The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Retrial – The Hundred Million Sidebar Edition

All the people you will never know, that you brought to their knees.
Dedicated the Detective Esteban Flores and Family

Hai everyone. I am so sorry about the wait. I know that everyone is waiting for the smack down that has been presented over the proceeding two days. I did however have something last night that unfortunately could not wait. On advice of um, a person, I cannot discuss it here. Suffice to say it was well worth my time. Your Queen/Dean of Fuckery/ Law Professor/ Doctor of doctoring/ qualified sarcasm expert/and all around bitch will not let you down I assure you.

Before we start, I’d like to say something. When murders occur, you always remember the name of the perpetrator. Not the victim. Hell, I bet I can name every murderer of any noteworthiness from Ed Gein on up. It’s not something that gives me any joy, it just is. I’ve listed victims in other blogs because I think it is important that we never forget them. This victim was Travis Victor Alexander. He will always be thirty years old. When this is over, please don’t ever forget that.

I took copious notes all day yesterday so that we wouldn’t miss anything and again today. Enough notes that my wrist may never be the same (I don’t have documentation for that) There were some questions posed in the comments section that I am going to try and get to as well, but this is going to be an exceptionally long blog post so I may save them for tomorrow. When I say long, I mean bring a snack long. I have a ton of ground to cover.  I also now know why Juan didn’t want to have Stabby’s super secret testimony stricken. It will become clear very shortly.

 I present to you the most perfect song for these two days in the history of EVER.

Esteban Flores, consummate professional set aside his own grief to be in court today realizing that today was going to be the day that his pitbull was likely going to really need him. And he would have been right.

Please remember that this blog covers the two days of Dr. DeMarte’s testimony. Day 1. Court started with a motion to preclude Dr. DeMarte because there is no fucking way that Alfred E. or Jenny wants her anywhere near the stand. Nurmi said that they were not provided with documents regarding Dr. DeMarte and the pitbull snarled in the first 60 seconds of court. It was going to be that kind of day. I have now promoted the Judge back to Sometimes Judge Stephens because she said she was satisfied with the States word that they had indeed provided the documentation. Nurmi pitched one of his by now I am sure copyrighted fits that this put the defense at a disadvantage…because having a convicted murderer as a client totally doesn’t do that.

We next found out that Great Nana Dr. Sexpert and Dr.(not a doctor) Geffner would be back for sur-rebuttal. There are a couple more (my sources haven’t confirmed yet so I will let you know.) Nurmi, realizing his fit was not getting him anywhere asked for a delay so that he could interview DeMarte and while he was at it he motioned to preclude Detective Smith from testifying. Sometimes Judge Stephens wants Juan to call Det. Smith at Lunch. That was unfortunately not possible.  There is a request for a chambers report from 10/30/14 to which Juan giddily said no objections and Nurmi had a complete meltdown. And sidebar.

After the sidebar Dr. DeMarte was called to the stand and sworn. Juan took her through her CV and the fact that she has been in private practice since 2012 and has testified in 5 criminal trials. Juan paced as he asked her if any judge anywhere ever told her she was not credible. She smirked a little as she said no that had never happened. Juan asked how many times she had met with the defendant and he spit the word defendant like it tasted bad in his mouth. His disgust is like a live thing at this point. Dr. DeMarte said she met with the defendant on 4 separate occasions for a total of about 17 hours. Juan, who was almost giddy asked if DeMarte disagreed with the experts. Juan asked her how she formed her opinions. She said she watches her subjects and doesn’t take just one piece of info as fact. She watches people to see how they behave. She explained how she does testing and interviews and how she testified in the first trial.

She went into the tests she did that showed that Stabby had high intelligence and between the shrieking of Jenny and the mayweapproach of Nurmi we got a sidebar. Me thinks that maybe they want the jury to think Stabby is a little slow now instead of all Einstein-y.

Stabby was shooting daggars at Demarte. Does anybody remember that movie Scanners. Well, Stabby was staring at Dr. DeMarte like she would really like it if her head would explode.

Juan brought up the trauma symptoms inventory and the DT immediately called for another sidebar. Oh it’s going to be a loooooong day.

Finally Juan got to ask about the trauma symptom inventory. Juan is not a happy pitbull right at the moment. This was passed on to DeMarte By Dr. (and I say that term loosely)Samuals. He gave her the bubble sheet. The trigger answer by Stabby was non sexual attack by Stranger which we already know is a big fat non existent ninja lie. Dr. DeMarte said that because the answer was a lie the entire test is invalid. The Jurors are completely engaged and taking a shit ton of notes. Dr. DeMarte concluded a personality and adjustment disorder which is related to anxiety and a depressed mood due to the change in her circumstances. To paraphrase, the special little snowflake didn’t like that she was in jail. Goddesses don’t belong in jail. Yup, she described herself as a goddess. I’m totally serious.

Juan paced as he asked Dr. DeMarte to explain what an adjustment disorder was. It is an inability to cope with life changes. Juan smiled for the first time possibly ever when he said you mean like being in Jail? Dr. DeMarte smiled back as she answered in the affirmative. The vet looked relieved that Juan was so mellow at the moment and put the catch pole and dart gun down. Juan rocked back and forth and asked the good doctor if this was a mental illness. Dr. DeMarte was more than happy to explain that nope, nuh uh, not a mental illness. It is a psychological disorder.

Juan next asked when Dr.DeMarte got Geffners notes. She said Dec/14 and that he told her that she can’t release the data he’s given her. Dr.DeMarte told him that she didn’t need him to school her on this issue and that he quoted the wrong statute. (excuse me a moment please) ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaha. Thanks. DeMarte said that the way Geffner led the questioning was a problem. He provided the trauma. So the test was invalid.

Juan skipped back and forth to the prosecution table for goodboy treats every once in a while as he happily let Dr. DeMarte rip apart Stabby, Dr. Geffner, the defense premise and whatever else she felt like mauling.

Juan wanted to know about the PTSD test. She said she would consider it invalid because stabby used different answers and because Dr. Getagrip led her. He talked about things not on the test invalidating them.

Stabbykins, you know the special little snowflake that all of these bad men took advantage of, turns out bitch had an STD and she told Travis about it. He apparently was a little less than impressed about it. She says that he threw her down and she was all afraid and shit. She said she tried to protect herself by scratching Travis’ eyes but she didn’t want to hurt him. Now, if this particular statement makes sense to anybody here, please raise your hand. The defense had a collective stroke over the STD thing because god forbid anybody think Stabbykins was as promiscuous as a rabbit and a screaming match ensued that culminated in a sidebar. Defense claimed that the prosecution failed to disclose. I’d say maybe they ought to talk to their client about not disclosing things and maybe ChaCha better hit up a clinic on the way home. Just sayin’.

Juan now started to bring up all the holes in poor muffins story. There was a question about forced sex to which Stabby answered never. The next time she was asked it she answered sometime. Alfred E. turned the color of eggplant and called for a sidebar. The Jury got to tour the hallway and DeMarte was asked to leave the room. It was a long sidebar.

Nurmi was having a complete right there on the spot meltdown about the character assassination of his client. Sometimes Judge Stephens seems to be completely over this entire farce of a trial and told him to sit the fuck down. Over ruled. Everybody trooped back in and a completely giddy pitbull had Dr. DeMarte read into the record an affidavit from a relative of Stabbykins that said she was snide and a Bitch. And we have a sidebar. Next Dr. DeMarte read into the record that Gramma Stabby said that Stabby was always mean to her mother. The Grandparents also said that Stabby Einstein constantly corrected everyone’s grammar. Don’t you fucking hate that. I know I do. DeMarte gleefully said that those examples would be classified as aggressive and overbearing. DeMarte begins to bring up the Purple Plum and Nurmi immediately went for a sidebar. Sometimes Judge Stephens called a break. The pitbull skipped jauntily out of the courtroom on his way to a porterhouse steak and a nice run in the park.

Back from the break the pitbull mentioned that Dr. Sexpert and Dr.(not a doctor) geffner said Stabby lacked self esteem. He asked Dr. DeMarte if the statement she was about to read might just sort of refute that maybe just a little. Dr. DeMarte said yes and began to read. Stabby once pretended not to know Yreka and asked some hot dude to show her around. She also gave her number out to a guy on the way back from Travis’ memorial service.

Juan paced again as he asked Dr. DeMarte if in her opinion Stabby was a victim of Domestic Violence. She said uhhhh, not even close. Travis was never violent with any other women ever according to records and interviews. Juan then asked if there was a difference between physical and verbal abuse. DeMarte said yes but their interactions were normal. Was there a pattern of verbal abuse. She said no. Stabby was furiously scribbling horns onto doodles of Dr. DeMarte and Juan. That poor little golf pencil is going to snap if she puts much more pressure on it. Juan stopped in front of Dr. DeMarte and asked what would be crossing the line. She said the text message from the 26th was inappropriate, but Travis was angry because she had been intrusive, crossed boundaries and lied.

Next Juan, with all the skill of a ballet dancer brought out that in her past interviews Stabby had never indicated any domestic violence by her parents. DeMarte had asked about substance abuse by her parents and she had answered in the negative to those questions as well. She never said she saw cocaine, or saw her father use cocaine. SIDEBAR.

Juan pirouetted and handed Dr. DeMarte a paper to read. And I quote. My parents never physically or sexually abused me. End quote. Samuels notes from 12/09 corroborate this statement.

Juan had a shit ton more evidence and all four idiots of the apocalypse were having fits. Jenny screeched in that sound like nails on a chalk board, Nurmi wanted an approach and Cha Cha was trying to distract Stabby with her funky disco earrings. After another sidebar during which time Sometimes Judge Stephens told Nurmi to give it up we got some evidence.

Exhibit 886 was admitted an interview with Zeyna C a childhood friend. It stated that no abuse occurred by either of Stabbyy’s parents and that Jody loved nothing more than playing victim. every juror in the place is taking notes.

Exhibit 888 admitted Aimee L – Cousin. She is not aware of any physical abuse or sexual abuse to Stabby or her siblings. She was never even spanked. all the kids were spoiled.

Interview Julie Arias-half sister. Parents said that Stabby was purposely secretive and didn’t want her parents to know anything about her life.

Juan, who now had an almost shit eating grin on his face worked hard to keep his voice from going into singsong mode. Juan wanted to know if Travis was officially dating anybody while he was testing 12 women at once. DeMarte gave an unequivocal no. Stabby meanwhile was in a deep philosophical discussion with ChaCha about her goddessness and how she couldn’t understand why nobody was paying attention to that particular mitigating circumstance.

The pitbull asked if Dr.DeMarte knew that Stabby kept her relationship with Bobby Juarez (the ninja bread man) a secret? DeMarte said yes. Juan then with much glee handed the Dr. an interview of Sandy and Bill otherwise known as mom and dad Stabby. Nurmi may have objected himself into a hernia he is working so hard to keep this particular piece of evidence out. Stabby apparently had a fear of abandonment and engaged in behavior to pull people towards her and then stab them 29 times…hang on I read that wrong, and then create conflict.

Juan looked over at Detective Flores who quickly flipped him a goodboy treat before he continued. He offered Dr. DeMarte one but she passed. Next up was a text between Michelle and Travis and of course WE HAVE A SIDEBAR!wcp;wihhetdzgivw. Yeah, head off of keyboard. (I don’t have documentation for that.)

Juan looked a little less than impressed that the idiots are fucking with his flow and he smacked the text down on the overhead loud enough that a couple of people jumped. The vet slowly reached for the dart gun and Detective Flores pulled out the squeaky nurmi chew toy. The text was about Stabby spying on Travis. Another text said that he doesn’t know for sure if she slashed his tires but he caught her twice spying on him making out with someone. Dr. DeMarte explained that this behavior came from her fear of abandonment and her unrelenting continuous pursuit of Travis. My hand is getting sore, can we all just agree that the chick is whack and call it a night? No? You need to read the rest? Fine, I love you guys so fine.

Deanna and Lisa told DeMarte that Stabby always showed up uninvited. No, I don’t know why this isn’t hearsay, I just write it. Dr. DeMarte and the king of the courtroom are doing a spectacular job of dismantling the defenses psychological diagnosis brick by really stupid brick.

Next is a text between Travis and someone regarding a missing diamond ring. Jenny objected, but more out of habit than because she thought it might actually work. Sometimes Judge Stephens said a quick “Bye Felicia” and it was admitted.

The Transcripts just kept on coming. The next one was taylor S. And we have a sidebar because at this point why the fuck not. The transcript of Taylor Surely’s interview was admitted. travis told her he dated Stabby for several months He told how Stabby hacked his facebook, emails, and entered his home uninvited.

Juan then gracefully transitioned into conversations with Sky Hughes. Sky caught Stabby listening outside of a bathroom door while Travis was on the phone, and found her waiting behind a closed bedroom door while he was talking to Deanna Reid. She followed Travis all over the house. She said that when Travis said he didn’t want to see Stabby anymore she got exceptionally upset.

Exhibit 907 was brought out to be entered and I thought this may be the one that pushed Alfred E over the edge. Darryl Brewer. Nurmi Objected like they were closing down his favorite icecream parlor. and we have a sidebar. Once again Sometimes Judge Stephens told Nurmi to get stuffed and the exhibit was admitted. According to Daryl Brewer said he was afraid he was getting too involved with Stabby. She was clingy and needed and it caused him to begin to pull away. Nurmi looks at the next item up for review and I swear his head exploded a little.

The next transcript was from Matt McCartney. Matt McCartney stated that he moved to get away from Stabby. He tried to break off the relationship but she cried a lot and threatened to off herself (which would have saved a shit ton of money)He felt bad so he continued to date her but with no physical contact. At that moment a sharp noise was heard in the courtroom. It was the golf pencil that had been snapped in half. Matt stated that he needed space from her needy clinginess. She displayed the same stalker tendencies that she had with all of her other boyfriends.

Dr. DeMarte chimed in now. Borderlines tent to have very fast attachments to other people. They idealize them but can devalue them just as quickly. Stabby drove to crater lake to confront Bianca, not exactly the m/o of a wilting flower. DeMarte said that Stabby moved fast with her feelings. She devalued Travis by killing him but then started courting other men on the way back from the memorial. DeMarte said that Stabby’s friends called her a chameleon and could change personalities depending on who she was with.

Dr. DeMarte painted a very vivid picture of a very unstable person. Nurmi who just as an aside looks a lot like he sat on a hand grenade asked for an approach before the next bomb went off. Sometimes Judge Stephens maybe feeling bad for him allowed it.

The next piece of evidence was a text from Travis to Stabby

It gets old when you dramatize everything. you moan when you can’t make PC(no clue) you hung up on me. Now you are on your own. DeMarte said that being dramatic along with anger is part of boarderline.

Juan, who you could have almost forgotten was there so engrossing was Dr. DeMarte slapped a letter up on the overhead from Stabby, on valentines day. It tells Travis that her anger can be very destructive Seething violent outbursts when she feels criticized.

It was brought out that Stabby kicked her mother. give it another week and I bet we find out Stabby was the one beating people with a wooden spoon.

Like a magician pulling out a bouquet of flowers, juan brought out the transcripts of 2/14 regarding stabby’s totally fake suicide talk. The go over Stabby’s statement about nobody convicting her and then how she amended it to say it was because she planned to be dead but the paper cut was to stingy. Then she thought suicide by advil but for whatever reason that didn’t work out.

Juan spun, bowed and finished his cross of the effervescent Dr. DeMarte. Court was called for the day and Alfred E is up to bat tomorrow. Good luck with that Alfred E.

So, that is it for tonight kids. On the sur rebuttal train we for sure have Dr. Sexpert and Geffner. There may be two more, but I can’t say until I confirm. Sorry. As soon as I know you will know.


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  1. Lacey says:

    Thank you my Queen. Just fabulous!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Lacey: Thank you so much. I wish you knew how good it makes me feel that my words make people laugh or think or both. I just don’t have the words. So thank you

  2. debilu2 says:

    Another great one!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Debilu: Tomorrow will be fun just because of the cross by nurmnuts. He’s a tool and DeMarte is about a billion times smarter than him.

  3. Samantha says:

    Woohoo! Ive got my snack 😀 right on with the mellencamp. Going to read now yay!

  4. Jen Kane says:

    Ah Kelly. I hope and pray when this travesty of a trial is over and Stabby takes the express train to Perryville, that somehow Mr Juan Martinez is made aware of your interpretations of the daily proceedings. I somehow think that he
    will ba able to set side for a moment the reality and evil and take a moment to laugh at your hilarious, yet accurate depiction of him. The pitbull analogy, pacing, frothing, prancing, goodboy treats, eveything. So clever and how to bring some clarity and humor to help deal with evil. I won’t even get started on your characterizations of the 4 wonders that sit at the defense table. So thank you. Thank you so much.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Honestly Jen, I would like to have every Stabby blog just cheaply bound you know like spiral bound and send one to him and one to Detective Flores. I am sure they would see the humor. I would love to do that.

      • Lacey says:

        We need to get that done..

      • Jen Kane says:

        And we alo need to send the four amigo assholes a copy too.. Just in the interest of fairness and all. Lolll

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Jen, the only one I am fairly certain can read is Stabby and I don’t think she would see the humor.

      • Jen Kane says:

        Bwa ha ha. Good point Kelly. Maybe sbe could translate for her scummy bottom feeding pathetic DT.

      • Connie Rust says:

        Agree that book needs to be made. After this clusterfuck Juan will need (and deserve) a good laugh! This may push him into early retirement. After all look what Casey Anthony did to Jeff Ashton (although he did lose). Maybe we could all pitch in to get it out together? I know I would.

      • Lacey says:

        Hey Connie, let’s start a publihing fund.

      • Jeannie says:

        Fantastic idea!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Definitely do the book, Kelly — this collection of articles is amazing and I think Florez and Martinez would laugh their asses off at the descriptions. I think they are very complimentary to their styles and they would enjoy them as much as we have.

      • Yeah, better give a copy to the DT, in the spirit of disclosure and all. They prolly already read Kelly’s blog though. LoL

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Linda- they totally read my blog.

  5. Schaeffer says:

    I think I am suffering from twitter induced hallucinations. I am wondering —

    What, pray tell, does a goddess smell like?

    Isn’t it too bad WOBO’s finger injury from (not) being kicked is identical to the type of injury common to the vast majority of knife wielding assassins? What rotten luck.

    Too bad more of Travis’s friends didn’t follow the admonition, “If you see something. say something.”

    Isn’t it way past the time Nurmi should have filed another motion to withdraw from the case? I think all those motions to preclude and whiny objections to Juan and his witnesses have caused him to take his eye off the prize.

    WOBO should have to either pay attention to each and every witness as they testify or go back to her cell — she is not in court to practice staying inside the lines when she colors.

    If churches were only open to non-sinners, the ranks would be a little thin.

    Those Mormons put a LOT of stock in pieces of paper; there is a piece of paper to get into the temple, a piece of paper to be banned from the temple, a piece of paper outlining how to get a “return to temple” piece of paper . . . are there temple door monitors checking for the proper pieces of paper like the hall monitors I had to dodge in junior high when I didn’t have the proper pass?

    What if somebody is caught sneaking into the temple without the proper piece of paper? What piece of paper do they get then?

    Wouldn’t a scarlet letter branding system be better, more public, and more foolproof than messing with all those pieces of paper?

    Does the LDS church give brownie points for ratting on your friends and family? Is ratting out someone you know a surefire, fast track method for earning an “approved to enter the temple” piece of paper?

    Did WOBO ever have an “approved for temple” piece of paper?

    What is Cha Cha doing on her phone? Is she composing a classified ad for the help wanted section of the Arizona Republic? Does it read “Perjurors Needed Immediately!! Rapid advancement opportunities!! Excellent pay and benefits!!”

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Schaeffer: 1 Sex and shoes. 2. rotten luck indeed. and why has nobody xrayed that damn finger. 3. I agree. 4. He may be out of motion forms. perhaps one is only allotted so many. 5. I vote for the cell so the family doesn’t have to look at her. 6. Churches would cease to exists. There is nobody except maybe newborns without sin. I don’t think they would get church and who would take them. 7. I think that the Mormons ought to consider the effects on the rain forests that help supply their paper. 8. Maybe they just get pulp. 9. Yes, I think it would. 10. If they don’t they should. 11. If she did the whole paper concept needs to be re accessed. 12. Either that or she is updating her plenty of fish profile.
      I hope this helps.

  6. Sherlock1005 says:

    Oh Kelly, you have once again outdone yourself !! You continue to amaze us all with this rare and wonderful talent you have for bringing the drama of the courtroom to life ! I can totally visualize the whole scene playing out today with Juan completely dancing circles around the 4 idiots !! He is masterful at his art, as you are with yours! Dr. D is a star and I have no doubt she will handle the duh-fense her natural grace, charm and intelligence and will most likely leave them all looking like idiots even more than they already do…if that’s possible…ummm….yes, probably !
    I’m sure the little snowflake must be medicated. What do you think? Otherwise, considering the testimony today, I thought for sure she would take that golf pencil and lose it on whomever was closest. ChaCha better be careful !! Lol !
    Again, a literary masterpiece… Thank you!!
    Wonder if there will be any chance the jury will hear about Stabby, the doggie door and the Christmas tree !!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Sherlock. Thank you so much. Dr. D is the biggest gun that the prosecution could ever unleash. I totally get why they didn’t want her to testify. Oh she has to be because she would have stuck someone in the face with her little golf pencil otherwise I’m pretty sure. If there is one thing Stabby hates, and hates with a fire that burns it is Dr. DeMarte. Beautiful, Brilliant, personable. Every single thing Stabby wishes that she was.

  7. Samantha says:

    So great kelly! You are the best! I love giddy juan pirouetting around the courtroom. So great that demarte interviewed all those people, including family. These interviews were the missing piece of the puzzle to paint a complete picture. Interesting what you said about the wooden spoon, i was thinking the same thing about the story of when jodi and travis met – i bet she was the one who bee-lined it straight up to him and said “hi, im jodi” and i bet she’s the one who backed him into the corner of the elevator and licked her lips! All of her stories are so wonky assbackards! Nice to see a little light shining on the truth in that courtroom for once. I am happy that JSS got promoted from Not to Sometimes, she did a good job today and deserves a tasty cocktail. Thank you and goodnight 😊 see you tomorrow!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Samantha: Thank you so much. Those words are like medicine to me. I would have a tendency to agree with everything you said. I think the little light is going to turn into a huge spotlight soon. I honestly believe that sometimes judge stephens is so sick of this trial and all the nurmi/jenny/stabby/chacha bullshit she just wants it to be out of her lap. Have a great night. see you tomorrow.

  8. CarlT says:

    Fantabulous!…. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 my question is why wasn’t all this presented at the first trial or sentencing phase?…..all the bitching that was being done about SJSS being pro defense, almost seems like she was just giving them lots of rope only to be reeled back in by JM to drag her ass to DR.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      It could not originally be entered as to inflammatory (paraphrasing) it can be now because the defense opened the door. And thank you so much.

  9. CarlT says:

    👍 thank you for taking the time to respond!

  10. hbbeachbun says:

    Out of the ball park Kelly. Loved it. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  11. Twister says:

    I was almost in tears as TRAVIS spoke today strong, clear and steady. Thanks Kelly for your thoughtful posts, I always get a giggle. And, we love you back!

  12. Shannamac says:

    Really really great post, (I do have documentation for that). Loved when Juan (twinkle toes) Martinez pirouettes around.

  13. Deb says:

    Only have one word for today’s recap…brilliant!

  14. margaret says:

    Kelly, Kelly,Kelly You are so talented and I can’t stop laughing. I watched a tweet of trial all day and as I was reading your article, I could see it all happening. You have all the characters pegged just right. I love thinking of Juan dancing around courtroom with his little half grin on his face. Dr. DeMarte is so real and they are a good team. Maybe numnutts will realize he should have stayed away from gutter for his experts. Guess he and wilma are pulling an allnighter to see if they can make up some trash on Dr. Demarte. When we finally get to watch this trial , I think I will remember your words and laugh all through it.. Thank you Lady for the enjoyment I get from your articles.

    Great idea for Juan and Flores copy. How can I help you?

  15. Casey says:

    Stellar again Kelly.

    I can’t wait to see the coverage of the lovely Dr DeMarte as she rips Hodi’s non-existant mitigation to shreds. She honestly shows the jury what a professional expert witness behaves like.

    And isn’t it remarkable that Juan can get 1 million times more credible and relevant information from Dr DeMarte in two days than the DT can get from the Geff in, oh blooming heck how long did it take coz it felt like a lifetime?

    I loved the “…all four idiots of the apocalypse were having fits.” comment. Never has there been a truer description of the DT.

    It seems like JSS has come out of her own personal fog and rememberef that, holy fuck, she’s actually a judge and is supposed to be running this circus.

    Can’t wait for DeMarte to rip Nurmi a new one tomorrow.

  16. Cecelia says:

    Oh my. This had me laughing so hard!
    Thanks so much for taking us into the courtroom!
    Love you and your sharp wit!

  17. Connie Rust says:

    Pulitzer material once again Kelly! I did not come with snacks as u suggested though..I have learned something from your teachings. I make sure to ingest nothing during my RBMD lesson! I did however bring extra Depends.
    I can’t wait to hear what Alfred E has lined up for damage control tomorrow. It should be quite entertaining. I can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing Pete and Repeat again in surrebuttal. This thing could drag out till summer.

  18. Meredith Lyell says:

    Kelly the Queen! This is hilarious! I can just picture all the characters! I laughed myself silly. My cat thinks I am totally off my rocker (well I am but don’t let her know)! There was something on twitter today that MDLR or whatever the hell her initials are,tweeted that Dr. D was a bitch! She then deleted it. Did you hear about that? I bet the inhouse psychic is delirious and must have tons of shit in her head! Thank you for the shits and giggles.

  19. Mama Via says:

    You are fantastic! (Just don’t get all big headed about it tho, ok?) your humorous descriptions are beyond the mere words I can think up! I’m so very proud of you! And so totally worth the wait! Ya done really damn good! (You must be getting more oxygen to your brains, cuz you get funnier every day!)

  20. renaes24 says:

    Great one Kelly. If, by chance, the jury STILL doesn’t give the ‘goddess’ the death penalty, I think perhaps JSS showed her hand today……..the hand that will give LWOP. No longer can I see her giving the Skank even a chance at parole……not even in 2 lifetimes!
    I think now that Nurmi and Skanky are even…….SHE hates HIM 9 out of 10 days because HE opened the doors!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai renae: I think you may be right. I think that sometimes Judge Stephens is over it and I think she definitely hates nurmi 9 days out of 10.

      • renaes24 says:

        One can only hope.
        On the other hand, I don’t think I have near enough medication on hand to (again) put up with Dr/not a Dr’s F & G and their ‘cycle of violence’ crap over and over..(A brain is a terrible thing to waste…as is TIME) Instead, I shall count on your recaps. They are much better.
        Hope things are turning your way.You deserve it.
        as an aside: I tried to post the video of the song BACKSTABBER on a certain blog…..wouldn’t let me do it…….damn! (sigh)

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Renae: I am NOT looking forward to sur rebuttal. Even a little. And I have psych meds. Thank you. Yes, after my meeting the other night things are definitely looking up thanks for asking. Shame about the backstabber video, if you give me the link I will post it in one of mine because we all know that it gets read by certain people.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Renae: you have time for an email?

      • renaes24 says:

        yup. email away

  21. karen30036 says:

    OMG funny as hell! Nurmi Objected like they were closing down his favorite icecream parlor … Dr. Getagrip… Jenny screeched in that sound like nails on a chalk board, Nurmi wanted an approach and Cha Cha was trying to distract Stabby with her funky disco earrings.
    Thank you Kelly!!!!!!!

  22. Tamara says:

    This was so awsome!!!! I have to go back and read it again. This time I’m getting a snack. Last time I read it, I didn’t take the snack warning seriously. I’m getting some hot chocolate, cookies, and maybe I will go get my big girl panties just incase I pee again…
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  23. Kelly…what can I say? I know. You are back. Really, really back. It comes through in your writing. There were a few days the blog just wasn’t…how can I say this? The blog just wasn’t YOU. (I think it may have been from a back stabbing, and your heart was not really in it.)

    But you continued to write, for US. So, I just had to tell you that, Kelly. But I am SO glad you’re back. This blog presents the you, that you were before. Welcome back, Kelly! Its great to have you back.

    My very favorite, and there are plenty more that I made me literally laugh out loud, but the best of all to me was this:

    “Stabby apparently had a fear of abandonment and engaged in behavior to pull people towards her and then stab them 29 times…hang on I read that wrong, and then create conflict.”

    When I read that, I not only laughed out loud, I had to run, fast, to go pee. Its a good thing my computer desk is in my bedroom and the bathroom is nearby! I barely made it, laughing out loud all the way.
    Welcome back, Kelly! You can now add ‘Survivor of back stabbing’ to your credentials!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Judy. You my friend are pretty intuitive. My heart was hurt so, no maybe not my best stuff for a couple of days but, whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not I write this blog for you guys as well as for myself and I didn’t want to let anybody down. I’m back, yes I am and it is great to be back. I’m glad I made you laugh but I’m not sure if I get points if you made it to the bathroom. Could I get a ruling from someone please. I will be adding survivor of backstabbing to my cv I think actually. Thank you for the much needed laugh Judy. And for caring enough to notice I wasn’t quite right. That means a lot.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        I agree Judy! Kelly is Katy Perry on top of the giant tiger and we’re going to hear her ROAR!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  24. Leslea says:

    Thank you Kelly.
    I see it all played out through your creative writing & witty humor!! You have an amazing way with words! As I read the tweets throughout the day…I anxiously await your blog!! By far, the best I’ve read:) Juan is doing such an amazing job. The jury sees her for what she really is! I can’t wait for the jury questions!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Leslea: Thank you. I have 9 feeds, no joke that I follow to make sure I get as much info as possible. Juan is amazing and if all the writing going on yesterday was any indication, there are going to be a shit ton of jury questions.

  25. essem58 says:

    I heard this track in my car and while it’s an old song the lyrics just screamed Jodi at me I’ve been looking for a better vid but can only find this one which isn’t the best sound quality for what was a great Aussie band Powderfinger, no longer together. So hope this works, the song is Stand Yourself.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      OMG Essem. How did I not think of this song. Powderfinger got a lot of airplay here for a while. What a great song. so perfect.

  26. essem58 says:

    Gotta say I’m a bit disappointed Wilma’s passing on the DeM cross. Having been so “brilliant” in the first trial getting DeM to admit she couldn’t get information from dead people, I’m surprised she doesn’t want to have another go, especially while things are going so well for the Dumbfence.
    So I’m expecting the Twitter feed to be a lot slower tomorrow with Nurmi aaaaaaaannnnnnddddd lets baaaaccccckkkk up heeeerrreee.

    • Lori g says:

      Don’t forget the twitter feed will be much louder too. Juanabe nnnnnnurrrrrmiiii’s new screaming technique has to be louder as he can’t discredit Dr. D. Let the games begin. It’ll be hard for Juan and Dr. D not to laugh. I don’t know if you’re familiar with pit bulls, but all of mine have the the the biggest smiles in the world. Nothing beats a pit bull’s smile

    • CarlT says:

      I was just coming back to add a comment…… One can only imagine the conversation between KN and Willmont as to who was taking her on this time. I’m kinda glad it’s KN it’s going to be fun to watch him try to rattle her. Not that anything about this trial is fun, but I think today is gonna be the day that shows his best dumbassness ever. Wonder if he’s gonna use the words vaginal, oral and anal or just go for grossness.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Essem: I’m actually going to semi-retract that statement. If stabby is running the show like I think she is, Jenny may have no choice but to cross. Plus, how bad is the sex lawyer going to look crossing Dr.Demarte. I’m taking a wait and see for right now.

  27. Lori g says:

    Especially great post. Do you think yesterday’s testimony will cause any of the jurors to think stabby’s enough of a whacko not to give death? I’m hoping Juan will stress that BPD isn’t mental.

  28. CarlT says:

    I don’t know how to paste a song from you tube but …. Pray for you from Jaron and the long road to love is a perfect song for JA. If any savvy techies here can post it, it’s worth the hear!

  29. pasha00 says:

    thank you Kelly, for your opening comments. It is Travis’s name we all should remember when this is over.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Pasha: I try whenever I write a post about any murder to include the names of the victims. Reeva Steenkamp, all of Dahmers victims, Bernardo’s victims, and now Travis. I think it is important and I will continue to do so for each trial and past trial that I write about. Thank you because you are right, Travis’ name should always be remembered.

  30. TrulyUSA says:

    OMG Kelly — you are back on attack! I love it! Since the Super Bowl is still fresh in my mind, all I think of right now is Katy Perry singing “you’re gonna hear me ROAR!” That’s your song now, Kelly!! This was a great article and I laughed out loud at “Cha Cha may need to hit a clinic on the way home”…hahahahaha! Oh this is so sweet and so long overdue, Stabby is definitely being shown for what she truly is and it’s about time! Thank you for making your fingers cramp for us!! Appreciate you BIG TIME!

  31. Catherine says:

    Absolutely hilarious!! I can’t wait to watch this when it’s finally released. Deanna Reid and Dr. deMarte really handle themselves so well… Willmott and Nurmi better tread lightly – she’ll shred any last bit of defense they have left with ease.

  32. mrsmojojojo says:

    Wow! I was waiting for the anecdotal information that wasn’t included in the guilt phase but damnnnnnnn. All of the boyfriends had the same experience. I have a friend with Borderline Personality Disorder and I can tell you it requires the patience of a saint. I’ve known her since we were in our early teens, she wasn’t diagnosed until her early 40’s. I completely relate to what Dr DeMarte is describing. It is chapter and verse of what I know, without the savage killing of course. Their behavior is so inappropriate, and I was often embarrassed for her and myself. Her moods would swing with the wind. Backstory: We talked alot, particularly in the morning when the kid’s were little. Every morning was filled with drama, all self imposed. I realized that I am not a psychologist or a doctor and eventually gave up. Now knowing with absolute certainty that Stabby is afflicted with it, I now have the squinty eye on her parents. No…they had no control over her actions after she left the house but my money is on the fact that Stabby made their lives a living hell for close to 18 years. If I had a kid who turned the equilibrium on it’s head, making life at home difficult for younger children, not to mention themselves. They should’ve insisted on help. They too are not Psychologists or
    doctors but damn – how much drama can people take? For a minute, I was questioning Travis’ actions but after seeing his texts, I think he was naive at worst. A good soul who saw the good in others no matter what. Even though he described her as scary,he still said she was a good person. You’re absolutely right, this chick is whack. The prosecution presents a plausible version of events while a serious mind bend is required to co sign the defense position. I think it all comes down to the difference between what Jodi say and what Jodi does. God help us all huh?

    • Mama Via says:

      I think maybe a few others might agree with what I’m going to say…when you’ve endured a childhood like TRAVIS had…it’s not necessarily being naive, but giving other people EXTRA “understanding”…well, that’s not quite the word either…when you’ve endured a crazy life with either alcoholics or drug addicted parents, you’ve kinda seen every off kilter behavior you can imagine…so NO outlandish story seems “odd”…it’s almost like you always are saying “no, that’s not crazy, let me tell you what my DAD did one day!!” I believe that there were a few “breaking points”…one was when the diamond ring came up missing…she “accidentally” took it home? Riiiight…at the same time, his roommates camera came up missing….and he found it in the BMW? Hmmmmm….then the “toying” with the light switch the night he was making out with another girl….yea…about that….

      My sons soon to be ex-wife was a BPD…she ALWAYS had some drama going on…all self-inflicted…she actually called ME up…to ask how she could get her NEW boyfriend to “marry her”…(she wasn’t divorced from my SON yet!). And what EVER happened, was NEVER her fault! She “played mind games”…I told her that she needed to show herself a little self-respect…but, it went over her head…when BF #1 kicked her out cuz she was screwing BF #2, and #1 caught her…she went running after #1 threatening to kill herself….(he handed her a knife and told her to go do it across the street, not to get blood on his porch!). So, she called me and told me how “mean” he was to her….BF #3 threatened to leave, so (still not divorced from my son, she refuses to sign papers) she got pregnant, so he wouldn’t leave her..! Until he found a photo of some guys penis on her phone…and it wasn’t HIS…he knew THAT right off, because his skin is a different color! AND THEN she gave him the clap…

      BOTH times my son has given her benefit of a doubt, she has screwed him over financially…she steals from him, pawns his stuff…and last night…drove over to his house and while he was gone, stole his brand new TV! (To get even for her testing positive for drugs! Now…how is THAT HIS fault?). But, she’s in bigger trouble than she knows…because she was in town yesterday to renew her food stamp card here in Duval county….(the idiot gave MY number as a reference) so, when they called, I told them she hasn’t lived with my son since either August or September….she’s been living with her parents up in Alabama, and THEY have been supporting her…so, when they force her to pay back welfare and food stamp money, that will be MY fault….those people are CRAZY!! If you are going to LIE, at least make it BELIEVABLE! And take some responsibility!

      • Mama Via says:

        I’m not lying for her! I look like crap in orange…and fat(ter) behind bars!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Wow Mama, what a nightmare that one is. BTW, I lived in Duval County for 10 years, but moved back to the Heartland where I was born. That place scared the country right out of this little girl, it was the 80s, OMG, how I survived that place I’ll never know! Long story I’ll share some day!

      • renaes24 says:

        Florida: The further North you go the more South you are!

      • Mama Via says:

        Well….Florida is not “my cup of tea”….BUT…if I weren’t HERE, I wouldn’t have Papa….and I kinda figure that there are houses all over the world…but only one with Papa in it…so I can deal with what’s OUTSIDE….we live on the “Southside”…opposite the FBI building…(but Son lives on the North Side….and his brand new 40” TV was stolen a few days ago)…(we are insured by Smith & Wesson, guarded by a Championship target shooter with an itchy trigger finger, and have an alarm system called Boo, the French BullDog! So, I’m SAFE!!). I’m patiently waiting for Papa to develop Alzheimer’s, so I can convince him that we can see Mt. Rainer from Duval County…and the trees? Oh, yea….they’ve been there FOREVER, Papa! REALLY!

  33. Debra LeBlanc says:

    Kelly, you’ve outdone yourself with this one. Your creative juices never cease to amaze! Take the love!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Debra: Thank you so much. What a nice thing to say, it means a lot to me. Have a great night

  34. Jmarie says:

    Fairly new fan here Kelly, but completely devoted card carrying member now I assure you! You are unbelievably talented at conveying the truth and also somehow making many laugh at a situation that at times has also made most cry. I dare say Travis Alexander himself would approve and even laugh at some of your descriptions! As a long time follower of this trial back to the very beginning I wonder how many others like myself find themselves with a spouse who either did not care about the trial or is sick and tired of hearing about it, period. I was laughing so much at one of your posts the other night that my husband asked me what was so funny. I hesitated to show him as the last time I tried to discuss the trial he got irritated and again reminded me he did not know why so many people care about this trial. But I also know he loves to laugh and knows enough about the main players so I took a chance and asked him to not only read your post, but read it out loud to both of us so I could enjoy it again also. Seconds in Mr. “Don’t mention anything to do with Jodi Arias or her trial” was LAUGHING heartily at your descriptions and if there was something he did not know he asked me the significance so he could better understand what was clearly humorous. By the end of the article for a second I almost thought it had such an effect on him that he might start getting interested in the trial at this very late date but quickly told myself the chances of that were nil, despite how you made him laugh about a topic he professed to despise completely.
    Fast forward to today when he arrived home from work & all of a sudden I heard the question I thought I would NEVER hear. “So, what happened with Stabby and the circus today?!” I was so shocked I almost dropped my pc. WHAATTT???? I told him I was waiting on your post about Dr. De Marte on the stand and it was sure to be good. We ended up getting distracted doing some things we needed to do here and by the time I read your post just now he is in bed. BUT, you can bet I will have him read it out loud to us when he gets home from work tomorrow as I get so much enjoyment watching him laughing his way through your descriptions.
    That is true talent Kelly! Just about anyone can sit down and try to give a firsthand account of a subject people care about but VERY FEW can draw people in to the point they feel like they are sitting in the courtroom with you. To be able to make someone go from not wanting to hear about something to laughing about it and wanting to “read the next chapter” is amazing. Finally, thank you that amidst it all it is obvious you are passionate about justice for Travis Alexander and his family.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      jmarie: that may be the single best compliment I have ever received. That I have converted a non trial enthusiast is really a big deal to me so thank you for sharing that with me. Yes I am passionate about justice for Travis and justice for every other victim of violent crime out there. The ones I write about and the ones that I don’t. It is my greatest wish that the tide turns and more justice is available for victims of violent crime.

  35. Lindalu says:

    Gotta love the snapping of the golf pencil!!

  36. Ruthanne says:

    Excellent and true Kelly form!! I’m also glad the donation button is back. 🙂

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sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

Varmt News Network

It's the Internet.


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Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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