MamaVia Speaks-Just Checking In

April 23, 2015

Hi everyone!  Just a quick note to say hello and update you!  Yes, everything is fine with both the RBMD and Mama!  I’ve been a little under the weather with an attack of Fibromyalgia AND my “allergies” have kicked in!  They say that if you never had allergies and move to Florida, you will DEVELOP allergies!  Now, how could I live within spitting distance of a freeway off-ramp (and the freeway) for all those years…oh, and don’t forget…no air conditioner!…and THEN move to Florida and have “clean” non-freeway air…and THAT makes me sick?  Crazy!

Yes, Miss Kelly is fine…I’m sure she will relate her adventures when she returns!

Now! I need your help…what trial are we watching?  

I learn tomorrow if I will be on jury duty next week…so, I will update yall tomorrow…so, until then, be safe and be happy!  I will find something to write about in the next day or so…unless Miss Kelly beats me to it!

Much live and hugs!

Mama’s Soap Box: Buh-Bye, Buh-Bye, Hello!

April 17, 2015
Hi everyone!  This is MAMAVIA!  I’m filling in for Kelly tonight!  I hope you enjoy!

Son stopped by on Monday, just a few minutes before the mother of 458434 began to speak at her daughter’s sentencing. Very close to the beginning of her little speach she said that 458434 was her “firstborn, and didn’t come with instructions”. Hmm…that’s not much of an excuse…it’s not like a baby is an “open box” item that you pick up at Best Buy and you saved a few bucks because no instructions were included!  Every child living was born “without instructions”…and every parent has to learn to deal with it!

Anyway, I huffed, and puffed, and said “oh, Right!” as well as a few other unprintable expletives during her little speech (written by her Number 1 Daughter, I’m sure!) I was so close to seething!  My Son has a level head, is thoughtful and considerate, and I often depend on his sage advice…so, when he said “Mom, YOU would have done the same things!” it knocked my sensitivity for a moment, and, as usual, it took me a few minutes to think logically about the circumstances.  Now, admittedly, I’m close to 1000 miles away from Arizona, but I’m a good mom  (TONS better than SOME!) because I try to LISTEN to my “child” (who is now a manly Man). So, I stopped and thought about what 458434’s mother SAID, what her WORDS really meant.

“She didn’t come with instructions”…sometimes life is like that…you CAR comes with instructions, but you never read them…your cell phone has instructions, but you never look them up! I even remember that COMPUTERS USED to come with instructions…sometimes big 3-ring binders…and they didn’t get used either!  Maybe we just aren’t an “instruction reading society”!  

But, in thinking about those 5 words, I think that she’s implying some kind of manufacturer malfeasance!  No instructions were included!  Would she have done better with instructions? Or would they have been thrown out with the trash, or put up on the bookshelf and ignored!  Please, don’t tell other defendants that “they didn’t come with instructions” is an acceptable defense for whatever crime they have committed!

It’s not hard to make the connection that 458434 cannot take responsibility for her actions because her mother never taught her to do so!  Her mother is incapable of accepting responsibility too!  And, bottom line, “she didn’t come with instructions” is only an excuse for not taking responsibility!  (Did her OTHER children have instructions?  Why aren’t THEY murderers?) I KNOW that I grew up during the age od dinosaurs…but…I can remember my Dad making me go get a switch (and it had better be a GOOD one!) with which he utilized on the backs of my legs all the way to the little corner store (where I had filched a penny bubble gum) then, stood there as I apologized for my sin…then he paid the penny…and switched my legs all the way back home! (And I learned never to take something from anyone else without asking for it or PAYING a for it!).  Yes, I was first-born…I’m POSITIVE that I didn’t come with instructions, either…but that didn’t keep him from knowing “what to do” about a bubble-gum thief! 

Anyway…my first born Son (also no instructions included) said “Mom, you KNOW that if that was ME, you would have done the same thing!”, he meant that I would have moved the Rocky Mountains to help him!  He is right, I would have!  But there are other things I would have done (and not done) to help my child!  Wild horses couldn’t have kept me from testifying on his behalf!  It’s bothered me that she would not take the stand to defend her child…but….I think I know exactly WHY she didn’t!  

Remember that letter (supposedly) written by Travis admitting his “Pedo needs”?  Sandy Arias offered to sell that letter to the National Enquirer.  For whatever reason, the Inquirer did not buy the letter! (Maybe they should have asked the examiner!). There is NO DOUBT in my mind…that IF Sandy Arias had taken the stand, there would have been some very hard questions put forth by Juan Martinez that she would have HAD to answer about that letter…and many other things!

I cannot say, that if I were put into the same situation, that I would have refused to attempt something like that IF I believed it was REAL….but I KNOW I would have said “NO WAY!” If I suspected it was a forgery!  I thought that it was TRUE…and it would HELP my child…I just might have tried…I will confess… I’m a “mama bear” when it comes to my Son and the children & grandchildren  I’ve “adopted”…I will admit that!  When a wrong has been committed against a loved one, I get my “fur all petted backward”, and I am not an easy person to deal with.  But, on the other hand…

About 20 years ago, Son called me and said “Mom, I need help BAD!”  He was in the Navy, and had committed an insignificant infraction of the rules, but it WAS an infraction!  Son believed he “needed a lawyer to fight it”….I asked “did you commit this error?” “Well, yes…” He answered.

“Son, there are times in life where it is best to just say: “You are right, I messed up, I understand why my error was important, and It will not happen again!”  Rather than argue what is obviously your fault, rather than make excuses, taking responsibility is just the “right thing to do”.

It took him a few days to think about it….and when his Captain talked to him, Son took responsibility.  So, it turned out that the discipline he ended up receiving was much, much lighter than he expected!

Several years later, my son said to me “You know, Mom…that little bit of “trouble” really taught me a lot! And, it really changed my life for the better!”  I was glad to hear that, happy to know that he saw that moment in life as being a “learning moment”!

As parents, our job is to mold our children into responsible adults.  You don’t need an instructional manual to do that, and it isn’t all that difficult!  You teach by example, you teach using “learning moments”, you hop up onto the Mom Soap Box and give a lecture.  As a parent, you give them unconditional love and loving discipline.  You take responsibility for the child you brought into the world, not celebrate when they finally quit high school and run off to go live in a tent with some boy…thankful that the “problem child” is no longer YOUR problem!

Disciplining a child begins the moment that they understand “don’t touch that “pretty” on the table”! Later, they touch it just to test to see if you really mean what you said!  You can’t “let them get away with murder” for 15 years, then decide you are going to teach them not to lie or grow pot on the roof! (You are 14 years too late!)

I think we can all agree that getting a few whacks with a wooden spoon IS NOT ABUSE!  To 458434 (now State Number 281129) any time she didn’t get exactly what she wanted, she claims she was “abused”!  

And, while we are all agreeing…the ONLY person who believes that TRAVIS was still attacking…after being shot in the head, suffering close to 30 stab wounds….the ONLY person who believed he needed to have his throat slit…is the murderer who is at Goodyear…

Yes, I know that her mother didn’t hold the knife/knives or gun…..but she never taught her daughter to walk away, either…never taught her self-respect…that doesn’t need an “instruction book”…it’s common sense. In my mind, her mother has responsiblity for what 281129 became, beyond that, she has responsibility for condoning her daughter’s actions! I know I would have done something MUCH different!

Where does our responsibility for our children end?  Certainly not “magically” when they walk out the door of the family home at 16!!  Perhaps I’m a “soft-touch” or something, I don’t know…when the Gulf Oil Spill happened a few years ago, my son’s paycheck was affected because his store was dependent on tourism!  I helped him financially for a few months…I felt it was “my responsibility”.  When his wife and baby died, I helped him in any way I could.  That is just what “family” does for one another!  

I should mention that I am not the only one “giving” in the relationship with my son…there have been countless times that all I had to do was call him if I needed his help.  He has taken me to doctor appointments, brought medication or groceries if I was sick, fixed any number of broken things, installed garbage disposals, put together Papa’s gas grill, etc, etc.  Son is a thoughtful and giving man, and I’m proud of him!

I think that the key to raising good, responsible children is to give them tons of unconditional love, teach them responsibility, give them morals, values and a sense of self-esteem.  And keep your fingers crossed!

I think where 281129’s mother failed is that she never taught her daughter to tell the truth and that there are consequences for your actions!  The deepest insight into her character that we have is the gmail exchange between her and Travis.  He keeps saying “Just tell the truth!” During her interview with Detective Flores, she stated that 281129 was “hiding” her activities. The two of them never built any mutual trust, and, it appears, 281129 never got through the normal teen-age phase of “parental distrust”.  They never formed any true affection for one another.  Whether 281129 was born with her personality disorder, or whether the disorder was due to the nurturing she did/did not receive is anyone’s guess.  OBVIOUSLY, ANYthing that 281129 SAYS cannot be taken as truthful, one would have to know all of her motivations that cause her to lie at any given time, and that just isn’t possible. Does she lie not to get into trouble? Lie to manipulate? Or lie just to see if she can get away with it?

She deserves to be where she is!  She will make her choices every day, just like you and I do.  But, in a way…I feel sorry for her…she will turn 40 behind bars, and 50…she will suffer menopause in that already unbearable heat…and, if she wins the lotto like I did…those 10-12 years will be the most miserable existence she’s ever known…her father will die…and she won’t be able to go to the funeral….the same with her mother…no weddings, baptisms, graduations…her contact with those she says she lives will be limited to a few hours visit.  She will never again feel the silky sheets in a 5-star hotel, sit in a hot tub and have a glass of wine, never again fall asleep in the arms of a man who truly loves her, show off the diamond that her fiancé gave her, never enjoy the aroma of a new car, or a new leather purse…

Monday evening, as I was laying on my comfy sofa…I began thinking of what she might be experiencing….her day had been full…I truly believe that she expected JSS to give her 25 to Life…she was hurt and angry…and she felt that she has been abused by the system…she was pushed around, ordered this way and that, probed and questioned and generally “treated like an inmate”…I imagined her, sitting on that plastic covered mattress, cursing the “sea of blue” in the courtroom…and wishing that her cell was any other color than “Remember Travis Blue”….she has a very long time to sit and think in that blue cell…..and, in a way…I hope that her mother is thinking what she could have done differently…..

A Sea Of Blue

April 13, 2015

Travis Alexander you were loved by an entire nation.

The courtroom in Maricopa County Arizona was a sea of blue today.  The family, the jurors who came back and sat in the jury dock to see the final chapter of this travesty of a trial, everywhere you looked there was blue.  Blue in memory of a man that almost none save the family knew, but a man who an entire nation had come to love.  Ten of the jurors plus an alternate from the retrial and several from the first trial all wearing blue and blue ribbons and blue wristbands because this is how much this mans life and death has affected them.  Conspicuously absent was Juror 17.

The family of Travis Victor Alexander walked up to the podium one last time this morning, one by one sobbing as they begged “Today I am a Judge” Stephens to give them at least some modicum of peace and throw the evil entity known as Stabby Einstein in jail for the rest of her hopefully exceedingly long natural life.  Stephen did not speak, my guess being that he is at the very end of his frayed emotional rope.  The strain on his face the last time he spoke was a live thing.

Travis’ sisters went up one at a time and spoke poignantly of the brother they loved so very much, now long dead.   They spoke through tears that threatened to spill over into gut wrenching wails of torment at any moment and it was only by sheer force of will that they held them back.  They brought us back to the memory of Travis, dead and decaying in his shower for five days and relayed that they felt his spirit was screaming for someone to find him.  They went through once happy and now gut wrenching memories of their big brother, so good, so kind, so giving and what a large part of their lives they were.  There was anger at Stabby, anger at a judicial system that they felt had let them down and rage at the rights afforded the murderer as opposed to those of a dead man.

Hillary spoke of how she has had to completely block Travis from her mind in order to continue to function.  It was perhaps the most heartbreaking thing I have ever heard.

Tanisha spoke eloquently but the heavy sadness she carried with her conjured images of Sisyphus having to push that huge boulder up the mountain only to watch it roll down and have to start all over again.  The futility of it was not lost on anyone I don’t think.  She said she and the family had tried to get Stabby to take a deal of natural life and no appeals and Stabby refused.  It would have saved them the second trial and millions of taxpayers money but no, Stabby would not have it.  The Judge began to nod in agreement as Tanisha continued to speak.  I watched with rapt attention as a seasoned Jurist worked very hard to keep her face neutral and not react to the pain laid out before her.

They went through the lies that Stabby had told and how she had killed Travis not once, but three times with the lies she had told and how she had dragged the name of a good and decent man through the mud.  They told the judge that they understood all of the delays she allowed the defense and actually apologized to her that she too had had to go through this again.

Samantha went last and spoke of how she had seen Travis only a couple of weeks before his death.  How he had been excited about his book. She expressed her disgust at Stabby using that book as part of her completely ridiculous defense.  She told the Judge of Stabby being at the memorial, having the same smirk on her face as she did in her booking photo.  She expressed her appreciation to Judge Stephens for seeing this through to the end.

The Judge paid rapt attention to what these poor broken women had to say and I saw her quickly dab at her eyes twice.  The pain they all share and the pain they shared with all of us this one last time was almost to much even for the judge.

Juan Martinez this one last time spoke for Travis.  He was subdued but his words, so passionate reverberated throughout the hushed courtroom.  Gone was the pitbull and in his place was a man who felt the pain of this entire family and chose to bear some of that weight on his own shoulders.  The fire was out and in its place was an earnestness that the Judge needed to do what was the right and decent thing to do.    He spoke of hope and how that hope had been dashed by a lone holdout, but that now there was hope that Stabby would never see the light of day again.   Gone were the wild hand gestures and the pacing.  He spoke of the butchery of Travis because that is what it was.  He spoke of how his screams and his cries of pain ring in their ears.  How they hope he was unconscious when the knife was used to slash his throat, how it was something they held on to.  He told the judge how they could not get the brutality out of their minds and the extreme distress their brother must have felt.  How that two minutes must have been an eternity.  He said he hoped that the judge would remember that out of one side of her mouth she praised him and out of the other side she called him a pedophile. How she fabricated evidence, how she tormented the family.

There was a 10 minute recess so that the Judge could read whatever Stabby had to say since she didn’t appear to want to say it in public.


Mom of Satan’s most beloved child got up to address the court.  She stated that she was the only one from Jodi’s family there today because of financial hardships. Gotta get the puke bucket, hang on.  Mom of Stabby said that her daughter tried to be a good and wonderful fucking human being until she met the worst mistake of her life and had to fight for her life because Travis was abusive.  Oh you fucking cunt.  As a mother she felt like she should have been able to protect her.  The can cage her, and strip her of her rights but they cannot take away her beautiful soul.  You know that beautiful soul that slaughtered a man.  Mom does not condone what stabby has done but she totally gets stabbing a man 27 times and shooting him and slitting his throat.  Stabby has touched so many lives with her story. BARF.  Although stabby is still alive they have lost their daughter although she has dreams of seeing Stabby walk free.  Stabby has always helped people less fortunate than her, she has written letters for people and sang for people and done many things to help inmates.  Oh she is now praying for judge Stephens.  Awwwww. BARF.


She wants to respond to a few things that have been said.  Travis’ family refused to settle not her (I WOULD JUST LIKE TO POINT OUT  FOR THOSE THAT MISSED IT THAT STABBY WANTED TO SETTLE FOR SECOND DEGREE AND 10 YEARS, THAT WAS HERE IDEA OF SETTLE) The Alexanders wanted natural life with no appeals.

She said that it would hurt her wittle family if she got the death penalty.  She is actually standing there talking and not only is she not remorseful she is fucking mad.  OMFG she is SATANS DAUGHTER.  The cunt just said she does remember the moment the knife went into Travis’ throat and he was conscious. He was still trying to attack her. Wait what?  he had all those stab wounds and he was still trying to attack her so she slit his throat?  Way to take that little bit of solace away from the family you fucking whore.  She then said the gunshot wound did come first and Juan and Detective Flores got together and changed the story.  Welcome to the beginnings of story number 4 for the state funded appeal.

Willmott went on for about a hundred hours but nobody cared.

Well, what do you know.  Judge Stephens picked today to be a Judge.  Judge Stephens just looks pissed off.  I’d be pissed off too after that little tirade by Stabby.

“The aggravating and mitigating factors have been considered. As aggravation the court finds the crime was especially cruel, the crime involved at least two deadly weapons, the crime took substantial planning and preparation, the defendant did not render aid to the victim, the defendant went to great lengths to cover up her crime, the defendant destroyed evidence at the crime scene and has also found as an aggravating factor the emotional and financial harm on the family of the victim.   The court finds any mitigation presented is not sufficiently substantial to call for leniency and a NATURAL LIFE SENTENCE IS APPROPRIATE. IT IS ORDERED THAT THE DEFENDENT BE INCARCERATED FOR THE REMAINDER OF HER NATURAL LIFE. Just let that sink in for a moment.  I hope the cunt lives to be 753

Nurmi took a moment to beg for the millionth time to be released from this whore and with that court was adjourned.

That is it everybody.  The Stabby Arias trial is at an end.  May the Alexander family finally find some peace.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!!

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And Robert Durst Takes The Crazy To A Whole New Level

April 9, 2015

Good God is there even anything in the DVM 5 to cover this guy? Every psychiatrist on earth.

I guess there isn’t much to do while sitting in a cell in Louisiana so “nobody is crazier than I am” Durst decided to pen a letter to the Los Angeles Times. It said absolutely nothing about his current legal conundrums but did include his interests in Opera, the NFL, Politics and his health problems. He pled not guilty in Louisiana to weapons charges when he was caught dead nuts with the gun and just for shits and giggles the Fed is not exploring the option of Federal weapons charges. Meanwhile back in LA he is currently facing murder charges for killing his best friend Susan Berman in 2000. His Attorney Dick DeGuerin concurs that the handwriting in the letter to the times appears to be Durst’s.

As for the gun charges in Louisiana, DeGuerin and company are trying to have the charges thrown out as an illegal search. DeGuerin has also filed a subpoena with the court regarding Jeannine Pirro, the hair that has been up Durst’s ass for just about ever. In the documentary it was stated that Pirro and her then team had scheduled an interview with Susan just before she was killed, the defense contends that this request never happened and if it never happened there would be no reason for Durst to kill Susan.

Just because the amount of insane has not yet hit its ceiling (and with this dude it may never) Crazy Asses wife has come into play. Reports indicate that the wedding was rushed, that Robert seemed less than a jubilant new groom and that they married because Debra Charatran maybe knew one or a thousand too many secrets for Dursts liking. As for Charatran she is up for the gold digging hall of fame award and she gets bonus points because she has managed to somehow stay alive. You go girl.

According to the New York Post. Durst might have married Charatan as a means of protecting his own secrets, as Charatan could not be compelled to testify against him under the law of spousal privilege. In fact Durst told his sister Wendy that his relationship with Charatan was simply “a marriage of convenience.” Now, Charatan can not be compelled to testify, but she can if she wants too, although odds are likely that the court would not allow it as too prejudicial.

durst motion Here is the latest motion filing with backup law and the subpoena for Pirro. It is sideways, I apologize I cannot get it to turn for some reason and thank you Renae for digging this out for me.

Because I just cannot adequately explain the crazy here is Durst living as a mute woman. durstaswoman

And Susan Berman, currently dead susanberman

So there you have the fairly up to date insanity

RBMD peacing the fuck out

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Just for Fun

April 8, 2015
Have you ever had one of those days, where you just wanted to say:  We are NOT amused!

Today We Are Going to Talk About The Three Things I Hate the Most -Casey Anthony, Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty

April 5, 2015

My heart is heavy today- Planet Earth

This is not one of my normal blogs. It is heavy and kind of sad and if you choose not to read it that’s cool.

Hai everyone. Your Queen is troubled today for a myriad of reasons. Three of the multitude of reasons are mentioned above. Casey Anthony, child murderer has been on my mind a lot lately because it was her that made me lose faith in the judicial system at large. She flat out got away with murder, and not just murder but the murder of her own child. I understand that a jury of her peers found her not guilty and that disturbs me because if Caylee’s daddy had been up on those charges he would be sitting on death row right now. People do not want to believe that something as sacred as a child could be killed by the person who carried her for nine months, who felt her kick and move within her, who when you looked into her eyes you were looking into your own soul. The evidence against her was overwhelming, it was a slam dunk and she walked away found not guilty of murder. I followed that case from inception, fully intending to write a book about it, but halfway through the trial I was so disgusted with the entire sideshow I shelved my plans because I had a horrible premonition of how it was all going to end. No justice for that beautiful baby girl despite the mountains of evidence against that evil, spoiled, unfeeling cow. I remember watching as she gave the police the run around and dug herself deeper and deeper in to the hole she had begun. I watched in disbelief as her mother continued to not only believe the shit that was piled so high it threatened to cover the entirely of Florida but in the end decided to lie for the person who had murdered her Grand daughter. The science was irrefutable, the prosecution particularly Jeff Ashton were brilliant and she still escaped the justice she so richly deserved. So what has the baby murderer been up to in the ensuing years? She stiffed Jose Baez for over $300000 when she went bankrupt, she attempted to sell the rights to a book but what nobody knew is that no publishing house on earth would touch it with a barge pole. Not penned by her, you see they all fully believed what the majority of us believe, she killed her baby because Caylee was getting in the way of her partying. She lives with Cheney Mason, her other lawyer and performs “secretarial duties” in exchange for a place to stay. She has reported her income as zero for the past several years.

According the Mason, the baby killers life is hell. She is fearful to venture outside for fear some person seeking actual justice might just shoot her in the face. We know this is a lie as she has been seen in clubs in Florida recently as well as very soon after her acquittal. Cheney of course wrote a book as did Baez to try and recoup some of the money they got hosed for during her bankruptcy hearing.

Her family has completely cut ties with her which would be the first thing one would think they would do knowing she is a murdering bitch. Of course the family also held a yard sale of Caylee’s things because there is nothing sad about that. George Anthony twice on Dr. Phil said he totally blames his sick bitch of a daughter for Caylee’s death.

Latest Casey Anthony sightings put her in Siesta Key Florida sitting on a beach reading a book without a care in the world. So much for fearing for her life I guess. As a matter of record, PI Bill Warner says that the murderous bitch frequents bars in Siesta Keys within walking distance to her rented house. Amazing the things you can do with zero income.

I believe there is a special place deep in the bowels of hell for Ms. Casey Anthony. In it I believe that Caylee gets to torture her daily with cholorform and being locked in the trunk of a car till she dies, only to be resurrected so it can be done to her again.

The second thing on my list is child abuse. Has anyone besides me noticed the absolutely horrifying amount of child deaths due to abuse and neglect in the news lately. This makes me absolutely sick and filled with despair. Our most vulnerable and precious things being mercilessly injured and killed by the people that are supposed to love and protect them. Those people should be convicted and taken out back of the courthouse and shot. Just like that.

Animal abuse is one of the three markers of a psychopath (cue Stabby). There has also been a serious rise in the amount of animal abuse cases in the news. That however is going to continue to be a thing until actual laws with some teeth in them are enacted. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I cannot imagine purposely hurting an animal. I mean unless it is attacking you or is rabid I cannot understand it and I have tried. I get hunting for meat but not sport, not just for a set of antlers. More animals hit the endangered species list every day. It has gotten so bad that rhino’s have now been granted personal bodyguards. Think about that. We have to protect rhino’s because some fucking idiot thinks his ground up horn with give him a stiffy. What the fuck is that even about. It’s 2015 and people still believe this shit. I’ve given up hope for the human race. We kill and hurt and maim because we can and because there is a buck to be made and that makes us barbarians and nothing more.

That’s it for tonight kids. Please ponder what I have said
A sad RBMD peacing the fuck out.

Fred Durst Would Like You All To Know He Is NOT Robert Durst

April 1, 2015

Poor Fred Durst. He has no luck. First he becomes the front man for the entirely sucky Limp Bizkit and then he gets confused twice in the news for supposed serial killer Robert Durst.


The dude wearing the NOT ROBERT hoody is Fred Durst. He is guilty of doing it all for the nookie and fronting a shitty band. On the right we have crazy assed crazy Robert Durst who is guilty of hunking someone up with a bow saw, a couple of kitchen knives and assorted other pointy things. He is currently under arrest for allegedly killing his best friend Susan Berman. She had recently called him to let him know the police wanted to talk to her about the disappearance of Roberts wife Kathleen. He probably figured he’d told Susan way, way to much so he whacked her and made it look like a mob hit.

The judge that gave him five years for jumping bail and evidence tampering believes he mailed her a decapitated cat’s head. They are also looking into him for a girl that went missing in 1971 who used to shop at the health food store that he and his wife Cathy owned at that time. The 1971 disappearance of college student Lynne Schulze has been the bane of authorities in Middlebury Vermont for more than 40 years. On December 10, 1971, Lynn, then 18, just vanished from the face of the earth hours after buy dried prunes at Durst’s health food shop. She was last seen across the street from the shop.

Kristen Modafferi disappeared on June 23, 1997 in San Francisco. She was 18 and had completed her freshman year of college in North Carolina. She had only recently moved to San Francisco to go to summer school at the University of California at Berkeley. Durst was a person of interest in her disappearance.

Karen Mitchell disappeared while walking alone in Eureka California. She was only 16. She vanished on November 25, 1997. Robert Durst owned a house a very short distance away and frequented a business owned by the Mitchell family. On the day she disappeared, she was seen getting into a car with a man who looked like Durst.

Other stunning (spoiler, no they aren’t) revelations that have come to light are that he liked hookers although nobody knows if he killed any of them, it would appear that handwriting experts have confirmed that the cadaver note was penned by Durst, and his wife who has up till now kept her gold digging mouth shut is currently shacked up with one of Durst’s stable of lawyers. Debbie Charatan is supposedly working out a deal for her testimony, but I have looked more into that being that it is marital communications and odds are about 9 to 1 that it won’t be allowed so I don’t know what the great debate is about. Obviously she knows a shit ton of stuff and is definitely guilty of aiding and abetting but it’s probably never going to see the light of the courtroom.

Just to add to the already good time being enjoyed by Robert Durst, former DA Jeanine Pirro who has been up Robert Durst’s ass for just about ever. She currently works for Fox News and got booted from the courtroom during arraignment when the defense stated they planned on calling her as a witness. Pirro contested hotly that she was there as a member of the press but she got the boot anyway. Her lawyer argued and she was eventually allowed re-entry where she sat in the front row and shot daggers from her eyes at Durst for the remainder of the proceedings. She has since received a subpoena.

Robert Durst basically blames Pirro for all the bad things that have happened to him, you know like being accused of capital crimes and shit.

More on Durst to come because he is suddenly everywhere.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out!!

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