While We Await Sentencing Here Is A Video Just Posted Yesterday of the Opening Arguments. Thank you Fox 10

I just found this.  It is the opening statements from the Penalty phase retrial.  Thought you might like to watch it.



This was also just uploaded. Victim impact statements. Again thank you Fox 10 Since the Stabby saga is pretty much at an end we are going to move on to a different trial.  I had a lot of interest in the Harris trial (baby in the car) so I’ve done the preliminary research on that as well Jonathan Broyhill Trial.  Harris is going to be streamed according to several sights and Broyhill as well.  If there is any other trial that will be starting soon that anyone is interested in NOW is the time to let me know.

I will set out the prelim for Harris tomorrow, charges, etc. His trial was due to actually start in Feb but has been delayed.  I cannot find a start date for him yet but unless they are negotiating a plea deal it should be soon.

Comments remain opened for Stabby commentary and of course I will continue to cover anything Stabby related.

There will be a guest blog posted tomorrow by Mama, part two of her visit to prison that we have all been clamoring for.

I know that there are a lot of questions regarding what happens next with our special little snowflake, so I will go answer now and some I have to look up because I am not familiar with that aspect of the law in the states.  I will try and answer all of them.

I will see you all tomorrow

RBMD peacing the fuck out.



54 Responses to While We Await Sentencing Here Is A Video Just Posted Yesterday of the Opening Arguments. Thank you Fox 10

  1. margo says:

    Hi Kelly and all! Just looking forward now to seeing JSS sentence that demon to LWoP. I just cannot see her giving anything less. What a long, strange, f’d up journey it’s been and now it’s almost over. I’ll have a drink or two to celebrate once I know she’s off to her west-facing hellhole at Perryville for a lo-o-o-o-n-g stretch of alone time rather than at the by comparison spa at Estrella.

    I didn’t have a chance to put in my two cents in a few days ago about thoughts on future trial coverage. I’m really pleased to hear that you’re going to cover the Harris case, first b/c there’s so much to it beyond the poor baby’s death, and secondly b/c I still can’t wrap my mind around a parent purposefully roasting their kid alive in a broiling car. I’m having a hard time accepting that this could indeed be the truth so the trial will tell for me. I know a lot of members felt they couldn’t tolerate hearing the details and I agree it’s a heart wrenching tragedy, but this case in particular I think will have some very interesting twists and turns. Everyone have a great weekend!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Margo: I wrestled with this because I have my own issues with child abuse but I think I can handle it in such a way that I can make it tolerable for everyone. I think it is an important trial and I think that poor little baby needs to be spoken for just like we spoke for Travis.

      • margo says:

        Hi Kelly, yes I agree with you 100%, child cases are always the worst. I hope the trial does get underway before summer starts and more little lives are lost due to at the minimum negligence, at the worst purposefully. Last year just seemed to be a never ending outbreak of children (and pets) left in hot cars. Here in Vancouver a dog walker left five dogs in her care in her vehicle and they all died, she claimed they were stolen but the truth came out. Canada has some pretty f’d up sentencing laws though so NO ONE ever gets the sentence they deserve, except for exceptional POS like Paul Bernardo but only with the designation of “dangerous offender.” No sentence of life in prison here. Even Luka Magnotta didn’t get that special charge so he could be let out one day.

        Also looking forward to Mama’s guest blog – the piece on cell cookery was fascinating! xo

  2. Bazzethound says:

    KellyMae: I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on JR-H. Justin Ross Harris (a.k.a. Just Really Heinous in my head). I would love an update on Casey Anthony, if there’s anything to tell.

    I’m excited to read the second part of MamaVia’s visit as well as Stabby’s immediate future plans on Sunday!

    As we say in Virginia, “Y’all take care!”

    ~Gwen, a.k.a. Bazzethound
    A.k.a. Vice-president of Underwater Fire Prevention (sorry… I felt a little lonely without a title)

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Bazzethound: I can tell you there is not much going on with the babykiller at the moment. There was a rumor she was pregnant but it turned out to be just that. She is still living with Cheney last I heard although another rumor is he is getting pretty sick of her.

      I like your title A LOT. I think it should be supreme leader of underwater fire prevention and since I am the queen I will dub thee such. All hail the supreme leader of underwater fire prevention. YAY!!

      • Bazzethound says:

        I’ve been dubbed and then hailed too! Holy Cow! You’ve made my day – that and getting to spend a snow day with the most amazingist 7 & 17 year old man cubs ever to fly out of my nether regions. (Wonder why they hate it when I refer them that way? I used to teach sex ed. It doesn’t embarrass ME. )

        Anyway, thanks for bestowing me. Have a great weekend everyone!

    • All hail supreme leader of underwater fire prevention! 😄

  3. margaret says:

    Has anyone been to fox. 10 news today? They are saying that juror #17 ex husband was sentenced for murder in 2000 and Juan was the prosecutor. Wow Also has quote from willmutt that they knew she had that connection and if Juan didn’t check on in, it was his own fault. Kelly I am trying to feel good about the verdict, but I’m afraid I am slipping fast. Nurmi and willmutt set out to top Juan and I would not put anything against them to win at all costs. I could not sleep last night , I kept hearing numnutts saying “miss arias has requested 30 days before sentenced ” . Hell she has had 7 years, and the so called judge meekly answered O.K. why does she need more time.I would not be surprised at anything at this time with the low life defense team.
    Have a great weekend everyone!

    • Brandy says:

      Hi Margaret! I agree with everything you said. This is not over till as they say, its over. I will believe it when I see it when the Judge gives her LWOP. The way this trial has gone I would not be surprised if she gave her 25 years.

      • Mama Via says:

        I think if she values her job…she will give LWOP…I’d like to hear how the residents ifbtge county feel about the job SHES done!

  4. Lori g says:

    Margaret- it is true. There is a lot of shady stuff going on with juror #17. Of course at this point it’s all “alleged”.
    The other 11 told very not a judge that she refused to deliberate and asked for an alternate. Of course not a judge refused
    Yes juan did prosecute her ex or current husband
    She or her daughter is friends with chachas daughter according to her facebook which has now been shut down.
    She also believes in the law of attraction
    She watched the arias movie and some say didn’t follow the admonition about no news, internet research etc.

    The shit seems to be hitting the fan. She lied under oath at voir dire and if proven can be a few years in prison. It is being looked into

    Poor Alexanders. Can you imagine a hung jury cause of a stealth juror, the only one who didn’t vote for death.

    You can go to the trial diaries facebook or juan martinez prosecutor support and learn a lot more.

    I’m only stating these things I’ve read. I realize she’s innocent until proven guilty. This whole thing reeks. Maybe not a judge, Alfred e. Nurmi, willnotshutup, chacha and #17 thought they had this under control, but the truth always comes out.

    If this court followed the constitution and didn’t conduct this trial in secret all of this would have floated to the surface. The Alexanders were screwed out of a just verdict .

    • Brandy says:

      hi Lori, also it is being reported that Juror 17 current hubby is friends with Arias family members. He has since taken down his FB page. This is an outrage! She was a stealth and needs to prosecuted for lying about everything. I am so disgusted and beyond heart broken for Alexander family, they were robbed of Justice! by the way everything you stated above and what I just added is a fact. Now, we wait to see what kind of trouble Juror 17 is in. I believe the duhfense and Cha Cha have all been in on this since the beginning.

      • Lori g says:

        Hi Brandy- this is unreal. I’d love to find out what happened during jury selection. Nurmi must have thrown a temper tantrum to have this juror on and not a judge just said ” it’s ok honey don’t you worry”. I can understand chacha risking her career since she is not the smartest person if you think about her tweets and other underhanded junk. Could nurmi and willy be so stupid to risk everything? I just don’t understand how this happened and I hope the county attorneys office keeps on investigating

    • Mama Via says:

      I’m thankful that whatshername was found guilty with the first jury….anything else would have been a travesty of justice! I’m still waiting for the Pinellas Pinheads to ask the Tot Twat to come babysit!

  5. Lori g says:

    Oh one more thing. A lot of people are saying that juan fucked up. There is only so much he can do at jury selection. We assume people under oath will tell the truth. He may have used all of his strikes. He could even have moved to strike her and not a judge over ruled. He could’ve had the shittiest jury pool to start with. Who knows. I know juan isn’t infallible, but given his attention to detail and photographic memory I find it hard to believe he did. Shit is coming out every minute about this situation and I’m confident we will find out a lot more

  6. margo says:

    Thank you for those uploads. Saved to Pocket for later viewing. If you guys don’t know about Pocket yet, you should! Takes bookmarking to a way better level, and it’s free. You can even save articles to your eReader. 🙂

  7. spellbound4 says:

    Hi Kelly. I just read that the Justin Harris trial may not happen until fall. 😦 Good to know it will be streamed, thanks.

    You did a great job with the JA trial. Thanks for all the wonderful posts and observations….. and the laughter when I needed it.

    Take care of you, please. I will be checking on you often.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai spellbound. the other trial is starting very shortly. THey started jury selection last week so we will have that one till the harris trial starts.

      • Mama Via says:

        Yes, you did a GREAT job! You made us laugh and made us THINK, well done!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Yeppers, I enjoyed your blogging so much, I’ll even follow Ross Harris with you, but I gotta warn you, there will be times I might lose it. Babies are so precious, the most innocent and precious of all beings. This was just awful.

  8. jtisdal says:

    I don’t know when the trial starts, but you might want to check out the Christopher Licon case-Licon accused of killing his brother and 6-y-o nephew-horrible case

  9. margo says:

    I hadn’t heard of Jonathan Broyhill until today and just did a bit of research. Great choice to cover, Kelly! Really looking forward to your blogs on this, and anything else you share – I love all your writing. ❤

  10. Nancy says:

    Don’t know if it’s possible, but perhaps we could follow the Civil Suit Stabby is involved in (as reported on another site). She will be enjoying Sheriff Joe’s hospitality while she testifies at the hearing.

  11. renaes24 says:

    Just MY take on the juror 17 issues: they might just have gotten away with it all EXCEPT for JAII posting the jurors names & pissing everyone off. Tonight, the county is trying to account for the 6 lists of jurors names. While there is no confirmation yet, it seems Cha-Cha appears to be at the top of the list as to just who gave it to the Minions. Now, it that is so, will Nurmi and Wilshit give her up to be fed to the lions? I can’t wait to find out.
    I don’t know how much I will follow the Broyhill case but I do look forward to the Harris one.

  12. Mama Via says:

    Wow…what strong testimony those two siblings gave for their brother…Gramma used to say “your live is not measured by who you love, but by who loves you”…if that is truly a measure, then Travis was well loved, indeed…if his life had not been cut short…we will never know what he could have accomplished….

    Many of us have lost loved ones…some naturally, some thru illness, some thru accident…and others thru senseless violence…

    Let us take one thing from this tragedy….not hatred of the person who committed the act…but hatred OF the act. Let us not just complain about the Justice system, instead, be aware of the politicians and judges running for office, let us vote in every election…let us not try to avoid being called for jury duty. Let us not participate in the rude, uneducated and hateful comments on Twitter or on blogs…let’s say “that’s not right!” And then not give those websites a reason to continue posting hate. Let’s overcome out natural curiosity to see what is happening…for that only encourages the writers. If they don’t gave an audience, they will eventually stop. Let’s not demean ourselves by going to their level…in the gutter.

    I’m just as guilty…there are times I’ve responded…when I should have just sat in my fingers…

    Im going to try to do better…will you join me?

    • Mama Via says:

      Sorry for all the typos…my iThing hasn’t learned to read my mind yet!

    • Bazzethound says:

      I’ve got your back, Mama. Count me in! Hate just raises your blood pressure and never accomplished anything worthwhile.

      • Mama Via says:

        Thank you, Bazzet! I was on my high horse…my fur was petted backward! Sometimes I’m amazed at the actions some people take! It was like I slipped back in time, and I caught someone calling my little sister the “r” word again…and them fighting words just torque my jaws!

        Hugs, and many thanks!

    • TrulyUSA says:

      You betcha Mama! I am going to try and keep the drama on low because like Kelly said one time, “that shit is catching ” and I don’t want to get the low down show down one up ya flu. Fuck a bunch of drama queens……but I reserve the right to cuss ’em once in awhile.

  13. Lacey says:

    Hey Kelly & everyone, read this beautiful letter written to the jury. She reminds me of you Kelly..
    VERY TOUCHING. VERY GOOD READ…/open-letter-to-the-jodi-arias-ju…/

    Open Letter to the Jodi Arias Jurors–Second Panel
    To the 11 jurors who followed the law and deliberated and saw this case for what it really is: a first degree calculated homicide with deliberate intent to take an unarmed man’s life, cover it up,…

  14. margaret says:

    What a beautiful letter, brought me to tears. A wonderful tribute to jurors. The one I liked best was to the hold-out, I really hope she reads it. Thanks for the link Lacey.

  15. Kelly i am excited u r gonna write about broyhill. the hahn’s lived in my lovely little picket fence community! So close I could throw a rock and it would land in their yard. I remember the day it happened, so surreal, my friendly yet hermit neighbor actually came and rang our doorbell to warn our family not to go outside bc the crime was in process, poor jamie was lying in the grass, and word was that jonathan was on the lam in the nearby woods…

  16. Connie Rust says:

    I watched the Broyhill opening statements last week as well as first witness testimony. Was a little dry but an interesting case. I got sidetracked when the Stabby non-verdict came in and didn’t watch Thursday or Friday. I may get back to it next week. I have no desire to follow Holmes.
    I sincerely hope juror 17 never sleeps again.

  17. mrsmojojojo says:

    Hey you… I know we’re supposed to suck it up and accept this, the larger part of me does but since sentencing has not yet been rendered, there is still a chance to really F this rodent up. I don’t remember who on this blog said it but it was profound… Stabby waived her right to a pre-sentencing report and what is it that she doesn’t want us to know? That get’s my curiosity up. I’m assuming the state has a right to that report even if the rodent waived her rights to it. Well, I’m not as ticked off by LWOP as I am with the stealth juror. I was wondering what was in it for her, turns out her husband was prosecuted by Juan. Shame.. Stabby got away with it but as sure as I am writing this post, I know that NO ONE can lie, cheat, murder and steal with impunity. The karmic balance of life won’t allow it. Somehow and in some way, justice will be served. She has cut a wide path of destruction and has taken far more than she ever deserved from Travis, the Alexanders, her minions and the state of Arizona. Now she is being handed the check. Someone in that prison will hand her the bill. I don’t believe that she will be a “rock star”, in fact it will be the opposite. They all aren’t sick psychopaths. My rant here is finished and my peace has been made. I just need to be patient and let the story tell itself. Let go, let God. God can take care of rodents like this far better than we can. Justin Harris is a dirtbag. And if there are sooooo very many baby baking incidents, then I consider it a copy cat crime. How stupid can you be?

    • Constance says:

      Mrs Mojojojo,
      Agree with you very strange about her waiving. Very suspicious.

      Given how much not-a-judge has trashed justice with her rulings and delays, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Stabby gets her 25 years deducting time already served instead of LWOP.

      The whole thing is an abominable debacle.

      Karma will indeed kick her a** incredibly thoroughly at some point,
      It’s just very sad for the Alexander family and everyone who cared about the prosecutions case that it hasn’t been balanced already.

      I long for a world of instant (1 minute) karma.
      Do you realize that if that was so, after a week or so, no more physical, financial or emotional crimes would be committed ever???

      • margo says:

        If only! She’d be obliterated in a nanosecond.

      • margo says:

        And also must add that I too found it profoundly suspicious that she waved that hearing. Knowing the demon, there’s is no altruistic reason for it, that’s for sure. What I don’t understand is why the judge granted the demon the 30-day delay, as requested. Wtf is there to wait 30 days for? I’m sure the Alexanders don’t need that amount of time to prepare for what they will say to the demon. Hell, they probably don’t even need notes.

      • Brandy says:

        I agree! If only

  18. 5:30 says:

    The Jodi Arias Retrial – Juan Martinez Press Conference March 2015 was so interesting. You really got a chance to watch a seasoned attorney at work (JM).
    The press was totally intimidated by him and did not *attempt* sparring with him!

    • 5:30 says:

      OK – ONE GUY at the beginning tried to pull on the pit bull’s chain. (Q to JM: Just a CASE? This was JUST a case?) But the pit’s jaws locked firmly on his calf and the rest of the corp got behind the safety fence.

      • Well, yeah, it is “just a case” to Juan. So what?
        Is he supposed to get emotionally invested in his cases? There are way too many and besides, this is his job.
        I certainly wouldn’t want him to become overwhelmed and mentally exhausted just because of JA and her groupies.
        While he is empathetic toward the TA family, he is also a pro. I commend him for a job well done.

  19. 5:30 says:

    A Pro for sure – I thought that JM’s directing of concern towards the victim’s family was the most apt response under the circumstances. I could see after a while that JM had a reason for saying whatever he did. He made clear that he could not be there to speak about his personal feelings etc. However, I thought it was artful in the sense of JM saying things very c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y . I’m definitely going to watch it again.

    In some ways I disagree about the whole disappointment reaction and I can’t really think that JM is *so* disappointed with the outcome. 1st degree murder and 11 out of 12 thinking she did it with malice and no excuse…….his point was proved…

  20. mamavia2 says:

    In case you want to read it…part 2 of my Death row visit is posted…look over at


    • Constance says:

      On my way over:)

    • margo says:

      Got it saved in Pocket and sent to my RSS feed. I do so love a good writer! Thank you!!

      • mamavia2 says:

        Thank you Margo! I appreciate you stopping in to read the blog! I had sent it to Miss Kelly, but I think she had a little relapse, and wasn’t feeling so good…so, I posted over there just so yall had something to keep you busy while Miss K gets some rest!

        Each writer has a style all their own…I’m not funny like Miss K…she is DEFINATELY one of a kind…I’ve never taken even ONE journalism class…(but I think there are several bloggers who haven’t taken those classes either…but still claim that they are “journalists”…) but that’s a different topic for some other day!

        I write because I’ve seen or experienced something I want to share…it’s the “truth as I interpret facts thru my own life experience”. I don’t believe that words should be used as weapons, to hurt, maim or undermine someone else. If people read my thoughts and opinions, it isn’t because of the salacious content, I believe doing so only undermines your own reputation! I hope that people learn something that they did not know before, or learn something that will cause them think or to question or see something from another point of view.

        While the effect of Travis’ murder has brought together people who would never have met in any other way, the effect of whatshername on people, especially the Twit population, has been only to encourage people to invent stories that are one grain of truth to two tons of nonsense. There are those of us that will never believe in conspiracies, or that no matter how much rhetoric, 1 plus 1 is NOT 5…and it never will be!

        I truly pity the people who must degrade others to make themselves feel better. Many people are like that; my ex-husband was, Whatshername does, many people do. I hope that as the craziness of the Whatshername trial winds down, that people will be a little more understanding of people who are different than themselves.

        Again, thanks for reading Margo…as always, I appreciate comments, and suggestions and questions!

  21. Mama Via says:

    Hi, everyone! My name Jo….what do you mean you don’t give a shi…oh, um, yea..inmate #458434, Sir….but could you tell me where to find the pool and sp….huh? Speak when spoken to? But, someone told me tha….oh, yes Sir, I’ll button those two top buttons…but Nurms sai…oh, yes Sir, I’m shuttin…

    • Constance says:

      ha-ha, Mama Vie!

      Looking VERY much forward to her 15,000 hours of fame being over and Sheriff Joe being able to stop her from communicating via social media, passing on what she wants said during her allowed phone calls with ‘friends’ on the outside

  22. Mama Via says:

    Constance…go look at my blog!

    Sheriff Joe squashed her like a bug today!

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