The Jonathan Broyhill Trial

March 12, 2015

North Carolina has wackadoo’s too.  Who knew?

Well Hello everyone.  Mama Via is doing fine and I’m hoping Connie had a great birthday.  So, Jon Broyhill who we will now just refer to as the pedoface for brevities sake is a big fat loser.  He kind of looks like a cross between uncle fester and maybe some guy that offers free kittens out of the back of a blacked out van. He is charged with murder first degree and attempt murder first degree.

pedoface1Pedoface.  Tell me I’m wrong.

Just to catch everyone up pedoface is accused of hacking to death the wife of his best friend in what can only be described as Stabby style (well, minus the shower and washing machine) and then attacking his best friend with the same knife that had his wife’s blood all over it.   Jamie Hahn was an up and comer in the political arena and Nation Hahn was her husband.

Pedoface was the best man at Jamie and Nations wedding.  He was present in the house the evening of the attack.  He was seen violently stabbing Jamie by Nation.  Nation came to his wife’s aid and told her to get out of the house.  She made it as far as her neighbors yard before her grievous injuries dropped her.   She was alive when the ambulance got to her but succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.  She was 29.

Nation Hahn in his fight for the knife received severe hand lacerations and required several surgeries and therapy so hard did he fight for his wife’s life.  Imagine willingly grabbing onto the cutting edge of a large blade knife to give your wife time to try and get away.

So, Pedoface was arrested and of course because he was busted dead nuts he immediately pretended to attempt suicide.  He cut his wrists down to the bone.  Now, just to put a little perspective on this, while cutting ones wrists down to the bone hurts like a motherfucker, anybody who knows anything knows you want to cut up from the wrist to the elbow, hell even my brother knew that and he was special.  But of course it certainly helps with your not responsible due to mental incapacity defense so hats off for committing to the part you fucking piece of shit.  Then, during pre-trial he bitched that he wasn’t allowed to shave because they wouldn’t give him a razor.  Really Pedoface?  Like seriously for real?  I’m thinking they broke out the no-no just for him cuz the facial hair is obviously gone.

Apparently poor little Pedoface is gay which is of some great importance that nobody but pedoface is aware of. Nation said all their friends knew and nobody had a shit to give. Pedoface was also responsible for the accountings of campaign money having to keep track of incoming, outgoing, and bank balances. He was embezzling money (a whole shit ton of money) and it all just got to be to much for poor booboo.  Once he found out that Jamie was going to rat his ass out he flipped his fucking bean and grabbed the first stabby thing he could put his hands on.

The prosecutor puts me in mind of Jim Blackburn, a laid back southerner, softly spoken but with a whole lot to say. His opening argument as Blackburns was during the MacDonald trial was underwhelming. The defense deferred their opening statement (I fucking hate that they are allowed to do that, it’s like peaking at the winning lottery numbers before the draw.) I have said for years that rule should be abolished and I stand by it.

The prosecutions first witness was an attorney, John Wallace. He looked dapper and about a thousand years old. His specialty is election law.  So there was a whole lot of talk about election accounting measures that made my head want to explode because I don’t care.  So blah blah blah regulatory stuff, blah blah blah, Jamie Hahn Blah blah blah went through all the reports, blah blah blah why are there all these really weird disbursements, blah blah blah somebody is embezzling a shit ton of money.  Ruh roh! Pedoface and Jamie Hahn were both at this meeting.   God this guy is dry as melba toast.  Mmmm, melba toast.   Anyway melba toast guy got a letter saying that the electoral committee had some serious concerns about these very weird disbursements. He also got another letter that he would not normally been privy too stating that a response had been submitted in response to the first letter.  (Hey they’re talking about it so I’m writing it down, I am aware it is as boring as watching paint dry.) Blah Blah Blah serious concerns Blah blah blah more electoral committee stuff.  Screw it.  Money was missing and Pedoface was going to be in a lot of trouble if they found out he took it.

While this dude drones on infinitum, the courthouse if fairly sparsely occupied. Room for a lot more people and I’m surprised that there are not more there.

Thank you baby jesus we have a new witness. Professional recovery consultants. He collects commercial debts when one company owes another company money. He was trying to collect a debt from Jamie Hahn and when she tried to pay it she discovered that her bank account was empty. Hmmmm, wonder how that happened.

Next witness is Angela Cade. She works at the state police credit union and is the woman who called 911 for Jamie and Nation Hahn. She did not know them, but did know the poor bastards who wound up with a dying woman on their front lawn. She described how Jamie had foundered into the neighbors yard and dropped near their front door. She told 911 she thought that maybe Jamie had been shot due to the amount of blood on her. EMS arrived quickly and took Jamie but Nation was in so much shock he did not even realize the extent of his own injuries. Angela asked the other EMS response to please look at him because he was injured.

She said police swarmed the Hahn house, guns drawn and then she kind of lost her composure for a couple of minutes. The judge allowed her to collect herself and then she had to look at the exhibits and point out where Jamie Hahn fell.

That’s it for tonight kids. We will continue with this trial tomorrow, I simply cannot take another minute of it right now.
RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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From The Really Big Mean Dog Family

March 12, 2015

Mama, wishing you good surgery, a fast recovery and hoping your feisty self is back here before we know it.  We all have come to love you and we are all thinking about you today.  DH best be emailing me when you are out of surgery ya hear?  Love you mama.

Connie- A very happy birthday my friend.  I hope it brings all you desire.


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