Today We Are Going to Talk About The Three Things I Hate the Most -Casey Anthony, Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty

My heart is heavy today- Planet Earth

This is not one of my normal blogs. It is heavy and kind of sad and if you choose not to read it that’s cool.

Hai everyone. Your Queen is troubled today for a myriad of reasons. Three of the multitude of reasons are mentioned above. Casey Anthony, child murderer has been on my mind a lot lately because it was her that made me lose faith in the judicial system at large. She flat out got away with murder, and not just murder but the murder of her own child. I understand that a jury of her peers found her not guilty and that disturbs me because if Caylee’s daddy had been up on those charges he would be sitting on death row right now. People do not want to believe that something as sacred as a child could be killed by the person who carried her for nine months, who felt her kick and move within her, who when you looked into her eyes you were looking into your own soul. The evidence against her was overwhelming, it was a slam dunk and she walked away found not guilty of murder. I followed that case from inception, fully intending to write a book about it, but halfway through the trial I was so disgusted with the entire sideshow I shelved my plans because I had a horrible premonition of how it was all going to end. No justice for that beautiful baby girl despite the mountains of evidence against that evil, spoiled, unfeeling cow. I remember watching as she gave the police the run around and dug herself deeper and deeper in to the hole she had begun. I watched in disbelief as her mother continued to not only believe the shit that was piled so high it threatened to cover the entirely of Florida but in the end decided to lie for the person who had murdered her Grand daughter. The science was irrefutable, the prosecution particularly Jeff Ashton were brilliant and she still escaped the justice she so richly deserved. So what has the baby murderer been up to in the ensuing years? She stiffed Jose Baez for over $300000 when she went bankrupt, she attempted to sell the rights to a book but what nobody knew is that no publishing house on earth would touch it with a barge pole. Not penned by her, you see they all fully believed what the majority of us believe, she killed her baby because Caylee was getting in the way of her partying. She lives with Cheney Mason, her other lawyer and performs “secretarial duties” in exchange for a place to stay. She has reported her income as zero for the past several years.

According the Mason, the baby killers life is hell. She is fearful to venture outside for fear some person seeking actual justice might just shoot her in the face. We know this is a lie as she has been seen in clubs in Florida recently as well as very soon after her acquittal. Cheney of course wrote a book as did Baez to try and recoup some of the money they got hosed for during her bankruptcy hearing.

Her family has completely cut ties with her which would be the first thing one would think they would do knowing she is a murdering bitch. Of course the family also held a yard sale of Caylee’s things because there is nothing sad about that. George Anthony twice on Dr. Phil said he totally blames his sick bitch of a daughter for Caylee’s death.

Latest Casey Anthony sightings put her in Siesta Key Florida sitting on a beach reading a book without a care in the world. So much for fearing for her life I guess. As a matter of record, PI Bill Warner says that the murderous bitch frequents bars in Siesta Keys within walking distance to her rented house. Amazing the things you can do with zero income.

I believe there is a special place deep in the bowels of hell for Ms. Casey Anthony. In it I believe that Caylee gets to torture her daily with cholorform and being locked in the trunk of a car till she dies, only to be resurrected so it can be done to her again.

The second thing on my list is child abuse. Has anyone besides me noticed the absolutely horrifying amount of child deaths due to abuse and neglect in the news lately. This makes me absolutely sick and filled with despair. Our most vulnerable and precious things being mercilessly injured and killed by the people that are supposed to love and protect them. Those people should be convicted and taken out back of the courthouse and shot. Just like that.

Animal abuse is one of the three markers of a psychopath (cue Stabby). There has also been a serious rise in the amount of animal abuse cases in the news. That however is going to continue to be a thing until actual laws with some teeth in them are enacted. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I cannot imagine purposely hurting an animal. I mean unless it is attacking you or is rabid I cannot understand it and I have tried. I get hunting for meat but not sport, not just for a set of antlers. More animals hit the endangered species list every day. It has gotten so bad that rhino’s have now been granted personal bodyguards. Think about that. We have to protect rhino’s because some fucking idiot thinks his ground up horn with give him a stiffy. What the fuck is that even about. It’s 2015 and people still believe this shit. I’ve given up hope for the human race. We kill and hurt and maim because we can and because there is a buck to be made and that makes us barbarians and nothing more.

That’s it for tonight kids. Please ponder what I have said
A sad RBMD peacing the fuck out.

21 Responses to Today We Are Going to Talk About The Three Things I Hate the Most -Casey Anthony, Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty

  1. Bazzethound says:

    Hey KellyMae~ I totally get it. Summing up your thoughts above generally conclude “PEOPLE SUCK.” It’s true. Lots of people would be better off donating their oxygen to the elderly, or babies born too soon, or a beautiful dogwood tree.
    And yet…here’s what’s also true- my husband (and many other folks) work their blue collar asses off everyday. Not just for their family, but because they are honest, hard working, and have an amazing set of morals. My 17 year old is is growing into such a good, solid man that it brings tears to my eyes. My little 7 year old man-cub is so sweet, kind hearted, and makes every day that he’s a part of 200% better. He looks up to his Dad and brother like they are Superman, Batman, and Santa all rolled up together. His cheeks are so soft that I’ve asked him to swear he’ll never sprout whiskers to cover them.
    I say all this not to brag about my little family (although I’m obviously happy to) & we definitely have our faults and problems. It’s just that when you turn off all the electronics there’s plenty we can all see around us to give us hope. For me, it’s these three guys I love & my extended family, my hound’s soulful eyes, beautiful sunsets, country creeks in the quiet woods, and the way a new baby smells.
    So here’s the conclusion of my sermon: turn off the electronics. Caylee, Travis, Kathleen Durst, and so many others are finished with their suffering. Their tormentors WILL get what’s coming to them- we may not get to witness it, but they will. In the meantime, I’m gonna still be here trying to remember all the amazing gifts that I’ve been given. When the sun comes up, I’ll look out the window and see my blooming dogwood tree & then I’ll say,”Thanks” for all the good stuff in the world.

    Peace out and a big old hug,
    ~Gwen, a.k.a. Bazzethound

  2. Elaine Bahen says:

    You’ve hit on my personal pet peeves. I’m very interested in the poverty lifestyle of Murdering Mom Casey, would love that set up minus the Murder. I’ve always had a soft spot for George, feel like he was one of the parents that although they knew their kid was off, didn’t think they were THAT off. And hey, if Biaz got burned…oh well. I would like to see less of Jose as some EXPERT on the news, and Cheney Mason, he kinda creeps me out…they can enjoy their infamy.

    The child abuse and murders are off the charts. They make my heart ache. Couple that with these animal abuse cases and there’s really no place to feel warm and cozy. There’s a huge amount of anger, hate and the need to rectify these wrongs. I’m becoming a very mad, mean old woman.

  3. shyloh says:

    Oh don’t get me started on Casey Anthony. I followed from the get go. I have a website for Justice for Caylee. Sad thing. I couldn’t force myself to post NOT GUILTY>>>> I haven’t went back to it. I hate her for what she did. UGH.

    Great post and very well put.

  4. cecelia says:

    Sindy scamthony deserves the same punishment as her skanky cumdumpster daughter. jmho and sorry for the vile language but i don’t know any other way to describe that sorry POS or her finger flippin mumbles mcgee lawyer she’s shackin with. the Mrs has got to be loving that.
    i fully believe sindy destroyed more evidence, dumping it in gentivas trash when she kept going back to work after cleaning up the decomp in the trunk.
    evil evil cow.

    • renaes24 says:

      I somehow seriously doubt that Mama Anthony is ‘estranged’ from her daughter! Daddy? Yup! That I do believe! I don’t think he was trying suicide to be ‘with Caylee’. I think it was because he KNEW what Casey had done.

  5. That was a beautiful and truthful summation of what life is truly about Gwen, Thank You, sometimes we need to be reminded of all our blessings!! And, YES, there are so many people, evil, it seems today, taking life and all it has to offer for granted, selfishly, only thinking of self gratification!! We truly need to get back to family and teaching morals and respect for humans and animals alike, seems so easy, yet few are willing to put forth the effort, sad, just so very sad =(

  6. Christine says:

    I didn’t follow the Casey Anthony trial. I thought about going through utube to watch the trial but decided against it because knowing the verdict, it will just completely piss me off. I do know enough about the case to believe she did get away with murder. Whether through neglect or premeditation I do believe she is responsible for her daughters death. The only blog I read on it was Eggtree news.

  7. TrulyUSA says:

    You have echoed many of my own thoughts, Kelly. There is no doubt that the world is progressively becoming darker and more evil, with an “anything goes” kind of attitude that is what all the special interest groups in the world want from us. There was a time when the majority ruled, but now it only takes 1 sick bastard to stop the wheels of justice in so many different ways. The abuse of every good system is apparent, and nothing resembles what was fought and won with life and limb by, too many to count, young men and women. I turned to my husband just the other day and said “we have to stop watching this stuff” — this media frenzy that often celebrates the criminal instead of the victim. All turned around, upside down world. I just keep planting seeds of truth and kindness wherever I can, and hope those seeds will bear fruit, even if the orchard is small it is still beautiful. Protect what you have from those who would intrude upon your peace and tranquility, and do not give up the good fight.

  8. Mags Vazquez says:

    My husband and me were just talking about little Caylee, how she was dumped in a garbage bag not far from the grandparents home. I can’t understand how the jury didn’t see the obvious. In my city there’s some sick ass-os cutting the heads of animals and leaving the dead animals thru out the city. Anything as lambs turtles .chickens have been found, some say it could be some cult sacrifice. To me is very sick and disturbing.

  9. Twister says:

    A couple years ago I read an article about an Africian safari for the sole purpose of killing a male lion. Hey, they would even prepare the head to ship home. ICK! Anyway, the email of the safari was listed and in my anger, I responsed. I was horrified, didn’t they ever consider that by killing the male, they would put an entire pride at risk, and that lions are endangered. Well, I never expected a reply, but they answered within minutes. Their answer was basically “tough titty”. How appropriate….

  10. Mama Via says:

    I was appalled when I heard the Pinellas Pinheads declare the Tot Twat “not guilty”–(those idiots didn’t even have huevitas enough to say “not proven”!). I’m amazed at people anymore!

    But there is something we all can do…we raise our children to be RESPONSIBLE, respectable men and women who value education, stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves, and be logical enough to know the difference between a parasitic manipulative psychopath and someone truly in need of “help up into the saddle”…

    The past few days have been difficult for me…the least of which was being called jor Jury Service. I have an automatic exemption because of my disability, but I’ve decided not to use it, I’m going to report and do my civic duty.

    Second, and most importantly…well this needs some explanation….
    Four of us 1st cousins were all born within 6 months of one another: Don was in January, I was in March, Mark was in May and Jennifer in June. Mark was 10 when the Catterpillar tractor rolled over on him and crushed him, Jen passed a few years ago from cancer, and Don passed a few nights ago (in his sleep) from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Don was the oldest male grandchild, I am the oldest female grandchild. There have been other deaths within our group of almost 40 grandchildren; accidents, self-inflicted and disease…but Don’s is really affecting me. As a group, we are not as close as we once were; the deaths not only my grandmother, but of of half of her children have caused us to establish our own groups…

    We’ve evolved from “grandchild of” to “child of” to “parent of” to “grandparent of” and…an unlucky few are now “great-grandparent of”…some, like Don, chose to have no children at all…others, like Jen have 6, 7 or 8 children…..

    If you would choose 40 people at random…you’d get 40 different stories about life (and death)…..when my mom died at 35, every one said “Such a pity, so young….” When my dad died at 48, the same “Such a pity, so young….” And, now, with Don’s death, I’m thinking…”he wasn’t even 65! He was WAY to YOUNG! He had a LIFEtime left to enjoy!”

    Uncle BJ (28), My mom (35), cousins Mark (10) & BJ (6), my fiancé, Lewis (18) and his brother, Carl (19), Aunt Carrie (44), my dad (48),My sister (19), her son (3), Uncle Skipper (38), cousin Rus (29), My step-brother (59), my DIL (27) and my unborn grandson (0), Jen(58), Don (61)

    I didn’t include anyone over 65, like my grandparents (my fathers folks), my mother mom and dad (who I never knew), my great grandmother, FOUR uncles, (one who survived the Attack on Pearl Harbor) and their wives, or any of my mother’s family that I knew, but had long, lovely lives. Or my MIL, who passed this year after turning 95!

    I’m sure that if I hadn’t been “blessed” with such a large family…my list wouldn’t be so long…I can certainly understand my MIL’s statement “I’m tired of going to funerals!”….but then again…I’d rather attend them than be the Guest of Honor!

    I gotta run…doctors appointment….I love you all…I’m really ok…just a bit maudlin today…

    • renaes24 says:

      I have decided I AM GOING TO LIVE FOREVER……………….so far so good! (I just refuse to make my enemies and my ex happy!)

    • Constance says:

      ((hugs)) and much better not to be the guest of honor at that particular ceremony!

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Nothing wrong with a sentimental journey on occasion! I’m just glad you’re with us, Mama.

  11. TrulyUSA says:

    I love this quote! “Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


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