The Jonathan Broyhill Trial

North Carolina has wackadoo’s too.  Who knew?

Well Hello everyone.  Mama Via is doing fine and I’m hoping Connie had a great birthday.  So, Jon Broyhill who we will now just refer to as the pedoface for brevities sake is a big fat loser.  He kind of looks like a cross between uncle fester and maybe some guy that offers free kittens out of the back of a blacked out van. He is charged with murder first degree and attempt murder first degree.

pedoface1Pedoface.  Tell me I’m wrong.

Just to catch everyone up pedoface is accused of hacking to death the wife of his best friend in what can only be described as Stabby style (well, minus the shower and washing machine) and then attacking his best friend with the same knife that had his wife’s blood all over it.   Jamie Hahn was an up and comer in the political arena and Nation Hahn was her husband.

Pedoface was the best man at Jamie and Nations wedding.  He was present in the house the evening of the attack.  He was seen violently stabbing Jamie by Nation.  Nation came to his wife’s aid and told her to get out of the house.  She made it as far as her neighbors yard before her grievous injuries dropped her.   She was alive when the ambulance got to her but succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.  She was 29.

Nation Hahn in his fight for the knife received severe hand lacerations and required several surgeries and therapy so hard did he fight for his wife’s life.  Imagine willingly grabbing onto the cutting edge of a large blade knife to give your wife time to try and get away.

So, Pedoface was arrested and of course because he was busted dead nuts he immediately pretended to attempt suicide.  He cut his wrists down to the bone.  Now, just to put a little perspective on this, while cutting ones wrists down to the bone hurts like a motherfucker, anybody who knows anything knows you want to cut up from the wrist to the elbow, hell even my brother knew that and he was special.  But of course it certainly helps with your not responsible due to mental incapacity defense so hats off for committing to the part you fucking piece of shit.  Then, during pre-trial he bitched that he wasn’t allowed to shave because they wouldn’t give him a razor.  Really Pedoface?  Like seriously for real?  I’m thinking they broke out the no-no just for him cuz the facial hair is obviously gone.

Apparently poor little Pedoface is gay which is of some great importance that nobody but pedoface is aware of. Nation said all their friends knew and nobody had a shit to give. Pedoface was also responsible for the accountings of campaign money having to keep track of incoming, outgoing, and bank balances. He was embezzling money (a whole shit ton of money) and it all just got to be to much for poor booboo.  Once he found out that Jamie was going to rat his ass out he flipped his fucking bean and grabbed the first stabby thing he could put his hands on.

The prosecutor puts me in mind of Jim Blackburn, a laid back southerner, softly spoken but with a whole lot to say. His opening argument as Blackburns was during the MacDonald trial was underwhelming. The defense deferred their opening statement (I fucking hate that they are allowed to do that, it’s like peaking at the winning lottery numbers before the draw.) I have said for years that rule should be abolished and I stand by it.

The prosecutions first witness was an attorney, John Wallace. He looked dapper and about a thousand years old. His specialty is election law.  So there was a whole lot of talk about election accounting measures that made my head want to explode because I don’t care.  So blah blah blah regulatory stuff, blah blah blah, Jamie Hahn Blah blah blah went through all the reports, blah blah blah why are there all these really weird disbursements, blah blah blah somebody is embezzling a shit ton of money.  Ruh roh! Pedoface and Jamie Hahn were both at this meeting.   God this guy is dry as melba toast.  Mmmm, melba toast.   Anyway melba toast guy got a letter saying that the electoral committee had some serious concerns about these very weird disbursements. He also got another letter that he would not normally been privy too stating that a response had been submitted in response to the first letter.  (Hey they’re talking about it so I’m writing it down, I am aware it is as boring as watching paint dry.) Blah Blah Blah serious concerns Blah blah blah more electoral committee stuff.  Screw it.  Money was missing and Pedoface was going to be in a lot of trouble if they found out he took it.

While this dude drones on infinitum, the courthouse if fairly sparsely occupied. Room for a lot more people and I’m surprised that there are not more there.

Thank you baby jesus we have a new witness. Professional recovery consultants. He collects commercial debts when one company owes another company money. He was trying to collect a debt from Jamie Hahn and when she tried to pay it she discovered that her bank account was empty. Hmmmm, wonder how that happened.

Next witness is Angela Cade. She works at the state police credit union and is the woman who called 911 for Jamie and Nation Hahn. She did not know them, but did know the poor bastards who wound up with a dying woman on their front lawn. She described how Jamie had foundered into the neighbors yard and dropped near their front door. She told 911 she thought that maybe Jamie had been shot due to the amount of blood on her. EMS arrived quickly and took Jamie but Nation was in so much shock he did not even realize the extent of his own injuries. Angela asked the other EMS response to please look at him because he was injured.

She said police swarmed the Hahn house, guns drawn and then she kind of lost her composure for a couple of minutes. The judge allowed her to collect herself and then she had to look at the exhibits and point out where Jamie Hahn fell.

That’s it for tonight kids. We will continue with this trial tomorrow, I simply cannot take another minute of it right now.
RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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29 Responses to The Jonathan Broyhill Trial

  1. Lacey says:

    Hey Kelley, I am in Greensboro Nc, will be following this with you on the raleigh news.U feeling ok?

  2. Bazzethound says:

    Lacey and I can both testify that there is lots of bat-shit crazy in North Carolina.
    Who knew? We knew!

  3. renaes24 says:

    Sorry guys but I just ain’t feeling it for a gay-embezzling-suicidal-political-creepo even though he went ape-shit and Rambo-ed a couple of peeps. I think it is the ‘political’ angle. I hear ‘female politician’ and my mind goes to Palin…….and shooting moose and just plain being nuts…..and….and…..
    Nope, nope, don’t think I can do it.

    • No omg she was no palin renae!
      “She believed deeply that if we had more leaders who led with love, who listened, who were humble, and who took action, then North Carolina would be a better place” (raleigh N&O)

      She was a sweet and smart young lady (only 29) passionate about battling poverty, homelessness, & hunger, and developing new leaders with the potential to make positive change in the community. It wasnt really about politics, it was about money. Sad.

      • nation and broyhill also had a looong history that goes waaay back, i think there was some jealousy going on too. Broyhill was a lonely loser stealing and lying to maintain his lifestyle, so often at the house that all the neighbors thought he lived there too. Nation and jamie were just starting to bloom and happy. Like jodi with travis, he wanted so badly what they had …they were good looking young dynamic successful kind & respected…and he was busted for who he really was and what he was doing.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      I am sick to death of politics, that’s for sure. It’s always the good ones that get taken out, it seems. That’s the way of the world we live in, unfortunately. The brighter you shine, the more someone wants to take you out. I dislike this guy enough I can follow it along, though. He’s a first class creep. Wonder if he wanted the husband for himself? Odd that he would attack the woman first, don’t you think?

  4. Twister says:

    You write it, I’ll read it.

  5. The spot where she lay, soon after, had a garden makeover, only in that one spot that was barren before, with flowers and a pretty little stone wall. I thought that was a nice gesture to kinda give back some happy vibes to that fated spot where poor jamie collapsed.

    The yard on the corner lot next door to where she was has a old-fashioned swing with a little wooden board for a seat with ropes tied thru a hole on either end and reaching high in the sky to a massive tree branch. So, sidebar, a teenage girl was killed in a drunk driving accident less than a block away about a year before in the same quiet neighborhood. Sometimes when i walk by there the swing is swinging… And i think of both of these young ladies whose lives so tragically ended.

    Happy to follow along with you on this one, it’s crazy how many good people who could really “be the change” like travis and jamie get wiped out by nutjobs. Why cant the nutjobs just take out other nutjobs?

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Hi Carmen — I’ve often wondered the same thing about the nut jobs. I’ve decided they recognize each other and look for those who are naive to their ways, or whom feel sorry for them and let their guards down. How many times have each of us thought “if someone would just give them a chance, they would be better people”? My father used to tell me, “don’t help people too much, they will resent you for it and they will bite the hand that feeds them”. I’ve found it to be true.

  6. Sherry says:

    There has to be more than this than just getting caught embezzling. It should be interesting to see how this turns out.

  7. Mama Via says:

    Good morning, everyone! To keep my mind if my itchy eye….and keep my finger out, too….a new BLOG IS UP, she would have loved this one! DAYTONA BIKE WEEK, 2015!

    If ONLY she weren’t guilty of MURDER,

  8. Mama Via says:

    PS-good job, Miss K…blah blah, my eye itches…blah blah, can’t rub it/touch it blah.blah, go to dr at Qp, blah, update you later, blah, blah

    Love you all!

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Would Twit for you but I don’t do that Mama — maybe Carmen or Renae will see your post? Now, Mama, I’m gonna be your mama and tell you to follow doctor’s orders!

  9. Mama Via says:

    Will someone please post on Twitter for me that blog is up? Please

  10. Lori g says:

    Great job Kelly. I’m following this trial and am glad you are. I agree with Sherry. I think we are going to find out a lot. Does anyone one know if he’s charged with first or second degree murder !

  11. starbaby says:

    Why did the defense attorney need to know if Nathan Hahn was taking a shit before going down stairs. He even wanted to know if he wiped before coming down stairs?

    What is the defenses strategy or theory of this case. The defense attorney seems to be just rambling on.

    Is the attorney trying to blame the victim. For having a weirdo fat assed friend who is a psycho pathological liar.

  12. Mama Via says:

    Update; hi everyone! My new eyeball is starting to work! YEAaa! With cataract gone, I’m seeing colors I haven’t seen in years! I’m just blown away…my vision is still cloudy, Doc says in another week to 30 days, my vision will improve dramatically! For the first time EVER, both eyes are focusing at the same point, and I’ve got 3d vision for first time,!! It’s like things are popping out at me! Its WILD! AND I’m totally blown away! I’m flipping speechless! Every hour that passes, it seems that my vision improves by leaps and bounds!

    I know that thus sounds funny…but I actually SAW my own face a while ago…(yes, it frightened me, and now I know why babies cry!)

    I’ll update you again tomorrow…all is well and getting better!

  13. Mama Via says:

    I saw my first license plate without glasses today! And was amazed by 3D stairs! Wow. All is well…more later

  14. Mama Via says:

    Thank you, Twister, Truly and Sherry! The doc told me I would see the greatest improvement this first week! I’m already seeing fewer spelling errors in my posts! YEA!!!

    Each passing hour gives me a few more percentage points of vision…and each hour, I am overwhelmed with what I am able to see! As my DH says “It’s impossible for me to understand, because my vision is corrected to 20/20, I’ve never had cataracts, I’ve always had vision in both eyes!” Well, you all know my PollyAnna outlook…in a way, I’m grateful for the years that I had little vision in one eye, and no vision in the other…because, with “my eyes opened” now, I have a greater appreciation for my improved eyesight, and I have more compassion for those who are now enduring the problems like I used to have…and especially those whose vision is even less than I had!

    Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly “why” we have been given a particular challenge to overcome…perhaps it’s only humans that have a need to understand “cause and effect” (you never hear of a beaver asking why it was HIS foot in the trap, now do you?). So, its human to have questions…and to have ANSWERS to those questions…it’s also very “human” to blame/credit our Supreme being!….I’m guessing that even the cavemen were crediting (or blaming) the Supreme Being for the challenges and often the answers, too!

    Now, don’t misunderstand…I love God…and I do my best to live the life that would make my Gramma proud of me (and God too!) One of the BIG lessons I learned as a 3rd Grader was that no matter HOW MUCH you PRAY…if you don’t study, you will still flunk the test! So, I’m not going to “blame God” for my eye issues, I’m blaming genetics (science). And I’m not planning to give ALL the credit to God for the “repair”, either! But I WILL credit the Good Lord giving my Surgeon his steady hand, and giving him a “natural talent”! And He gets credit for inspiring a researcher to think out the answer to Endothelial Dystrophy…

    I KNOW *I* would NEVER, in a million years have thought up THIS thought…”I have an idea! Let’s take a razor to Ugg’s eyes (he’s dead and won’t feel it anyway) and slice off this here part, and then, we will slice off this HERE part of Uggina’s eyes and replace it with the part from Ugg! And THEN, everything will be good as new for Uggina!” Nope, I would have never have been able to think that part up…I AM grateful to be living in the 21st century, when such scientific wonders are successful…AND well within the financial affordability of most Americans.

    My great grandmother had the same disease I have. Corneal transplants were being done early in the 20th Century, but Medicare was not put into law until 1965, and I cannot find what Medicare covered in 1970. But, as she was close to 85 when Medicare began, there is no way to discover if Medicare would have covered the procedure, and impossible to know if she would have been a good candidate for the transplant. If *I* had been born at ANY other time in human history, I would have just had no answer to my challenge at all. My Tribe would have left me somewhere with a “skin” of water, if I was lucky…and perhaps some dried deer or antelope meat. And they would say goodbye and left me to die…because I could not be a productive member of the tribe.

    Actually, they would have probably done so long before my eyes became an issue…my degenerative spine would have kept me from trekking across desert or woodlands…

    No doubt, our lives are more complicated than the lives our ancestors had. But, in many ways, they are much easier. One thing I’m positive of is “These are the good old days!”

    Thanks to each of you for your words of support, encouragement and caring. My life is fuller because of you.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      I love that Mama! I am sooooo happy for you. Its very inspiring to be reminded of the gift of sight, as I look out upon the soon to be green valley from the top of the little hill I sit upon, knowing that soon I will see the first red bud trees flower hot pink buds as my thickets of wild dogwoods flower like snow upon the bare branches. Spring is almost here! Renewal and rejuvenation is all around and our Mama can help us all enjoy it as if for the very first time. God is good!

  15. Twister says:

    Mama, I wish I could express myself in words the way you (and Kelly) do. The only harvest they could make upon my mother’s death was her eyes. I’m sending her thanks now.

    • Mama Via says:

      Good morning everyone! It’s me, Mama! The one who can actually SEE now where the “I” is and where the “O” is on the keyboard! Perhaps now, instead of typing “in” when I mean “on” or “live” instead of “love” or “if” when I mean “of” …perhaps, just maybe, those errors will not continue to plague me! YEAHHHHHH!!! I can see the keyboard of my iThing!

      My eyes are changing slower now, more “daily” rather than “hourly”…as I wake up, I rise with the anticipation of Christmas morning, wondering what changes my eye has made while I was asleep! I will confess, I still STARE in amazement at the things I see…(so, sorry, my first foray into the outside world will NOT be to Walmart! I have a virgin eye, you know, and I don’t want to go blind as soon as my fifth day!)

      Twister, please accept my gratitude for your (and your Mother’s) loving gift of her corneas! I am POSITIVE that the people who received your Mother’s corneas are so GRATEFUL for “the gift of sight” they received! I told my son that I wanted to write the family (in care of the EyeBank) to thank them for their decision, and to share my experiences. As is in my own case, you dear Mother is not truly “gone”, her eyes now look at a new set of loved ones, perhaps a spouse and children, perhaps grandchildren…a part of your Mom is making life more fulfilling for someone like me! Perhaps her eyes are enabling someone to see the beauty of Spring that Truly described.

      I know eventually, the newness, the “wonder” will wear off…but my gratitude for the gift of sight will endure all of my days!

      I am not experiencing as much cloudiness this morning! Everything is a little clearer..I still have a bit of vertigo–the 3D effect affects my balance. (OMG, I’ve waited YEARS to put those two words side by side!)

      I must say that it is pretty strange getting accustomed to your “good eye” being the “bad eye” and the former “bad eye” sending clear messages to the control center!

      I sure could have used this new SuperWoman vision way back 50 years ago! I would have heard a lot less of “well, ok, I guess we are STUCK with MamaVia AGAIN! EVERY TIME she is on our TEAM, we LOSE! Via, don’t you want to go to the Library instead of P.E?” Every sport had the same result… Softball-couldnt see the ball till it hit me, volleyball-couldn’t see the ball till it hit me, tether ball-couldn’t see the ball till it hit me. Are you seeing a THEME here? (What do you MEAN “keep your eye on the ball”? I can’t SEE the ball to keep my eye ON it! Well…I guess SOMEONE had to be picked LAST…I had “experience” being “last” and I was so GOOD at it!). I’m wondering…when DH watches Tennis and Golf on TV again this summer, if I will enjoy it more maybe because I’ll be able to see the ball? Just some musing thoughts….I always thought the cameraman was faking it…pretending that he was keeping the camera on the golf ball…but, my DH says “no, honey, everyone else can see it!”

      I don’t know if I have the doctors approval or not…but I need to go get a prescription today…but, I’m going to go EARLY, before the streets get busy! So, don’t say I didn’t WARN you!

      I’m thankful for another beautiful morning! Life is good! I’ll check back in a little later! I expect that Miss Kelly will be posting today too!

      Take care, be safe! Hugs all around!

      • Connie Rust says:

        Mama I’m so happy for you! It’s just amazing what medical science has done over the years. I wish you all the best and so glad all went well.

  16. TrulyUSA says:

    Such joy I feel for you, Mama! Congratulations!

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4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

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