Knox Decision Delayed And Apparently The Arraignment Judge Concurs With My Assessment of Robert Durst

Wow the wheels of Justice grind very slowly

So the decision on whether or not Amanda Knox’s conviction is being upheld has been put off so that her former partner in crime can try and throw her under the bus and save his own ass on Friday. His defense team wants to be heard before the court makes a decision on whether Amanda better start trying to make her way to a non-extradition country or not.

Robert Durst was denied bail of even 1 billion dollars in court the other day. Apparently the court agrees that Crazy Assed Crazy is indeed just that as well as maybe a tiny bit of a flight risk. Tons is coming in on Durst so there will be updates on this one soon. There are rumors of more bodies on this guy everyday and I also read that a judge thinks he mailed her a cats head. Talks are ongoing with his wife to secure a deal for her testimony so they probably have something on her too besides accessory after the fact. Can’t wait. Charming fellow this guy.

See you all tomorrow or Friday

RBMD peacing the fuck out.


8 Responses to Knox Decision Delayed And Apparently The Arraignment Judge Concurs With My Assessment of Robert Durst

  1. Dana Marston says:

    Wow, it looks like Durst might go down this time, finally. He is a whack job, for sure. I haven’t paid much attention lately to the Knox ordeal. What will her boyfriend say, do you think? And I take it you think she is guilty? I never decided whether I thought she was, or not, but her behavior was crazy! First time posting, here, bit have been reading your blogs since the PP. I appreciate your sarcasm and humor!!

  2. Bazzethound says:

    Hai KellyMae! I’ve missed hearing from you. Hope the tweeting bitches are leaving you alone. Is it time for you to ride thru town naked on a horse to prove who the bad-ass queen is?
    Hope your day is filled with sunshine, puppies, and whatever the fuck else you want.
    ~Gwen, a.k.a. Bazzethound (the supreme diva of Underwater Fire Prevention)

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Durst trial is going to be really good if they can get the wife to talk. If not, it’s going to be a lot harder for the prosecution. She’s got to be some kind of crazy too. Must be the money! Amanda Knox? Can’t decide but I don’t believe her story entirely. I think something happened and maybe they know more than they have said, but I don’t think she actually killed Meredith unless it was by accident. I could be wrong and willingly admit the Italian court is such a mess who can decide what really happened?
      The sour little tweeters have nothing else in their lives, so they will carry on, if not Kelly, then somebody else. That’s who they are. They aren’t even a pimple on the Queen’s ass!

  3. renaes24 says:

    Hello to all. Just a quick dash as a family emergency has me running. Durst? well, hopefully Louisiana can nail him and give him lots of time because I think the Calif case will go ‘poof’ (unless of course his current wife testifies to heaven knows what). As for ‘Foxy’? I didn’t follow it. I only know she was convicted + then that conviction was overturned and now the overturned is overturned (I suppose that makes sense……somewhere). Hey! It’s Italian courts…..(remember ‘bunga-bunga’?) so it can drone on for years. More interesting to me will be if she is extradited and if the US goes for it?
    I’ll be checking in and out!

  4. I don’t believe Knox killed her; the so-called “evidence” was twisted like a pretzel to try to make it fit and the crime scene was handled terribly. Keystone Cops in Italy.
    Plus, Italy has no concept of Double Jeopardy. They would keep trying Knox ad nauseam if she were to go back.
    And we are under no obligation to send her back there anyway; lots of countries refuse to extradite accused murderers to the U.S. because we have the DP and there’s nothing WE can do about that.
    Italy can suck it!

    • Canada is actually one of those countries that refuses to extradite to the U.S.
      In fact, they were going to let vicious serial killer Charles Ng walk free amongst them until it was pointed out that, well, they were going to let vicious serial killer Charles Ng walk free amongst them.
      Canada then had second thoughts about that and voted, by a very slim margin, to send him back to California, where he now sits on Death Row…for decades.

  5. And Italy’s high court just ruled to overturn the Amanda Knox conviction.

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