The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-Trial -The OMG Edition

Examine this – Juan Martinez
Hai everybody. Welcome to yet another thrilling edition of the trial that just refuses to end.

Sometimes Judge Stephens wasn’t playing today and had two vets on stand-by just in case, as well as a couple of chew toys and full attack suits for the defense.

Of course court couldn’t start without a motion for mistrial for something. This one seemed to be regarding Geffner. Oral arguments are set for the 17th. Alfred E. Fuckhead doesn’t want oral arguments but Sometimes Judge Stephens said tough tittie she will wait for the State’s reponse and will hold oral arguments.

The luminous Dr. DeMarte is back on the stand and Alfred E. is still crossing her. Basically blah blah blah your are a toddler, blah blah blah, a bunch of stuff about being a student and not having experience as a doctor. He is really hammering home about her young age and what he terms lack of experience but the jury isn’t feeling it. Dr. DeMarte definitely knows her shit. Nurmi is so mad he is almost forming spit bubbles but Dr.DeMarte maintains her composure much to her credit. She said she is able to say she has 8 years of experience because she was seeing patients and this is a standard practice.

Nurmi continues to scream, as in scream that you can’t say you have that experience of you were not licensed. DeMarte does not have a shit to give about anything that Alfred E. Isadick has to say and remains cool under fire. Sometimes Judge Stephens motioned for the vet to hold his fire in hopes that Nurmi would get himself under control.

Nurmi then said that Dr.(so not a doctor) Geffner had to explain some rule for Dr. DeMarte. Juan is up and objecting and a dart was successfully deployed. Apparently not taking any chances with a raging loose pitbull in the courtroom. Nurmi said that Geffner gave Dr. Demarte an admonishment not to release questions for tests because she had done it in the past. Dr. DeMarte says that is not correct. Nurmi gets transcripts from the guilt phase. Oh the little bastard is trying to impeach Dr. DeMarte. Juan immediately objects and we have an approach. Nurmi tries again and Juan rips the head off of his chew toy and now we have a sidebar.

Well, that didn’t work out to well for the great and powerful Alfred. E so now he is telling the jury that Dr. DeMarte has a habit of breaking the rules. Dr. DeMarte shoots back that Nurmi doesn’t understand the rules and I peed a little. Juan is objecting so much that Flores has moved the muzzle to closer proximity and also the catch pole is within easy reach.

This went on for about another thousand hours before Nurmi finally gave it up.

We have finally, mercifully (thank you baby jesus) moved on to something actually having to do with the fucking trial. Nurmi say something about the validity scales saying a test was valid. I have no clue what test. He asked Dr. DeMarte when she became a guru on these matters. (I’m totally serious, an actual trial lawyer actually said that). Dr. DeMarte asked if that was a question.

We will now be going into the masturbation part of the program again, so I will give you all a moment to dig out your Pretoria puke buckets. Nurmi taks about the journals and used it as evidence that Stabby did not see Travis masturbating. (I feel dirty every single time I have to type that just so you all know). DeMarte said that Stabby not writing about it in her journal implies that the incident never happened. Alfred E. Pervert asked if it was subjective data that Travis knew what a 12 year old girls orgasm sounded like. (you know what, I’m just going to interject here for a minute. Now, I personally did not find out what a personal orgasm sounded like till I was waaaay older than 12, but a lot of people that I knew when I was younger did and they found it out with 12 and 13 year old boys, why in the name of god is this a thing? Why?) Anyway, DeMarte said that was not objective data. Nurmi finally shut the fuck up and sat back down in his chair to recline while Juan went back up.

Everyone looked a little concerned as the pitbull began his trademark pace. Foam dripped from his muzzle and his face was in a half snarl. Of course as soon as everyone had been herded into their places we had a sidebar and everybody had to leave the courtroom again.
And now the Judge called a recess. Nobody seems to know for how long. Probably long enough to find some stronger drugs for Juan.

After another sidebar, people in, people out, a very concerned looking defense team, the jury has been herded back in and Juan is back up. Juan wants to know about Dr. DeMartes ethical obligations. She replies that her ethical obligations are that the tests do not get replicated. What are your ethical obligations on psychological tests? She said that she had to maintain the test security.

Juan wants to know if mental illness is just a label to which the stunning Dr. DeMarte says yes. So, does Stabby know right from wrong? Yes she does. Nurmi is objecting like rocky road icecream has been discontinued but he is getting overruled at every single turn.

Once again it is brought up that DeMarte diagnosed Stabby with BPD and depression and adjustment disorder. Basically we are going over DeMartes entire Psychological report again and I’m sick of writing about it so blah blah blah psych stuff, blah blah blah Borderline personality disorder.

Juan wants to know how many times DeMarte used the term mental illness in her report. She thinks two or three times. And another sidebar. Seems like every other question is a sidebar. Juan asked if any prison inmate had trouble adjusting would that mean that they all suffer mental illness. DeMarte says yes and for the first time I disagree with Dr. DeMarte.

Juan asks if Stabby was described as being clingy and jealous and Dr. DeMarte said yes. Wasn’t Stabby found hiding under Travis’s Christmas tree? Yes.

Juan gets Dr. DeMarte to read an email that Stabby sent to Travis after he was already dead. Now another email after he was dead asking if he was going to deposit the check. Another email where she says she and Travis will see the sites in Oregon and she will be visiting him.

Nurmi objects hard to what is coming in next, the journal entries after Travis was killed but the judge was all Bye Felicia and let them in. Journal entry from July 9 2008, it talks about Ryan Burns. Jodi writes lies to herself in her journal She is afraid people will thing she killed Travis even though she totally didn’t and wasn’t even there and the ninjas did it. OMG the fucking bullshit in this journal. Please let it be lunchtime soon. YAY!! LUNCHTIME.

Back from lunch Juan had just a couple more questions regarding DV. DeMarte said in her opinion that Stabby is not a victim of domestic violence. She also said Stabby knew right from wrong and did not suffer from PTSD.

And finally the jury questions.
1. In your assessment was Stabby mentally ill before the murder. DeMarte said she doesn’t believe Stabby truly had BPD

2.What are the specifics about Geffners tests and errors? Dr.DeMarte any psychologist could pick up on his errors.

3. Juror wants to know about DeMarte’s experience treating domestic violence and sexual abuse. She refers back to her training.

4. Did DeMarte treat patients with or without supervision in 04? DeMarte says that she saw patients without someone in the room but met with supervisor weekly.

There were more but they were mostly along the same line which leads me to believe that the jury might be buying into this mentally ill shit but that’s me.

The some very weird things started happening in court. Sometimes Judge Stephens called all the lawyers to the bench. Then each juror was called privately into chambers. There will be no trial tomorrow. They are to return Wednesday at 9:30am.

that was just weird and nobody looks happy. Not the prosecution, not the Alexander family, not the defense, NOBODY.

So that is it for tonight. I’m tired and this is longer than it should have probably been.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.


71 Responses to The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-Trial -The OMG Edition

  1. Lori g says:

    Right on again Kelly. Great recap. Today pretty much sucked. I agree with them buying the mental illness shit and am really pissed

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Lori: Thank you, I just wish I could have reported something better. I’m concerned about the individual jurors in chambers. That doesn’t happen unless jurors are being questioned about something they saw, read, were told, or juror tampering as a general rule. Could be something else I need to poke around, but it is not a good sign.

      • Megan says:

        1. In your assessment was Stabby mentally ill before the murder.
        DeMarte said she doesn’t believe Stabby truly had BPD

        That answer was Kinsey’s mistake and incorrect. wild1 tweeted the correction & she explained BDP doesn’t happen over night, and she was damaged goods when she met Travis.

        There is at least one pro Jodi juror. The “Questions” from at least one (or more) juror’s support:
        -DV from Geffner.
        -Mental illness.
        -Poor Stabby’s “traumas” including sexual attack trauma (WTF?)
        -Demarte’s lack of experience.
        -Travis sharing passwords, so Stabby wasn’t intrusive.
        -Travis still banging Stabby while bitching about her stalking and hacking him to other chicks he wanted to bang…..and then I gave up!
        Game over. Stabby wins and this has all been for nothing if this juror/s makes the final 12. All we can do now is pray some crazy bertha bull like Angela Simpson wants to shank the most hated bitch in America. On the bright side there are no state funded appeals and she may die sooner and more brutally than she would have on death row. “Winning” indeed. Karma’s a bitch for stabbykins, and it will soon be time to reap the whirlwind.

      • renaes24 says:

        Good points….all of them.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Megan yeah you are correct, I’ll fix it in a bit.

      • Ruthanne says:

        Reply to Megan, I think the jury is just doing it’s due diligence. i think they want to make sure they know it all and understand it, before they make a decision about someone’s life. Now do I think atlas one person will feel that the “mental” issues are enough reason not to kill her, yes. I wish it weren’t so, but maybe I’ll be wrong and they will all realize she is just evil and needs to be locked up away from others. Maybe someone on that jury will know and make them all get the fact that she won’t get put to death before she dies of old age anyway, since AZ is so slow on executions, but that it’s the only way to keep her from manipulating others. We can only hope. But I didn’t think the questions were as bad as some thought.

  2. Connie Rust says:

    Great one as usual Kelly. I too was concerned with the jury questions. Are they not listening or are they just idiots? I think the best juror questions are the ones NOT asked. I’d love to see those.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Connie: Thank you. I;m sorry I could not have reported better news. I am concerned with the juror questions but truthfully more concerned with the trouping one by one of the jurors into chambers. I found that very odd and concerning. I will try and see what I can find out.

      • Connie Rust says:

        I’m betting one of the juror questions (that was not asked) raised a red flag. We may see 1 less juror on Wed.

  3. debilu2 says:

    Today WAS weird! But again, you’ve written a great recap and provided much-needed humor in the midst of this cluster f*#k!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Debilu2: Yes weird is definitely the word. Thank you so much, I’m very sorry it wasn’t better news, but I have to write what happens. The jurors being called in one at a time intrigues me, I’m going to try and dig into that a little I think. Have a great night and thanks for reading..

  4. Mama Via says:

    According to Lindstrom, there is one person on the jury with a undergraduate degree in psychology…there was some speculation that the majority of the questions came from that juror. ADDITIONALLY…remember, there will be at least TWO jurors tossed out of deliberations as alternates…I recommend heavy praying. Perhaps Kelly can confirm…I heard a rumor that MDLR contract expired today, and was not renewed.

    Great job, Kelly! Get some rest, know that we all love you and support you! We are all sending big hugs!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Mama: Yes that is a fact about the juror. confirmed. as for MDLR I thought it was the 19th but I will double check on that. Thank you so much. Have a great night

    • Thanks for the recap! Not quite sure about two points though… First, I believe Dr. D said that she doesn’t believe she has PTSD–not BPD in answer to the jurors question. Second, JSS’s questioning of jurors individually did not happen today. Most news reports say that it WILL happen.

      Yes, the jurors questions are troublesome.

      Keep up the fabulous work tho… your humor helps lighten the levity of a sad, sick situation.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        There you are. I’ve been looking all over for this question. The BPD thing you are correct and I will print an edit, as for the jurors, they WERE all taken into chambers one by one before court ended yesterday. I double checked.

    • Schaeffer says:

      please, please, please let it be true that MDLR lost her job today . . . as long as that does not mean a delay in the trial, or that she can pull a Nurmi and be working on a “special fee” pay scale

    • TrulyUSA says:

      That would be sweeeeeeet!!!!

  5. Jmarie says:

    My God in heaven, I pray you are wrong on this one Kelly, or else the beast may have finally gotten her way. I literally feel sick knowing how sad everyone in the pursuit of justice is tonight while Jodi is quite possibly smiling as she drifts off to sleep for the first time in who knows how long. Between at least one juror who seems bound to dig in their heels and declare they cannot put a precious “mentally ill” person to death and the new fiasco with the judge questioning jurors….it appears she has much reason to smile. I would not care if she got the death penalty if it meant her horrid behavior of tweeting through friends, doing interviews whenever possibly allowed, joining every sick club offered in prison, painting, no TRACING her “ART” for sick PROFIT—none of that would be available to her on death row. That is why most of the people that want her to get the death penalty hope she receives it. I am so heartsick and truly feel like I am going to vomit knowing she has likely won over at least one juror who will cling to the mental illness thing as defense in not voting for death all the while ignoring how clearly she knew right from wrong in the after death cover up. Absolutely sick beyond belief at this but appreciate your report. Heartbroken is not even a strong enough word! 😦

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Jmarie: Me too, I really do and I’ve been wrong…I think once. Mama, can you check on that and get back? It was a bad day in my opinion, everybody is hammering to hard at this metal illness shit. Thanks for reading, I’m sorry it wasn’t better news.

    • Mama Via says:

      Well, once you thought you might be wrong, but weren’t! 😜😜😜😜

    • Mama Via says:

      It’s ok, Jmarie…nothing is set in stone…especially when you are dealing with so many different people!

      Here are the full questions–from Court Chatter–what do yall think? Seem almost innocuous to me…

      And I wouldn’t be concerned about the jury being called in…it could be anything…we’ve all seen this before…if we lose one juror, or even two, we will be fine. There are 15 or 16, I’m not sure…

      Jury questions

      Q: Was Jodi mentally ill prior to the murder?
      DeMarte: She has Borderline Personality Disorder. That doesn’t come out of the blue, it happens over time.

      Q: Without having training in DAPS testing, what is your basis for believing Dr. Geffner administered it incorrectly?
      DeMarte: It’s a self-reporting test. Don’t need extensive training in it. Any psychologist could have picked out his errors.

      Q: How many tests are there to diagnose Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD?
      DeMarte: There are hundreds of tests. Some are more popular than others.

      Q: How many did you personally administer?
      DeMarte: I administered 4 tests: MMPI, RAP, TSI and WAIS.

      Q: How many years experience do you have in treating domestic violence victims?
      DeMarte: Since 2004

      Q: How many years do you have in treating sexual abuse victimes?
      DeMarte: Since 2004

      Q: Do these fields require certification?
      DeMarte: Yes for a clinical psychologist. To treat PTSD or victims of domestic violence, there’s no certification out there.

      Q: When you were treating patients from 2004-2008, was it by yourself or with another psychologist?
      DeMarte: Before licensed I practiced under the license of another psychologist but I met alone with the patient. This is standard.

      Q: Do you feel that the knowledge of a sexual assault is as damaging as having a memory of it?
      DeMarte: It can manifest into PTSD but you have to have the symptoms. It wouldn’t be PTSD without memory.

      Q: Can the body have reactions to certain stimuli that trigger feelings to suppressed memories?
      DeMarte: Yes, there could be a physiological reaction.

      Q: In one of the communications between Jodi and Travis, Travis says Jodi can have all of his passwords. Is that still considered unwanted intrusive behavior?
      DeMarte: No, not when they exchanged information. As time went on, it was clear that Travis took away the permission.

      Q: There were some communications between Travis and other women where he complained that Jodi wouldn’t leave him alone. Were these people, like Michele Lowry, aware he was still seeing Jodi?
      DeMarte: Not to the extent it was sexual.

      Q: How long in total did Jodi work at the Purple Plum both times?
      DeMarte: I would need to look at my notes…..I’m not sure.

      Q: Did you monitor her at all after the four times you met with her?
      DeMarte: No.

      Q: How far back did your forensic evaluation go and were all the records were available?
      DeMarte: All the records pertaining to her were made available to me, as far as I know. My evaluation went back to her childhood.

      Q: Do you consider Borderline Personality Disorder a mental illness or a psychological disorder and why?
      DeMarte: It’s a psychological disorder which has the same meaning as mental illness.

      Q: How does dissociation play into Borderline Personality Disorder?
      DeMarte: It’s a technique to distance oneself from an environment that is anxiety provoking. One of the symptoms of BPD is dissociation and paranoia.

      Copyright – Court Chatter

      • Connie Rust says:

        Thanks for posting those Mama. I was not impressed with her answers to many of those. While those ?’s could have come from only 1 or 2 jurors, that’s all it takes. I think the DP is a pipe dream. This jury is getting lost in the weeds where Nurmi has led them. Slime ball that he is I think his theatrics had the desired effect.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Thanks Mama. I was coming to do an edit with all the damn questions so thanks for this.

      • Jmarie says:

        Thanks Mama Via. It helps to read the questions again. I also feel a bit better about things today after reminding myself that the main thing no matter what is Stabster IS a convicted murder one murdering felon. And I also agree with someone recently (cannot recall who) in the comments section here who said they believe JSS has had enough of the four idiots on the DT and their antics that she will surely NOT sentence Jodi anything less than life without parole. I keep thinking that even though Juan prefers to work alone, surely he has advice when selecting jurors to try to get those who are the least inclined to be a hold out for life? True, the DT has the very same goal and sure enough during the guilt trial clearly at least the jury foreman and one other bleeding heart believed the nonsense about Jodi being abused by Travis at least enough to not impose death. Does anyone know how different her life will be at Perryville? I think I could stomach her getting life instead of death so much better if I knew she would not be able to keep doing interviews and tormenting the Alexanders, joining every club and social avenue available, selling her “art”, harassing the public and Alexanders via a “friend” through Twitter relentlessly, etc….

        Do you think that is why she is fighting the death penalty (fear of actually being executed when she is correct that it would take years and she would possibly have a real issue or two on appeal that could get it overturned)?? Or I wonder is it more because she knows if she gets death she will be alone in her cell for I think twenty three hours a day, day in and day out. Probably both.
        To me, that is the worst and most fitting punishment for a murderer who likes to grandstand and lives to be the center of attention as she does.
        Hopefully you are correct and the juror questions are innocuous and they will do the right thing for the Alexanders. I do believe the Alexanders will get to speak again on their loss for this jury, right?

    • TrulyUSA says:

      I find the question about the Purple Plum to be suspect – what does that have to do with what the trial was about today? I heard a strange rumor — absolutely a rumor and I don’t have documentation for that — that Stabby had sexual contact with a minor in a bathroom there. If that is the case, the only way the juror would have know it is if she is watching social media, I think. I don’t think it was ever entered into evidence, but Kelly correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks for the blog Kelly! Always look forward to a cup of coffee and your blog!

  6. Sjkay says:

    Juan was trying to make a point that just because a “disorder” has been included in the psych bible and it is considered a form of mental illness it is still different than the mental illnesses that are more familiar to us. Disorders I believe such as bulimia are in the DSM. But you wouldn’t (well perhaps the DT would) consider bulimia as a mitigating factor in homicide. So his point is that since most/all inmates have an adjustment disorder by virtue of being locked up, they technically would fall under the mentally ill category by virtue of having the disorder just because it’s in the DSM as one. Just because there is a label to describe the behavioral/emotional reaction to life events doesn’t mean it’s an illness that would contribute as a mitigating factor to make someone powerless to prevent themselves from murdering someone.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Sjkay: While I agree with you in theory, I think that he is pushing the mental illness thing way to hard and that we are dealing with laymen on the jury that may not make the distinction that you have. Very astute observation though.

      • Jmarie says:

        I completely agree that as brilliant as Juan is, he is pushing the mental “illness” thing far too hard/far. Think about it, even if all twelve jurors were truthful that they “could” or “would” impose the DP if warranted, doing so is bound to be extremely difficult for probably at least one or two of them if they are not well versed enough in psychology to understand anything beyond the fact that they cannot justify choosing to put a “mentally ill” prisoner to death. That very thing is what I fear is going to hang this jury if Juan does not do some SERIOUS/MAJOR/MIND BLOWING damage control ASAP.

        Also think about this—during the guilt trial a couple of the jurors were able to listen to the Alexanders describe how nothing would give them peace except to know Jodi would not torment their family any longer and how brutally she had scarred them for life with her heinous actions. Yet, for a couple of them that did not matter when it came time to impose death. What the foreman and I believe at least one other focused on to hang their proverbial hats on in the excuse for not imposing death was believing TA did possibly abuse Jodi by saying mean things. They were not hit over the head relentlessly with the mental illness as a mitigating factor, in fact, they bristled at DeMarte even trying to pin Borderline Personality disorder on Jodi. If they had been privy to even the state admitting Jodi is mentally “ill’ I believe the foreman would have convinced a couple who were on the fence to not even go for murder one.

        I thought Juan was getting caught in the weeds several times in the guilt trial though and he completely more than vindicated himself with a masterful closing argument and cruelty portion of the trial. I am believing he will somehow recognize how crucial it is that he do any and everything possible NOW to try to undue the word illness that may now be possibly SEARED into the brain of possible jurors who will hang their hats on it at decision time as their reason for LIFE not death. 😦

        PLEASE JUAN, SHUT DOWN the mental illness show NOW and/or pull some major magic out of your hat to PROVE to the jurors that Jodi does know right from wrong. That was the other thing that was such a huge disappointment after the continual mental illness thing–he and DeMarte both hardly tried to prove she do damage control and prove she is NOT mentally ill. I realize he may do that at the end but right now all I can think of is the extra time the jurors are having to chew on the state agreeing poor little Stabby is unable to help the fact that her brain doesn’t work right and she has an illness. God help us.

      • Ruthanne says:

        If there is a psychologist on the jury, as we all seem to feel there is, I think that person will help the others see past Wormy’s tricks. Don’t you think so?

  7. bigmeannurse says:

    Best synopsis of the day! Best character profiling of the day! One wonders if the little murderer was even present….I think she, ChaChaLaRoacha and the DT are suffering effects of late stage syphilis~they all need to be tested!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai!! Nice to see you. Thanks so much. I think it was a very strange day and I cannot figure it out for the life of me what happened in there today. Maybe they do all have the syph, they never did say what std stabby had. Have a great night.

  8. hbbeachbun says:

    Great recap Queen. It was a weird fucked up day in court today but I’m keeping my chin up and thinking positive. I believe Juan has got this!!!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai hb: Thank you. Man I hope you are right cuz I got that ick feeling I get when things are about to go straight down the shitter.

  9. margaret says:

    Kelly , please tell me I am wrong , Nummets latest motion filed is that the murderer can’t testify because of her mental impairments. Someone tell me I am wrong. filed today. Oh I want to get my hands on her and whole DT. These people should all be locked away . How can they do that?

    • Mama Via says:

      Nope, you aren’t wrong, honey…but, don’t dispair! Han has got this…and it ain’t over till the fat lady sings…and I’m not even warmed up yet!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Margaret, I haven’t seen the motion but I’ll try and find it and it would not surprise me although, she started to testify so that would kind of be moot. I’ll see what I can find.

  10. Schaeffer says:

    Kelly — legal questions time. Nurmi continues to file motions for a mistrial based on prosecutorial misconduct. However, he cites as grounds the fact that Juan Martinez yelled at a defense witness (twice!), he chose to “flail his arms in front of the jury,” he questioned a defense expert’s qualifications and ethics knowing “it is not proper for counsel to imply that a witness is conducting themselves unethically without having evidence to support the allegation” — and that is just in the addendum filed 7 February. He also bitches about the prosecution’s desire to win at all costs. On the surface these sound ridiculous and childish and whiny, but egregious in light of the fact that Nurmi has done the exact same things with the State’s witnesses, and this is NOT the case to accuse the prosecution of desiring to “win at all costs!” (And yes, I know he is not talking about dollars, though it could in fact apply.)

    Are there NO rules for the defense? How can they bitch about the prosecutor’s behavior, and then turn around and do the same thing? Several twitterers have said something to the effect of Nurmi is channeling Martinez, copying his style,etc., so what gives? These motions are so whiny, they would almost be more palatable if WOBO was writing them while acting pro se (I said almost). It is too bad the jury cannot see these motions, or at least be told “the defense has filed for a mistrial eleventy billion times, Nurmi has petitioned to be let off the case so many times they can’t be counted, but it is at least as many as infinity times pi, the defendant has petitioned to have Nurmi removed the same number of times, times 100, and all of these motions have been denied. This only goes to show the defense team is completely out of legitimate legal gambits and is now behaving like junior high school girls, so just ignore everything they say.”

    I swear, if Nurmi and Willmott whipped out a bunch of those origami paper fortune tellers, one for objections — foundation, time zone, improper grammar, all her other boyfriends are still live, so there!; one for motions — we hate our client, we couldn’t possibly spend the money we’ve already made on this case so please let us off the hook; one for sidebars — the defendant touched my back today and I need to go to the decontamination shower NOW, the defendant is bored, Travis Alexander’s sisters will not look WOBO in the eye even though she has been staring daggers at them for weeks now and it is hurting her feelings, so make them pay attention to her, damnit — I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      schaeffer: Hi. Looking very forward to your article. To your questions. Legally speaking, if either side feels that they have a motionable action they are completely and legally within their rights to file. As long as said motions are not frivolous. Frivolous motions are subject to sanction. The defense however in a death penalty case is given wide latitude because it’s a death penalty case. This case has already set the word record for most motions filed in a death penalty case. (true story.) I agree that Nurmi is channeling Martinez, just not well, and Mr. Martinez would be well within his rights to file motions against the defense. you will notice he has kept them to a minimum and only as absolutely necessary. All motions do is stall. They are gong to continue to turn into nothing, at least the ones my friend has looked at are although he hasn’t bothered with all of them, there are just to many and he does still practice occasionally. If something that peaks his interest or pisses him off comes along. He is interested in the omnibus motion as am I. As you say, to paraphrase, the defense has run out of air and this is what is left, motions and hail Mary’s.
      I would also like to say to you, I’m glad that you decided to join in the discussions here, I find your insights fascinating and usually spot on.

  11. margaret says:

    I[m sorry Kelly you said you were tired and I just let my anger fly when I saw on Court Chatter Nummets latest motion, Is there no stopping those people?

    Thank you Mama Vie. I will calm down now. Please take care Kelly.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Oh hunny I’m fine, just a little tired, I’ll be ok. Nurmi can file a million more motions they aren’t worth the ink he used on them and you can take that to the bank.

  12. renaes24 says:

    Don’t know if it is the hour or the weather or the alignment of the stars, but I, for one, am sick of the whole thing. Pack the bitch off to Perryville with LWOP and be done with it. I hold no hope she will get the death penalty (though she well deserves it). VERY few women get the DP and in Arizona, something like over 75% of DP’s get overturned anyway. Screw her! Take her off the stage never to be seen for at least another 10years (which is about when her first appeal would show up).
    Now I know that Travis’s family wants the death penalty. As far as I can see, the state has done their best. As long as the whore gets LWOP, there will be no parole hearings for them to have to go to……most of the appeals she will try will be ‘paper’ only (again, she isn’t brought into a court and they don’t have to deal with it). Good luck on those appeals too…….first, she needs an appeal lawyer. Can you imagine lawyers wanting/having to deal with “Her-Neediness”, the high priestess of “I know best”? Then, there is the MONEY…..if she is NOT under the DP, she has to PAY for the appeals herself (she better learn to trace faster and better), Best of all, is the TIME. Appeals are not cheap and they are not easy, but most of all, they are not fast. They wind thru the courts oh so slowly.
    La Princess will be stomping her feet and firing lawyers (therefore needing to find and pay for new ones) when she doesn’t have her petitions heard poste haste!
    Not a Judge Sherry seems to be slowly growing a spine. (I will reserve judgement as to it being made of steel or tumbleweed). I will be able to tell more about it’s makeup when DR’s (not) G and sexpert F get back on the stand (pass the drugs please). If she just once says :”asked & answered……MOVE ALONG” I will know there is something more than a swizzle stick holding her up.
    Jurors being called into chambers one by one? Well, could be anything but my guess would be that one of the jury questions (that was not asked) revealed something and the judge is checking to see if that juror spoke of his/her knowledge/belief/history to the rest of the jury. We will know if that is the case on Weds……see if there is one less juror.
    Hell, one of them could have written “how long do we have to listen to this horseshit”? and that would have gotten the same result. (But wouldn’t that be beautiful?)

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Renae, I wish the Alexanders could they what they seek, too, but in reality LWOP would be a win. So what if she moves down to a lesser security status with a few years of good behavior, she will still see others get released and she has to sit and sit and sit. Plus, she has to survive in there with people who (imagine that Stabby) are criminally smarter than she is and will see right through her cons. You can’t con a con they always say, and Stabby will find out that her techniques don’t work as well on fellow criminals as they do on good hearted horny men!

      • renaes24 says:

        While most adjust in prison and forge out a life for themselves, being happy with the smallest of treats…….to quote one lifer:
        “Your Worst Day on the outside is a million times better than your Best Day on the inside”.
        For Stabby, it will be akin to killing her. All she has to do is look in the mirror. All those ‘looks’ she remembers are already going fast. Imagine in 10 years. All those places she either saw or wanted to see are unattainable; all those meals…….instead she looks to 1000 ways to make tuna in a cell. Want some wine with that? Well, start saving up your ketchup and sneak out a grapefruit….I’m told it tastes like shit but will get you drunker than hell.
        And then there is the visiting……her sister and brothers will have their own lives and families…….her parents are aging…….her friends (those she has and those she THINKS she has) will also have their own lives and less and less time for her. (Long way to AZ for most of them as far as I can tell). Boyfriends? well, with her looks going…..she can ‘play’ for a while, but since no ‘benefits’ for whoever he may be……how long will it/can it go on? (AZ does not do congeals). She WILL have plenty of pen-pals for her notoriety but that’s about it. She will NEVER be allowed to contact Travis’s family in any way. Should she somehow smuggle a letter out to them….one call to the prison will have her subject her to segregation and even more punishment. Telephone calls will all have to be ‘collect’ and the system most prisons use is VERY expensive, so other than once or twice (for curiosity sake and bragging rights) who is going to keep it up?
        SO? I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with LWOP. Let her live her miserable little life……with absolutely no Hopes, no Dreams and no Future. How fucked would that be.!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        TRULY and marvelously fucked!

      • renaes24 says:

        Exactly! and to have to realize it day after day after day after………sounds like HELL to me! Perhaps she would do best to WISH for death now…….because she sure will in the ‘future’.

      • Mama Via says:

        Yes, you ladies are right. In the big picture…arias should be praying for death…BECAUSE…

        1). The last woman executed in Arizona was EVA DUGAN in 1930! I think that her head popped off when she was hung, and Arizonans have been reluctant to do so again.

        2) Depending on the source, anywhere between 60 to 75 percent of death sentences are overturned. (Washington Post says 66%)

        3) Mandatory appeals process, which the taxpayers of Arizona will bear. Some appeals last 30 years, and even THEN, it’s more likely she will die of old age!

        4) Review the accomplishments of Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwickle…these are two ladies who have TRULY turned their lives around! Received Death Sentence in 69(?) and that was overturned when The Supremes declared it unconstitutional, sentences were Life WITH Parole! Van Houten has been denied parole 17 times! Mostly because of Public Outcry, but more significantly, Sharon Tate’s sister shows up to every parole hearing, to remind everyone of the heinous nature of the crime! Those women will NEVER get Parole…no DOUBT, the Alexander Family will attend EVERY PAROLE HEARING, should parole be an option. Arias will never be free again!

        5). According to my DR sources, Arias is hated NATIONWIDE! AND, also, someone wanting to “make her bones” or just “teach her a lesson” will be “gunning for her”. Someone like Angela Simpson would be more than happy to teach her a lesson. Watch YouTube interviews of Simpson, and you’ll see what I mean.

        6) As Renae points out, after the trial is over, and the Arias family goes home (is “dad” even showing up anymore?) to California, no one is going to upset their lives to move to Arizona! Letters will be fewer and fewer…and all the little minions will find some other heroine to worship! (Where are all if the Tot Twat’s supporters? Never hear a word from them now!). Even Donoman will eventually disappear.

        7) According to my DR pen pals, even LWOP inmates lose visitors and letter writers! My own personal experience is that going to visit someone in prison is 1000 times more uncomfortable than going to visit someone in hospital (no, I can’t document that!)

        8) To maintain “privileges”, one MUST be on BEST behavior 100% of the time. All those guards have been watching this trial, and I’d bet the majority would like to wipe that smirk off her face! They will be watching her more closely than they do anyone else! Even LWP is not going to be a picnic, I’ve read “most” of the inmate rules…in comparison, Sheriff Joe’s B & B was Disneyland! Her cons won’t work on the guards or other prisoners!

        9) She will probably be put into a single cell, and not out in Gen Pop because of her notoriety, and for her protection.

        10) The only “mirror” she will gave is a very shiny piece of Stainless Steel…no glass mirrors allowed! No Clairol, no perfume, no stockings or high heels, no selection of clothing, no music or TV without headphones,

        No mitigation Specialist to run her business or to cash her checks, no Twitter posts, no husband or children, no jewelry, no silk pajamas, no Christmas Presents, no falling asleep in the arms of the man she loves, no travel, no 1,000 places to see…

        She will be subject to strip searches and cell searches, will lose all that “privacy” she holds so dear….no wine, no martinis, no 4:20…no laying by the pool in a bikini to work on her tan, no driving, no closet full of clothes and shoes, no walks at the beach, or hikes in the mountains, no sleeping in on Saturday morning and getting an espresso first thing, no strawberry Fraps from Starbucks, no oil painting, no photography, no cell phone, no cashmere sweaters, or fancy bras to show off those fake boobies, no hearing a man whisper loving words in her ear, no family Thanksgiving Dinner, or Christmas either, no Christmas tree all decorated with beautiful glass crystals, no candlelit dinners with Mam’s best China and silver, no champagne or Sunday morning mimosas…no strolling the mall for “a little shopping”….and if she thought living with mommies rules were bad…she ain’t seen nuttin yet!

        What would bother YOU most? What things would you miss most?

    • Sherlock1005 says:

      Great post Renae!
      I think Stabby deserves the DP too. Will she get it ? Don’t know. I still think there’s a pretty good chance of that, but who knows. Perhaps the Alexanders don’t feel like there will be justice if she doesn’t get the DP, and who can blame them? I doubt I would have done anything different if it was a member of my family either. As you have said, LWOP means no more free ride for Stabby ! She’ll have to look for and pay for her own lawyers. That’s a lot of tracings and golf pencil art work ! Maybe ChaCha will put some of her CoCo Cabana outfits for sale on Kijiji to help the cause. Stabs can delay the train to Perryville all she wants, but that train is coming and will roar into the station soon. Once that happens, I suspect her “followers” will abandon her and move on to some other lunatic to support. Maybe, due to JA’s BPD, the reality of this inevitability just doesn’t sink in with her. The party will be over and no more field trips to the courthouse. No more interviews, no more attention. Nothing. It will be over for her and she will be all alone! Let’s all take some comfort in that.
      The thing with the jurors yesterday could have been something to do with checking their schedules. If numb nuts and willie are going recall Sir Gaffolot and the “sex expert” (don’t email me after 11 pm) “Dr Porncesca” there’s no telling how long this could take ! They can delay all they want, but IMO they are just pissing off the jurors and postponing the inevitable. The folks at Perryville are very patient, but I’m certain they have her accommodations ready and waiting !!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Renae: You and me both my darlin’. I know that is what they want and that should count for something I think, but I honestly think a worse punishment for that fame seeking whore would be to be shoved in a dark little corner of a prison somewhere and forgotten. Everything you have said is spot on and thoughts I have had myself a hundred times. I am pro death penalty if there is irrefutable proof that the person did the crime. I don’t know exactly what that makes me because if there is even a scintilla of doubt that accused A did not kill/rape/torture/pickyoursick victim B then I don’t think the death penalty should be a thing. Stabby is Death penalty eligible because there is no doubt she did it. I don’t give a fuck why she did it even though I am pretty sure our collective theories are right. I just care that she did it and did it most heinously. OMG POINTS for your juror question. That would be hilarious. Maybe it’s time for some totally not made up jury questions. Haven’t done one of those in a while and it’s not like we have anything better to do today. I just want this fiasco over. Even if she gets death (and I doubt it and I’m usually right about these things) Travis’s family is not going to get what they want. It isn’t going to fill that hollow that they have now. I wish they would understand that. I hurt so bad for them, but they are running on vengeance and what happens once that is achieved. What then?

      • renaes24 says:

        What happens then……studies show (and I can give testament) that at approx. 7 years after the crime/trial/etc, families actually end the vengeance and hate. (Ever see all those folks who say they ‘forgive’ when you don’t know how they possibly can?) That is not to say they forget. But, it does subside and you start to realize that it is only hurting YOU more and not the target of it all. Constant parole hearings interrupt this process as does notoriety. Travis’s family will have to take a bit longer because of the notoriety, but as long as she/it stays out of the newspapers…….it will commence.
        Problem with THIS case is that it has dragged on so very long that the family has had NO time to even begin this process….and JSS is not helping.
        The ‘latest big thing’ is restorative justice. Pierre Allard really pushes it here in Canada. (He was the first one to ‘bless’ my husband & my relationship). He holds the Order Of Canada for his years of work.
        Currently, he works with Rwandans over in Africa (for all the massacres in their civil war), but before that, he was head of Corrections in Canada and before that was head of all the Chaplains for the Correction System. (Google him).
        He and I have had talks about this and I still disagree with him. But, as he said, it works for some.
        STABBY in a hole…..tell me she wouldn’t be thinking of Travis all the (miserable) days of her life……..and THAT would be fitting!

    • Connie Rust says:

      I believe Melissa said the jurors were called into chambers set least once a week in the first trial….usually at Nurmi’s insistance….and usually over nothing. I’m not too worried about that but as you said tomorrow will tell. Nurmi probably got his panties in a wad over a juror question.

  13. mrsmojojojo says:

    I was reading the twitter feeds from work yesterday, and it sounded like they bought the mental illness bs so thank you for recapping. I don’t really have time to think this stuff through at work. As I drove home I thought the DP was lost and then I realized that it’s not over yet. Summations are coming and this a case that easily argued by the newest of prosecutors, not to mention Juan-derful. Personally, I am too much of a wimp to ever vote for DP, even though I believe in it and respect those who can. What really gets under my skin here is the wide path of destruction this bitch has cut. Not just the Alexanders but her own family as well. All of us good people have are forced to sit and watch a psychopath lie to us over and over again. While the rest of us who take responsibility, live by the “Big 10” and do unto others…, and live our lives with decency and order are forced to defend the innocent victim and in reality, it’s not even my fight, and then again, maybe it is. I have often wondered how history will be written about this case, and now I know it will be about the complete and utter disgust for the bastardization of the simple right and wrong, the bastardization of the justice system, misguided medical/psych professionals who’ll do anything for the almighty dollar. Shame on her, shame on those lawyers, shame on anyone who advocates for out and out wrong. God bless the Alexanders. God help the Arias family, what will their lives be like when this is all over. I’d change my name. (I’m on a rant today, Jeeez)

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Yep Mrs., she is like a EF 5 tornado cutting a path a mile wide through anyone who ever knew her. It should never be allowed to happen that way.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Mrsmojojojo: nice to see you. You are correct, it is not over yet, but what we all need to remember is that we have 12 laypeople plus alternates that have to wade through all of this mumbo jumbo that is being thrown at them and try and come to a verdict. Now with all of this mental illness being thrown into the mix I am afraid the DP is a very remote possibility at best. What you should be part of the summation. God bless the Alexanders, God help the Arias family. The arias family has been as used by their daughter/sister/niece/ cousin just as much as she has used anybody. And I kind of feel for them too. They are misguided, but what would you do to try and save the life of your child or sister? I thank god I am not in their shoes.
      I don’t think that was a rant btw, I just think you had something to say and you said it. Quite eloquently I think. Thanks for posting.

      • mrsmojojojo says:

        You are the coolest of girls Kelly. Not just because you liked my post. Yeah.. I’m wrapping my head around a life sentence. Funny isn’t it? At times I feel LWOP is enough, and in reality it probably is. If you remove the emotion of it. I’m not sure I can.While I get the mental illness aspect, I cannot get past the fact that for at minimum of 1 week she carried seething anger, and she planned and plotted a viscous murder. We all get angry, but for an entire week? Every moment within that week was an opportunity to turn it around, yet she went forward. This is what separates this murder from the rest. It was planned,without a doubt and carried out with only a few hitches. Like, he fought back. This goes w-a-ay beyond anything a personality disorder has to offer. Bob Dylan – “People are crazy and times are strange”…….

  14. Kathy says:

    Very strange about Jurors.

    You are so funny! Highly entertaining!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Kathy. It was very strange indeed, but if you read Renae’s comment, she made a valid point as to why that may have happened. Thanks so much and thank you for reading.

  15. Jen Kane says:

    Kelly. Stop apologizing for what was clearly a disturbing day. Your report was excellent and when all is said and done, you can put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. Lets all get a grip and get control of our collective hysteria. The very thought of bringing Geff and with the witch Fons back makes me ill, but it may quite likely backfire. Many including myself want to jump off this circus bandwagon but if the Alexanders can sit through it we can and will continue to support them to the end. Assuming there ever is one. Hugs to all my cyber stabby watchers.

  16. TrulyUSA says:

    Two steps forward and one step back today, I would say. Juan has something in reserve, I’m sure. This isn’t the first psycho who has tried to out-psych him, and he is up to the challenge. I think Wednesday will be very interesting! All these “labels” — I’m hoping Juan brings it home more thoroughly that these “labels” come no where near legally insane, which should be the only mitigating factor and she’s not even. Great food for thought today, Kelly, thanks so much!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Truly: I agree. I also firmly believe Juan still has half a tank. I am however concerned about the jurors and their understanding of mental illness and such. It was a shit day basically for the prosecution and the juror questions concerned me. Thanks for reading. I will see you Wednesday.

      • helixrocks says:

        Love your blog.. I think it was just a so so day for the state.. remember the jury will be instructed to decide ” will the mitagating factors outweigh the crime..:?? this is what the jury must think about.. the border line personality disorder, is not an issue.. Juan wanted this.. and he will clearly point out in closing that the defendant is and was capable of stopping herself from the brutal killing.. remember .. pre meditation??? Juan will drive this one home to the jury.. the type of mental illness that does not deserve a death penalty, are people that do not even go on trial, cause they are basically complete idiots with no ability to reason at all.. there is a this case..and the :unt” was found guilty of pre meditated murder 1.. juan will take the jury through the killing and how she relentlessly stabbed and stabbed him before slitting his throat.. Nurmi is such a goof and I despise him, walnuts, and JSS so much, that I wanna call the cops on myself.. ok thanks for listening to my rant..

  17. Schaeffer says:

    A few days ago, someone commented that Nurmi is completely tone deaf about how he is coming off to the jury, which is exactly right. As this trial progresses, Nurmi and Willmott are more and more coming off as people who have wallowed in lies for so long, they cannot conceive that some witnesses are telling the truth. (I know I am paraphrasing someone here, but I honestly cannot remember who, and thus cannot give them credit. Apologies.)

    While wandering on the internet, I found a September 17, 2014 article in Politico Magazine.* According to this article, the Republican party declared Mesa, AZ to be the most conservative city in America (of cities with a population greater than 250,000), and let me tell you, those Republicans are SERIOUS about being conservative. It would have behooved Nurmi and Willmott to read that article and take it into account before they ever decided to bring religion in general, and the Mormon Church specifically, into this scorched earth defense. While I avoid doing math in public at all costs, it doesn’t take much to figure out that several members of the jury are LDS, or Republican, or conservative — or God forbid, all three. Yikes. (Note to self: NEVER set foot in Mesa. You will NOT fit in.)

    In a plea proposal** drafted by Nurmi and dated July 7, 2011, WOBO once again asserted her belief that she would never be convicted, not because she had stocked up on Advil and razor blades again, but because she promised a take no prisoners defense if she was not given a deal. She promised Travis, his friends, colleagues, and the Church itself would be destroyed in a trial. She specifically threatened everyone’s memories, reputations, careers, marriages, and church standings. Unfortunately, she has delivered on her threats. I don’t for one minute believe that those who knew Travis and his friends, or even those who have come to know them through this fiasco, will change their attitudes about the people involved — everyone still loves Travis, and everyone hates WOBO even more passionately than before — but it is unconscionable that she has made these vulgar lies a matter of public record, and that she has gotten some people (I’m talking especially to you Bill Zervakos) to believe her. It is commendable that the DA, Juan Martinez, Travis’s family, and Travis’s friends had the courage to go forward with a trial in the face of these threats.



    • TrulyUSA says:

      Interesting! Top conservative city — that’s important info Schaeffer. (How the hell did Stabby spring from the most conservative city in America? Makes her even more disgusting!) If the jury group matches this demographic, it will surely help the Alexanders’ cause. I feel so badly for them, can you even imagine if this was your life being laid out for all to see and embroidered with the most grotesque lies imaginable? *shudder* So brave of them!

    • Mama Via says:

      Well done, Schaeffer! Kudos!

  18. mother62 says:

    Great as always girl! And you gave me a couple of funny thoughts lolol!

    1. For me a hyphenated name for Alfred like say…”Alfred E. Isadick-Asmallone….

    2. Maybe, given Alfred has food addictions and stabby induced obvious stress eating episodes, JSS might want to consider a bell , that sounds like a bell from any “Good Humor Ice cream truck” , installed in the court room and Donnoman perhaps can ring it when he/she gets the cue. Alfred will salivate upon the sound and be given a nice treat!

    Might shut him up and get this so not a trial over with and Stably put on death row!

    Well…it’s a thought….

  19. Samantha says:

    Hey kelly thanks for another great post. I have said it before, and i’ll say it again, i don’t think i would have ever made it through this trial without you! Twitter and news reports are great and all, but nobody else can do what you do. Ive never been a trialwatcher before this and boy my first was a doozy. I joined in right before ja began her direct testimony in the first trial and ive been obsessed ever since. I am fascinated by all the crazy. Thank you for your humor and recaps of daily happenings. I love how you stay on top of things and give us instant feedback after ive spent hours stewing in it on twitter it is so cool to come here and “watch” your take. Wouldnt it be so much fun if we took all your blogs and made it into a movie using all your nicknames and props and imagery and kelly-isms it would be hilarious! omg what would the name of the movie be? Who would play the roles? And the soundtrack! Im giggling to myself just trying to imagine what you would come up with! It would be the best movie of all time.
    I read you faithfully, but havent commented in a while because well ive gotten to the point where i am over it! Gah! It is so frustrating i cant imagine how the parties directly involved are feeling. Especially the alexanders of course, and poor flores with his horrid family tragedy. The jury questions made me worry and so did the one-on-ones with jss and jurors… I never heard the word clusterf–k before this trial, and this trial is the perfect example of what that means! Thank goodness for the occasional back-to-reality-thank-god-for-common-sense events like today’s smackdown by the AZSC denying nurmi’s petition! Boom! Whew. I feel like if ja ever even makes it to appeal (will this EVER end?) she will be in for a rude awakening in a new courtroom with a new judge. Jss i think has covered her bases to the best of her ability, but she has also handled ja in court like a strict grandmother would handle a wildchild granddaughter. Ok ima go read everybody’s comments now 😀 they are so fun and informative too! I love it here, you are and your amazing wit and smarts attract amazing good people with wit and smarts and that is a good sign in my book.

  20. Connie Rust says:

    Y’all might think I’m on crack for thinking this…..but I’ve often wondered if our justice system would improve if we had professional juries. A jury that consists of 12 (+ alternates) professional people who do nothing but serve on juries. They are trained in the rules of evidence, some forensics, crime scene investigation and maybe even behavior analysis. Granted they cannot all be experts in any of those fields but could have a better than average knowledge and have an IQ higher than my shoe size. Maybe some could be experts in a specific field which could be used in jury selection. They could be trained in how to be objective, how to not get caught up in the weeds and how to deliberate effectively.
    The U.S. is said to have the best judicial system in the world….but from what I’ve seen that’s not much of a measurement. No offense meant to my Canadian friends as I don’t have much knowledge of the Canadian system good or bad. Although from some things I’ve learned from Kelly it sounds like Canada might actually have a leg up on us.
    I won’t be offended if nobody agrees with me. It’s just something I’ve thought about for years….even more so after my own experience as a juror.

  21. margaret says:

    All interesting articles above. I was flipping through the blogs last weekend out of boredom and for the first time landed on “jodi arias is innocent page ” OMG. I read a little about how Juan, Flores, Melendez and ,the whole Morman church are in this framing jodi deal, because Travis had to be gotten rid of for shaming church, ..Are they for real? Do they really think that? I just could not wrap my head around all that stupidity.

    Thank you Kelly , for the first time I really believe this just might end. One question, I watched a you tube video about jodi and Perryville prison. It said not to think of writing book because any money made would go into her account for appeals. Does that mean that mdlr can’t sell her drawings anymore? I hope.

  22. Ruthanne says:

    Kelly!! Apparently I can’t post in the previous blog comment area anymore, and I can’t remember if my forgetful self remembered to tell you I wanted to stay on the list for a mug, so pleas please keep me on the list. I must have joined after you showed pics or described them, but you have my email so maybe you could let me know what choice I have that way? I hope I didn’t wait to long to realize I may have forgotten to tell you. UGH Ok Let me know. Thanks! I’m so tired and stressed, too much going on this week, vet visit yesterday, access on my baby’s leg, meds and treatments…bills i can’t afford, but she’s important so I skimped on some of my needs this month. Anyway, I have catching up to do, have to read from this blog on. I’m sure they will cheer me up tremendously, they always do! Thanks in advance for a great blog post! 🙂

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(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


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