS A DOCTOR) thought this was any information disclosure. He didn’t understand that it was only for drug and alcohol which doesn’t apply here. So he’s an idiot or he withheld the test results as long as possible. You pick.

Juan switched gears and started in on the letter that Stabbykins wrote to Travis’ family. He was frothing as he asked Geffner if he knew she had written it on Travis’ Birthday. Geffner did not know that. With that Juan was finished the complete dismemberment of Dr. Geffner.

Jenny From the Cell Block sighed, put down her bong and made an attempt at damage control as the Jurors continued to write down questions. She started to ask about the porn on the computer again and the pitbull looked up from his box of goodboy treats and objected. A sidebar commenced. Witness one said that Travis denied it but it was his screen name. He starts to break down about the photo’s. At that point Juan objected again and headed to another sidebar. Not a Judge Stephens decided that was a good time to call a recess. Jenny asked questions out of the jury’s presence. When the Jury came back she got a couple of questions in about the alleged child porn and moved on to the letter that Stabby wrote. Jenny was desperately trying to get in why Stabby made up that story and Juan roaringly objected. The objectomatic should have been his today no shit. Apparently as Stabby looked back at the night she was trying to put things together, and could not reconcile that she had killed someone so she gave the ninja story.(don’t ask me I just report this shit.)

Jenny moved on to the journal and asked Geffner to define noteworthy. Next Jenny said that Stabby could have burned her journals if she knew they were going to hurt her. She then asked Geffner obout the cases he worked on before. He blamed the bad judge in one. OMG this is never going to end. Okay. So then Jenny proceeded to go over the text messages again and blaming Stabby’s actions on Travis. Blah blah blah Juan objected and it was overruled, blah blah blah Havasupai blah blah blah objection. Overruled. Jenny then tried desperately to get in that writing only good things in a memorial book was totally normal, to which the pitbull roared objection and was sustained. Not a Judge Stephens called for a 15 minute break.

During the break, Juan was mad, the jury was bored, Alfred E was napping, Judge Stephens was checking the buckles on her own attack suit, Stabby stared at Geffner, Jenny called her dealer and ChaCha ordered a pushup bra on the La Senza website.

Back from the break, Jenny asked a couple more questions and then Jury Questions were up. (Thank you baby Jesus)

Juror Questions.

Q: PTSD, depress, anxiety would manifest after murder and being in jail, how can you tell if there were signs before? Geffner sayid yes these symptoms can occur after, but interviews were done with those around her/ knew her.

Q: How likely is it that Stabby scored low on test scores knowing they would be shared in court. Geffner said it’s not easy to manipulate tests and it’s unlikely.

Q: Is Stabby right or left handed? Geffner: Left (Stabby is ambidextrous according to Marc McFuckoffanddie) Just sayin’

Q: Are there entries in the journal after the murder? Geffner: Yes

Q: How long can someone stay in a disassociated state of mind? Geffner: It can vary. It can be as short as 5 minutes or much longer

Q: How many days did the first female psychologist interview Stabby? Geffner: 2 days.

Q: Speaking to allegation of the masturbation of male child, other than verbal word from Jodi that was reported far after the incident is there anything else that references it? Geffner: No

Q: In your professional opinion don’t you find it odd someone that journals like this has nothing in it about these incidents? Geffner: It’s not typical but we looked at her after thoughts

Q: I understand the cycle of abuse but how is Jodi choosing to hang out and continue to have sex Geffner: That is the cycle

Q: Do records show other significant things that happened she didn’t journal on? Geffner: It’s not a blow by blow its a summary

Q: Were the 2007 IM messages in her journal where he is calling her pure evil? Geffner: I can’t remember

Q: Why does Jodi use T-Dogg and Travis in the journal Geffner: It was the macho part of him

Q: Who was the recipient of the coded magazine message Geffner: I don’t know

Q: Did you find anywhere a supported documentation of the DV from Travis Geffner: Just Jodi’s word

Q: It may seem to common lay person this could be a consequence of committing the murder. Are there symptoms for Jodi’s problems pre murder? Geffner: Some pre murder but we look at history too

Q: In your opinion of a heterosexual male is it normal for them to view girls and boys? Geffner: Yes we can have non exclusive that are attracted to kids and adults (and there went the DP)

Q: You as an expert…don’t you find this surprising she would have sex with Travis after this masturbation incident? Geffner: I’m not surprised anymore. Jodi said she felt bad for Travis. Okay, you know what hold the fucking phone. Stabby felt bad. For what she says was a pedophile. So she had sex with him. (and the DP just came back)

juror questions over Jenny was back up and asked Geffner if it is nearly impossible to fake a psych test? Geffner agreed that it is nearly impossible. Next she asked Geffner about Stabby’s ring finger, and Geffner who just got his Orthopedic degree said it was broken. She sat down, Juan got up and went for the throat of Geffner one last time. Juan broght up learned behavior re: the first trial and what Stabby had retained to retake the tests. Juan brought up she learned about PTSD from what Dr. DeMarte and Samuels said, and it was a 5 month long trial. There is no evidence other than her word that Travis ever masturbated to pictures right. Geffner had to concede that he was right. And do you believe that physical abuse took place? Geffner took umbrage with the word believed and said in his opinion there was. Different thing apparently. The pitbull took today out with a mighty bellow. No where in the journal does it says she was physically harmed does it. It is all based on Stabby, isn’t it. Geffner went out like a mouse as he answered yes.

That is it (finally) for tonight. Court reconvenes at 10am tomorrow

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