Guys, We Need To Talk About Twitter

Hai Everybody.

I’m going to make as short as possible. First I want you to know that I appreciate what you are trying to do. I really do. That being said, the stuff on twitter, it needs to stop. Now, obviously I can’t make any of you do anything. I’d just like to point out a couple of things. The more this gets carried on (and that includes by me) the worse it is getting. Peoples accounts are getting suspended, people are being goaded into fights, people that I care about are being called names and being accused of being me people that have been friends for years are being made to pick sides.

I will say again, there is more to life than this one trial. If anyone here knew either Jodi or Travis please raise your hand. I did not. I was disgusted by the carnage and the changing stories and the courting of the media and the snuffing out of a person because the other person was butthurt. I never knew Travis. I do know that this trial has done one of two things. It has brought out either the very worst or the very best in people. We are good people here. And of course we are offended and angry at a lot of the things on twitter, but the easiest way to make that stop is to ignore it. I am. I check twitter once a day now and I almost never comment. That is me and it does not in any way have to be you but please at least think about what I am saying.

It’s time everybody just let it go okay. Let the chips fall where they may. Enough vitriol. It isn’t healthy and it isn’t getting anyone anywhere. I’m asking you to please stop. If you are mad stop going to the place that makes you mad. I know that the anger is multi layered. I know that it is deep. But anger just breeds anger and I want this place to be a good place always.

I will no longer be discussing anything to do with the place that upsets us. AT ALL. If you are fighting for me, please stop. If you have your own issues then let your conscience be your guide.

I love this place. I want it to always be our ‘no kill shelter’ where all are welcome and all their thoughts are welcomed as long as they are presented in a respectful manner.

I guess that is it. It just makes me sad the amount of energy being wasted being pissed off.

I love you all. I will be blogging Durst tomorrow and hopefully I can find out what the Italian had to say about Foxy Knoxy and if it made a difference

RBMD peacing the fuck out.


46 Responses to Guys, We Need To Talk About Twitter

  1. margo says:

    Hi Kelly et all – I don’t do Twitter very much so I have no idea what this is about but I have a feeling I am lucky to have missed it. Thanks for having this place for us, and for all your brilliant writing as well as the guest bloggers – I always love to see a new email from the Big Dog. Sorry to hear that there’s been some hurting going on, I hope it stops now that you’ve called for it to end. Love to you and everyone else. xoxo

  2. Mama Via says:

    You are wise beyond your years, grasshopper!

  3. reallybigmeandog says:

    Hai Margo. Yes you are lucky you have been missing it. I hope so too margo because it just isn’t healthy. Thank you so much. Love to you back.

    • I check in there once in awhile to see if there is anything new with JA.
      I wind up being confused by all the weird rumors, dumb theories being floated, and the ridiculous back-biting. I don’t get it; they must be bored or something to be turning on each other like that.
      And I got bored trying to figure out all their crap.
      Very tedious.

      • Actually, I love my regular twitter feed.
        It has friends, interesting sites that I like such as cooking, street photography (I refuse to let that crunt, JA ruin the rep of photography) a few celebrities I admire, such as James Garner. His daughter Gigi is sweet, and an animal lover, and will interact with good peeps. Roseanne Cash is another I follow; she’s awesome.
        So, anyway, twitter is fine when you avoid evil hashtags.

  4. Laurie says:

    Hi Kelly ~ Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree.. Twitter has become a pretty toxic place. I pop on and check in once or twice a day as well. That is about it. You are so very right in that anger breeds anger. It isn’t healthy. I have chosen to be healthy. As always, I sooo appreciate you and your RBMD blogs. Thank you!! ❤

  5. Debbie Young says:

    NO ONE could have said it better!! I only joined Twitter to follow the Stabby penalty retrial since it wasn’t on TV. I had NO IDEA what a minefield it could be! And then I found you and your blog, which MANY times has had me laughing till I cried!! Looking forward to your take on cray-cray Durst!!

  6. Joe Santos says:

    Excellent Kelly! Well said. ❤️👽

  7. Christine says:

    I don’t Twitter but I have gone there and I have gotten upset. Very cool of you to call of the dogs so to speak and encourage everybody to let it go. Ultimately that’s what will hurt Jodi the most anyway….being forgotten 🙂

  8. Lacey says:

    Bravo my Queen!

  9. Laura hickey says:

    Kelly, you’re so right. I’m appalled at all the nasty, petty and uncalled for crap on Twitter. It’s a clique that seems to thrive on this stuff — really disgusting. So — thank you for taking a stand – right behind ya!

  10. margo says:

    The Demon causes division and hatred everywhere. I swear she is a force for evil.

  11. bevrhys says:

    I missed it all but agree with you … sometimes our reactions only fuel their fires and well fukitol .. it ain’t worth it because then the attacks get worse etc. Hate that you’ve (individually and collectively) been attacked. Hate it hate it hate it. Well done you.

  12. Mags Vazquez says:

    It’s beyond me how this trial has caused a lot of pain and I mean the Alexander’s they lost a brother by the hands of Stabby she has been convicted of 1ST degree murder . That’s the truth , she is not innocent period.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Sad, isn’t it Mags? In looking for justice for their brother, they became her victims, too, largely due to “social” media which is anything but social!

  13. Dove99 says:

    Well said Kelly. I’ve been reading you for ages but haven’t commented until now. Twitter and the “blog” comments of the one who shall remain nameless have been absolutely disgusting. Being goaded and manipulated into taking part in this crap is nothing to be proud of. I hope folks truly listen and hear your message today. Thank you for having the courage to speak up.

  14. Cecelia says:

    Words of wisdom well spoken.
    The only thing anger changes… is the angry person.
    Sometimes into a barely recognizable version of ourselves.
    I refuse to let that C U Next Tuesday, or any of her duhfense team have that kind of control over my emotions.
    She has stirred the shit pot for so long seems she’s forgotten, eventually she’s gonna have to lick the spoon.

  15. Lori g says:

    Right on Kelly. I don’t do twitter or facebook, but I can follow trial tweets, but can’t comment. I wouldn’t comment anyways. I was obsessed with anything having to do stabby, but you know what. She flew out of my mind very quickly. I am so very happy. I haven’t even been watching trial video exept for juan and that’s from an educational point. I don’t know what you’re referring to, but I am done with anything stabby related and I have so much more free time.

  16. TrulyUSA says:

    Twitter is horrible! I don’t tweet but I look around and I am always appalled at the lack of morals and decency there. It’s like all the crazy people found a place to be sick together! I try not to look because it is upsetting to see people attacked on innuendos, etc. I stopped going to “that” place a long time ago and nope, I won’t go back. Thanks Kelly for leading us all in the right direction. We don’t need Twitter or it’s drama and I for one am all for ignoring it.

  17. TrulyUSA says:

    P.S. — I love this place too, and I have no intention of letting a bunch of weirdly narcissistic people reporting on weirdly narcissistic people stop me from enjoying your writings Kelly. Keep ’em coming!

  18. lalori says:

    As a spectator, all that crazy makes me laugh! I think twitter is totally hilarious! But I do understand people being over it so I won’t comment about it anymore.

    Great place, keep up the good work Kelly.

  19. Bravo, Kelly! You always say what needs to be said. I agree with you 100% We need to stop feeding the monster and let it die.

  20. Ray O Sunshine says:

    It is crazy~~I’ve been blocked by people that I’ve never even talked to just because I don’t support the Murderer & they’re STILL trying to discuss & defend #JodiWho
    17 days till Perryville & We’ll all soon say #Justice4Travis Finally!
    Alexander family needs closure & Jodi needs to STFU!
    April 13th is the day we’ll all release balloons for Travis! Thanks to Paul Sanders (@The13thJurorMD) at 531pm AZ time!
    Thanks for promoting peace on Twitter.

  21. RayOSunshine says:

    It is crazy~~I’ve been blocked by people that I’ve never even talked to just because I don’t support the Murderer & they’re STILL trying to discuss & defend #JodiWho
    17 days till Perryville & We’ll all soon say #Justice4Travis Finally!
    Alexander family needs closure & Jodi needs to STFU!
    April 13th is the day we’ll all release balloons for Travis! Thanks to Paul Sanders (@The13thJurorMD) at 531pm AZ time!
    Thanks for promoting peace on Twitter.

  22. Constance says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Will you comment about Stabby’s most recent supplemental motion to change counsel?
    You will know how she can pull something YET AGAIN.
    It staggers me how this psychopath runs the courtroom even at this stage.
    Thanks for filling me in.

  23. I agree with you. I don’t use twitter so I haven’t seen any of this.

  24. Mama Via says:

    Blog post is up! “Examining the Examinera-TORONTO Relationships”

    Sorry it’s so long””

    • Well done!
      When I first read “The Examiner,” I seriously thought it was the San Francisco paper. LoL
      It didn’t take long to see what a TERRIBLE writer this Christine person is; truly dreadful. She needs remedial English Composition; 3rd grade level at the very least.
      Also, her pieces reek of jealousy to me; I mean, why so nasty?
      I think I know why…she’s a SHITTY, no talent crunt.
      Sucks to be her.

  25. Mama Via says:

    Blog post is up! “Examining the Examinera-TORONTO Relationships”

    Sorry it’s so long””

    • Mama Via says:

      Maybe the blog will explain at least some of the hate on Twitter…and a few other places…I highly recommend avoiding those places! They are meant to hurt, not lift up!

    • Connie Rust says:

      Excellent blog Mama! I used to enjoy reading CB’s blogs, even if they were old news. After that crap she wrote about Kelly I stopped. I have no use for someone who would write that kind of stuff. I don’t get on Twitter either. I have an account for the purpose of following trial tweets but I only read a few reputable people’s tweets….and CB is not one of them. I did not read that examiner blog you reference but I heard about it. I thought it sounded very unprofessional. I’m sorry but if her only source is someone from Twitter called Juan’s Tie…..well that speaks volumes about the validity of her claims. I kept waiting for Troy Hayden or Jen Wood to say something but all they would say is that nothing could be confirmed. It’s just too bad some people thrive on deception……

    • I liked it too! Well done.

  26. Tish Brabant says:

    Thanks Kelly, I’m so glad i have never bothered to play the Twitter game, sounds so hateful right now. This makes me so happy to have your blog to read. Like everyone else i laugh till i hurt and always get all the wise info i’m looking for. Take care my dear till next time.

  27. carylfilanda filanda says:

    Hair Kelly, I’ve never posted before but have read your blogs for months. You’re my hero, being able to say the things I’m thinking with much humor and candor. Don’t go on Twitter at all, by the sounds of it, glad I don’t. Keep blogging and God bless you. Much love to you!

  28. margie lee says:

    WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. shyloh says:

    I have been on twitter since 2009 following the Caylee Anthony trial. I have seen a lot of crap change on twitter. At times I don’t understand the hate and the wanting to harm others instead of sticking with the program. I know there will always be some for, some against. But really??? Can’t some voice opinions instead of trying to harm others. They are no better than the one’s they defend. (Jody Aries) People just don’t study facts, they are sheep being lead to the slaughter and they are to dumb to know it. And what’s more disturbing. They actually want someone like that running around free. Well, she can move in their neighborhood.

  30. WHERE is our Kelly???
    Miss you, girlfriend!

  31. reallybigmeandog says:

    I’m here. I promise.

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