Robert Durst Is a Crazy Assed Crazy.

March 21, 2015

Really dude, you didn’t remember you had a mic on? Whatever the fuck planet he’s from

Hai everybody. It’s me your Dean of Fuckery/Law Professor/doctor of doctoring/resident sarcasm expert and queen of all I survey. I have been looking into this Robert Durst dude and I have to say the psychopaths seem to be coming out of the woodwork just to say hi. This one is pure psychopath. It’s a lot like finding bigfoot. On a scale of 1 to 10 buddy has got to be a 15. Seriously, you have three bodies behind you, that you got away with and you decide to do a documentary on yourself. Delusions of grandiosity much?

So here is some background on Robert Durst. He is rich as fuck, grew up in New York, he got counceling as a child for “sibling rivalry” or maybe for killing cats who keeps track? He became a real estate developer but when daddy handed the reins over to his brother it caused a giant shit show in the family and Robert took his ball out of the sandbox and went somewhere else to play.

He married Kathleen McCormick in 1973 and she magically disappeared in 1982. (I didn’t do it, I only disappear planes.) At the time she went missing Durst was living in a separate apartment and dating some other woman. Apparently the police didn’t look to hard for Kathleen. They reopened an investigation in 2000. Want to know why? Because Durst’s good friend Susan Berman was killed execution style in her house in California. Coincidentally(spoiler, not really) she was thought to have information on the disappearance of Kathleen. When questioned Durst confirmed he had recently sent his good friend $50000 for no apparent reason and promptly booked it for Texas. And just because all this isn’t way to fishy he lived in a boarding house posing as a mute woman. (Okay I know I saw this on law and order. BRB.) Yup I was right. Season 14 Episode 17 called hands free.

Anyway in 2001 Durst was arrested when his neighbor turned up dead and disassembled. The parts were found floating in Galveston Bay. He posted bail of 300 grand and immediately jumped it. He was recaptured in Pennsylvania trying to shoplift a chicken salad Sammy. He had $500 in his pocket and when his car was searched they found $37000 in cash, a couple of guns, some weed, and the dead dudes drivers license.

In 2003 he was put on trial for that murder and claimed self defense. He hired Dick Diguerin (very hot shit defense attorney, if you are really rich and killed somebody use this guy) During cross-examination, Durst admitted to using a paring knife, two saws, and an axe to hunk up Mr. Black for easier disposal. He was acquitted of murder. He was sentenced to bail jumping and tampering with evidence and got 5yrs. He was released twice. The first time he was caught breaking his parole conditions so they shipped him back to do his remaining time. He was released in 2006.

This brings us to now when the dumbass agreed to the documentary The Jinx. Where he forgot he was wearing a live mic and confessed to murder. Or did he? I won’t say what I think he is going to say about that but I don’t think it is going to stand in court.

He was arrested recently and charged with murder and was caught with a shit ton of cash and a latex mask for disguise purposes. They also found a .38 loaded with 4 rounds, a bunch more weed and paperwork for shipments of large sums of cash. Dick DiGuerin is once again representing him and he has waived an extradition hearing and was going to be being shipped back to answer his murder charges. However, New Orleans filed its own charges for the firearm and the weed so that could slow his return to Cali.

This one is going to be a barn burner.

That’s it for today
RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

EDIT: I put the sum of $15000 that he sent to his friend it was actually $50000. It has been corrected (and thank you to the person who’s name I cannot remember I’m sorry) for pointing it out.

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