To The People Stalking My Son

March 30, 2015

You know who you are so for right now I’m going to leave it at that. Just because you have me personally blocked on twitter doesn’t mean that I’m not getting screen shots everyday of the stuff you are saying about me. I didn’t care. I have not retaliated and for the last time I have no control over what people other than myself do or say. I am not encouraging it. I have tried to diffuse it.

Now you have brought my son into it. And you are stalking his facebook. The Smudger Leeds that you have taken the facebook profile picture of is a very young girl and I’m thinking that has to somehow be illegal.

I just want you to be aware that I am aware and if the harassment of my child continues I am going to be contacting the authorities, the press and whoever else I can think of to expose this. Bullying a grown woman is one thing, bullying an already psychologically damaged child is entirely another so stop.

I remember one of you three crying foul when a picture of a group of students was posted. How foul is this? And no that person is not the one who did this, one of her lackies did it for her.

Also, as for all this everybody is Kelly bullshit. I have one ID on twitter. RBMD. If I have something to say I don’t need to hide behind a fake name to say it. But way to be paranoid. Continue to believe what you want.

Leave my son and his friends alone.

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