Guys, We Need To Talk About Twitter

March 26, 2015

Hai Everybody.

I’m going to make as short as possible. First I want you to know that I appreciate what you are trying to do. I really do. That being said, the stuff on twitter, it needs to stop. Now, obviously I can’t make any of you do anything. I’d just like to point out a couple of things. The more this gets carried on (and that includes by me) the worse it is getting. Peoples accounts are getting suspended, people are being goaded into fights, people that I care about are being called names and being accused of being me people that have been friends for years are being made to pick sides.

I will say again, there is more to life than this one trial. If anyone here knew either Jodi or Travis please raise your hand. I did not. I was disgusted by the carnage and the changing stories and the courting of the media and the snuffing out of a person because the other person was butthurt. I never knew Travis. I do know that this trial has done one of two things. It has brought out either the very worst or the very best in people. We are good people here. And of course we are offended and angry at a lot of the things on twitter, but the easiest way to make that stop is to ignore it. I am. I check twitter once a day now and I almost never comment. That is me and it does not in any way have to be you but please at least think about what I am saying.

It’s time everybody just let it go okay. Let the chips fall where they may. Enough vitriol. It isn’t healthy and it isn’t getting anyone anywhere. I’m asking you to please stop. If you are mad stop going to the place that makes you mad. I know that the anger is multi layered. I know that it is deep. But anger just breeds anger and I want this place to be a good place always.

I will no longer be discussing anything to do with the place that upsets us. AT ALL. If you are fighting for me, please stop. If you have your own issues then let your conscience be your guide.

I love this place. I want it to always be our ‘no kill shelter’ where all are welcome and all their thoughts are welcomed as long as they are presented in a respectful manner.

I guess that is it. It just makes me sad the amount of energy being wasted being pissed off.

I love you all. I will be blogging Durst tomorrow and hopefully I can find out what the Italian had to say about Foxy Knoxy and if it made a difference

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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