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how can there be this many crimes?

Hello everyone.  Your Dean of Fuckery/Law Professor/Queen of the region of mean and surrounding areas/ resident sarcasm expert and owner of one in house psychic has bunches of things to discuss while we wait (possibly forever) for the verdict that will put an end to Stabby and her quest for fame.

First, Eddie Ray Routh, killer of American Sniper Chris Kyle has been found guilty by a jury of is peers of capital murder. It took that Jury just over 2 hours to reach the verdict.  Of course his attorneys plan to appeal.  Good luck with that. It’s Texas, and you killed a man that many consider a hero to the United States.

Jury Selection continues in the Colorado Theatre shooting case.  Selection began on January 2oth and as of March 2 is still ongoing.

The trial of Dzhokhar Tsamaev, the living Boston Marathon Bomber is set to begin March 4 2015.  Is anyone besides me interested in that one.  Since it is kind of historically significant for several reasons I think it might be worth covering but I will defer to you all.

Justin Ross Harris-the human piece of shit that cooked his baby to death in his car was set to begin in January but was delayed.  I cannot find a start date for this trial but if anyone is interested let me know.

If there are any cases that I have not thought of, or flat out forgot that you are interested in let me know.  Stabby is sooner or later coming to an end and we need a new trial to sink our teeth into.

As for our special little snowflake. I’m concerned with the amount of time the deliberations are taking.  I get that this is a heavy load to bear, and I get that these Jurors will have to live with putting someone to death if that is the verdict (there is no verdict yet.)  The way I look at it is that Stabbykins is a lot like a Rabid dog.  Not putting her down puts everybody at risk.  She is dangerous.  It has been shown over and over again her chameleon like qualities and how easy it is for her to sway the opposite sex (see Jury foreman first Death penalty deliberations.) The amount of time being taken tells me that there is a fairly definitive split on life or death and that my friends cannot be a good thing.

That autopsy photo of poor Travis, throat slit ear to ear should have been enough to garner death.  How could anyone look at that and not see the all encompassing evil underneath?

That’s it for tonight kids.  Let me know your pleasure for our next trial and I will begin my homework.

Everybody please keep the faith and pray for an outcome that is so richly deserved.  Hopefully we will have a verdict and hopefully closure for the Alexanders sometime this week

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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53 Responses to A Whole Bunch Of Stuff

  1. sandymetter says:

    Hi Kelly! I would love for you to cover the Justin Ross Harris trial. I followed that story from beginning to end and was heartbroken over it. This is another sicko (IMO), and believe the tragedy of this case warrants your coverage. Thx! 😚😚😚


  2. Laura hickey says:

    Hi Kelly! Is also be interested in the Justin Roth Harris case. Thanks!

    • Ruthanne says:

      I don’t like to hear about cases where children are victims, and this one is very difficult to hear, what that poor baby went through, but I’d be interested to know how it’s moving along and certainly the verdict. I won’t follow any specific details on that one though.

  3. Shannamac says:

    Hi, just wanted to mention and ( I hope I am not out of line in some way) there is a documentary about the Colorado movie theater alleged killer that I believe is worth watching. It is free on some doc sights. I would be interested in what other people think about it.

  4. Brandy says:

    Hi Kelly, so happy your back and feeling better! There were rumblings by a couple tweeters before end of court today that a verdict may have been reached, If true it was reported that the sometimes Judge would make everyone wait and come back in the morning rather that have the verdict read at 6pm because as you say, Arizona. The jurors stayed till just after 5pm tonite, which is unusual. It will be interesting to see when the Jurors come back at 9am tomorrow morning and within a short time of them returning to say a verdict has been reached, that would be very telling and say to me they reached the verdict before end of court. We will find out in the morning. If that is the case, of course we will all be happy but would be messed up that the Judge would make the Alexanders wait longer than necessary. Hope that is not the case but the way this messed up joke of a trial has been going it would not surprise me!

    • Ruthanne says:

      They say because the judge has to give everyone an hour notice, if it isn’t given to her by 4, she won’t have it read in court that day because court closes at 5. I think it’s the one place where she sticks to procedure, sadly. I don’t have a feeling about whether a verdict was reached this afternoon, but I have felt all afternoon that we will get a verdict tomorrow.

      I also think I am in the minority, (regarding what we think WILL happen, not what we WANT to happen), but I think they may actually come back with a DP verdict.

  5. Brandy says:

    Continued Prayers for the Alexanders ! They have waited for over 7 years! I want their agony to stop and have a resolution hopefully by tomorrow. Enough is Enough

  6. Mama Via says:

    Connie, Brandy and Truly…all I want for my birthday is a death sentence! Thank you for best wishes! Love you all!

    American sniper good! Crazy theater guy, good! Boston marathon-good! No baby killin…can’t take it..too fresh for my heart…only thing worse than a baby killin daddy is a baby killin mama…either mental crazy or drug abuser crazy..no difference…sorry…

    • Brandy says:

      Mama Via, I hope you get a DP for your Birthday and for all of us!
      Would be really great for it to happen tomorrow on 3-3 for the 3 Holed wonder and also she would be the 3rd women in Arizona to be on Death Row. One time that I really hope and pray that things happen in 3’s for the evil, vile wretched , soulless sociopath! Could not happen to a more deserving, manipulative, remorseless bytch!

      • Brandy says:

        Mama Via, I should say a DP verdict. not DP for you, I know you all know what I meant but needed to clarify 🙂

    • Ruthanne says:

      Happy birthday and you WILL get a DP verdict tomorrow. I feel certain of it.

      I too would like to see Boston and Colorado cases.

    • i agree all of the above and anything but baby killers or child victims in general. i just cant go there.

    • hbbeachbun says:

      Happy Birthday Mama . DP would be wonderful present

  7. Lori g says:

    Definitely tsamaev. My daughter lived in Boston then and the terror that she and her friends felt was hard to bear. One of her friends was at a bar at the finish line and saw everything up close and personal. My daughters office was on lockdown. When able to leave she was trapped in her apartment with no food. Finally, a friend was able to pick her up and her friends house was a few blocks away from where that piece of shit was hiding in that boat. Sorry for the rant.

  8. TL says:



    Count 1 – Malice Murder
    Count 2 – Felony Murder – Felony is count 4
    Count 3 – Felony Murder – Felony is count 5
    Count 4 – Cruelty to Children in the First Degree – “..maliciously caused Cooper Harris cruel and excessive physical pain”
    Count 5 – Cruelty to Children in the Second Degree – “..with criminal negligence caused Cooper Harris cruel and excessive physical pain”

    Counts 6-8 relate to sexting with a minor

    Count 6 – Criminal Attempt to Commit a Felony – “..the accused did request that a minor female…provide a photograph and visual medium involving a lewd exhibition of her genital and pubic area…”
    Count 7 – Dissemination of Pornography to Minors – “..accused did knowingly disseminate and furnish a minor female printed matter containing explicit and detailed verbal descriptions and narrative accounts of sexual excitement and sexual conduct…”
    Count 8 – Dissemination of Pornography to Minors – “..accused person did knowingly disseminate and furnish to a minor female a photograph and visual image of a portion of the human body which depicted sexually explicit nudity, to wit: a photograph and visual image of uncovered male genitals in a discernibly turgid state..”

    *I don’t see a new date yet.

  9. TL says:

    Juan has a new trial starting soon. Within a couple of months I believe. {{{HUGS}}} you big mean dog.

  10. Lori g says:

    Don’t lose faith Kelly. They have all the transcripts from the first trial to go through also. Let’s hope they’re being diligent. It will break the Alexander’s hearts if they’re hung. The dp should be a no brainer. It better not be hung

  11. Mags Vazquez says:

    Hi Kelly yes a verdict on the Skank this week would be nice, jurors should have some compassion for the Alexander’s they have suffered enough. I would like updates on the baby killer, an a$$- wipe named Justin ross. Whenever that trial starts I don’t think it will be as bad as Skanks trial , no trial will ever be that bad

  12. Sue Hakes says:

    I would be really interested in your take on the Justin Ross Harris trial. I found your blog during this phase of the Jodi Arias fiasco and appreciate your blunt, in-your-face style of writing. When I get really frustrated with the way this retrial is going I can come here and read what I’m already thinking but don’t have the talent to put into words. Whichever trial you choose to cover, I will definitely be here each night with my glass of wine to enjoy your words of wisdom 🙂

  13. renaes24 says:

    Anything but the Boston bomber. My preference would be the Colorado theater shooting……poor dude is crazy as a bedbug but maybe not quite crazy enough to qualify for a rubber-room?

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Renae: Yup, I’m up for that one because dude is nuts with a capital N and that is always a good time.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        I like the Coloardo shooting too, I think there is a lot there to discover about this Holmes. He’s brilliant and nuts! Walking that fine line between genius and insanity. I’ll follow whatever you all decided, but I vote for Holmes.

  14. Ann C says:

    I would be very interested in both the Boston Bomber case and the Justin Roth Harris trials, both for very different reasons.

  15. Ann C says:

    Ditto to whatSue Hakes said!

  16. Ruthanne says:

    I named my preferences in replies above, but I will be here forever regardless of what you cover. You have a faithful reader in me. Thank you for all you do.

  17. State Eunice says:

    I would advise those of you who like to use initials i.e. dp, cb, wobo etc. should know that the initials ” dp ” is more widely known by the general public involving sexual acts. This is probably ok in context of Stabby but most uses by commenters could lead to confusion. No big deal just an observation.

  18. Nicole says:

    Hi Kelly, I hope you are feeling better. Any trial you cover I’ll be here to read any and all of them. I was wondering about the 2 girls that stabbed their friend because of slender man. last I heard one of them wasn’t fit for trial. I have been praying for the Alexanders and a dp verdict. but I belive it will be life. if it’s up JSS then I believe it will be with a chance at parole.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Nicole. OMG the slender man trial. I thought that had been disposed of already. That should be a trial and a half. Lemme go see. Back in a bit.

  19. Sherry says:

    Whatever trial you cover I’ll be reading. This is the only trial I’ve ever followed so I have no idea what ‘normal’ trials are. I’m sure nothing can compare to Stabby though.

  20. Nancy B says:

    I’m interested in the Boston bombing trial but the trial is a federal trial; therefore no cameras allowed, no transcripts, no evidence, etc. for a reporter to get their hands on. So there will be very little information on it that flows from the court to the media.

  21. Connie Rust says:

    I vote for the Chris Redondo (not sure of spelling) cop killer case. I believe our favorite pit bull is prosecuting……I think it is also a DP case.

  22. Crabs says:

    How do you know so much about the trials? Are you a reporter? just curious

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hi Crabs. No, I’m not. I have just had a lifelong fascination with the justice system.

  23. Kelly says:

    Hi Kelly-🙏 for Alexander’s! Th DP is the only sentence for this special POS. I too would watch ANY trial prosecuted by Juan Martinez. Am also interested in Justin Ross Harris case. Thanks

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hi Kelly. I checked Juans Calendar yesterday but could find nada. It might not post till we get a verdict here though. I’ll keep looking because I too love to watch the man work.

  24. hbbeachbun says:

    So glad you are back Kelly. We all missed you. My choice would be for scumbag Justin Roth Harris but any case you decide to cover is fine with me. I will be here for the long haul. I enjoy my daily dose of Really Big Mean Dog.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      thanks HB: Haven’t decided yet although feelings seem to be running high about that particular piece of human waste.

  25. Brenda Schonig says:

    How about Jurice Hunter? Also in Arizona. Jury selections started yesterday. The mother who killed her 5 year old daughter Jessie, threw her body in the garbage, body has never been found. Police combed the garbage dump for over 46 days in middle of the Arizona Summer looking for her body.

    Brenda Schonig imsumbunie@gmail.com


  26. JPops says:

    I would love to follow the Boston Bomber trial. I’m in Boston, I was there, & I know people who were injured & killed. However, it is a federal case, & my understanding is that it will be closed to the public.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Jpops I will go do some more research. My understanding was it was going to be open to the public. Hit you back in a bit.

  27. TrulyUSA says:

    Wow, there’s a lot to choose from — how unfortunate. I’ve gotten interested in just a few trials, but I’m pretty much hooked now. I feel kinda sick when I think about the murders of children, as much as I would like to see the victim’s families receive justice. Not sure I want that in my head everyday!

  28. buffie says:

    I would like you to cover Justin Ross Harris. I thinks he’s going to be some kind of weird ass liar and your take on him will be hilarious.

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