A Letter to Jodi – Guest Blog by Mama Via

In the next few days, you will learn your fate.  Whether it’s Death, or LWOP, really doesn’t matter to any of us, we’ve already accepted that the probability that you will never leave custody again, something I don’t believe you, yourself have accepted.  If you believe you will be out by Easter, or July 4th or Thanksgiving, you are incorrect.  Scott Peterson has been at San Quentin since 2004, and still hasn’t had his first appeal. (Editor’s note: He was formally sentenced and finally arrived at San Quentin March 17, 2005. If Jodi receives DP, she will be sentenced and arrive DR immediately.)
If you receive the death penalty, what will your new home be like? The unit containing death row is called the Lumley Unit. Inmates in the death row cell are locked inside 23 hours a day. Before their 23rd hour, they are put in shackles and walked to small cage-like enclosures for recreation.

Who are the other two women sharing your fate?

Let’s start with introducing Wendi Andriano.  Andriano and her husband managed the San Riva Apartments in Ahwatukee. Her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Andriano was tired of caring for him, so she poisoned him. When that wasn’t working fast enough, she stabbed him and beat him to death with a bar stool.

Juan Martinez, the same man who is now trying to put you on death row, went after Wendi in 2004.  I’m sure you will both have a lot to talk about!

Next is Shawna Forde. She and her vigilante group burst into a home in southern Arizona, hoping to steal drug money to fund their anti-illegal immigrant activities. But there was no drug money, and she and her accomplices shot and killed a man and his 9-year-old daughter. Shawna has been on Death a Row since 2011.

If you receive death, you three women, all found guilty of terrible crimes, will all be awaiting your final punishment. All three of you will be in various stages of appealing your cases, but, honestly, Jodi, I wouldn’t give any of you a snowballs chance in hell of ever being released.  In fact, I wouldn’t give you much chance of gaining your “freedom” by being put to death, either!  The last woman executed in Arizona was Eva Dugan back in 1930.  poor thing, when she was hanged, the hangman made a mistake, and she was actually decapitated by the noose when she dropped through the trap door. Pity.


Other Useful information

The cell

  • 12 ft. by 7 ft. cell; 86 square feet
  • All solo cells
  • Bed built into wall (hard surface bed)
  • Blanket and pillow
  • Stainless steel toilet and sink
  • Shelving across one side of bed, which could be used as a desk
  • Small chair
  • Personal items can be displayed in the cell and there are two small and very thin windows
  • Allowed to buy a small radio or TV

Inmates are fed 19 meals a week, three meals a day Monday through Friday and only two meals a day on the weekend. Death row and maximum security inmates eat all of their meals in their cells. There is no cafeteria-style setting.

Inmates on death row in Arizona have access to recreation three times a week for periods of two hours at a time. So if you are given the death penalty, you will get a total of six hours per week outside your cell. Just so you are aware, the outdoor recreation areas are pretty small — not much bigger than the cells — and you will spend this time alone. But on non-recreation days, inmates are limited to their cell and could spend up to 24 hours at a time in there. Other privileges allowed to prisoners are pretty basic:

  • No Internet
  • Books and commissary allowed for maximum security inmates
  • Library on site; Books can be requested
  • Interviews only done over the phone

Inmates are allowed to shower three times a week. Showers are next to the cells and inmates usually shower after their recreation periods. Inmates shower alone.

Contact with outside
Maximum security inmates get one 15-minute phone call per week and calls are made from the cell with a phone that is brought to the inmate. But all inmates are allowed to send and receive mail. All inmates are limited to one non-contact, two-hour visit per week, during which the inmate can only speak to the visitor through glass.

List of Things Not to Bring (or Won’t Ever Have)

I thought I would help you a bit, by making a list of things you shouldn’t bring, or won’t need, should you get the Death Penalty:
Try really hard to leave that cute little smirk of yours outside the gates.  It will only get you into trouble!  And that cute little laugh, like the one you gave Mr. Martinez during your first trial, when you were so proud of that little smart-elec answer to The Prosecutor?  I’d leave that outside the door too. Perryville is “big-girl prison”,  not like the slumber party you’ve had for the past several years.
So, say goodbye to hair dye, and all but basic makeup.
You won’t need jewelry, sexy underthings, or fancy Brazilian Wax treatments.
Don’t bother bringing your “1000 Places to See” book, it will only remind you of places you CANT go!
You won’t ever get another chance to hug the kitty too hard, or kick the dog, either.
And I’m kinda guessing that after throwing your parents under the bus, and calling your sister “dumb” that they won’t feel much inclination to drive all that way, just to video call from one building to another, or stare at you through glass.
You’ve basically received the last hug you’ll ever get from a family member, had the last bit of fun with a REAL man.
You won’t need your drivers license, you’ll never enjoy the thrill of owning a new car, or enjoying that “new car” smell.
Speaking of aromas; no perfume, the smell of home baked cookies, Thanksgiving Dinner, the aroma of the sea at sunrise, the wonderful aroma of a freshly bathed and powdered baby.
You’ll never get to show off that diamond ring, buy a wedding dress or plan a honeymoon.
Never take pride in the accomplishment of graduating from college.
Never hold your baby in your arms, or a grandchild either.
No shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret for you! No high heels, or sparkly dresses,,,no New Years Parties, or July 4th Fireworks.
No soaking up the sun poolside or beachside with or without your bikini.
If you think you’ve “aged” over the past year…wait till you get a year of Perryville on your CV!
Was it worth it Jodi?  Wouldn’t it have just been easier to “move along” and find someone else? I truly hope that you can find some remorse, not for the Alexander Family, not for your own family, but for yourself,
Many of us are angry because like a two year old, you chose to “break your toy” rather than let it go to another.  In a way, I pity you
There’s no one to blame except yourself?
What are the things that YOU would miss most at Perryville?

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51 Responses to A Letter to Jodi – Guest Blog by Mama Via

  1. Carmen Geditt says:

    Wow MamaVia, excellent post, really excellent. Thank you ❤

    • Mama Via says:

      Thank you so much Carmen! I’m not as funny as Kelly…no one is! But I enjoy putting together information to share…I feel good when yall enjoy what I’ve written!

  2. Jean Lehmann says:

    VERY informative! I was for DP before. Nothing could change my mind and now…WOW…I am thinking the LWOP. You are a gifted writer when you can get people thinking! Way to go you!!!

  3. Mags Vazquez says:

    That was a great blog! Sounds real peachy for Skank enjoy your new digs, oh excuse me I’m going to the California Coast because I can . TA-TA

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Mama Via says:

      And I’m going to bake some chic. Chip cookies…eat them warm, with cold milk…cuz I can! NeeNer neener! Thank you for your comment! Welcome! Hope to hear more from you!

      • JMarie says:

        YUMMM—I would love some! Thanks for the great read Mama Via! Although you are making me that much more hope she will get the DP. Were you pleased with Juan’s closing? It is SO scary to not read hardly ANY reporters/attorneys/experts, etc…who think he said all he could and should have to give the best chance at the jury giving her death. I love Martinez and think he may have the last laugh but it is sure hard not to worry after reading how many people sadly think Wormi did well and Martinez for some reason did not give the jury enough info to truly give death as a verdict.

  4. Jen Kane says:

    What does LWOP look like

    • Mama Via says:

      The first 3-5 years will be just like this…it will change to a bit less restrictive IF she can stay out of trouble…which I don’t see happening! Welcome, Jen! Glad you could join us! Thanks for your comment!

  5. Connie Rust says:

    Great blog Mama! I’m pissed that she’s allowed a TV or radio. I think she should spend the rest of her miserable life with only the sound of screams from her fellow murderers’ nightmares….and maybe the sound of the occasional rat chewing on a crumb left behind in her cell. The final sound she should hear should be the sound of the door to the death chamber closing behind her.

    • Mama Via says:

      Connie, it’s one OR the other, not BOTH! And there is no cable…only what comes on the airwaves…I don’t know what reception is like…oh, I FORGOT!! Her NEWEST friends are COCKROACHES…the place is INFESTED!!

    • CarlT says:

      I hope she does get a tv. That way she can see all of the things she gave up by choosing murder. All the holiday commercials knowing she will never get to enjoy them with her family. The all inclusive Sandals beach resort commercials.. Nope never get to feel the sand. Etc….

      • Mama Via says:

        Nope, no Rolex watch, diamond engagement ring, or Cadbury Easter bunny!

      • JMarie says:

        I totally agree–at first I was so upset that she gets to have a t.v. and lay around in her cell watching television all day while the rest of us work hard to pay for her three meals a day, etc… BUT, that same television will show her all the things you mentioned. How could she not be distraught watching Christmas specials and sunny beaches, etc…HOWEVER, if she is somehow one day given internet access I will truly be devastated as that will mean she can not only harass the Alexanders and also provide a venue for her to court romances on a greater scale, live a fantasy life online, etc…. That would NOT be justice!!

    • TK says:

      I agree with you, Connie. A tv is a luxury, an optional item not required to live out your life in a cell. They already have a library in Perryville. I don’t even think they should have that. Being in prison is supposed to be a punishment.

  6. wow wicked awesome,,, it so DEBASING ,, I love it,,

  7. Sherlock1005 says:

    Very well done MamaVia ! Thanks for an excellent post. It certainly puts things in perspective doesn’t it. I certainly agree with you that Hodi has not comes to terms with what’s going to happen to her. I think in her twisted way she truly believes that she will see the light of day again….sorry bitch….not going to happen.

    The other thing I got thinking about is about the alleged comments made by the older male juror that was recently dismissed. I think he said something about the death penalty only being for serial killers.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that Hodi would kill again if she was ever let out. We know that she abused animals…so what about the things that she may have done that we don’t know about ??

    Could someone refresh my memory – what ever happened to her boyfriend Bobby Juarez ?

    • Mama Via says:

      Thank you, Sherlock! LWOP isn’t going to be a picnic either! I’ve been doing some research on her potential pod mates…Angela Simson was asked if she planned to kill again…and she said something like “only if I get a chance”…or similar…so, if arias does eventually make it out to gen Pop…it won’t be very fun!

      • Sherlock1005 says:

        OMG !! I just read the background on Angela Simpson !!
        Would love to hear that shower times got mixed up at Perryville and Ange & Hodi were inadvertently introduced to eachother !!
        LOL !! The train to Perryville is almost at the station ! Like I’ve said many times, Her cell is waiting and ‘ol Hodi has NO idea what lies ahead !

      • JMarie says:

        I hope that is the case–and apologize for my worry & fear tonight, but I was listening to Troy Hayden earlier talk about how surprised he was at the outright devotion and almost worship all of the inmates that were in with Jodi had for her. It is hard to not wonder if she will use her admittedly good manipulation skills to win those fellow inmates over at Perryville also. I forgot until tonight that everyone had made those “free Jodi” signs when they were filming but I am telling myself that surely they were all just playing to the camera and she is not or will not be that worshipped at Perryville. You seem to have a good handle on how the prison system works so you certainly know better than I do—and I am much appreciative as it makes me sick to think of her running the prison in a few years when she makes it to gen pop like some sort of female mafia someone or other….

      • Mama Via says:

        Pretty scary, huh? I know I’m frightened…and I’m in FLORIDA!

  8. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Great job, concise, Mama! I only beg to differ re her family. I think they’ll move to AZ. Really do. I don’t think her sister has an ounce of trouble with Sis calling her dumb, she “edifies” JA on her FB page.
    She could have found some rich, possibly unattractive and needy guy out there. And it could have been mutually beneficial. What infuriates me about felons is (among other things), these were CHOICES. She won’t get a do-over. Interestingly, Andriano’s appeal is partly based on Juan using the “lack of character found in a bad woman” (I paraphrase). I’ll find her appeal, it’s at least interesting to consider, as much as I think it’s baseless. Jen Kane – re LWOP in AZ, I can tell you she’ll spend the years necessary (2-5 ish) in these exact conditions, till she EARNS by behavior/adaptation less restrictive levels. (That’s about all I can tell you about AZ).

    • Mama Via says:

      I believe you are right on them moving, Blue…MUCH cheaper to live in AZ, vs CA…the only thing that makes me wonder, was I think I read that they are trying to keep the house in CA…that was part of the bankruptcy…maybe they just want to save it to sell it…and get the equity? Who knows with those odd folks!

      I imagine Dumb Sister is all happy b/c of the $300 shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret! I saw a hint that Angela married her half-sister’s son? Is that rumor? Or fact? Anyone know? What’s the matter with those people?

  9. Sherry says:

    Mama you really have a way with words. Yours paint a very vivid picture of the life Stabby will have at the very least for 2 to 5 ish years. I kinda wish you weren’t so good at writing though, you actually made me feel a little sorry for the murdering, lying WOBO.

    Honestly, the one thing that would affect me the most in prison would be having all my choices taken away. They choose what you do, when you do it, what you eat, who you talk to, etc. That would drive me crazy in under a week.

    As my momma says, “You can’t choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you react.”. Stabby chose really really wrong and Travis paid the ultimate price.

    Let’s hope the jury comes to a quick and unanimous decision and she is carted off to where all her choices will be made for her for the rest of her life.

    • Mama Via says:

      I think your mama was related to my Gramma! She used to say that too! And that “the only person you can control…is you!” Too bad WOBO never learned that!

      Medical care sucks, she will be lucky to get an aspirin after she gets to Perryville…they won’t care whether she “acts normal” or not…trial is over…they had to keep her sane enough to help with her own defense…

      I’ve heard the “menu” at Perryville is pretty slim pickings! And unlike at Sheriff Joes, she won’t have any contact with the media…so she won’t be able to complain…her mail will be red, in and out (except legal) and she will find her “friendship” with MDLR will last as long as MDLR is receiving pay..Lon $$, no friend!

  10. renaes24 says:

    Mama, great post. I read it first thing this morning. As you and I have spoken, I have mixed feelings about the death penalty. Does she deserve it? Absolutely. Unfortunately, if she gets it, it will take years and a gazillion appeals before it comes even close. PLUS, this ‘lethal injection’ is too damn kind. If and when your ever faithful doggie companion is in pain and there is nothing more that can be done……you give THEM a lethal injection. This bitch does not deserve that sort of kindness.
    After Nurmi’s ‘performance’ in court today……I would gladly give HIM the death penalty with absolutely no qualms. In fact, if she gets death, can we ask that HE also has to take the punishment? (God should strike him dead for todays’ closing).
    And now we wait…….and pray……..each for what we believe. (there IS no WRONG punishment….it’s all good!)

    • Mama Via says:

      This will answer a lot of your questions about how her Custody will be handled!

    • Schaeffer says:

      renea, I agree with your assessment of Nurmi’s performance and your proposed outcome. I hope his career is ruined, but given his chosen specialty for private practice, I don’t think he will suffer any negative repercussions.

      He could have provided WOBO with a perfectly legal defense without doing and saying what he did throughout this trial. He has confused a rigorous defense with a no holds barred character assassination, and he just became more and more abusive as it went on. The worst part is, I don’t think he believes WOBO is even worth it or deserved it. At least I hope not.

      I wonder if he can even remember why he chose the law or when he chose to throw his ethics aside? It may be an old saying, but I truly wonder how he can live with himself. I hope I NEVER become so morally bankrupt, but if I ever do, God forbid, I hope I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

      • trulyusa says:

        Nurmi reminds me of the old joke, which I shall now slightly amend “What’s black and brown and looks good on a lawyer?…..A Doberman!

      • renaes24 says:

        LOVE the idea of the Doberman! Unfortunately, I understand they are more discerning about what they eat. After all, they only ‘lick’ asses.

      • trulyusa says:

        True, any respectable dog would definitely spit him out!

  11. Mama Via says:

    I DO believe in Karmic Justice (you reap what you sow)…and I do believe that Numbi will have some sleepless nights!

  12. TrulyUSA says:

    Great blog, Mama! You had me going from laughter to near tears in parts of that piece – loved it!

    • Mama Via says:

      Thank you, Truly! I’m glad the funny parts made you laugh…

      Despite what she’s done…it’s sad too…everyone would have been much happier if she had just realized “guys are guys” and “if you throw it at them”…well…very few 30 year old guys would turn down a pizza if it was delivered “no charge” on game day!

      My dad used to say “Why buy the cow when the milk is free?”

      That’s not abuse…it’s a fact of life…for thousands of years!!!!
      Gramma used to say that “the only way people can walk on you is if you lay down”!

      I’ve never been able to understand why some women act like a ______ and then are surprised that the man doesn’t want to introduce her to his mother! I have NEVER heard any woman say that particular manipulation actually worked….And I sure don’t understand why some women still try it…everyone knows the way to his heart is thru his stomach! 😍

      Maybe I’m just old…and don’t understand…I see young girls who look more like they are headed for the Red Light District instead of the local school district! The best part of Christmas is the anticipation, the mystery…yet these young girls show their presents to every one in sight in June!

      Why do we like Dom Perignon, Rolex watches and Jaguars? Because every other guy in town doesn’t have it! Simple! Too bad Not-A-Mom never taught her daughter what she needed to know…(or if she tried, she somehow lost Jodi’s respect, and her words were useless!

      Will we have a verdict tomorrow?

      • TrulyUSA says:

        In my family it was always my father who had all the sayings, he used to tell me “if you advertise someone will want to buy” and he would not let me out of the house without his wardrobe approval. I rolled some skirts and hid some things in my purse to put on later, but I got the point! Another of his favorites was “if you’re thinking of dating someone you don’t want us to meet, you probably shouldn’t be dating them.”
        I am full of anticipation for a verdict tomorrow. It’s been so long in coming, it seems almost surreal. I think it will come tomorrow, I sure hope so, I don’t think they deliberate on Friday. Prayers for the Alexanders!

      • renaes24 says:

        Finally, I find something you might be mistaken about! If the ‘way to a man’s heart REALLY were his stomach’……I would have been single since day 1. I can’t do much more than fry and egg. However, I am fantastic at 1) picking men who can cook and like to do so…. 2) make reservations! 🙂

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Haha – way to go Renae! My hubby will man the grill if it’s not freezing out, so that helps. Waiting for Spring….

      • Mama Via says:

        Yes, Renae, I finally wished up and found a man who says “I eat to live, not live to eat” and he makes great reservations!

        truly, I had a dad like you! Most of what I know about men came from my son…(the rest I got in the School of Bad Boyfriends!)

        The other one my dad said was “never date a man you wouldn’t marry!” I would counter “how do I know I dint want to marry them, unless I date them?”

        And my dear gramma…who married a poor, hardworking Farmer, who also worked the coal mines, used to tell me “it’s just as easy to live a rich man as it is a poor one!” When I was in my early teens, and had a bad case of puppy love, she’d tell me “there are more men than there are fish in the sea, don’t cry over the one that got away!”

  13. Twister says:

    Thanks Mama, good job. Finally an exit from weird Jodi world! ….. Please tell me Kelly is OK.

  14. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Hey Twister, Kelly is taking care of herself, I’m sure she’s grateful for your asking.

  15. Schaeffer says:

    Way to go, Mama. The “realities of the situation” have yet to dawn on her.

    • Mama Via says:

      Well, it appears that Arias is playing the Queen of da Nile! She seems to be a little slow on the uptake…can’t understand that every guy she has ever dated was trying to escape her all-consuming, parasitic personality , and when they did manage to escape her, she would hunt them down and confront them…eeeek! I guess with TA, she’d had enough…and decided confrontation wasn’t enough,,,her way, or the highway…

      Maybe it’s the narcississtic personalty, that just CANNOT believe that someone wouldn’t want her…after all, she’d worked so hard to “make him happy”…I don’t think it has yet dawned on her that people HATE being manipulated! She doesn’t realize just how lame and transparent her lies and manipulations are!

      I’ll bet she’s still seething about JSS not letting her ALLOCUTE in another closed court room…cuz don’t you know she’s a special snowflake?

  16. mrsmojojojo says:

    Wow….. Very insightful….very good. I will take comfort in this and I will carry this in the back of my mind while we await the verdict.. Thank you,

  17. Jodineedstodie says:

    Great post! I just watched a news story where the reporter said the cell is actually 6′ x 8′ so even smaller! Sounds like her life could eventually get pretty cushy (for prison life) if she gets LWOP. She could eventually get into medium security where it’s more like a dorm and that’s very upsetting. Praying for DP!

  18. hbbeachbun says:

    Fantastic post Mama. You hit the nail on the head. I love it. As far as her newest friends being cockroaches, she’s already got one of those her name is MDLR. HAHAHAHAHA.

    • renaes24 says:

      Perhaps she can do a duet (in Spanish) with her ‘roach’. In fact, Perryville is currently experiencing a horrendous infestation of the critters, this, according to the local press.

  19. Deb says:

    Well done…well said…great job, Mama! ❤ Your words paint a delightful picture…thank you.

  20. Lovely vision, thanks for the picture! very much enjoy the blogs here, always very enjoyable glad Kelly is making a come back! keep up the great work, doesn`t go unnoticed! 🙂

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