The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-Trial – The Superbowl Stopped the Wheels of Justice From Turning

January 30, 2015

The Superbowl. I’m totally serious – Arizona

Hai Everybody. Sorry I’m tardy. So, as you can see by the title, there was no court today because of the Superbowl. At least that is what Not a Judge Stephens told everybody. Court will resume on Monday.

Court started late yesterday. (really? said nobody anywhere.) Deanna Reid retook the stand. Jenny From the Cell Block obviously hit the bong extra hard before court started because she was much more mellow than her claws out cat fight self from the day prior. She took a shot a Deanna about refusing to answer questions the day before. It was pretty clear that Deanna did not trust the defense’s transcripts of the interview and Jenny was trying hard to undo that. You didn’t want to answer questions because you wanted the audio right? Once again Jenny was trying and failing spectacularly to emulate the mighty pitbull who sat quietly munching goodboy treats with a slight smirk on his face. You could tell by his submissive calm state that he had absolutely no worries about what might or might not come out of Deanna’s mouth. Do you hear your own voice on this tape? Jenny asked as she played an audio clip Yes Deanna answered in a much less hostile tone than the day before. It was pretty obvious that Juan had spoken to her about the amount of venom that had come out of her previously. On the tape someone asked Would it surprise you to know that Travis Alexander was having sex with women other than Stabby? Deanna answered on the tape “well, I don’t know.” The tape continued. “If you were asked, is it more disappointing that he was having sex with other women or are you more surprised?” On tape Deanna stated very matter of factly that nothing surprised her anymore, she was just disappointed that Travis hadn’t told her. She had thought they were closer than that.

Jenny shut off the player. You could tell she was starting to lose her buzz. She stomped back to the table that held her legal pad and looked at it briefly to check and see what time she was supposed to hook up with her dealer. She then looked back at Deanna. Miss Reid, you have been having sexual relations years before 2011, haven’t you? Yes Deanna answered. She still seemed fairly comfortable and non combative. Jenny continued. You didn’t know that there were multiple girls that Travis was having sex with aside from Stabby right? I was not aware of that Deanna answered and her back went up a little bit. The next question that Jenny asked had me wanting to punch her in the head. You were not married to Travis were you? I am positive that was said more to hurt Deanna than for any other reason. Deanna held her ground like a star. I was not she answered. Still politely. You were having sex with him though right? Deanna answered. For a time, and the tension slowly started to creep back into the room. The other idiots of the apocalypse watched in rapt attention as Jenny went in for what she thought would be the question that impeached Deanna Reid. You never admitted that did you she snarled at the witness. Deanna still had complete control of her composure and calmly replied that she had never been asked. Jenny changed gears. Does the Mormon religion prohibit sex before marriage. Deanna said it did. Next she asked if the law of chastity regarded that. Yes she replied. If the Bishop knew about it you could lose your temple recommend right? Deanna answered carefully. You could she said, but it is the Bishop’s discretion reagarding those matters and I’m not a Bishop. Jenny didn’t seem to like that response as it stopped her dead for a moment. The pitbull was at the prosecution table playing with his chewtoy.

Jenny next asked a ton of questions about the LDS church that have been asked about a bajillion times before. She went into Deanna and Travis’ relationship while she was on her mission in Costa Rica. Deanna’s mission began in June of 2000. Her 18 month no going home can only communicate by snail mail mission. Bye Bye Affidavit. We once again got to go over the fact that she and Travis stayed in touch via snail mail and that they had spoken of marriage through them. Jenny knew she was losing, badly and it obviously pissed her off since the next series of questions were very obviously for no other reason than to hurt Deanna Reid. They served no legal purpose, they offered no help to Stabbykins for mitigation in fact they hurt her, so that is the only motive left.

So you exchanged letters long distance. Did Travis speak often of marriage through them? Yes Deanna answered still rocking the calm she had come into court with. And he told you how much he loved you? Many times. Was there talk of your coming home in November? Jenny was poking Deanna with a stick now and it was noticeable. Yes. You were going to get married right? Yes, Deanna answered. You got a letter from Travis before coming home. This was a statement, not a question. I don’t understand that about American courts, Lawyers aren’t allowed to do that here. In August or September you read the letter and found out he was dating someone else right? Deanna answered in the affirmative. Although I was positive that these questions were ripping her in half on the inside, she never let it show. She was definitely there to try and get her friend some justice and she remained focused on that. The letter said he had been dating someone through the summer of 2001 right? Yes Deanna answered while still remaining stoic. He said he was dating Linda Ballard correct?. Yes she replied. Jenny asked if Travis lost his temple recommend again in 2008. Deanna said she didn’t know. So having tons of sex would be a big concern for a bishop correct? Deanna stated that she didn’t think it mattered. If you broke the law of Chastity you broke it. Jenny seemed disappointed but perked up at the thought of the portable vaporizer in her purse.

The pitbull looked up, dropped the shredded chew toy and took walked quickly towards Deanna while simultaneously asking for an exhibit to be entered. Not a Judge Stephens quickly agreed and looked nervously around for the Vet or the goodboy treats. He barked out were you asked about your sexual relationship with Travis during the defense interrogation…er interview. Deanna said an emphatic NO!! He played a part of the audio transcript which said that she did not know if Travis was having sex with anyone else. Was she asking about you he snarled. No she wasn’t Deanna replied. Did you testify during the first trial he asked her next. She said yes and he immediately moved to have the trial transcript admitted. Jenny was too busy packing a bowl and Nurmi’s mouth was full so nobody objected. He smacked the document down onto the overhead and asked Deanna to look at it The Jury was once again engaged and taking notes. Juan read out the words on the screen. And did you and Travis have a sexual relationship? We were dating for a long time and we were in love. That is what happens when you are in love. Are those your words? Yes she said. Once again the seasoned pitbull began to pace back and forth as was his way. What are the sanctions for having premarital sex? It was one sanction and it was ordered that there be no more sex. Did you ever have sex again? Travis and I kissed at one point but we did not have sex. He cocked his head and asked if they both had the same bishop. NO she answered. He asked that she explain sanctions again. She said it was a paper issued by a Bishop and it is meant to teach them how to get the sanction released by going to meetings and things. Juan stopped pacing and asked almost gently if she and Travis were friends until the day he was murdered. It was the one question were Deanna lost her composure just for a second and I felt her pain radiating through the computer. She looked down and answered yes. Juan was different now. He was as gentle as he had ever been when he said he was trying to show her closeness to him. What was the name of Travis’ dog he asked? Napoleon she answered. Alfred E. and Jenny jumped up like they were both sitting in electrified chairs and their objection resonated throughout the courtroom. Not a Judge Stephens and the attorneys went through the jury questions.

Jury Questions for Deanna Reid.
“Did you tell your Bishop about all your sexual contacts with Travis Alexander?” “Yes.”

The question had a second part that Stevens read aloud. “Did you also tell him with whom?” “I did.”

“Was there any sexual contact after you lost your Temple Recommend?” “No.”

“Did Travis Alexander tell you anything about being sexually abused as a child?” No

“Who confessed to the Bishop first?” “I really can’t be sure”

With that Deanna Reid was released. She seemed so strong, her purpose had been to dispel the bullshit spewed by the defense and she had done so admirably.

Everyone held their breath as Bishop Parker was called to the stand. Well everyone but the 4 idiots who all gathered into a prayer circle and prayed for an earthquake or some other natural disaster to stop the Bishop from getting on the stand.

Juan began to pace again in short back and forth patterns as he walked the Bishop through when he had become a Bishop, where he lived, his duties and the fact that he had created the singles ward in 1999 where Travis and Deanna had met. He seemed like a very straight forward man.

The little pitbull stopped pacing and looked at the Bishop as he asked if it was the Bishop who was in charge of any problems in the Church. The Bishop said that yes you could say that was one of his responsibilities. Are you in charge of sanctions he continued. In extreme cases was the reply. What is a sanction. A sanction is something that is done as a disciplinary action. It is a piece of paper signed by myself and the goal is to get to get the person back to a Temple Recommend state. What is a Temple Recommend? It is also a piece of paper signed by a Bishop after a person goes through a number of steps. Does one have to be a Temple Recommend to do Baptisms Juan asked. No the Bishop stated. Anyone can go to Baptisms and anyone can baptize as long as they are a member of the church.

Juan trotted back to the prosecution table for a quick drink and to look briefly at his legal pad. He returned to his normal position in front of the Bishop, arms crossed but standing still for the moment. He asked if the Bishop knew Travis. He answered in the affirmative and said they had met in March of 99. You met in Riverside, California shortly after you became a Bishop? Yes he answered. I was in charge of a singles club that he participated in. The pitbull began to pace again and his voice became stronger as he got to the reason the Bishop was here, and it wasn’t to talk about sanctions. You had a house as well? The Bishop said that he did. He lived there with his wife, and his son David. There was also a spare room for those that needed it. So, many different people went through your home. Where did Travis live when he came back from his Mission in 2000? He lived with us for about six weeks the Bishop answered. Did anyone move in after Travis left was the next question. Someone named Jake had moved in. Do you, or did you have a computer in the house during that time. I believe Travis was already gone but I had a computer there in September of 2000, he said confidently. Did you ever know Travis to use that computer? Juan asked. Not that I recall. Did Jake have access to the computer? “Yes, he did. Juan walked over to the projector and he put Exhibit number 438 back on the screen for everyone to see. It was the affidavit statement from Marc McFulloshit. Everyone buckled their seatbelts. Juan was now getting his growl on. It was almost as if the very idea of this person daring to send in this affidavit was giving him fits. Since Witness 1 had a relationship with the woman staying at your house would you say he was there often between December 2000 and March 2001. The bishop said he was there ever day. Was your son living there as well? Yes. Had Jake moved out at that point? He moved out in December the Bishop replied. Was there a time when pop-ups showed up on your computer? Yes. Did witness 1 have permission to use the computer? He did. Do you remember what field he was in? Cars and computers the Bishop said. Can you describe the pop-ups the little pitbull snarled and you could see what little hope that Stabby may have been clinging to that she could malign Travis into anything other than the DP for herself get chewed up, and spit out by Juan Martinez. The Bishop said that he had learned that they were from a virus and that they were scantily clad women. What did you do when you discovered them Juan asked. He said he took it to a shop and had the virus removed. Did anyone get sanctioned? Oh, no the Bishop said, mildly amused. Who told you about the pop-ups? The man you call witness 1 he said. Did he mention any files or folders with child porn? No. No he did not. Did the shop that repaired it report any child porn on the computer? NO! They did not. Who was responsible for the pop-ups the pitbull asked as the freight train coming to run over the mitigation picked up speed. The Bishop said that his son had learned that Jake picked up the virus and could not get rid of it. Mark McFucksticks bullshit was still on the screen for everyone to see. Juan asked the Bishop to look at it. Did witness 1 come to you and admit to being dishonest about the origins of the porn? He said that this was a great concern because he would have been disciplined by sanction and that would have disrupted his marriage plans. Did anyone come to you when the computer crashed and discuss being dishonest? No the Bishop answered succinctly. Did you discipline anyone at this time or think of disciplining anyone because there was supposed child pornography on the computer. No, I did not. Juan stopped pacing for a moment and moved a little closer to the Bishop. If you had seen child pornography on the computer, would you have disciplined Witness 1 for that and would it have affected his marriage plans? A simple no was the answer. Juan took two more steps forward and smiled slightly as he asked his last question At any time Bishop Parker, did Witness 1 tell you that he found child porn anywhere in your household, computer or otherwise? No. the Bishop answered. With that, Juan Martinez threw goodboy treats high into the air and caught them all the way back to his table. He sat down and waited with a very self satisfied look on his face. Alfred E. Nurmi asked to approach the Judge and got a sidebar. The Judge abruptly called court and said that there would be no court Thursday because of Traffic due to the Superbowl. Expect a motion to be filed for the death penalty to be removed because of the Superbowl. Also one because Napoleon was not made available to testify.

Have a great night. Again sorry it was late.
RBMD peacing the fuck out!!

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