The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-Trial – The Superbowl Stopped the Wheels of Justice From Turning

The Superbowl. I’m totally serious – Arizona

Hai Everybody. Sorry I’m tardy. So, as you can see by the title, there was no court today because of the Superbowl. At least that is what Not a Judge Stephens told everybody. Court will resume on Monday.

Court started late yesterday. (really? said nobody anywhere.) Deanna Reid retook the stand. Jenny From the Cell Block obviously hit the bong extra hard before court started because she was much more mellow than her claws out cat fight self from the day prior. She took a shot a Deanna about refusing to answer questions the day before. It was pretty clear that Deanna did not trust the defense’s transcripts of the interview and Jenny was trying hard to undo that. You didn’t want to answer questions because you wanted the audio right? Once again Jenny was trying and failing spectacularly to emulate the mighty pitbull who sat quietly munching goodboy treats with a slight smirk on his face. You could tell by his submissive calm state that he had absolutely no worries about what might or might not come out of Deanna’s mouth. Do you hear your own voice on this tape? Jenny asked as she played an audio clip Yes Deanna answered in a much less hostile tone than the day before. It was pretty obvious that Juan had spoken to her about the amount of venom that had come out of her previously. On the tape someone asked Would it surprise you to know that Travis Alexander was having sex with women other than Stabby? Deanna answered on the tape “well, I don’t know.” The tape continued. “If you were asked, is it more disappointing that he was having sex with other women or are you more surprised?” On tape Deanna stated very matter of factly that nothing surprised her anymore, she was just disappointed that Travis hadn’t told her. She had thought they were closer than that.

Jenny shut off the player. You could tell she was starting to lose her buzz. She stomped back to the table that held her legal pad and looked at it briefly to check and see what time she was supposed to hook up with her dealer. She then looked back at Deanna. Miss Reid, you have been having sexual relations years before 2011, haven’t you? Yes Deanna answered. She still seemed fairly comfortable and non combative. Jenny continued. You didn’t know that there were multiple girls that Travis was having sex with aside from Stabby right? I was not aware of that Deanna answered and her back went up a little bit. The next question that Jenny asked had me wanting to punch her in the head. You were not married to Travis were you? I am positive that was said more to hurt Deanna than for any other reason. Deanna held her ground like a star. I was not she answered. Still politely. You were having sex with him though right? Deanna answered. For a time, and the tension slowly started to creep back into the room. The other idiots of the apocalypse watched in rapt attention as Jenny went in for what she thought would be the question that impeached Deanna Reid. You never admitted that did you she snarled at the witness. Deanna still had complete control of her composure and calmly replied that she had never been asked. Jenny changed gears. Does the Mormon religion prohibit sex before marriage. Deanna said it did. Next she asked if the law of chastity regarded that. Yes she replied. If the Bishop knew about it you could lose your temple recommend right? Deanna answered carefully. You could she said, but it is the Bishop’s discretion reagarding those matters and I’m not a Bishop. Jenny didn’t seem to like that response as it stopped her dead for a moment. The pitbull was at the prosecution table playing with his chewtoy.

Jenny next asked a ton of questions about the LDS church that have been asked about a bajillion times before. She went into Deanna and Travis’ relationship while she was on her mission in Costa Rica. Deanna’s mission began in June of 2000. Her 18 month no going home can only communicate by snail mail mission. Bye Bye Affidavit. We once again got to go over the fact that she and Travis stayed in touch via snail mail and that they had spoken of marriage through them. Jenny knew she was losing, badly and it obviously pissed her off since the next series of questions were very obviously for no other reason than to hurt Deanna Reid. They served no legal purpose, they offered no help to Stabbykins for mitigation in fact they hurt her, so that is the only motive left.

So you exchanged letters long distance. Did Travis speak often of marriage through them? Yes Deanna answered still rocking the calm she had come into court with. And he told you how much he loved you? Many times. Was there talk of your coming home in November? Jenny was poking Deanna with a stick now and it was noticeable. Yes. You were going to get married right? Yes, Deanna answered. You got a letter from Travis before coming home. This was a statement, not a question. I don’t understand that about American courts, Lawyers aren’t allowed to do that here. In August or September you read the letter and found out he was dating someone else right? Deanna answered in the affirmative. Although I was positive that these questions were ripping her in half on the inside, she never let it show. She was definitely there to try and get her friend some justice and she remained focused on that. The letter said he had been dating someone through the summer of 2001 right? Yes Deanna answered while still remaining stoic. He said he was dating Linda Ballard correct?. Yes she replied. Jenny asked if Travis lost his temple recommend again in 2008. Deanna said she didn’t know. So having tons of sex would be a big concern for a bishop correct? Deanna stated that she didn’t think it mattered. If you broke the law of Chastity you broke it. Jenny seemed disappointed but perked up at the thought of the portable vaporizer in her purse.

The pitbull looked up, dropped the shredded chew toy and took walked quickly towards Deanna while simultaneously asking for an exhibit to be entered. Not a Judge Stephens quickly agreed and looked nervously around for the Vet or the goodboy treats. He barked out were you asked about your sexual relationship with Travis during the defense interrogation…er interview. Deanna said an emphatic NO!! He played a part of the audio transcript which said that she did not know if Travis was having sex with anyone else. Was she asking about you he snarled. No she wasn’t Deanna replied. Did you testify during the first trial he asked her next. She said yes and he immediately moved to have the trial transcript admitted. Jenny was too busy packing a bowl and Nurmi’s mouth was full so nobody objected. He smacked the document down onto the overhead and asked Deanna to look at it The Jury was once again engaged and taking notes. Juan read out the words on the screen. And did you and Travis have a sexual relationship? We were dating for a long time and we were in love. That is what happens when you are in love. Are those your words? Yes she said. Once again the seasoned pitbull began to pace back and forth as was his way. What are the sanctions for having premarital sex? It was one sanction and it was ordered that there be no more sex. Did you ever have sex again? Travis and I kissed at one point but we did not have sex. He cocked his head and asked if they both had the same bishop. NO she answered. He asked that she explain sanctions again. She said it was a paper issued by a Bishop and it is meant to teach them how to get the sanction released by going to meetings and things. Juan stopped pacing and asked almost gently if she and Travis were friends until the day he was murdered. It was the one question were Deanna lost her composure just for a second and I felt her pain radiating through the computer. She looked down and answered yes. Juan was different now. He was as gentle as he had ever been when he said he was trying to show her closeness to him. What was the name of Travis’ dog he asked? Napoleon she answered. Alfred E. and Jenny jumped up like they were both sitting in electrified chairs and their objection resonated throughout the courtroom. Not a Judge Stephens and the attorneys went through the jury questions.

Jury Questions for Deanna Reid.
“Did you tell your Bishop about all your sexual contacts with Travis Alexander?” “Yes.”

The question had a second part that Stevens read aloud. “Did you also tell him with whom?” “I did.”

“Was there any sexual contact after you lost your Temple Recommend?” “No.”

“Did Travis Alexander tell you anything about being sexually abused as a child?” No

“Who confessed to the Bishop first?” “I really can’t be sure”

With that Deanna Reid was released. She seemed so strong, her purpose had been to dispel the bullshit spewed by the defense and she had done so admirably.

Everyone held their breath as Bishop Parker was called to the stand. Well everyone but the 4 idiots who all gathered into a prayer circle and prayed for an earthquake or some other natural disaster to stop the Bishop from getting on the stand.

Juan began to pace again in short back and forth patterns as he walked the Bishop through when he had become a Bishop, where he lived, his duties and the fact that he had created the singles ward in 1999 where Travis and Deanna had met. He seemed like a very straight forward man.

The little pitbull stopped pacing and looked at the Bishop as he asked if it was the Bishop who was in charge of any problems in the Church. The Bishop said that yes you could say that was one of his responsibilities. Are you in charge of sanctions he continued. In extreme cases was the reply. What is a sanction. A sanction is something that is done as a disciplinary action. It is a piece of paper signed by myself and the goal is to get to get the person back to a Temple Recommend state. What is a Temple Recommend? It is also a piece of paper signed by a Bishop after a person goes through a number of steps. Does one have to be a Temple Recommend to do Baptisms Juan asked. No the Bishop stated. Anyone can go to Baptisms and anyone can baptize as long as they are a member of the church.

Juan trotted back to the prosecution table for a quick drink and to look briefly at his legal pad. He returned to his normal position in front of the Bishop, arms crossed but standing still for the moment. He asked if the Bishop knew Travis. He answered in the affirmative and said they had met in March of 99. You met in Riverside, California shortly after you became a Bishop? Yes he answered. I was in charge of a singles club that he participated in. The pitbull began to pace again and his voice became stronger as he got to the reason the Bishop was here, and it wasn’t to talk about sanctions. You had a house as well? The Bishop said that he did. He lived there with his wife, and his son David. There was also a spare room for those that needed it. So, many different people went through your home. Where did Travis live when he came back from his Mission in 2000? He lived with us for about six weeks the Bishop answered. Did anyone move in after Travis left was the next question. Someone named Jake had moved in. Do you, or did you have a computer in the house during that time. I believe Travis was already gone but I had a computer there in September of 2000, he said confidently. Did you ever know Travis to use that computer? Juan asked. Not that I recall. Did Jake have access to the computer? “Yes, he did. Juan walked over to the projector and he put Exhibit number 438 back on the screen for everyone to see. It was the affidavit statement from Marc McFulloshit. Everyone buckled their seatbelts. Juan was now getting his growl on. It was almost as if the very idea of this person daring to send in this affidavit was giving him fits. Since Witness 1 had a relationship with the woman staying at your house would you say he was there often between December 2000 and March 2001. The bishop said he was there ever day. Was your son living there as well? Yes. Had Jake moved out at that point? He moved out in December the Bishop replied. Was there a time when pop-ups showed up on your computer? Yes. Did witness 1 have permission to use the computer? He did. Do you remember what field he was in? Cars and computers the Bishop said. Can you describe the pop-ups the little pitbull snarled and you could see what little hope that Stabby may have been clinging to that she could malign Travis into anything other than the DP for herself get chewed up, and spit out by Juan Martinez. The Bishop said that he had learned that they were from a virus and that they were scantily clad women. What did you do when you discovered them Juan asked. He said he took it to a shop and had the virus removed. Did anyone get sanctioned? Oh, no the Bishop said, mildly amused. Who told you about the pop-ups? The man you call witness 1 he said. Did he mention any files or folders with child porn? No. No he did not. Did the shop that repaired it report any child porn on the computer? NO! They did not. Who was responsible for the pop-ups the pitbull asked as the freight train coming to run over the mitigation picked up speed. The Bishop said that his son had learned that Jake picked up the virus and could not get rid of it. Mark McFucksticks bullshit was still on the screen for everyone to see. Juan asked the Bishop to look at it. Did witness 1 come to you and admit to being dishonest about the origins of the porn? He said that this was a great concern because he would have been disciplined by sanction and that would have disrupted his marriage plans. Did anyone come to you when the computer crashed and discuss being dishonest? No the Bishop answered succinctly. Did you discipline anyone at this time or think of disciplining anyone because there was supposed child pornography on the computer. No, I did not. Juan stopped pacing for a moment and moved a little closer to the Bishop. If you had seen child pornography on the computer, would you have disciplined Witness 1 for that and would it have affected his marriage plans? A simple no was the answer. Juan took two more steps forward and smiled slightly as he asked his last question At any time Bishop Parker, did Witness 1 tell you that he found child porn anywhere in your household, computer or otherwise? No. the Bishop answered. With that, Juan Martinez threw goodboy treats high into the air and caught them all the way back to his table. He sat down and waited with a very self satisfied look on his face. Alfred E. Nurmi asked to approach the Judge and got a sidebar. The Judge abruptly called court and said that there would be no court Thursday because of Traffic due to the Superbowl. Expect a motion to be filed for the death penalty to be removed because of the Superbowl. Also one because Napoleon was not made available to testify.

Have a great night. Again sorry it was late.
RBMD peacing the fuck out!!


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  1. I read tweets throughout the trial, but your blogs are so much more detailed that I actually feel like I’m watching the trial through your words. As I’ve said before, your blogs are the BEST.And you inject enough humor to make the horror of what the DT is doing almost bearable.

    Thank you, thank you, Kelly for your wonderful, witty insight. Keep up the good work!

  2. Samantha says:

    Yes poor Deanna was so brave and perfectly perfect, Travis would be so proud of her. I bet Naps has been giving her lots of love and snuggles to comfort her. Animals can sense things ❤ I imagine from the jury's perspective that Wilmont is only hurting Jodi's case by being mean like that. I love that Juan told Nurmi to subpoena Deanna if he wanted at her again! So cool that the Bishop outed all the lies too. Overall a good day for prosecution. Thank you for taking me into the courtroom, reading you is like watching!

    Motion to remove the DP because the Superbowl hahaha! Goodnight sleep tight, see you Monday!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Samantha. Deanna did more for the prosecution than any other witness I think. If they bring in Demarte, the jury may line up to push the plunger. Stabby’s defense HIGHLY miscalculated I think. Thank you so much. See you Monday.

  3. hbbeachbun says:

    Best of the best Kelly. Motion to remove DP due to Super Bowl and Napoleon can’t testify…LMAO…HAHAHAHAHA

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai hb: Thank you. Can’t wait to see what fuckery Monday brings.

      • shirl shern says:

        Hey Kelly, hop on over to my blog. You might be interested in some tweets that came from Team Tra$h on there. You know where to find me 🙂

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Wow shirl. That is disgusting and disturbing. Equating the death of an innocent child to the death of a convicted murderer. God I hate so much of the human race. I’m so sorry the Detective Flores. you know eventually he is going to see those somewhere. How heartbreaking for his family.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Great blog by the way. I’ll link to it sometime this week when I put all the old links back up if you want.

  4. Connie Rust says:

    Whew….now that I’ve had my RBMD fix I can go to sleep! Nurmi’s mouth was full…priceless. Full of shit maybe. I’ll be watching for the Super Bowl Motion. That’ll be one for the law books!
    Hope all is well Kelly…hugs.
    Now Willie has to go pee….gawd.

    • Mama Via says:

      I actually found this in my surfing….Hodi is one warped woman…she’s dragging out this trial only to get into the record books!

      Guinness Book of Records

      This page is to record records that Jodi may have broken / may break.

      Longest number of days on stand for a single individual on trial (18)

      Longest number of days from verdict to sentence

      Longest number of days from arrest to sentence

      Most number of motions to withdraw

      Highest number of Discus posts:

      • Connie Rust says:

        Oh how I would love to be a fly on the wall in a Harvard classroom 50 years from now when some poor law professor has to admit to his third year law students that this shit really happened!

      • Ruthanne says:

        How about worst judge on a death penalty case, is that a category?

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Connie. Thank you. Can’t wait for Monday. Have a great weekend.

  5. Donna says:

    Thank you for another excellent blog, Kelly. You have such a talent for bringing everyone into the courtroom with your words.

    It was so great to hear Deanna and the Bishop bring the truth back into this neverending farce of a trial. I think I see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel and we just might be one step closer to seeing the spawn of satan off to death row. I just have to believe that this jury is an intelligent jury and that they see what we all see…a manipulative, lying, evil, narcissistic sociopath who premeditated this brutal murder and for that she deserves to be put down like the rabid dog she is! Life should not be an option, in my opinion.

    I hope you’re feeling better…see you next week. 😎

    • Mama Via says:

      The Grand Pubah of Mormons would be well served to contact Funk & Wagnals and have Hodi’s photo removed from the definition “Mormon” and replace it with Ms Reid’s photo…only Members like Ms. Reid can overcome the damage done be “jack-Mormons” like Arias!

  6. Leslea says:

    Loved the blog!! Absolutely hilarious! I always find myself anxiously awaiting your blog. 😉 You’re the best!! ♡

  7. TBrehmer says:

    Well worth the wait, Thank you Kelly!! The DT is shrinking lower and lower in their seats, can you see it?? They should be utterly embarrassed, how they can sleep at night is beyond me, but evil is as evil does! Bring on the DP, I am thinking this Jury already has their verdict!! Have a Great Day Kelly, and Thank You again for a well informed and entertaining run down of trial minutes (literally) With much love and admiration ~ ❤ ~

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai TB: I totally can see it. Of course I see a lot of things in my head lol. You are so welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  8. TrulyUSA says:

    I didn’t even bother to watch Twitter yesterday, Kelly, because I knew I would get the whole story right here and in one piece. “Juan Martinez threw goodboy treats high into the air and caught them all the way back to his table” — hahaha! Priceless! I imagine the jurors are going “okay, a woman he once dated who is obviously an excellent character witness comes IN PERSON to testify for Travis, and a BISHOP who comes IN PERSON to testify for Travis, vs. an affidavit full of apparent lies from another country and Stabby — hmmm, that’s all they’ve got? Really? Hahahaha — I can’t wait for Monday! And Not-A-Judge uses the Superbowl for a reason to cancel court? I guess it’s better than a pretend Stabby migraine (ever notice she never gets those anymore?). Thanks Kelly, as usual, You Rock!

    • Mama Via says:

      I removed Twitter AGAIN from my iThing…I REMEMBER now why I took it off the first two times…omg! There are a THOUSAND TWITS TWITTING!

      No, if I want the opinion of an opinionated anus, I’ll send an email to my ex husband!

      • Ruthanne says:

        You know you can keep Twitter and just not follow the twits, only people of your choice, unless this trial is the only reason you have a Twitter act, but there are a few people worth following who are watching this, just a few. LOL

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Truly: Thank you so much. I appreciate the kind words. I imagine that if they call Demarte the Jury may line up to push the plunger. My opinion for whatever it is worth, Team Stabby took a huge gamble an lost spectacularly. I can’t wait for Monday either. Have a great weekend.

      • Lacey says:

        I can’t wait for it either my friends, will be a spectacular shwo.

      • You got that right! DeMarte will be in full Beast Mode…penetrating any opening in enemy territory…running fast, breaking tackles like toothpicks, leaping into the end zone and spiking the ho…wait, sorry. I guess I have Super Bowl Fever.
        Go Seahawks.

  9. Mama Via says:

    Each blog is better than the one before, Kelly! It’s a good thing that these jurors are not sequestered…can you imagine being locked up in a hotel room since October, and having not-a-judge pull that “super-bowl” excuse? As if it’s not bad enough that they start late every day, end early and take off every Friday! This “mitigation phase” should have been over and done with MONTHS ago! I can only imagine how PEEVED I would be to have this phase drag on this long…the defense wit-lesses, especially Geffner the Gaffer, could have said what he needed to say in less than 6 hours (and I’m being generous there!) It was a sanctionable waste of time presenting the “affidavit” of the Unknown Comic, I mean, Wit-less #1…poor Pitbull will be forced into a two day closing just detailing the lies produced and directed by the Duh-fendant uh, CONVICTED MURDERESS herself! I read somewhere that the Duh-dense has WASTED more than THREE MILLION dollars while spinning Hodi’s Web of Deceit….just like a Black Widow with the “vapors” there are so many large holes in that web, Martinez could drive a large U-Haul thru them! I’m praying that one of the Pinellas Pinheads didn’t run off to Arizona to hide from the travesty of the Trial of The Tot Twat, and find her way onto THIS jury! There is something VERY wrong with the water in St. Pete! My consolation is that as every day ends, the Princess of Perryville is one day closer to taking to her (stainless steel) “Throne”, the font of her daily movements, receptacle for her “waters”, and the stream where she will wash her unmentionables where she will spend her “wonder years”, “middle years” and “golden years”…it’s interesting how much Hodi of the Hoosegow has aged in the past year…she’s developing those (parentheses) around her mouth, the “Apple” of her cheeks has drooped to be more “Pear” like, and she’s developing her jowls nicely and will have a great English Bulldog look by the time of her first appeal. I think that living (if you can call it “living”) with your (thin) mattress on a stainless steel shelf arranged with your pillow just inches from your very own Throne will be such a thrill that she can just cross off those remaining 999 “places to see before you die” (or incarcerated)!

    Time for pills and coffee! I think later that I might dance nekked around the 1800 square feet of our home…just because I CAN…and SHE CAN’T!!! But I’ll have to wait till Papa leaves…he has a bad heart, you know…and I just don’t know he could withstand the fright and horror of seeing my chubby little body doing the “Funky Chicken” nekked…it frightened him enough when I tried to “Moin Walk” fully clothed!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Hahaha Mama! I can always count on you and Kelly to brighten my day! “The Unknown Comic” — now I will always think of Mark McWhatever with a paper bag over this head! Classic! How about a dance combo, Mama — the moon walk into the funky chicken into the hustle all to the tune of — Can’t touch this! Hahahaha!

      • Mama Via says:

        You know…I DO think I have a pair of “Parachute pants”…but that would totally defeat the purpose of dancing nekkid!! I was referring to department order. 704.05. 1.3.3 “…inmates shall not be in any state of undress unless preparing for bed or immediately upon return from shower.” (As in:nee-ner-nee-ner-nee-ner! look what I can do!!)

        nu-nu-nunu-ah-nu-nu-nu-nu! can’t TOUCH THIS!

        “….she was a Brick HOUSE…..”

        “she was a very kinky girl…the kind you don’t bring Home to Muth-ar……and she’ll never let you spirits down…..”

        “It’s raining MEN, hallelujah! It’s rainin men, AMEN! Tall blonde dark and lean. Rough and tough and strong and mean….She fought every Angel. To rearranged the sky. So that each and every woman…..Could find the perfect guy…..”

        Well…except Hodi….”rough & tough & strong & mean” will refer to her new pals…like Angela Simpson….

        But thanks, Truly….NOW I have Disco Fever!!!! (I wonder if my broken back and aching clabernacle can handle my platform shoes AND “Do the HUSTLE”!!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        OMG Mama you are killin’ me!!

      • Ruthanne says:

        You can’t do the hustle to can’t touch this, but, as you just went through all of those songs, they went through my head, some of which will now be stuck for days, and I relived a huge chunk of my life in my head. So thanks, and at the same time thanks a lot!

        I was good at doing the hustle, I think they should bring it back, LOL. I can still do it, unlike some of the modern stuff which I CAN do but causes pain and injury when I do, so I stopped. The hustle is not painful. 🙂 Are the inmates permitted to listen to music in their cells, and dance? I think taking away music is a major punishment, without music and books, why even breathe? I know they allow books, but I guess it would be considered too cruel to take away everything. Although, if you commit a horrible crime and up in prison for life, why should you have any comforts or pleasures of the outside world, at all? People are too soft.

        I also have parentheses forming now, but I like to think mine are less unattractive. With her, it’s just the evil and ugliness starting to show on the outside, more and more as time goes by and she feels more defeated and just seethes inside.

      • Mama Via says:

        Ok…I did a very SMALL bit of research, plus what I know about death row…first, prison is all about EARNING privileges…Hoho has the ability to own a (CLEAR-see thru) 13″ TV w/NO remote or antenna AND an AM/FM cassette radio (clear) and up to 20 cassettes (who buys CASSETTES? How bout some 8 tracks?). These items must be EARNED with “good time”…EAR PHONES MUST BE USED WHEN LISTENING TO TV OR RADIO,

        While $800 of “personal items” SOUNDS like a lot if stuff, it isn’t! Toney, my death row pen pal, sent me the paper to order an MP3 player…it was some no-name piece of 8 gig piece of garbage that they wanted $350 for! (HA!). Songs were priced at 4.99 each! I’m imagining that a TV was equally expensive!

        The pages and pages rules at Perryville are VERY strict, covering every conceivable act…a trip to the “hole” is pretty serious, you can take the clothing you are wearing, but everything else is “disposed of at the inmate’s expense”! Your hair cannot hide your eyes or face, you must wear your hair in a pony tail or a bun. You may not own more than 7 pair of drawers and 2 bras…..there is an entire 4 page list of what you can have and how many…anything not on the list, or more than the list states, is contraband which is confiscated.

        Add to this that when and if you are allowed a CD player…CDs may only be sent from retail stores (Amazon Marketplace not allowed). No magazines with staples (and God forbid she tear out a page to trace, because both the torn out page and the mutilated magazine are contraband). During her fist few years, (I’ve heard anywhere between 2 to 5 years) she’s allowed only 2 books every two weeks.

        So, while she may have a commissary account of thousands of dollars…she can STILL HAVE ONLY $800 worth of goods at any one time! That would include that $500 TV, $200 worth of Fritos, slim Jims and “giant hot pickles”…$100 worth of shampoo and conditioners and make-up….

        She will have to trace her “art” using a golf pencil on lined paper, because no colored pencils are allowed on DR…nor are they allowed during the “classification” years…can she survive 2-5 years without doodling? Wahahaha…

    • Lori g says:

      Ha ha. The difference between hodi and and an English bulldog:
      The more wrinkles a bulldog has the cuter they are.
      Slasher,shooter,stabber gets more greasy and uglier every hour.
      Oh well no more wrinkle reducer cream for her. Sucks for her.

      • Mama Via says:

        I used to tell my son…no matter HOW beautiful the babe is, be sure you follow her home and meet the parents…cuz she’s going to look like ONE of them…in Arias’ case…neither parent wins a beauty contest!! Eeeuuuuuwwwww!!!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Mama: Thank you. I thought about that, them being sequestered. I think there would have been mutiny by now had that been the case. And the cost. OMG can you imagine the cost? I read that too, and I would expect that is an accurate number since I read it on credible news sources. Yep. she is looking fairly retched.
      POINTS for making me spit pop. Have a great day Mama. Hope you and DH are hanging in.

      • Mama Via says:

        Hey…you know me…anything to make the Queen laugh! I like earning my points! (Well as long as I don’t have to go to the current “family party” happenings…I didn’t much care for the Ancient One in life…so it’s hard to sct a very convincing “Boo-Hoo” now! Shhhh…don’t tell DH!)

  10. barb says:

    for a split second i could imagine nurmi filing to remove death penalty because of the super bowl. he has tried everything else. great blog, as usual.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      hai Barb. Thank you. If he actually did file that motion, I would not even be a little surprised. Not even a little.

  11. Twister says:

    Thank you Kelly. You’re the best!

  12. Jen Kane says:

    Kelly… dudette.. yer killin me here….. Bw ha ha ha ha…..Keep it comin !!!

  13. debilu2 says:

    OMG another great one! Yes, I’m sure Nurmnuts will think the Super Bowl is cause for mistrial and he’ll try to subpoena Napoleon! Thanks for your witty recap!

  14. Edie Morse says:

    Had it not been the Superbowl, Judge Sherry Stephens (JSS) would have found some other excuse to give JA & Co. time to fabricate false “dirt” to use to malign the Bishop. JSS is not fit to sit on the bench, adjudicating over a capital murder trial:– for she has violated the US Constitution, when she allowed the convicted murderer to testify as a “secret witness” (when there are no National Security issues at stake); and, she has violated the AZ Victims’ Bill of Rights by delaying this re-trial for over a year-and-seven-months following a series of inappropriate “ex-parte” meetings (not just one or two, but many); and, she has violated the AZ Rules of Disclosure by the Defense to the State, when she did not insist that the names & addresses of these witnesses be disclosed.

    Moreover, JSS is unfit to sit on the bench due to her blatant lack of judicial impartiality; her inability to run a re-trial with even a modicum of decorum; and, her allowing JA & Co. to run amok. It is one thing for a judge to “bend over backwards” to give a defendant the right to put on a defense. It is another thing to hamstring the State and not even allow them to put on the state’s case. JSS has precluded Juan Martinez from exposing the truth about Jodi Arias, a convicted murderer– to an excessive extent, that other judges do not do:– i.e. in the Bryan Wayne Hulsey capital murder trial, the defendant’s animal abuse was cited in the penalty phase… JSS has not allowed Juan Martinez any mention of JA’s animal abuse.

    Finally, it is clear to conscientious trial watchers that JSS has allowed JA & Co. to put Travis Alexander on trial. This is not a mitigaiton case– it’s an appellate case– and that is in violation of the rules governing a final penalty re-trial. The jurors are currently being asked to determine JA’s guilt; not her penalty of the DP or Life, by virtue of the incompetent, biased, and corrupt manner that JSS is adjudicating over this nightmarish farce. Farce, because even if one could stretch the imagination to rationalize that Travis Alexander should be put on trial– not Jodi Arias– then shouldn’t both sides be heard as to his character, since he is not alive to defend himself??? Jodi Arias brutally slaughtered him to death. Instead, JSS allows JA & Co. to malign the victim with bald-faced lies; perjurious testimony; and, false “affidavits”.

    Whereas, Juan Martinez is not allowed to expose that Travis Alexander was a kind and decent man (e.g. JSS wouldn’t even allow Deanna Reid to say that Travis was a loving dog owner, who made provisions to leave his beloved dog, Napoleon, to her)… Why? Nothing good is being allowed in about Travis. And yet,when Juan Martinez can prove that Jodi Arias was a promiscuous slag, JSS precludes any testimony regarding Skank saying that she had “magic” in her panties, in response to Abe’s comment that she was not wearing the Mormon’s magic panties. Nothing about the fact that Skank convicted to Mormonism is allowed in– which would show the hypocrisy inherent in the defense team’s claim that somehow Travis Alexander & Deanne Reid were “sinful” for betraying their “vows of chastity”– whereas, Skank banged every man who bought her a cup of coffee:– and, ergo, Travis Alexander is portrayed in a negative light– nothing good about him is allowed in. Skank is falsely painted as a nice, little saint– and, nothing negative is allowed in about her.

    Is this justice??? NO! It’s injustice!!! JSS is an incompetent, biased, and corrupt judge– and, although the AZ media is covering-up the “Omnibus Hearing” now postponed until May 2015– JSS’s collusion in engineering delays on behalf of the convicted murderer in order to give this brutal convicted murderer the chance to have her DP (if and when the jury is allowed to decide the matter) taken “off the table”; and thus, invalidating a potential jury decision, should they find for the DP, is wrong… it’s wrong ethically, and I believe that it is wrong legally too!!!

    • Mama Via says:

      Right ON! PREACH IT!

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Hear ye Hear ye!!! Great post!!!

    • Ruthanne says:

      Wow! Tell us how you really feel. LOL
      I agree with a lot of what you said, especially pointed is the comment that nothing good about Travis is allowed in and nothing bad about the killer, that is it in a nutshell, and shows the bias inherent here.

      However, I don’t think that JSS is delaying on purpose due to the omnibus hearing, I think that is just how she rolls, and part of letting them get what they want when they need time to huddle (i.e. concoct more BS lies). Additionally, I do not think there is any need to worry about the omnibus hearing, (especially if it was moved, I hadn’t seen that but will check on it now), as I think her case will be thrown out at that hearing and she will have no choice but to deal with it on appeal.

      I’m not confident the jury will give her death anyway, but if they do, she will sit on death row and wait for an appeal, the omnibus hearing will not help her. I think everything the defense is doing in the interim is just her pulling the strings, insisting they keep trying everything so she doesn’t have to sit on death row waiting for an appeal to the DP, for a what could be a few years.

      I don’t know why she is so worried about having the DP gone before it actually happens, when she will sit in prison waiting for an appeal either way to get what she really wants, which is OUT, and she will NEVER get that anyway. She’d be safer on death row than with the other “ladies” anyway, and if she is out with them, she may wish she had gotten death after all, if she doesn’t get it. If she IS given death, it will never be overturned, but she can still try on appeal. So, really what difference does it make if it is fought now or fought later, really? It’s not like she will get the DP and immediately be carted off to get the needle, unfortunately.

      Nothing about this case will be overturned, IMO. And as much as we dislike this judge and her antics, and biased M.O. I think when the appeal doesn’t work for JA, and the higher courts all support the judge’s decisions, the jury’s verdict, etc. there will be some people saying they are thankful that JSS let them have so much leeway. I’m not a fan, by any means, I’m just trying to see things logically and realistically. And nothing the defense has tried thus far has really worried me, most of their motions can’t hold water, no NONE of them can. Just like their affidavits, they are worth less than the paper they are written on.

      • SweetJustice says:

        I totally agree. I have never believed JSS is pro Jodi. She is doing everything to accommodate her to avoid a reversal in the future. The defense has ‘nuttin’. I’m sure the Alexander family would prefer to give up the time now to assure the conviction/sentence sticks, than have to do this all over again from scratch.

    • Brandy says:

      Edie, so beautifully said! I have NEVER seen anything like this trial. I agree with everything you said.

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Edie, I DUCKED reading that!!!! Wow, great job!

  15. Sherlock1005 says:

    Oh Kelly, another great lol blog ! Thanks ! What a great way to start the day 🙂 The other posters are right…I try and follow on Twitter as well, but I have to do it during work and it’s difficult. Your blogs are SO much better. Factual, yet hilarious – which is the only way to get through this whole mess. I continue to be astonished that Stabby’s DT continues to bring in all this bullshit from a cast of characters that remind me of old Monty Python movies (especially Sir Geffalot). And…the fact that all of this crap spewing from them and the “not witnesses” is SO EASILY disproved ! WTF ??!! Can Wormi and Willy really be that stupid ? ummmm…apparently, yes !
    I’m sure Stabby is really feeling neglected and sad again about all the festivities going on in Phoenix right now. I think she thought she heard it was “Super Hole” weekend and is kicking the walls in her cell wondering why she wasn’t invited !!

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Hahaha — Monty Python would indeed be able to create a great movie about “Super Hole” — OMG, that was funny!

    • Ruthanne says:

      I love Monty Python! Oh would that be hilarious…Sir Geffalot, perfect, I wonder what they would call the murderous wench? A Monty Python version would sure make my day. Of course, reality creeps back in, and it’s all too real and not funny, but I think once it’s all over, even Travis would see humor in a Monty Python portrayal.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Sherlock: Thank you for reading my madness. The four idiots of the apocalypse have miscalculated terribly in my opinion and I think it’s gonna cost Stabby her life. Oh and POINTS for “super hole” I died.

      • Sherlock1005 says:

        hahahaha…thank you for the points ! I am honoured 🙂 I love this blog ! LOVE it ! Your writing is amazing and your wit and commentary second to none. All this time that I have been visiting your blog, it’s clear that you have some very intelligent and very funny people posting here as well 🙂
        I agree…this whole plan of the “4 idiots” is going to backfire big time. DP or not, once ‘ol Stabby gets to Perryville, the County jail is going to seem like a country club. That gives me great pleasure !!

    • Noreen S. says:

      I ‘m new here. I agree with everything said , my feelings as well. I wonder if stabby realizes appeals are granted ( right word?) one doesn’t just ask and receive. They are judged by behavior of prisoner along with other rules. I don’t see her making it the first time. I don’t want to see her out ever , for the safety of the public , including her own family. She would kill again! I so wish they would televise the verdict. I want so bad to see the look on her face!!! They better get a move on~ I will be 83yrs. in March.

      • renaes24 says:

        An appeal has nothing to do with a prisoners’ behavior. Appeals are accepted based on either case law or new evidence that was unavailable at trial. It can also be brought if either ineffective counsel or prosecutorial misconduct.

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        Noreen, welcome. One thing I did want to let you know re her behavior. I am doing a massive project re the “Quality of Life” of LWOP/DP in AZ State Prison. 1 thing I have confirmed is….if she gets LWOP, she will spend the first 5 years in solitary (meals via door slot, solitary rec time, limited visits/phone.) This is to transition her to a hopeless life in prison. Her behavior absolutely determines her fate after those 1st 5 years. There are levels of LWOP. If she gets the DP, take those 5 years, above, and extend to her date of expiration. Again, Welcome. BWR

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        and PS – I’m a March baby, too, so share the candles!

      • Mama Via says:

        Yea for June brides and March babies! I’m a March baby TOO! (The 3rd). So that Hodi wench better hurry up., all I want for my birthday is her on DR and a pair of gold earrings!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Joining in on the welcome wagon Noreen! You’re gonna like it here!

      • Connie Rust says:

        March 12 here….we’ll all have a big b-day party!!

  16. Mama Via says:

    You are hilarious, Sherlock!

  17. Pirillo says:

    That was awsome. Thank you so much for letting me read it. I really wait to hear from you because it makes me feel like I am in the court roim so again thank you sooooo much. Tamara

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  18. margie416 says:

    What could be better than reading one of your blogs, Kelly? Getting to read TWO of them, back to back! Awesome job! A million years from now, when the video of the proceeding, is FINALLY released for our viewing pleasure, I’m gong to be laughing my ass off! Then, I’m going remember your words, and laugh even HARDER!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Margie: thank you so much. If they trial is released I want to live blog it while you all watch the video. That would be hilarious I think.

      • renaes24 says:

        Oh Kelly! Please DO the live blog! I will spring for bedpans for all of us! (Depends just won’t do)

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        I will cater the entire thing. I think we could rent and fill Madison Square Garden, don’t you guys?!

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Great idea, Kelly! I will tune in for sure! It will be a blast!

  19. Ruthanne says:

    I loved it, I would really love if someone would take the video, when it is finally released to the public, and add sound effects to coincide with the picture you paint with your words! That would be awesome. I have a vivid imagination and I heard the freight train rolling in, saw it come through the courtroom and run over the entire DT! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks again! Brilliant as always!

    Oh, and attorneys here aren’t allowed to make statements either, they are supposed to be formed as questions, this DT does that a lot, Juan is not an objectomatic kind of guy, so it rarely gets called, but if he does it, the DT eerily objects, he’s just so good at what he does, it rarely happens that he slips up like that. But maybe your question was sarcastic and you know this already and I’m slow. LOL

    All that is left now, after the DT fumbles with the bishop and can’t get out from under the train, is to watch them all wither with the remaining State witnesses, esp, Dr. DeMarte. I can’t wait for her!!
    I hear justice coming!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Ruthanne: If the video is ever released I think we should have a live Skype viewing party. I will live blog while the video plays. I think it would be a riot.

      That is interesting. I wondered about that because it is a big no no here. I can’t believe it is being allowed to go on like it is then. I find that odd.

      have a great weekend. I will see you Monday.

  20. Tammy says:

    Great post! Love your humor!

  21. pasha00 says:

    I am sure that hodi was happy when Willmutt was trying to cause Deanna pain. Deanna is what hodi always wanted to be but never could be. Travis LOVED Deanna and jodi was NOTHING but a willing bitch in heat. Travis didn’t even RESECT hodi, let alone love her. Deanna gets the last laugh. Travis was her friend and loved her until the day he died. Deanna will always have fond memories of him while she lives out her life to a ripe old age, loved by many people, and free to live the life she is meant to have. Meanwhile, hodi will die in prison, sooner or later. Alone. Miserable. With only a few idiots, who hodi will forget exist once she is sentenced, to care about her. She will only have a cement box to call home, of which she will not be able to come and go from at will. She will be told when she can eat, when she can sleep. When she can use the phone. When she can take a shower. She will no longer be in control of anything. Deanna won TA’s heart, and she has won the battle that hodi has inflicted upon her. And the best part is, she didn’t even have to do much of anything in order to win. Just being who she is and true to herself and to her friend Travis. Too bad hodi didn’t try that a long time ago.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Pasha: Me too. I think like I said it was just intentional hurt and served no other purpose. I truly believe that. And it makes me a little sick. I was very proud of Deanna though, I don’t know if I would have been able to keep my composure under the same circumstances.

  22. neevebrody says:

    Kelly, it’s great to see the RBMD back in full snark. I may not have always commented, but I’ve been a fan for a long time and I really do look forward to getting your take on the days in the life of this circus. You do a great job; you’re one of those writers who I’d even their grocery lists (and I don’t say that lightly). Keep it up!

    Not sure I’ll ever be able to look at “the Prosecutor” again without picturing him tossing a handful of goodboy treats into the air… love it!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Neeve: Thank you so much for the very kind words. Have a great weekend. I will see you Monday.

  23. neevebrody says:

    Dang it… that should be I’d even READ their grocery lists!

    • TrulyUSA says:

      No worries, Neeve – there aren’t any “grammar police” here and we knew what you meant. Sometimes my fingers go faster than my brain, too!

  24. M. Clayton says:

    Hi Kelly,… just want you to know I really appreciate your writing about this trial each day. I’m not worried about trying to follow tweets anymore…. I just come here!!

    I want her to get the DP so she will not have the opportunity to form friendships with other prisoners… I want her all alone, in a small cell forever….. But if she gets LWOP so be it….I am just so very thankful Juan has restored Travis Alexander’s name and reputation…

    It is frightening to know that if a member of my family is murdered their character can be destroyed by the one who murdered him/her…..

    Have a good weekend…looking forward to reading here again Monday!

  25. Jodie Finney says:

    Once again, you have outdone yourself. This is another GREAT blog. Thank you!

  26. renaes24 says:

    I am surprised that JA’s ‘fan club’ is not saying she will be released for Groundhog Day. Perhaps ‘Not a Judge’ will see her shadow and we will be subjected to 6 more weeks of penalty phase.

  27. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Hey Mama, got one more for your record books. Stabby has even surpassed Manson. From date of arrest to sentencing? Exactly 900 days. As of today (1/31/15)…it’s been 2,390 days since she was arrested. Absolutely amazing in a horrifying way.

    Kels, great, great recap. I’m with the others – this has been an unbearably busy week for even Mr. Mom and, as usual, you made me laugh and keep current. Whomever suggested we pull out these recaps and play along when the video comes out — I’ll make the popcorn! Everyone have a good weekend. BWR

    • Mama Via says:

      Trust me…by the time she’s as old as Manson, she’ll be just as ugly…right down to her beard! Just wait till she hits mental-pause, and Arizona refuses to give Estrogen therapy…and she can’t buy mustache bleach, tweezers or a razor….(Ive already made myself sick a few times thinking about how awful it must be, not being able to shave your legs, or do maintenance on that “Brazilian”)….thankfully, I’m Swedish (generally, we are lacking leg or underarm hair…and the hair on our chins are just “stray eye-brow” hairs) so the natural “dishwater blond” color of my hair hides the “Swedish Blonde” platinum I’ve acquired…but Arias has such dark hair NATURALLY, (every grey hair will scream) and unless she has a LOT of Indian genes in the Hispanic genes, hair sprouting EVERYWHERE will be the bane of her existence! She will take on the look of a giant body puff eventually….one black hair at a time! Perryville will make Sheriff Joe’s look like a Bed & Breakfast! And Arias will long for “the good old days”!

      • That’s probably one reason she’s mark ng this thing last forever – to escape the inevitable anonymity awaiting her for however long she lives. However, I read yesterday the trial has made about five Guinness Book categories for dragging on so long.. She’ll always have that, I guess. SMDH

  28. margaret says:

    Hi Kelly, I was so pleased to find you had written two blogs for me to read .. I was thrilled and have been laughing, calling DT bad words and crying over these posts. You are a great writer to bring out all these emotions. I cry for Flores ,he probably missed out on a lot of time with his son because of this pile of scum , because of the corrupt,sleazebag gutter DT that got away with delay, delay, delay. I cry when I think of Deanna and Travis and the life he could have had with Deanna and might have eventually happened if he had not met up with this devil bitch.I hope Nurmi, Wilmutt and all of their so called experts rot in hell along side hodi. They have done everything possible to destroy Travis and his family and grind out every once of pain they can. Until casey anthony I never knew I could feel this way a bout a human being but I can see no redeemable feature in any of them.Thank you Kelly . When do you go back to doctor for heart? Take care of yourself I want to see your end product of this fiasco.

  29. Schaeffer says:

    Since court was cancelled for Thursday & Friday, I hope WOBO had all the time she needed to polish her routine for Sheriff Joe’s Super Bowl XLIX Inmate Cheerleader competition. She probably had to modify her routine, because it is kind of hard to do those toe touch jumps in a 7×11 ft cell, especially since she can’t move any of the furniture around.

  30. SweetJustice says:

    Another great and entertaining article. Great job!

  31. karen30036 says:

    YEP …. Willmott going after Deanna (asking questions just to hurt with no other value) makes her every bit of a cunt as her fukn client.

  32. bevrhys says:

    Kelly – just want to say to you – not sure how to contact any other way .. that you are doing a good job. Comments and article by the other person seem to stem from an element of jealousy IMO. It’s typical of some who want to dig and publish dirt to get their own following up and put others down. Get close, become a friend, get into the inner circle, gain trust and then go for the kill. I’m not impressed at all by CB’s behaviour and to me .. again only my opinion … the behaviour of tabloid journalism. You keep doing what you’re doing. Well done.

    • renaes24 says:

      Did you notice that even “Spotlight on the Law”, (the writer of which supports Stabby even though he does not believe she is innocent), mentioned in his latest post the CB ‘jealousy feud” and refuses to refer to her as any sort of journalist….more just a gossip writer.

      • Connie Rust says:

        I stumbled on another blogger out there tonight attempting to attack Kelly while also trying to write like her. Kelly should take all that stuff as compliments. People don’t tend to do that unless they think there is something to be jealous of. I would expect that blogger also supports CB.

      • renaes24 says:

        Connie, if it is the ‘satire’ I have seen, it is just sick. There is nothing funny about it and it is nothing but mean. There appears to be a cabal of about 4 (plus CB) that are the main players. I have made my feelings known: that they are childish and cruel. In return, I was told : “Thank you”. I don’t have any use for that stuff.
        As for CB, her replies to her ‘readers’ gets heavier on the ‘nasty’ and her tales of being a ‘savior’ are getting ridiculous. If that many were ‘crying on her shoulder’ she would be under 10 feet of water by now and would only be able to respond ‘glug,glug,glug”

      • bevrhys says:

        I can’t believe that people don’t recognise the trait in themselves when they HAVE to put others down in order to elevate their own ego … they MUST know they are doing it .. I don’t read CB any more .. too cynical, too critical of those who also contribute and imo .. do so with more integrity!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      bevrhys: Do you know what the best attribute that a prosecution attorney has? It’s patience. Beyond any other thing. I will keep doing what I am doing and the thing I am best at doing is research. Real research so that I don’t get caught with my pants down. I fully intend to keep blogging, about all things having to do with this and any other trial that you guys find interesting. I appreciate the loyalty and that I continue to make you laugh. That is all I wanted.

      • Mama Via says:

        And you do a damn good job of it to! Gramma says “anything worth doing is worth doing right!” In the months I’ve been reading your work, you’ve put forth your best effort; you don’t publish bullship, you have credibility, you show your readers respect and love. (Your use of the F-bomb isn’t gratuitous, it’s used for emphasis or comedic effect, and it’s almost a “signature of your writing style, like e e cummins doesn’t utilize capital letters!) Gramma also used to say “it’s a lot easier to critize than it is to praise”….

        Muther used to complain that she had no “friends”….and, indeed, she did a lot of good work in the community for the preservation and beautification of our city…but she was so critical of everyone and everything that caught her eye, that spending time with her was a miserable experience…she never found cause to praise, only criticize, and her critism was constant, NOTHING pleased her…gramma used to say “what’s in your heart comes out your mouth”…I think that Muther was so dissatisfied with herself, it was easy to find fault with others…it was easier to find fault with others than it was for her to look inside herself and correct what made her so unhappy. To live to be 95 is a wonderful gift…but to waste those long years being so miserable with yourself and others is shameful! In whatever years I am gifted with, I’m going to do my best to find the good in myself, in others and in my surroundings.

        Thirty years ago, when I was diagnosed with an eye disease that would eventually rob me of my sight…I had to make a choice…I COULD have felt sorry for myself, I COULD have spent those years being miserable…but, instead, I chose to SEE everything…not just LOOK….I stopped and took note of every beautiful sunrise or sunset, the faces of my loved ones, everything that gave me pleasure, I memorized for “later”….thankfully, science and medicine have found a way to restore my sight…yes, I’m frightened…but I’m also excited that I will once again be able to truly “see” the beauty around me….

        I noticed while helping DH go thru the file of papers that Muther left, that the newspaper clippings and small pamphlets that she gathered were dated 1995, 1992, 1989….I realized that instead of LIVING the past 26 years, she’d been obsessed with DYING! While I had been memorizing sunrises, and flowers, and the look and smell of newborn puppies, she was busy planning a funeral she would never get to attend (well, not alive, anyway)…while I was obsessed with LIVING, she was obsessed with DYING!

        Each of us has that choice everyday…we can work on being happy, or we can be obsessed with how miserable we are, we look and find fault, we criticize.

        You are taking the right road, Kelly…you are taking your natural talent and making others laugh and be happy! Life is too short to do anything less….

        Big hugs to you all! And special get well to my Happy friend!

      • Twister says:

        You are the Dianna Reid of blog world. You’re a true classy lady.

      • Samantha says:

        Thank you.

      • bevrhys says:

        yep what Mama Via said .. and more!

  33. Jean H says:

    Kelly, you are the best. Thanks for continuing these awesome posts.

  34. shyloh says:

    Are we going to be alive to see the ending of this suck A$$ trial? Give Justice to Travis and STFU already. Sorry it’s early. waiting for my coffee.

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sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

Varmt News Network

It's the Internet.


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Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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