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March 20, 2015

Sorry guys, someone who was a hugely important part of my life before my brain flipped and I became a hermit lost her dad last night.  So instead of worrying about the blog today I am standing by Skype and facebook in case she needs to talk.  I can’t go there because even if it was just her I would have to heavily medicate myself which would not be much help and her whole family is there making me visiting impossible.  She understands and so does her family but I feel like a completely horrible person about it anyway.

Broyhill in the shortest trial ever was convicted on all counts.  He got life +19 to 25.  I’d like to point out that that is how you expediently run a trial and other than the one little fuckup by totally a Judge calling the defense attorney Mr. Argument during closing it was a very tight trial. Boring as fuck but tight.

Hernandez is ongoing and what a shit show that is.  Might break in on that one if nothing else is jumping.

Anyway, I’m around but I have to be available for my friend.   So for anyone who hasn’t seen this Just skip ahead to 44:32 for the pertinent parts.

Hope everyone is well and I do apologize my plans for today’s blog will have to wait till tomorrow.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

EDIT: This is getting stupid now. I went to see what Sandra webber had written on her blog and she said someone who I did not believe to be Juans tie was Juans tie and the girl was being harassed so I told her I thought she was wrong. So now apparently I’m not Sandra but we are best friends. FUUUUUCK.

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