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Sorry guys, someone who was a hugely important part of my life before my brain flipped and I became a hermit lost her dad last night.  So instead of worrying about the blog today I am standing by Skype and facebook in case she needs to talk.  I can’t go there because even if it was just her I would have to heavily medicate myself which would not be much help and her whole family is there making me visiting impossible.  She understands and so does her family but I feel like a completely horrible person about it anyway.

Broyhill in the shortest trial ever was convicted on all counts.  He got life +19 to 25.  I’d like to point out that that is how you expediently run a trial and other than the one little fuckup by totally a Judge calling the defense attorney Mr. Argument during closing it was a very tight trial. Boring as fuck but tight.

Hernandez is ongoing and what a shit show that is.  Might break in on that one if nothing else is jumping.

Anyway, I’m around but I have to be available for my friend.   So for anyone who hasn’t seen this Just skip ahead to 44:32 for the pertinent parts.

Hope everyone is well and I do apologize my plans for today’s blog will have to wait till tomorrow.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

EDIT: This is getting stupid now. I went to see what Sandra webber had written on her blog and she said someone who I did not believe to be Juans tie was Juans tie and the girl was being harassed so I told her I thought she was wrong. So now apparently I’m not Sandra but we are best friends. FUUUUUCK.


55 Responses to Updates and Stuff

  1. Debbie Young says:

    Take care of you and your friend!!

  2. Lacey says:

    great to hear from you, was getting worried ☺

  3. sadiequinlan says:

    im deleting you from my emai nlogs, though I really did find them extremely funn you have deleted me from witter @TrueCrimeLinks. we chatted afew times )im Sadie) and I thought you were amazingy cool ut if you dont want to watch cases an true crime – then I guess I can li without you too.

    Keep up the good work, Sadie Quinlan ( I also have apolitical blog but thats entirely for a different audience

  4. reallybigmeandog says:

    Sadie if I deleted you from twitter it was completely by accident I assure you.

  5. TrulyUSA says:

    So sorry to hear of your friend’s loss. Nothing worse than losing a Daddy, lost mine in 1999, farm accident. He was 78, but it was still very hard. I still miss him. Don’t feel bad that you can’t be there, your friend will understand and right now she has people around, she’ll need you more when everyone leaves.

  6. TrulyUSA says:

    BTW, I’ve got a new appreciation for Troy, nice to hear a professional journalist’s take on the recent happenings. Bottom line, no proof, no report. I’m glad the truth about “sources” and the lack of proof of all these allegations is coming out. The Examiner really is more of an Enquirer piece than a real news source. You can’t stick a flower in a butthole and call it a vase!

  7. Mama Via says:

    Honey, I’m sorry for your friends loss…you remember, I lost my dad in 1976 (he was a baby, only 48) so I know how difficult it is…

    For everyone else…I had a follow up with my eye surgeon today…he asked if I cheated on my eye exam! Prior to my surgery, my Uncorrected vision in the right eye was 20/120 (correctable to 20/40barely made me legal to drive). Today I tested 20/40 WITHOUT glasses! I’ll still need reading glasses…but everything is going great! Doctor said he had NEVER seen anyone progress as quickly as I have! All good news!

    Well, love to all! I have Star Installation of Officers tonight…DH is sick tonight…if I didn’t know him better, I’d say he didn’t want to put on that tux! 🙂 but, this has been creeping up on him all week…so I know his illness is authentic…I’ll try to get a photo…

    Much love to everyone!

  8. Clueless says:

    What really happened to you Kelly? I’m so disappointed. When did you become friends with Pig Vomit? Or were you really all along..

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Clueless: If you read what I wrote which was that I did not originally think Tina Brehmer was not who she was being purported to be. How is that being her friend? We are not friends. As a matter of fact I can say fairly positively that there are few people that hate me more than her. That being said, I only even commented because I originally thought that Someone named Tina Brehmer was being harassed for no reason. I was trying to help out the Tina person that was all.

    • renaes24 says:

      ……..And the Beat Goes On…….Clueless: no disrespect, but change your name to Ridiculous or Brainless right now…..PLEASE?

  9. Connie Rust says:

    Kelly….I’m so sorry about your friend. I know how hard that is. I lost my dad just 2 years ago and it was devastating. I was so thankful for my friends. Even though I didn’t see a lot of people right away it was very comforting knowing I had friends who cared. Your friend will appreciate your support….even if not in person. Hugs…

  10. Twister says:

    Kelly, I’m sure your friend appreciates your support. …..And [edit] The hits just keep on comin’. I’m hangin’ with you girl.

  11. lalori says:

    twitter is crazy… Those mean girls sure have a hard on for you Kelly. It’s just so dumb, you have to laugh. And from what I’ve been reading, they’re kicking up the conspiracy theories. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hughes ends up starring in one of the fantasy scandal headlines soon. What a shame. It makes me glad I don’t tweet.

    • Mama Via says:

      Hi, laLori! Yes, to be honest it certainly appears that the green meanies over there Are experiencing some emotional/mental instabilities! It must be very sad to be that paranoid! I’ve watched of them fall deeper and deeper into conspiracy theories and they are now to the point that they are surpassing a certain inconvenient blogger in crazy talk! I was reading the other day, and in less than a few minutes, they charged a friend of mine with being Kelly, then me and then some woman who lives in California, then,,,back to Kelly, then to someone else. They’ve gone beyond just “challenged”! The vitroil being spewed by the two main individuals is escaling and I am truly concerned for their mental well being and stability. It’s impossible to know their living situation, but I hope that they have a good support system

      Perhaps after the sentencing of 458434 is over, (which I believe was a trigger) they will be able to concentrate on issues “closer to home”.

      As far as Hughes…SMDH…I try not to believe what I read…but even a lie has a kernel of truth. I would guess that talking to him would be like talking to one of those Mary Kay ladies with a pink caddy…or Amway… 😍…..everyone’s gonna be a millionaire…

      Hughes would be in a fantasy scandal headline if he thought it would make him a dollar. (Which is ok, if you are able to sleep at night, and still face the man in the mirror…). Personally, *I* couldn’t sell PPL, but, I failed with Mary Kay (and Amway frightened me!)..

      Thanks for posting a comment!

  12. Crabs says:

    I think Mama brought this on Kelly, honestly. I saw the tweets and she was sucking up to anyone who was challenging that tie guy. It made it look really bad for everyone.

    • Mama Via says:

      Yea, I was me, alrighty! You shoulda seen how I was takin up for poor little old Tie who everybody was pickin on! But, I didn’t think anyone would know “RedHotMama” was me!

      • Crabs says:

        you’re not the dogderfla? I assumed that was you for some reason. my apologies if that is not the case.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        That’s the problem, everyone is impersonating others so as to cast doubt — and its working as evidenced by your statements.

    • lalori says:

      I don’t know who is who in twitterland nor do I care but from what I’ve seen, anyone who was asking that tie guy (&Company) to explain ANYTHING regarding the MDLR rumors were quickly pounced on and told they must be drunk, Kelly, or a jodi supporter. It’s insane… Also for those calling tie a brave hero, it’s basically a big thank you for him/her taking on what should be the writers responsibility.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        lalori: it is definitely a fucking free for all. One thing I will assure all of you. If I have something to say on twitter it will be with my one and only twitter handle. Although it is fun being everybody.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Crabs: Mama did NOT start this. THIS is deflection for the fact that odds are extremely good that there is nothing to said article.

      • renaes24 says:

        STOP WITH THAT DEFLECTION bullcrap! I never want to hear that word again! (sorry Kel, but miss ‘can’t fit my fat-head-in-this-beret’ overuses that word whenever she cannot respond logically)It’s de-edifying!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        you’re right Dame Renae defender of the realm.(She got knighted this morning) Please allow me to rephrase. MAMA did not start shit. This shit got started by a blogger who has quite nicely set tie up to take the fall by the way in case nobody caught that and Tie hates my guts with a passion that burns so will go after anyone they perceive to be friends with me. Fuck deflection. It is outright bullshit, it’s been confirmed to be bullshit as far as I am concerned and I’m about done with it. Will be moving on TODAY.

      • renaes24 says:

        Yeah, yeah and YEAH! It has ALL been bullshit! However, I will reserve judgement as to ‘Tie” being ‘set up’. I think the 2 were in cahoots with all of this and so far, I won’t give either one a ‘pass’.
        Let them all be like vipers in a pit biting each others tails. I will just sit back and enjoy the show.
        Now…….moving on…….

      • renaes24 says:

        Besides they are the Schindler’s List Of Bitches and Sluts

    • renaes24 says:

      Mama didn’t bring it on. FFS: it was a whole “she is Kelly; no SHE is Kelly, no that is SW” bullshit rant. Hell, I was Kel to them and I was also some ‘pug person’ and we ALL know who Tie is so what would be that point? (and Crabs: in case you REALLY didn’t know: Tie is a FEMALE). Also, in case you didn’t know: Tie is full of bullshit (but that’s a different story altogether). So…..jumping to conclusions is not a good idea……especially on Twitter, Better to sit back and enjoy the ‘show’.

  13. Mama Via says:

    Just a few comments Crabs…first, my REAL name IS “Via”…I do not hide who I am here, in the past I have posted my full name and even given my true e-mail address! I have not hidden my past, I havent hidden my life.

    I also have not written unproven, unsubstantiated rumors over the past three months targeting not just 458434, but TWO personal friends of mine, in addition to people I DONT know: MDLR, S. WEBBER, and any number of other people. Tie seems to be allowed to say whatever she pleases without accepting responsibility for her words or actions when she is wrong.

    In ONE case her vicious LIES could have put a Registered Nurse’s license in danger with absolutely NO PROOF. THERE WAS NO PROOF, because what she alleged NEVER HAPPENED.

    “Tie” who ever it might be, will not step out from behind her pseudonym and make these accusations with out the shield of anonymity! I guarantee that if I where going to put someone’s career and license on the table, I would CERTAINLY have huevitas enough to take off my mask! I don’t know about Canada, but in America, everyone has the right to face their accuser! “Tie” is using Twitter as a shield, and is using Beswick as a shield. And when the time comes to be responsible for actions, it won’t be “Tie” paying, but the people she has played.

    S/He promised to “apologize” for being wrong, but the apology turned out to be only “Retraction:I mis-spoke”? What about the people that were hurt by her “mis-spoke”? Tie has been “mis-speaking for at LEAST the last two months, and I’m tired of innocent people getting hurt! (i.e.:Kelly McFadden Jones, a woman who works in a bank, who just “happens” to have a similar name! There were threats to call that poor woman’s employers to “tell him just what kind of employee he had hired”! There was no apology for THAT either! Not even a “retraction: I mis-spoke.”

    And how could who ever was “sucking up to anyone who challenged Tie” make anyone ELSE look bad? From your statement there was more than one person challenging Tie, I dont see that agreeing with the challenge reflected on anyone but the writer!

    I’ve been writing comments HERE for quite a few months now, I don’t remember seeing you here before. But I’ll play the silly little Tie/Bunny/CHRISTINE game with you…which one of those ARE you? I’ve been accused over the last 3-4 months of being kelly, Renae, and God only knows who else. And there is only ONE reason why. Because I have supported kelly since that fiasco Beswick posted on Jan 24th! For close to two MONTHS I’ve been attacked verbally, abused verbally by a Tie, Beswick and anyone on Beswicks Examiner account. Those two, and their minions have threatened to call my husband’s work, they make wild and outrageous claims, and even my deceased Grandmother was ridiculed by those two! They make wild accusations, and never have any proof! WORST of all, their irresponsible reporting COULD be hindering and obstructing a valid criminal investigation!

    And…what is your interest in reporting anyone’s actions to Kelly? What do you think Kelly can/will do about it? Exactly WHAT do you think I “brought on”? Why didn’t you address your feelings with dogdrefla yourself?

    I’m a little tired of being told that Tie made comments wishing that my “eye veins” would burst because I do not believe the claptrap they are promoting! (I won’t repeat the profanity laced ones having to do with fecal matter!!)

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, I’d be the last to interfere with your right to express an what you feel and why…and I’ll certainly listen to any rebuttal you might have.

    • Crabs says:

      I didn’t know you had to comment every 5 minutes to be accepted here. I guess I made a mistake. I saw you on twitter because I was following Carmen and her blog. If you guys want to take the low road, you’re doing a great job. I used to enjoy Kelly’s blog but not lately. It’s not funny, it’s all inside jokes and now you attack readers who finally work up the courage to comment. I won’t make that mistake again and I won’t be reading again. Have a nice life.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        You know, nobody has to do anything to be accepted here. They just are. We don’t have to think alike, talk alike or rahrahrah each other. I’m sorry you can’t figure that out for yourself, but as Renae once said, this is a no kill shelter. I’ve never started a fight but I DO respond when someone is being unreasonable. We don’t need the Twitter brigade coming here and starting problems, you are all in deep doodoo as it is. Your house of cards is collapsing, and it’s about time.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Truly: you said that way better than I ever could have. It was absolutely dead on and I thank you for your eloquence.

  14. CarlT says:

    I don’t understand Twitter. 😔

  15. mrsmojojojo says:

    Hi Kelly…. I need to apologize for anything I wrote the other night regarding CB. I am childless on Thursdays and tossed a few too many. So in my alcohol inspired kumbaya rant, I spewed out what can only be described as completely ignorant. I continued to look for corroboration of CB’s article on the money scam, I see the hate and vitriol that is out there and I don’t understand any of this, never did. We are on the same side and the right side. I like you Kelly. I am sorry to have commented on something I know very little about. I see you are making an effort to distance yourself from that discussion and I am with you. Why are they behaving like those JAII crazies? Hate is hate, no good can ever come of it. I’m out. I look forward to new discussions and ideas. If I see something I think is interesting I will advise. Again, I’m sorry. I don’t twitter or facebook. Take care.. You are a shiny crazy diamond however, I won’t take that back.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      It’s easy to get confused with all the unproven allegations out there. I’m glad you were able to come to your own conclusions after looking at it all. Hate has been a daily supplement for them, and that never ends well. It was obvious your heart was in the right place, and that’s all I care about. You sound like a stand up person and has the courage to address it and reconsider so I applaud that!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      mrsmojojojo: I don’t think you need to apologize for anything although I do truly appreciate the sentiment. I appreciated the comment and you really did give me pause for thought. Please do not feel a need to apologize for having an opinion that might not go with the pack. You were polite and constructive and that is all any of us ask from anyone else.

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