Ladies and Gentlemen We Have Another Mistrial.

Well, I guess we can all now say we have seen everything.  Two goddamn mistrials.  We have survived not a Judge Stephens, we have survived 2 billion motions, we have survived Great Nana Dr. Sexpert and Dr. spills and giggles, we have survived Alfred E. Nurmi and we have survived Stabbykins herself.  We stuck together and we got ourselves through it.

Of course the verdict that was supposed to be read at 9:30 is already late because why not.



DP is removed.  The bitch gets to live.

EDIT:  The vote has been confirmed as 11 to 1, so presumably a stealth juror is a possibility.  It still makes no difference I want everybody to please hang on to that.  She will rot in Perryville for the rest of her life.  Not a Judge looked so pissed off she could have spit nails and she was ready to impose sentence right then and there.  I believe strongly that she is getting natural life.  Imagine natural life in Perryville.

Juan did a quick press conference and he was very subdued and I would almost say sad.  AZCentral is carrying the aftermath live if anyone wants to watch it.  Apparently the jurors are going to speak. Audio only.

Anyway, feel free to vent. Vent your faces off.  It’s been a long hard road.  And this is very disappointing.  I will be around although I am going to clean my bedroom because I feel a strong urge to punch things and I don’t want one of those things to be my monitor.  I will here the computer as comments come in.

Jurors are now talking and they feel the juror had an agenda from the moment they went into deliberations and they raised their concerns to the judge.  It was not 11 to 1 right from the very first vote.  And the juror was female apparently.

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  1. spellbound4 says:

    I did not expect to feel this way. I feel sick right now.

    Thank you, Kelly, for a place to share among friends.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Thank you Kelly, this place you have made for us is so appreciated!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Truly: You are so welcome. I love that so many like minded, caring considerate justice seekers have found each other. May this place remain for ever.

      • Gail says:

        Thanks for being there today We all needed a place to be with friends.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      spellbound. I think we all feel a little sick. Lets just hang on to the fact that Stabby is going to a horrible place to live out a horrible life with horrible people.
      And you are so welcome. This has to be the best group of people on the internet.

    • steve says:

      There are a few reasons that LWOP will be the best punishment for Stabby.
      1) She cannot be the poster girl for the abolishment of the death penalty.
      2) She will not have endless appeals to contest the death penalty
      3) She will suffer the angst of the most horrible criminals like Angela Simpson
      4) The media will drop her story now.

  2. Constance says:

    So disgusting. Unbelievable.
    The jurors who voted against DP should be ashamed of themselves.

    And Stephens waits until April to decide? Even more disgusting.
    i feel so heart achingly sorry for the Alexander Family.

  3. Jeannie says:

    No emotion from JA what so ever. There is no reason why Stephens shouldn’t have had the penalty ready and announced it immediately. This trail has been a farce.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      You know, the fact she had no reaction points to the fact that she already knew what the outcome was going to be. I would not doubt for an instant if that juror was communicating with ChaCha or PV or the Arias’.

  4. Bazzethound says:

    How exactly can JSS sit through months of this crap- fest and not know how she wants to sentence Stabby in case of a mistrial?
    Guess she really wasn’t paying attention after all… she just woke up when someone yelled “objection” or “sidebar.”

  5. Mama Via says:

    Not a judge HAD her sentence ready…arias just didn’t want to hear it yet!

  6. Mama Via says:

    What a travesty of justice!

  7. Constance says:

    Total travesty. It is as horrid as the OJ Simpson debacle.

    I just realized that in addition to feeling utterly disgusted, that Numbnuts and Wilbutt will be pleased with themselves for their defense.
    I want to throw up.

    This is just all so wrong.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Their gloating only shows them to be on the same level as their clients. I know there are some people who are innocent and need defense, but this is not one of those cases and this DT is over the top in ridiculousness. I wonder if they realize that the percentage of people who were pleased is very, very small from everything I see. If I was them, especially ChaCha, I would STFU.

  8. I pray that JSS hands down LW0P. My heart goes out to the TA family and hope they will realize in time that it is better than a possible overturn on appeal.

  9. TrulyUSA says:

    WTF!!!! I am so disgusted that we have to wait until April. Just so she can stay where she is? Well, it’s done for now. I’ve been out of touch, just saw this. Damn it she is still a guilty fukking murderer. I feel horrible for the Alexanders. That Judge better give her LWOP.

  10. Cecelia says:

    Well at this point im praying for LWOP but wouldnt be a bit surprised if notajudge gives her time served and lets her go.
    She has mishandled everything else so why not…
    Can she change her mind about the presentence report? As another way to delay? Pretty sure NAJSS would allow it….
    I read 1 lone hold out for life…

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Cecelia, to my knowledge no she cannot change her mind, it’s on record, the judge confirmed on record that she didn’t want one. So no. And Not a Judge only has two choices natural life or 25 to life. OMG I am spitting nails right now. So, so disgusted. I heard one lone holdout too. I’m going to go do an edit on this and then I am going to step away from the computer for a while and clean my bedroom because I am filled with a need to punch things and I don’t want one of those things to be my computer monitor. Computer will be on and I can here it bing everytime someone posts.

      • renaes24 says:

        Didn’t you find it most interesting that Stabby will not agree to a pre-sentence report? What could that little POS be hiding? USUALLY, a pre-sentence report HELPS a convicted felon; softens the ‘edges’. Most prison intakes rely and refer to the pre-sentence report in everything from early classifications to programs etc. What does Stabby not want them to find out??

      • Hmmm interesting point renae, waiving the report AND waiving allocution. I hope jss serves her what she deserves. I cant believe the wait is so long though! gahhh!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        If Stephens does not get up there and blast her ass, she literally will be the most ridiculed Judge ever. Stephens has one more chance to redeem her lousy performance, let’s hope she takes it. Stabby, in her usual way with people, has helped to ruin her and Stephens needs to step up.

  11. Sherlock1005 says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m not sure if you have heard this or not, but the vote was 11-1 in favor of death. Not sure if that makes me feel better or worse.
    My heart breaks for the Alexanders 😦
    She will rot in Perryville for the rest of her miserable life – I’m certain. Hopefully, someone will shank her !!!

    • TrulyUSA says:

      I think there’s a really good chance of that Sherlock. I mean think about it — if you were locked up with her how long could you take it?

  12. Sherlock1005 says:

    confirmed by Arizona County Attorney 11-1 in favor of death

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Incredible that one person could stop the wheels of justice. It’s not like that in every state, Arizona needs to revisit their rules.

  13. I heard the hold out is a JA clone; The Secret and other JA interests are all over this juror’s FB page. 😦

    • Are you serious? If this is not just a rumor this should matter to the court!!

      • Lori g says:

        It’s not a rumor. Juan May have been handed a shitty jury pool and he only gets a certain number of strikes. She may have been the best of the worst.

        Unfortunately there was no way for the other jurors to prove she was stealth, although it was obvious. Apparently the juror’s note to not a judge is what got nurmi crying mistrial and he may just have gotten it.
        I feel horrible for the Alexanders. I don’t know if they can take comfort in the fact that it was 11-1. Jen and Jarrett on TTL report that she’s going to be a rock star in perryville.
        I don’t doubt that.
        I have no faith that not a judge will sentence her to LWOP.

  14. Sherlock1005 says:

    Stealth juror – no doubt about it !! Wonder what Nurmi knows about that ?? Grrrrr……. Like Kelly…. I could spit nails ….

  15. Mama Via says:

    Makes me physically ill…..

    • What keeps me sane is that this juror actually unwittingly made JA’s life worse by hanging this jury. Well, providing that JSS nuts up and actually hands down LW0P!!!

  16. Lone juror is a female, very interested in seeing JA journals right away. Sick fuck never intended to deliberate; just a fucking JA fan!

  17. barb says:

    so sad. travis deserved better — in life, and death. but alas — it is what it is and we need to move on. hope her phony tits bust and poison her — i wish her nothing but the worst. Enjoy it stabby — and disappear now please.

  18. Cecelia says:

    the hold out the 11 felt, had an agenda from the beginning.
    THATS why the switching alternate juror question was asked. And NAJS did diddlysquat about their concerns…
    Hope AZ voters remember her incompetence.

  19. Sherry says:

    This is just disgusting. But Kelly please tell me the LOWEST she can get is 25yrs to life right? That doorknob judge could not ever give her time served? And I don’t understand the presentence report that she declined. What is that?

  20. Mags Vazquez says:

    No Justice and what a lame jury no guts for crying out loud. Now it’s up to a lame judge with no balls, it wouldn’t surprise me if the freaking skank got 25 yrs with time served. What a f-up trial!

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Let’s hope that in the next 30 days Stephens will look at all the reports and realize she needs to show the Alexander and the world that she truly is on the side of justice.

  21. Brandy says:

    this judge would not replace this stealth, there has to be major blowback on this Judge, Judge SS is CURRUPT. so disgusted but at same time am relieved all wanted death except one, who is hiding right now. what does that tell us! What a shame!

  22. Brandy says:

    It was 11-1 for Death

  23. Brandy says:

    The jury tried to get that hold out replaced and the Judge would not do it! That jurour would NOT deliberate with them! she had an agenda from the beginning.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      I wonder if there are going to be legal ramifications for not a judge for that maneuver. They told her that Stabby’s biggest fan would not deliberate so I can see that being a problem for the not a judge.

      • Noreen Simak says:

        Hi, so do I. !! judge doing nothing should be a problem. Rememeber Scott P.. judge replaced one juror. The higher court should be called in on this. Judge has pizzed me off!!!! .

      • Connie Rust says:

        While I think not JSS was well within her right to replace that juror (and should have)….you know Nurmi would have tripped over himself getting his mistrial motion filed if that juror replacement resulted in a DP verdict. I believe it would have. Nurmi just might have won that too unless they could prove actual juror misconduct. Nurmi might have won himself a new trial. I hate to say that but our system always favors the defendant/convicted murderer. If it had been the other way around; 11-1 for life, not a judge would have booted that juror in a heartbeat.

  24. Brandy says:

    Those 11 jurors did not buy one thing the duhfense and Stabby was selling, that makes me happy at least.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      me too. I would have just been happy to have this resolved one way or the other.

      • Cecelia says:

        Thank you Kelly for giving us a place to vent
        And for all your hard work and wit.

      • Me too. I just wanted her to be served a verdict properly from the JURY. Fingers crossed that JSS has a thing or two to say to ol’ Stabbykins and fixes it so that she will never ever again see the light of day.

  25. I’m numb. Im sitting here with iPad, iPhone, macbookbook, and TV…. The only take away I have from this is that 11 members of that jury didn’t buy any of the bullshittery the DT was peddling. They never gave any weight to the porn, and they never believed one word out of Stabby’s mouth or stubby pencil. That slime holdout clearly is a Stabby worshiper, and she took several pages out of the Stabby Handbook to manipulate and lie her way onto the jury. I’m sick to my stomach the JSS did not heed the jurors request to get her dismissed and replaced with an alternate. SO WRONG!

    • Cecelia says:

      Squirmy probly would have had a field day with that and mistrial just the same…

    • So wrong!! I read from jury interview that one of their questions to the judge was specifically about the not-a-juror who not only refused to deliberate but had watched the lifetime movie! How can that be that jss did nothing??

      • TrulyUSA says:

        This isn’t over for Judge Stephens, she’s going to be vilified for a very long time. She should have done something – she had alternates damn it!!!

    • Thanks for this link, Family!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Thanks so much for that link Family of Law. Wow, looks like the whole world is pretty pissed off.

      • It makes me think JSS won’t be without some form of penalty- this will become a political issue, and more, for her. Nothing can be changed as far the trial verdict, too late for that. But these issues with 17 are certain to be a hot topic in the States Attorneys Office. I’d love to hear all the Juan REALLY thinks!

  26. Grrr where did my comment go. There is nothing like venting straight from your brain and then having it disappear into cyberspace, imma try again.
    So i just read thru all the tweets from the jury interview. Yep, 11-1 for death. The 11+2 alternates were there. They felt that the 1 had an agenda. They said that the 1 refused to deliberate. They said she had watched the lifetime mivie and did not believe jodi was the monster portrayed in the movie. They said she watched the news. They said that one of the jury questions they asked the judge was to trade her out for an alternate bc she refused to deliberate, referring to the death sentence as revenge that she wanted no part of. She fell for the “poor mentally ill little girl” lies by nurmi. Shall i continue or do we all need to go throw up now?
    As for the 11+2, they said jodis secret testimony was totally rehearsed and she showed no remorse. They thought it was secret for security reasons. They felt manipulated by her and her courtroom glances at them trying to make eye contact. They thought DT put travis on trial. They didnt believe fonsecca one bit and thought putting geffner on the stand a second time was a mistake. They didnt give a rats ass about the porn. They did not think she had any mitigators. They didnt think the mormon stuff had anything to do with anything. They felt demarte sealed the deal. There was chilli in the crockpot.

    Thats all ive got

    So sad for this poor family. Why oh why did jss make them wait more than another whole month? I feel sick.

    • Sherlock1005 says:

      Hi Carmen,
      I was frantically typing away, posted right after you and note that are comments are almost the same ! I’m so glad nobody (except the non-juror) believed all the bullshit.

      • Hi sherlock, yeah i just read yours too. I guess it that gives us a little consolation, but not that poor family. I cant believe nothing could be done about the noy-a-juror. During jury selection anyone who had seen the movie was excused. Also cant believe we have to WAIT yet again, sentencing should have been today. Now we’ve got to lean back on all the positives of lwop as per kelly’s last post. The system is flawed, only like 17 percent on death row are executed, 30% die of other causes before their number comes up, something like 60% get the sentence tured over on appel i think! there should be an in-between, a lifetime forever solitary lwop with no gp mingling and max security and no priveledges forever and ever. Ugh.

      • Arrg so many typos sorry guys im a little emotional right now :/

      • Realme says:

        Paul Sanders, a juror for the Marissa Devault case who has covered the JA penalty re-trial and blogs about his perspective every day of this trial said:

        “No,” Judge Steinle corrected, “all death penalty cases have a seventy percent chance of being overturned.”

        “Do you know what chance a life term is historically turned over?” he asked us.

        Most of us answered that it was probably forty or fifty percent.

        Judge Steinle shook his finger at us. “A life sentence has a one percent chance of being turned over.”

      • Realme says:

        Oh God, Kelly – I didn’t know my previous comment would look and contain all of that! Delete the link in my comment,to his post from Day 44, or the whole comment if necessary. I’m so sorry!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        It’s ok. I’ll leave it. I like paul.

    • Oh yeah, they also said they didnt believe at all that jodi suffered ANY physical abuse by travis, none.

    • Lori g says:

      So spot on Carmen. I wrote a comment before trying to say what you said so eloquently. I hope the pos defense team reads everything. I hope they fucking can’t sleep at night. I’m going to check wormi’s website tomorrow cause he will be gloating about his victory. Of course not a judge gives the little snow flake another 5 weeks until she leaves for the big house. Probably taking her for highlights, mani-pedi, Brazilian and god knows what else. So sad. What a miscarriage of justice

  27. Sherlock1005 says:

    There is some “positive” in this, for lack of a better word in that 11 jurors completely saw through all the bullshit and felt as we did that poor Travis was the one on trial. They thought all the porn bullshit was completely irrelevant, didn’t even consider Dr. Porncesca’s bullshit testimony and thought Dr. Giggles coming back for a 2nd show was a mistake.

    The fact that the one non-juror was brought to the attention of JSS and she did nothing disturbs me greatly. Isn’t she required by law or duty to do something about that and take the concern seriously ??

    How was Nurmi able to de-rail automatic sentencing ? Kelly tells us that JSS looked livid and was ready to impose sentence immediately.

    Maybe one of the legal minds here can answer that.

    Also, at sentencing, does Juan get a chance to speak ? Can he bring up the fact that it was 11-1 and that JSS is bound to impose LWOP ? Are there any consequences for this non-juror – who admitted she watched the Lifetime movie ??? Can this be brought up at sentencing ?

    Would anyone have answers to these questions ?

    Here’s hoping that after the killer is locked up in Perryville, the next time we have to hear about her is when she’s had a untimely, “accident” and they wheel her out in a body bag !!

  28. Mama Via says:

    It’s ok, everyone. Not a judge HAS to give JA LWOP…to do less is going to be fukking political suicide…whatever is left of her career will be over. With the current anti-death sentiment in the country, we are probably best with a Life sentence than death, anyway. The other good point is that the taxpayers of the state of Arizona won’t be responsible for 6+ appeals. If there are appeals, Arias will either have to be pro se, or hire an attorney!

    • TrulyUSA says:

      That does make me happy, Mama. She doesn’t have enough minions to support appeals and her family is not going to hand over anything they have left, which is not much. It will be interesting to see if anyone offers pro bono to her, looking for a little fame and maybe a BJ.

  29. Laura hickey says:

    Even though I wanted LWOP for It (Perryville is not jail, it’s a big-girl Prison), I was disappointed she did not get Death. Why? Because I think It thinks it’s a win!! This “win” only confirms her belief in herself, how smart she is, how much control she had over the trial/JSS/the jury, how special she is. And, most important, I think she thinks she beat the Alexander Family. I’d be surprised if the fact that just one juror spared her life is important to her. She “won.”

    • renaes24 says:

      Ah Laura, I think old Stabs will think nothing of Perryville……..for the first 6 months. Those first 6 months: she will be a queen of her range/tier; she will have lots of visitors and attorneys will have her pumped up with thoughts of all the appeal issues she has! And, of course, Stabby has MONEY, a very big commodity in prison. However, 6 months in : the other ‘ladies’ will hate her; she will be stomping her feet about programs she wanted but had no ‘space’ for her (being a lifer and a newbie she is low on the list); appeal attorneys will refuse her calls (because all she does is ask ‘when’ and then whine/whine and complain)and she will realize just how long ANY appeal will take to hit a court and, her MONEY will be running low. I also predict her visitors will drop off the face of the earth right around or after Christmas……..Just to get any attention, the poor little THING will have to DO something to get noticed. Problem is: that SOMETHING will cause either SEGREGATION for her……and/or LOCKDOWN of the prison (for a time). Now, if she is the cause of a lockdown….just how ‘popular’ is she going to be?

      • Leslea says:

        Thank you Renae. That made me feel better. I feel sick! I didn’t think it’d hit me like that!
        How about the cost codmparison? Almost $133,000 for JM & 3.1 million for DT!!!

      • Mama Via says:

        Yea….she won—-her “new best friend” is Angela Simpson!

      • Mama Via says:

        Leslea–we still get to watch her face go all screwy when not a judge sentences her!

      • Laura hickey says:

        Renae, you made me feel better too!!

      • Laura hickey says:

        Mama, right!!

      • Lori g says:

        Thank you for that. My uneducated opinion is that all appeals will be denied. Does the COA have the power to deny appeals before a trial?

      • renaes24 says:

        90% (give or take) of all appeals are PAPER only. They review only the relevant data and either agree or deny the appeal. If they agree to the appeal…….only the attorney (usually) appears and then their judgement will be delivered by electronic means MONTHS later. MOST appeals are denied right off the bat with no further hearing.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        It may take awhile, but eventually she is going to realize that her life isn’t worth a hill of beans and she will suffer in that cell. She is just the lastest murderer, unfortunately there will be more, and she will have to take a backseat! She will HATE that!

  30. Mama Via says:

    When it is determined an inmate is unsafe in general population, he or she may be assigned to Protective Custody (PC) status. An inmate assigned to PC status will be housed only with other PC inmates.

    When PC is initiated, the inmate is placed in administrative detention and a thorough investigation is conducted.
    This temporary placement is not punishment but places the inmate in an isolated and safe environment


    • TrulyUSA says:

      If she doesn’t fork over her cash to the gangs already running that prison, she will have no choice but to go into PC!

  31. I didn’t care which way the verdict went as long as it was unanimous but this trial has been rigged from the get go. When the jury requested that an alternate juror be brought in because that one holdout was 1) biased from watching the JA movie and 2) couldn’t give the DP, NOT a Judge Stephens SHOULD have removed her and put in the alternate. I want to know why she didn’t. I also want to know why Juan Martinez didn’t do anything about it either. Not only is this not justice, I don’t even think it’s legal. The juror perjured herself by saying she was qualified for a DP trial and JSS should be disbarred for allowing her to stay on the jury when one other juror was not allowed on the jury for having seen the same Jodi Arias movie.
    I am not for the DP, it’s just not in my makeup. That said, I didn’t care which way the jury voted as long as it was unanimous and as long as justice was served. It has not been served, thanks to Judge Stephens. I still don’t understand Juan not doing anything about it either.

    • Lori g says:

      Starshine – they have to have proof that she is stealth. Don’t forget that bitch wrote a letter back to not a judge.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Why were the other two jurors released and this one wasn’t? The Judge should have taken action!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Starshine, Lori is right, Unfortunately I think we are all correct in our thinking but that old adage what you think and what you can prove is definitely appropriate here.

  32. Mama Via says:

    “Undergarments and shoes shall be worn at all times. Visitors should be aware if they choose to wear an under-wire brassiere, it may not clear metal detector which will result in visitation denial.”

    Why are all these prisons so adamant that you wear a bra and panties? Am I the only one who goes “regimental”?

    • renaes24 says:

      Mama, You would be astonished at just ‘who’ tries to go ‘commando’! Usually, it is the ones who just ‘shouldn’t under ANY circumstances…..prison or not……if you get the picture! (Oh Lord, what my eyes have seen!) Funnier still are watching girlfriends and family pull up (in car or bus) furiously wiping their drivers licences or ID with alcohol wipes so they are not busted by the drug detector machines or dogs. (Who and How would you use your drivers’ license anyway?) The machines now are super-sensitive and evidently pick up even ‘trace’ amounts.

      • Mama Via says:

        I only do it for “health reasons”…(they make me crazy!)
        No, really, my doctor told me to, really! Nurse Renae can back me up on this…95+humidity (especially for us girls with thunder thighs) and layers of clothing are only asking for trouble…and if you don’t believe me…I’ll show you everything that grows in the Okefenoke Swamp….

        You’ve heard of Ali-gators…I have miti-gators!

      • Leslea says:

        Renae, cutting cocaine is what comes to my mind for DL’s. Regimental…omg!lol Mama you are so f-ing You’ll never have to remind me to put mine on! I hate wearing a bra. But, that’s a different
        Im looking forward to sentencing. Which should’ve been today. I can’t wait to see her in chains & stripes! 🙂 The funniest comment Ive seen today was on fb. My friend said: the supporters were probably errecting a statue of the holdout!

  33. CarlT says:

    Woohoo … Faith works. Yup she still is gonna die in prison and the AZ taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill for an appeal. Yeah…woohoo thats a big win. Smh. Nurmi and cha cha are claiming victory and how faith works….. I’m just not seeing it?

    • Mama Via says:

      Well, yea, in Numbnutz eyes, he saved her from the DP…he didn’t do ka-ka…all he did, was pick a ringer for the jury!

      One person said that they put Samuels up once too often! They would have been better served to follow the prosecutions lead and kept stuff short!

      I don’t worry about the ringer juror…karma will get her…one day, when she needs it most…Justice will elude her…or she will flap her mouth about how she hung the jury…proud of herself…and someone will “fix her wagon”…in one way or another…(spit on her burger, refuse the return of an expensive garment…who knows…karma is like water…it always levels out…

      • renaes24 says:

        11 to 1 Well, that gives njss something to think about AND some big ammo when it comes time for sentencing. I don’t even think that air-head judge can find a way to come up with anything LESS than LWOP now! 11 to 1 is going to carry a lot of weight!

      • I think karma is bearing down on juror #17 as we speak.

      • renaes24 says:

        I didn’t know that MC was also known as KARMA……but it’ll do for a start!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Carl. They are calling it a win because she didn’t get the DP. I’m calling it a win because the skank hoe pigdog bitch is going to rot in Perryville for the rest of her life. She is convicted of first degree premeditated murder with aggravating circumstances and she is behind bars. I’d say we won.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        I agree Kelly! We all have to realize, as pissed off as we are, that life is not going to get better for her. Oh yes, she may be a celebrity for a little while, but that is all going to change once her fellow inmates realize that now THEY are the ones being manipulated now. I think we should all start writing Angela Simpson and ask her how she feels about being ruled by Stabby!

      • renaes24 says:

        Truly, that is a truly great idea!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Everybody commence to writing. I think that is a brilliant idea.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        By golly I’m going to do it, and make sure they get there before Stabby. One thing about Angela, she was honest, and she was ruthless in her lack of remorse. So, she’s going to dislike Stabby anyway for not having the balls to stand up and say “yeah I did it” like Angela did. That will be viewed as a weakness, and it’s like being circled by a pack of wolves, if they smell fear, you’re hit. Yep, I’m a gonna have fun with that letter!

  34. Mama Via says:

    Any person may mail general correspondence such as letters, greeting cards, and post cards to an inmate. All incoming mail is opened and inspected for contraband and unauthorized materials. MAIL AT PERRYVILLE IS READ BY COs!
    Mail may not include:
     Packages
     Products
     Contraband
     Cell phones or electronic devices
     Cash, coins, personal checks of any kind*
     Unused postage stamps
     Stickers, labels, address labels or decorative stamps
     Photos where the non-photo side can be separated (Polaroid’s).
     Photos that are sexually explicit, sexually suggestive or contain nudity
     Photos of other inmates
     Unknown foreign substances and/or powders
     Oils, perfumes or personal property items
     Lottery tickets or games of chance
     Battery operated greeting cards, or greeting cards of excessive size (larger than 8 1⁄2″ by 11″)
     Unused Greeting cards, stationary, pens/pencils and envelopes
     Used postcards
     Bookmarks
     Candy, gum, or any food items
     Art, crafts and hobby supplies
     Other unauthorized items as determined by ADC

  35. Well, this is a start:

    March 5, 2015
    Sheriff Arpaio: Denies Jodi Arias Interviews
    “Jodi Arias has been in our jail for seven years. A comprehensive report of the history of her behaviors and activities while in our custody is in progress. Upon reviewing the report it notes that she craves media attention and continues to seek out ways to attract that attention. I will not allow her to play that game and will deny any media interviews with her. Arias is a convicted killer, and her 15 minutes of fame are over.”
    – Sheriff Joe Arpaio

  36. Realme says:

    There absolutely should have been a verdict and it should have been the death penalty and I’m so angry that after all this time and money the Alexanders and the state were left hanging again, but… I have to find a little bit of consolation that the jury’s initial vote last Thurs was 11-1 for the DP and it stayed that way for every vote they took. If not for the stealth juror, they’d have come back with DP last week.

    The defense team’s tries of manipulation and repulsive character assassination of Travis FAILED. The jury saw thru it all (and yes, I believe even the stealth juror saw and knows the truth, too but refused to acknowledge it and vote correctly). They saw thru Stabbikin’s fake ‘testimony’, they saw thru the defense ‘expert’ witnesses and their slimy testimony, and they saw the TRUTH that came from Juan and his witness’ testimonies.

    The prosecution did a great job in convincing the jury JA deserved the DP and she’d have gotten it if not for that lone holdout who should have never been DP qualified. She obviously didn’t believe in the DP and she lied/deceived to get on the jury.

    I hope the AZ judicial system gets a thorough analysis after this debacle; the 2nd and different jury program has huge flaws that need to be addressed, JSS needs an exam by her peers to decide if she’s fit to hold the position, and there needs to be a way for jury situations like happened in this case to be addressed and remedied. The jury was obviously deadlocked, they said they needed an alternate, and there should be a way for that to happen.

    My heart breaks for the Alexander family, for the pain they’ve endured at the hands of JA and the defense team, and for the failure of the system to deliver them a just verdict.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      That juror must have done a lot of the things Stabby did, she probably is a nightmare, hacking her boyfriends computers, refusing to break up, confronting other women, slashing tires, peering into windows — you know she’s a real bitch too!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Realme. Great post. I think that is a given about the system getting a thorough analysis. I don’t think it is avoidable. This trial has become the poster child for every single thing wrong with the judicial system and that isn’t going to just go away.
      As I heard Tanisha sobbing while the judge declared a mistrial my heart broke in two. They have been through so much, this has gone on for so long. I pray that now that they know death is not going to happen they can accept it and start to put their lives back together.

  37. Constance says:

    THANK YOU Sheriff Joe!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Constance, I love sheriff Joe. I may give him my slot for supreme ruler of the universe.

  38. renaes24 says:

    If you all recall: back in October (2014) JSS had this juror REMAIN after court to speak to her (Juror 17). I wonder what THAT was all about and if it has any relevance…………..

    • Mama Via says:

      I’d forgotten that! Interesting!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Renae: I’d forgotten that. Interesting. I think there is way more to this than we know right now. I think we should all start digging to see what we can find.

    • I think that was when a juror from guilt phase was scheduled for tv interview with dr drew, that juror i think also had a number 17 or something like that? I think thats what that was about. But if jss and this juror 17 had the opportunity for a little one on one pow wow that is still suspicious

  39. mrsmojojojo says:

    I’m sickened… 😦

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      mrsmojojojo: As are we all. We have to remember that Stabby’s life is over, needle or no needle and now she gets to die a very slow death. I am trying to let that be my sliver lining.

  40. Ok so on a related topic, curiosity had me roaming the web…there is a certain website that has listed all the jurors by their full names, calling them pedo huggers and killers and they need to go into witness protection and basically veiled threats and links to some of their personal info like FB accounts, photos,etc.Naturally the only juror name they did not list was the one who they say “saved jodi’s life”. Omg How can that be legal!?

    • Edit to page in bold all caps, disclaimer was added “please dont harrass these losers…For reference purposes only” But still WRONG wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong! Not to mention the rest of the content of that post is REPULSIVE.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Carmen I don’t think that is legal. I’m like 99% positive it’s not legal, please report it.

      • renaes24 says:

        The ‘stealth’ juror info has also had her name/address and phone number put out on Twitter They are also posting her ‘husbands’ old criminal record (his offenses were over 20 yrs. ago). Pictures of both are also already out and I hear they have had to send ‘protection’ to their residence. (also, with little more than some ‘six degrees of separation’ stuff thru hubby’s Facebook, they are saying that there is a connection to “AN ARIAS”.
        Now, as much as I despise what happened, we all also know when some of these SAME folks put out that OUR Kelly was ANOTHER Kelly just because they had the same name. Don’t dare call them out on it…….the idiotic answers you get back……well, I got called more names than Lucifer! So, we had all best check our Facebook friends-friends to make sure there are no ‘ARIAS’ in any of their lists or……????????(We could be in league with the devil????)
        Bottom line: it was fitting to end the day the same way it began…being FED UP AND DISGUSTED!

      • I reported it to the AZ court, dr drew, joey jackson, troy hayden, jeff gold … Other folks on twitter noticed too and tagging media people. Nobody should be harrassed by public lynchmob, not even 17. Hayden reported that juror 17 has police protection due to threats from the public, so what about the other 11?

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Sounds like the other 11 are in danger from the Stabby minions and I think whoever put that list up should face repercussions. I agree no one should be threatened, but as much as I hate to admit it, there are rabid fans on both sides capable of doing damage.

      • Update from twitter
        @troyhaydenfox10: Developing: MCSO looking into websites releasing personal information of #JodiArias jurors.

      • renaes24 says:

        Thank you for that update. While I don’t hold out much hope that it will be traceable to where we ‘think’ it came from, it just might prove interesting.

      • I might light a fire under JSS to finally do the right thing though; PUT JA AWAY for good!

  41. Twister says:

    Is April the “drop dead” date for sentensing, or is it possible for the defense to somehow continue to play the delay game?

    • renaes24 says:

      By law, the (not a) judge has up to 60 days to sentence her.
      BTW, the ‘steath’ jurors name is already out there too and her husband has already given an interview!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        She just wants her 15 minutes of fame, too! Another Stabby!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Wanna bet the book Saving Jodi Arias comes out soon?

      • Leslea says:

        Renae, cutting cocaine is what comes to my mind for DL’s. Regimental…omg!lol Mama you are so f-ing You’ll never have to remind me to put mine on! I hate wearing a bra. But, that’s a different
        Im looking forward to sentencing. Which should’ve been today. I can’t wait to see her in chains & stripes! 🙂 The funniest comment Ive seen today was on fb. My friend said: the supporters were probably errecting a statue of the holdout!

      • renaes24 says:

        If they are erecting a statue, may I suggest that #17 not be holding the “scales of justice”, but a large dildo. It would represent 2 things: Stabby’s entire outlook on life and the fact that we ALL got screwed!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Love that Renae! How about a dildo in one hand and some KY in the other!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Twister. The Not a Judge has up to 60 days, BUT she was ready to impose sentence right then and there so barring any more stall tactics by the defense she should be sentenced on that date.

      • Leslea says:

        LOL Renae about the dildo! I just saw why #17 was called into JSS’ chambers in October. It was over the Dr Drew show. Rumor was juror #17 was scheduled to be on his show. EXCEPT it was REALLY juror Tara Kelly! That was per Tara herself.(sp chk wants to call her Tart.ha)
        *so I guess I did make up my other answer.;)lol

  42. margaret says:

    First off let me say thank you to the 11 jurors, you did your best so you should all feel good. I am just so heartsick about the other person, for doing what she did. I so wanted justice for travis by ridding the world of this soulless ,hideous jodi. I hope the rats and roaches eat on her every nite.
    Today .when I heard that the stealth claimed trial was for vengeance against jodi ,it hit a nerve with me .Jodi is friends with maria, maria passes along information to michael kieffer of AZcentral. The last article I read of keiffer it was about the prosecutor forcing this trial against jodi because it had become a trial of vengeance . Jodi has said this phrase, keiffer had an article about it, and the stealth juror says it. Maybe Arizona ought to check her bank account. I would not be surprised at any actions this defense pulled.
    Jodi must have needed another month to get all her ducks in a row with maria..
    Kelly it is so good having you back. Please continue to take care of yourself. You were so missed..

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      hai Margaret. If any of the 11 are reading this, we all thank you for your service and sacrifice to try and see this through to its conclusion. This is none of your faults and you can hold your heads high.
      Honestly Margaret, I think Travis got justice. I personally would have been happy with the DP just because I don’t think someone who could do that deserves to live, BUT for her, what could be worse than rotting in a corner in Perryville for the rest of her life. Look how she looks now with just her time in Estrella. And I’d French kiss Sheriff Joe right now if he was standing here I swear to god. He’s got her number and he will be sharing that with Perryville believe that.
      ChaCha during Nurmi’s press conference grinned behind him like the cat that ate the whole canary family and that jury was rigged somehow in my opinion so you do the math. I’d say you are pretty dead on.
      It’s good to be back. Really good to be back. I missed you all terribly.

      • Sherlock1005 says:

        Thank you Kelly, for all your great reporting on this case. We all certainly appreciate your efforts and the extraordinary amount of time it must have taken to report on this “cluster” of a trial. You are an amazing talent !

        I hope that at some point in the future the Alexander’s can find some peace. Watching them through this whole ordeal has been heartbreaking. They carried themselves with grace and dignity every single day. I don’t know how they did it – I don’t think I could be that strong. It’s very clear what a wonderful and special young man Travis was and I’m so glad that 11 jury members saw that too. Perhaps the Alexander family can also take comfort in the fact that Travis will always be remembered for his goodness and kindness and his efforts to make this world a better place. Not the person the feral DT portrayed him to be.

        I’m OK with LWOP too. The killer will literally rot away at Perryville and I really doubt after 2 years she will be given anything extra for good behavior. She simply doesn’t have it in her. Look at all the bullshit she tried to pull at Estrella ! Her days of manipulation are over. Plain and simple.

        As for not a juror #17…perhaps she feels like she saved the killer’s pitiful life – but perhaps has made her pitiful life even worse.
        One question for not a juror #17: Was it worth it…..?

  43. karen30036 says:

    Fuck … that is all

  44. Mama Via says:

    I’m proud of this jury…and actually, the other jury didn’t do too bad either…they weren’t th Pinellas Pinheads, who let a child murderer lose amongst us! Hopefully, the Tot Twat will keep her knees together!

  45. Mary D says:

    You summed it up perfectly.

  46. Connie Rust says:

    Lady Justice lies in ruins at the feet of Sherry Stephens. I blame her for this whole clusterfuck. She shoukd have removed that juror when asked to do so by the jury. I will never again have any faith In this sham of a system that protects the rights of a felon over the people whose rights she violated.

  47. sssojourn says:

    My friggen heart is braking for the family, as I can only imagine their hearts are shattered in a way that none of us can understand.

    I saw jodi holding back a smirk as verdict was read. I am personally hoping for a shank to find its way into that cold evil heart, but not holding my breath.

    I watched jeff golds spree cast and feel much better about the recent turn of events, as the jury actually did get it right- they really did understand travis was a really good guy and was not buying into the defenses bullshit character assassination . In fact they were really ANGRY at the defense for the accusations.

    JUROR #17……….SHOULD HAVE BEEN BOOTED !! I,am not going to bash her as the knife cuts both ways — on one hand you can’t kill a convicted heinous murderer, and on the other you destroy a entire innocent family waiting for years for justice. I do hope she never gets a nights sleep, as she shirked her responsibility as a human being and a juror for NOT deliberating and giving reasons for her stead fast oposition…

    NURMIIIIIIIIII All that dildo wielding, pedphiia thumping, t -dog bashing, pornographic slimy filth he was spreading was for knot ! , the jurors actually NEVER gave it a second thought.
    So what did you actually do NURMI ? You debased a dead man and his family, and stuck the knife in and turned it to your hearts content. Sick , sick , sick. You are even worse then your defendant because like your defendant , you did it on purpose, willfully with glee, knowing full well he was innocent of all your alligations, SO YOU succeeded in doing one thing- destroying a family.

    This was not justice !!!! This was the torture of TRAVIS ALEXANDER and his family……..may they find peace and sleep like babies……..

    I,am not a trial watcher, I’ve watched because I’ve had one of these sick twisted narcissistic / Borderlines in my exstended family, they are as sick as you can get ( while portraying to be normal ).

    I’ve watched and read this trial from beginning to END because of the above mentioned. I,am now done ! As in thru ! As in I never want to hear, see, touch , or associate myself with anything that even remotely reminds me of her, just the thought of her makes me want to take a shower and scrub off the filth……

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    Love your blogs Kelly, unfortunately I won,t be back as in above mentioned.

  48. Lori g says:

    Did anyone watch Juan’s opening argument on YouTube? I meant to count the times Alfred e. Objected and said mistrial. What a rude SOB. What was that movie where jack Nicholson said something to the effect of. You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth. I guess nurmi couldn’t.

  49. Hey. MamaVia’s “letter to jodi”, kelly’s “rant about justice” and yesterday’s hung jury combined inspired my latest blog post. Soon jodi will be off to perryville. I started a list of things that are #neverforjodi…

  50. renaes24 says:

    Anyone else notice that the cell they have waiting for ‘it’ in Perryville is a very vivid Travis BLUE? (The Lord works in mysterious ways)

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Ahhh indeed He does Renae! I noticed that too, I’m glad the pink is over with because for men that sucked but the women probably like it. She will be reminded every single day by the blue all around her. Poetic!

  51. Sherry says:

    What really bothers me is how chameleon like JA is. Don’t you think she’ll figure out how to blend in just fine at Perryville? She’ll mold herself into whatever she needs to be. Hopefully she won’t be able to keep up the pretense for long. All her boyfriends saw through her eventually.

    As far as having the Travis blue eat away at her, that would only work if she had any remorse to begin with. She doesn’t feel guilty or ashamed because you have to have a conscious before guilt can eat at your soul. As she doesn’t have a conscious or a soul, I really don’t think that will bother her at all.

    The main thing that ticks me off is having to wait until April to get this finished. The jury couldn’t agree then NJSS should have sentenced her and boom done! The Alexanders could be beginning to get their lives back, but nooooo now they have another month to be finished with this witch.

    Honestly, if anyone wrote a book with this ending it would get ripped apart by the critics as being unrealistic. Truth surely is stranger than fiction in this case. As this is the first trial I have ever followed can one of you veteran trial watchers please tell me this is not normal?

    • renaes24 says:

      The only thing ‘normal’ in this trial IS the wait for sentencing. There is usually a 4 to 6 week wait. Usually, this is for a pre-sentence report. (Something JA was refusing to participate in)

    • Sherry says:

      Ok, but what is a pre-sentence report?

      • renaes24 says:

        Best description of an pre-sentence report. It is a detailed list of every possible mitigator and aggravator. It goes from health details/ prev criminal activity/ socio-economic factors/ lifestyle/ family dynamics/education/motivations/work history or lack of/ almost anything and everything possible is in there. In a ‘normal’ case, it is used as a basis for a) sentencing and b) first step in classification in incarceration. It can assist in setting up programs that would benefit the inmate etc. HOWEVER, in the case of LWOP, it has rather limited value as the prisoner will for a long time be in Max. security with no chance of starting in a Med. security institution. As a Lifer, many of the ‘programs’ are either unavailable or limited as they are given first to higher priority cases (those with release dates). In some lesser cases, it also is a guide for sentencing. A prisoner usually has an interview with the examiner or member that is writing this report so that they can also get a first-hand ‘feel’ for the inmate.
        That’s about the best description I can give for it.

      • Sherry says:

        oh thanks renaes that helps

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Thanks Renae.

      • renaes24 says:

        da nada

  52. karen30036 says:

    JSS could have sentenced the murderer right then and there. Nurmi wanted to delay. Renaes is correct. The pre-sentence report is for judges that may not know too much about the convict or a defendant getting a plea agreement. JSS KNOWS this convict, so the 30 days is a delay in reality for poor little victim Stabby. Perhaps 30 more days for Nurmi to figure out how to squeeze more money out of the taxpayers… I hate hearing how the defense were just doing their job. They didn’t need to further destroy the Alexanders the way they did. Fuck them all.

  53. Constance says:

    I just saw this from Sheriff Joe A, and was horrified: Does this mean Stabby can outwit the Sheriff?


    And is she in Perryville already?

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      My understanding of the law and I could be wrong is that until she is sentenced she can pretty much do what she wants re social media.

  54. Helen Johnston says:

    Knowing how sneaky Stabby is, and she has a fan club, I’m hoping she isn’t planning a jail break between now and the sentencing. Hopefully, Estrella jail is secure enough and she can’t escape!

  55. 5:30 says:


    11 out of 12 jurors in the penalty phase think that this is strictly a malice killer with no excuse; they held a press conference! to announce that she presented herself to them as a manipulative liar. Oops Cougarlouscious! That jury feedback should give significant closure to the public because it effectively *exonerates the victim*. And at this time, isn’t that what this is all about?

    THE DEFENDANT IS A MANIPULATIVE LIAR WHO MURDERED HER BOYFRIEND. The boyfriend was a regular guy and innocent of any crime.

    IMO whatever happens from now on in the courtroom and beyond is just epilogue. The victim can rest in peace.

    JA is not a unique type. There are other people like her out there and there are people who get fooled by her act.

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(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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