A Sea Of Blue

Travis Alexander you were loved by an entire nation.

The courtroom in Maricopa County Arizona was a sea of blue today.  The family, the jurors who came back and sat in the jury dock to see the final chapter of this travesty of a trial, everywhere you looked there was blue.  Blue in memory of a man that almost none save the family knew, but a man who an entire nation had come to love.  Ten of the jurors plus an alternate from the retrial and several from the first trial all wearing blue and blue ribbons and blue wristbands because this is how much this mans life and death has affected them.  Conspicuously absent was Juror 17.

The family of Travis Victor Alexander walked up to the podium one last time this morning, one by one sobbing as they begged “Today I am a Judge” Stephens to give them at least some modicum of peace and throw the evil entity known as Stabby Einstein in jail for the rest of her hopefully exceedingly long natural life.  Stephen did not speak, my guess being that he is at the very end of his frayed emotional rope.  The strain on his face the last time he spoke was a live thing.

Travis’ sisters went up one at a time and spoke poignantly of the brother they loved so very much, now long dead.   They spoke through tears that threatened to spill over into gut wrenching wails of torment at any moment and it was only by sheer force of will that they held them back.  They brought us back to the memory of Travis, dead and decaying in his shower for five days and relayed that they felt his spirit was screaming for someone to find him.  They went through once happy and now gut wrenching memories of their big brother, so good, so kind, so giving and what a large part of their lives they were.  There was anger at Stabby, anger at a judicial system that they felt had let them down and rage at the rights afforded the murderer as opposed to those of a dead man.

Hillary spoke of how she has had to completely block Travis from her mind in order to continue to function.  It was perhaps the most heartbreaking thing I have ever heard.

Tanisha spoke eloquently but the heavy sadness she carried with her conjured images of Sisyphus having to push that huge boulder up the mountain only to watch it roll down and have to start all over again.  The futility of it was not lost on anyone I don’t think.  She said she and the family had tried to get Stabby to take a deal of natural life and no appeals and Stabby refused.  It would have saved them the second trial and millions of taxpayers money but no, Stabby would not have it.  The Judge began to nod in agreement as Tanisha continued to speak.  I watched with rapt attention as a seasoned Jurist worked very hard to keep her face neutral and not react to the pain laid out before her.

They went through the lies that Stabby had told and how she had killed Travis not once, but three times with the lies she had told and how she had dragged the name of a good and decent man through the mud.  They told the judge that they understood all of the delays she allowed the defense and actually apologized to her that she too had had to go through this again.

Samantha went last and spoke of how she had seen Travis only a couple of weeks before his death.  How he had been excited about his book. She expressed her disgust at Stabby using that book as part of her completely ridiculous defense.  She told the Judge of Stabby being at the memorial, having the same smirk on her face as she did in her booking photo.  She expressed her appreciation to Judge Stephens for seeing this through to the end.

The Judge paid rapt attention to what these poor broken women had to say and I saw her quickly dab at her eyes twice.  The pain they all share and the pain they shared with all of us this one last time was almost to much even for the judge.

Juan Martinez this one last time spoke for Travis.  He was subdued but his words, so passionate reverberated throughout the hushed courtroom.  Gone was the pitbull and in his place was a man who felt the pain of this entire family and chose to bear some of that weight on his own shoulders.  The fire was out and in its place was an earnestness that the Judge needed to do what was the right and decent thing to do.    He spoke of hope and how that hope had been dashed by a lone holdout, but that now there was hope that Stabby would never see the light of day again.   Gone were the wild hand gestures and the pacing.  He spoke of the butchery of Travis because that is what it was.  He spoke of how his screams and his cries of pain ring in their ears.  How they hope he was unconscious when the knife was used to slash his throat, how it was something they held on to.  He told the judge how they could not get the brutality out of their minds and the extreme distress their brother must have felt.  How that two minutes must have been an eternity.  He said he hoped that the judge would remember that out of one side of her mouth she praised him and out of the other side she called him a pedophile. How she fabricated evidence, how she tormented the family.

There was a 10 minute recess so that the Judge could read whatever Stabby had to say since she didn’t appear to want to say it in public.


Mom of Satan’s most beloved child got up to address the court.  She stated that she was the only one from Jodi’s family there today because of financial hardships. Gotta get the puke bucket, hang on.  Mom of Stabby said that her daughter tried to be a good and wonderful fucking human being until she met the worst mistake of her life and had to fight for her life because Travis was abusive.  Oh you fucking cunt.  As a mother she felt like she should have been able to protect her.  The can cage her, and strip her of her rights but they cannot take away her beautiful soul.  You know that beautiful soul that slaughtered a man.  Mom does not condone what stabby has done but she totally gets stabbing a man 27 times and shooting him and slitting his throat.  Stabby has touched so many lives with her story. BARF.  Although stabby is still alive they have lost their daughter although she has dreams of seeing Stabby walk free.  Stabby has always helped people less fortunate than her, she has written letters for people and sang for people and done many things to help inmates.  Oh she is now praying for judge Stephens.  Awwwww. BARF.


She wants to respond to a few things that have been said.  Travis’ family refused to settle not her (I WOULD JUST LIKE TO POINT OUT  FOR THOSE THAT MISSED IT THAT STABBY WANTED TO SETTLE FOR SECOND DEGREE AND 10 YEARS, THAT WAS HERE IDEA OF SETTLE) The Alexanders wanted natural life with no appeals.

She said that it would hurt her wittle family if she got the death penalty.  She is actually standing there talking and not only is she not remorseful she is fucking mad.  OMFG she is SATANS DAUGHTER.  The cunt just said she does remember the moment the knife went into Travis’ throat and he was conscious. He was still trying to attack her. Wait what?  he had all those stab wounds and he was still trying to attack her so she slit his throat?  Way to take that little bit of solace away from the family you fucking whore.  She then said the gunshot wound did come first and Juan and Detective Flores got together and changed the story.  Welcome to the beginnings of story number 4 for the state funded appeal.

Willmott went on for about a hundred hours but nobody cared.

Well, what do you know.  Judge Stephens picked today to be a Judge.  Judge Stephens just looks pissed off.  I’d be pissed off too after that little tirade by Stabby.

“The aggravating and mitigating factors have been considered. As aggravation the court finds the crime was especially cruel, the crime involved at least two deadly weapons, the crime took substantial planning and preparation, the defendant did not render aid to the victim, the defendant went to great lengths to cover up her crime, the defendant destroyed evidence at the crime scene and has also found as an aggravating factor the emotional and financial harm on the family of the victim.   The court finds any mitigation presented is not sufficiently substantial to call for leniency and a NATURAL LIFE SENTENCE IS APPROPRIATE. IT IS ORDERED THAT THE DEFENDENT BE INCARCERATED FOR THE REMAINDER OF HER NATURAL LIFE. Just let that sink in for a moment.  I hope the cunt lives to be 753

Nurmi took a moment to beg for the millionth time to be released from this whore and with that court was adjourned.

That is it everybody.  The Stabby Arias trial is at an end.  May the Alexander family finally find some peace.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!!

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64 Responses to A Sea Of Blue

  1. spellbound4 says:

    Kelly, thank you for all your efforts and posts. You have helped to
    make this long journey for justice a bit more bearable. Justice has finally prevailed.

  2. reallybigmeandog says:

    It has been my pleasure spellbound. I hope the Durst trial we can have some fun without the emotional investment

  3. Debbie Young says:

    Excellent once again! If I’d been there, I’d have been arrested cuz I would’ve gotten up and smacked the bitch in the mouth! Thanks for ALL your humor along the way – AND your writing skills!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Debbie: Thank you. Hopefully Durst will be all the fun without the emotional investment.

  4. Laura hickey says:

    Thank you kelly, for this and all your coverage of this trial. I’m so glad I found your blog.

  5. Bazzethound says:

    Wow. I feel so gullible for assuming that the 3HW wouldn’t take the opportunity to cause the Alexander family more pain.

    Un-fucking- believable.

    I’m glad it’s over. I’m glad she will live in an earthly hell for the rest of her days. Why am I still so furious???!!! It’s not enough that she killed their brother, she had to take away their last imagined atom of peace. If I knew of a word worse than whore, cunt, bitch, 3HW, or sperm depository that’s what I’d call her.

    *banging my head and trying not to vomit*

    ~ Bazzethound

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Bazzet, I am right there with you as I would bet a great portion of us are. She had not planned to speak it was spur of the moment thing and my guess is Jenny was trying to tell her it was a bad idea. The rage will fade as we move on to other things.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Amen Bazzet!!! That bitch talked for the sole purpose of sticking it to that famiy one more time!

    • polk8dot says:

      We may try and seek solace in the proven truth that Stabby lies with every breath and every word. That is beyond question.
      Thus – why would we, and Travis’ family for that matter, accept the word of a proven and admitted LIAR Bitch? Why would we just take it as true that he was alive, that he was conscious, at that very least moment of his nightmare on Earth? Isn’t it much more probable that he was already at peace, in whatever way God or Providence chose to grant him?
      Wouldn’t Stabby say that exact horrible thing anyway, just because she knew that was her last and final chance to pour salt on the Alexander’s wounded souls, and leave them with an image that will haunt them forever?
      I hope they are able to see it for what it was – another lie from a lying piece of shit.

      I also hope that by making that one single comment she -all by her vicious, hateful self – removed a lot of potential appeal grounds. Look at it this way —》》while judging appealable issues in a criminal conviction, the appellate court not only takes into consideration whether errors were made by the judge or other issues arose, but also would the absence of those errors have resulted in a Not Guilty verdict. In other words, if the errors have no bearing on the outcome, then the appeal will not be granted.
      With Stabby making this statement, she now declared that there was really no fog, she also admitted that she killed him consciously and with full awareness of her actions, but also that her own story, version The Latest, was total crap. He would not be able to ‘keep attacking her’, or even still be conscious if she shot him in the head first, as she claimed.

      It is a really tough break when the lies finally catch up with you {eyeroll} – and Stabby’s just did with her.

  6. We all needed this……you are great….but you know that! Bless you!!

  7. Mama Via says:

    Thank you, Kelly…you’ve given so much time and thought to this trial that you, too, deserve accolades. I’m glad that this is all over…458434 will move into the oblivion she so richly deserves.

    • spellbound4 says:

      Absolutely agree, our Kelly deserves much more than I can give. But I have appreciated her sacrifices and commentary to the utmost. You rock, Kelly RBMD!!

    • Mama Via says:

      In a way, I can relate to some of the feelings the Alexander Family copes with; 38 years ago, my only sister, my best friend, was killed. The man that killed her would never be punished for his negligence, because he died too…and although I heard speculation that he purposely caused the accident, it cannot be proven, and, even if PROVEN, the proof would not change the result…my sister would still be dead, I’d still be alone….

      There were years when I could not get into a car….just as the Alexander Family avoid the shower….then there were years that when I was in a car, that I visualized my car running nose first into any concrete abutment, killing me and ending my misery…for years, I flaunted the law, refused to wear a seatbelt, knowing that I would go head first thru the windshield, as my sister had done.

      I lived life dangerously, knowing I was throwing my life into the face of the Fates, when I DARED them to end my suffering and loneliness…I shudder now to think that when I would drink more than my fair share of a few bottles of wine…and then drive home in the heaviest traffic California had to offer, once I even drove across town within an hour of being released from surgery, still high on the anesthesia I had been given…only the Grace of God kept me from killing some innocent bystander or some other driver, whose only crime was driving while I was loose on the road…I drove a 35 foot RV across the United States SEVERAL times, under the influence of the narcotics that I’ve been prescribed….

      It took about 25 years for me to get over my “death wish” and live with myself, to learn to respect the lives of others and respect my own life. I feel the pain the Siblings feel…perhaps they are a bit luckier than I was….that they still have one another to lean on…I felt abandoned…in a way, they are luckier, because they can focus on 458434…they can put a name to the person that interrupted their lives…in a way, I was luckier, I’ve never had to endure my sister’s reputation thrown before the wolves….

      I wish for them, that because they can share their pain with one another, that they will “heal” faster than I did…but, to be honest…there’s no “healing”…just moments when you ALMOST forget how your life was changed…your brain finally kicks in…and starts to “forget”…but, like an old scar, the wound easily becomes “fresh”…and the pain comes rushing back…

      The Siblings will always be in my heart and prayers…my loss isn’t the same, but similar…

      It proves that “only two minutes” can change lives and lifetimes….

      • Spellbound says:

        Mama, I am so very, very sorry. I, too, know a little of what you speak. ((((hug))))

      • spellbound4 says:

        (ooops, I think I tried to reply with a “wrong” user name??? Delete it if it comes through, please? Similar name, but no 4)

        Mama, I am so very, very sorry you have had to endure this. I know a little of what you speak. We never “forget”…. just try to push it to the back for awhile. ((((hugss))))

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Mama, hugs and kisses to you, I’m so sorry you had to face such terrible things.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        mama you already know so I’m not gonna go there, it’s been way too much of an emotional day already. And you are right; two minutes can be a life or a lifetime. Love you

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        I already caught it spellbound, no worries.

      • spellbound4 says:

        mwah! good watchdog there.

      • Twister says:

        Oh Mama, darn it you made me cry. I’m glad we have all gotten to know your sweet soul. Love you!

      • Mama Via says:

        Twister, Truly, Spellbound, RBMD, ET AL….it has truly been my pleasure to have each of you in my life…to share your hopes, dreams and occasionally fears or frustrations–that has been a gift that is more valuable than gold..you cannot buy friendship or love…it’s only given freely…and I’m grateful for the gifts of love ive received from each of you…each unique and special…

  8. Constance says:

    Thank you for your wonderful coverage throughout, Kelly.

    When that sadistic nasty disgusting amoral repugnant lower than whale scum piece of crap deliberately hurt the Alexander family ONE MORE TIME by telling them Travis was alive and conscious when the knife went into his throat, I wished her in a deeper recess of he** than even Perryville will be.

    Unbelievable that diabolical unrepentant monster who feeds on others pain never stops her sadism and lies.

    Glad that we will never ever have to hear one word out of her mouth ever again.

    Not sure whether Nurmnuts should be excused. Maybe he should suffer for his part in the debacle that was the defense, and have to stay on.

  9. Jeannie says:

    Kelly, I am also glad I found your blog. You are an excellent writer. You make everything understandable and to the point.

    I think stabby lied as usual when she said Travis was conscious when she slit his throat. She only said that to twist the knife in the Alexander family. She is pure evil.

    Let’s hope she has a hard time in prison and lives a long time before someone kills her.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Jeannie: I would give anything I had for that to be true. I know she is going to have a hard time in prison because of her personality type and I’d like to make book on how long it takes for someone to take a shot at her.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        She is in for a rude awakening at Perryville — those criminals don’t play!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Oh Truly, I honestly think she is gonna walk in there like she owns the place and somebody is going to stick a shank in one or all of her three holes of wonder. Or maybe make four, five and six.

  10. TrulyUSA says:

    I managed to watch some of this while working, and I could not believe that bitch got up there and instead of trying to show some remorse or that she’s an actual fucking person with a heart somewhere in there, she used the opportunity to take away the last bit of hope that family had. She is so repulsive! I can only hope that the Alexanders take every cent the bitch has accumulated, from her AND her filthy animal mother. I wanted to punch her stupid mother so hard she could fly into the next universe, then Stabby gets up and OMG — how could she? I’m surprised she didn’t add “and I looked into his eyes and smiled as I slit his throat” – she is that evil. That’s probably exactly what that bitch whore did. I am so angry right now — I know in my heart she is doomed to an enternal hell. She has had many years to change and she is not going to change – she will always be evil and enjoy it!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Truly, I watched it all and cried my eyes out, to the point where I could not see for that family and then that, that thing got up there and took away their last little bit of hope and I wanted to put my arm through my monitor up to about my elbow. She is pure evil, just like Travis said. Pure fucking evil.

  11. Cheryl says:

    There are no words nasty enough to describe the way I feel about the succubus and it’s mother. I just hope the visits from family are few and far between, I know she won’t have any friends visit well friends from before June 4 2008 ’cause there are none just sick fans. Now I’m off to drink some Champagne to celebrate the end and my freedom.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Cheryl, have a glass for me sweetie, I don’t drink but if I did it would be today.

  12. Lori g says:

    Thank you so much Kelly. I hope we can have a grand old time with the durst trial since no other one right now lends itself to humor and satire. I cried a lot today. I wish all the best for the Alexander’s. Let stabby rot in hell. I think her allocution sealed the nail in the coffin for appeals. I want to believe Travis was unconscious his throat was cut, but I don’t think so. I am so glad that Tanisha got the last word. I always believed she deserved the DP and I don’t know what kind of death I would wish on her after today. I’d like to say drifting off with drugs, but I can’t. It’s unlike me to wish for a slow miserable death, but I do.

  13. renaes24 says:

    Well, after more than 2 years of watching the performance of the Three-Hole-Wonder, I was upset that I would not be able to watch the sentencing. After getting home, I finally got to see the ‘highlights’ (which were actually LOW-lights). I had wondered how the Bitch from Yricka could possibly top her past performance and the damn ugly cunt went and found a way! Son of a bitch if she didn’t!
    Bazzet and Truly, I agree that she was just reacting in anger and that Willshit was trying to stop her. (Sure won’t help in appeals now).
    As usual, the butcher just lashed out in anger. She was also sent almost directly to Perryville, not waiting till tomorrow as had been talked about….because you just KNOW the Sheriff Joe wanted the bitch out ASAP……
    Now dear Stabby: here are my wishes for you:
    Perryville is notorious in having some of the worst medical care there is. Perryville is unbelievably hot and summer ain’t even here. So, Stabby: I hope your already stinking/dripping/oozing crotch goes from general fungal infection to necrotic fasciitis. I hope gangrene sets into that dark hole and they wait…..only to ‘SAVE’ you at the last moment by excising the portion of your anatomy that includes both your crotch and anus. I hope you die swimming in your own stink and shit because they withhold colostomy and illiostomy bags and your skin blisters and bleeds in the heat. I hope you have no ass to ever sit on again……..and that you live another 50 years like that. THAT is the only way I ever want to have to look at your ugly-ass crotch again.
    Kelly, Thank you so much for putting some levity into the ugliness of this trial. Your concern came thru even when you were at your foul-mouthed best. I, along with many others, really appreciated it all.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Renae, I have no idea what some of those terms mean, but I’m betting they are all really bad and I think I love you. Thank you for hanging in and for your levity when it was needed and for always saying exactly what you thought. It is I that appreciate all of you and I hope each of you know it.

    • Bazzethound says:

      Renaes- your medical creativity is only overshadowed by your eloquent fury. I am in awe of your amazing vision for 3HW’s future in Perryville.

      As angry as I am, the mental images you passed along gave me a giggle. Cheers to you and thanks for the chuckle!

      No longer overwhelmingly nauseous,

    • Constance says:

      Hope those two things are just part of a long list of what Perryville is notorious for!

      I read somewhere else that Perryville:
      1) he dust and dirt gets everywhere, including in the food and the ‘sporks’ and ‘plates’,
      2) that there are spiders and scorpions
      3) overhead pipes in the shower room are rusted beyond belief
      4) hot water not always available
      5) mattress is so thin it provides no protection against the unyielding steel bunk

      • renaes24 says:

        I think during the summer, at least, she might prefer to sleep on the floor. The thin mattress is no protection from the hard sleep-slab and the floor will probably be cooler.
        It’s only early April and already temps into the 90’s. I hope a guard (keeper) asks her tomorrow if she STILL smells like a GODDESS!

  14. Leslea says:

    Im excited to read your blog! I love it when they’re extra long:) For that reason, I must come back. I’ve wasted enough of this day on HER.lol I’ll be back tonight. Love to all 🙂

  15. Lori g says:

    Did you guys also catch when she didn’t address juan as mr. Martinez

  16. Twister says:

    Kelly, thank you for your humorous coverage of this fiasco, like Truly said, it’s been a good ride with you and the helm. My mouth fell open more than once while it spoke, what a sadistic bitch. She has lived in somewhat of a protected environment, but I don’t think the Perryville population will have such restraint or decorum. RIP Travis, we heard you loud and clear!
    Whatever you cover next, I’ll read it, heck, I’ll read anything you write.

    • Constance says:

      Why will the Perryville Inmates be meaner than Estrella’s were?
      Several people have said Perryville is worse, but i don’t understand precisely why.
      If Estrella hasn’t been able to break the monster’s spirit in the last 7 years – how can Perryville?
      I hope they can. Can you explain? Thanks.

      • Sherry says:

        Basically the women in Estella were there for minor crimes and short sentences. The Perryville women are hardened criminals that are in for long sentences or life for heinous violent crimes. They are not just prostitutes and thieves they are mostly murderers who do not care about hurting other people and have nothing left to lose.

      • Twister says:

        She has been able to hide behind the internet, her attorneys, the legal system until now. I don’t imagine others with LWP will hold back their fury at her lies and games. Can you imagine a one-on-one conversation with this “diabolical, unrepentent, sadistic monster” without wanting to just choke her. We, as reasonable people, would not do that, but others in her enviornment my not have the restraint, or even any reason not to.
        Well, anyway Constance, that’s just my opinion.

  17. Nicole says:

    Thanks for keeping all of us up to speed with Satan’s Daughter. You are an amazing writer and investigator! Hopefully we can move on to other trials and good laughs. And let “it” go off to perryville and rot. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs!

  18. Hey kelly and hi everyone. Last night i couldnt sleep in anticpation of today. Thismorning i had like 6 cups of coffee and a strawberry frappucino. Then i watched the whole thing and tweeted out a bunch of feelings all over the place. Then i ate 2 bagels and some mashed potatoes and an icecream sandwich #emotionaleating. I feel kinda sick and exhausted :/ i cant imagine for travis’s family. This trial was so emotional for so many. Thanks for being there kelly to say it like it is right when it needs to be said. Ive told u before, but i never would have made it through this trial without you and your blog. Your humor always helped me get through the hard parts. Im spent. I will get in on the discussion later… Early bedtime for me. Thank god this thing is over. Bless the Alexanders and friends of Travis. Love to all ❤

  19. Sherry says:

    I don’t know what made me madder, the 3HW getting in that last dig to the family by telling them Travis was conscious when IT slit his throat, or IT’s mother going on about how she saw the bruises that Travis left on IT. What a couple of lying bitches. I too hope IT lives a long, painful, sick life and pays for every lie she uttered when she finally burns in Hell!!

    Jenny from the cell block could have stfu too, babbling on about IT’s remorse and how it should have been a 2nd degree murder case. Give me a bloody break.

    Kelly, thanks for your wonderful blogs.

  20. Very well done, Kelly. It was a great read after the fiasco in court. Thank you so much. ❤

  21. renaes24 says:

    Kelly, I know that you referred to her as ‘today I am a judge, Stephens’ but I still will not give her that title. A REAL judge would have pounded into the beasts brain just WHAT a piece of crap she was and why! A REAL judge would not have just: “these are the aggravators and these are the mitigators and this is the sentence”, No! a REAL judge would have pulled up her BIG GIRL PANTIES and read her the riot act in no uncertain terms! Perhaps she was/is still afraid of appeals…….but a REAL judge would be confident enough to SPEAK the truth . JSS still needs to go back to juvy court.

    • Constance says:

      Agree with you Renaes24

      I hope Juan was able to tell the family that he believed wholeheartedly that Stabby was lying yet again and Travis was NOT conscious when she slit his throat.

    • Mama Via says:

      Back to traffic court would be a better place! Such a useless jurist! The very LEAST that useless almost a judge could have done was state things that SHE saw…and, for petes sake I hope that every word 458434, oops! New number 281129! can be held against her!

      Oh, by, the way, dept of corrections has her photo posted…no smirky little smile…looks like a convict to me! https://corrections.az.gov/public-resources/inmate-datasearch I can’t copy the photo…but she certainly has an “Angela Simpson” face on her ugly mug!

      • Constance says:

        The look on her face was so evil in that mugshot.
        The mask is gone and her true self shines out of her demonic eyes.

      • Mama Via says:

        Speaking of Angela Simpson—–I noted on the AZ corrections page that on or about 1/28/15 she was flung guilty of “attempted class A Felony”…I wonder if she tried to kill someone?

  22. Miss Mia says:

    Great blog as usual, Kelly. I have just have one thing to add. Ok, two…first of all. Jodi the C U Next Tuesday should have been addressing Sherry Stephens as “Your Honor”, not “Judge”. She came across as so flippant, above showing HER HONOR the respect that she deserves. Second of all, I nearly let out a rebel yell when Jodi the C U Next Tuesday referred to The Prosecutor as “Juan”. Since when are they on a first name basis???????? Again, she thinks she is above addressing him as Mr. Martinez, yet she referred to “Esteban” as Detective Flores. This useless waste of space on our planet still thinks she’s the victim here. How DARE The Alexander’s expect her to pay for her crime? How dare they not accept a 10 yr prison term, which at the rate the trial went, would have kept Jodi in County Jail for 7 of those 10 years! Jeez, she’d still be of child bearing age when she got out! Scary as fuck. Anyway, my sincere hope now is that she is miserable every second of every day for the rest of her NATURAL life. I hope all of her guards are “well taken care of at home” and she is unable to seduce a single one into making her life even the slightest iota more comfortable.

  23. shyloh says:

    Thank you so so very much for all you put into this horrible case. You are one hell of a lady. Never forget that. After the Caylee Anthony case I thought, now what? Well, then stabby came along. WOW. The world has enough crazies in it to keep us blogging till we are 753 years old (tongue in cheek) I wanna live long enough to see the hole in the ground… And her “mother” if one can call her that. Is just as sick as stabby. Now that’s scary too. That evil seed was planted in stabby by her mommy dearest.. The spoon swinging, lying evil idiot. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!! love you and all that put their heart and soul in this case and the one’s to come.

  24. State Eunice says:

    Here is a little bit of information that maybe a lot of people are not aware of. My son is in charge of the cell block that Stabby will be housed. First she comes in as level 5 detainee, what this means is that for the 1st two years she will be on lockdown 23 hrs. a day. She will only get shower 3 times per week. If someone buys her a TV or she has money in her account for one she will be allowed to watch in her room. I believe they have about 20 to 30 channels. If she proves to be a good inmate she can then apply for a level 4 detainee, if granted then she will be allowed to go into the general population.

  25. Mary Clayton says:

    Thanks, Kelly, you are the best! I admire your writing ability, but most of all I admire your humanity.

    Does anyone share my belief that Jodi was set up by Juan with the comment he made about the family hoping Travis was unconscious before she slit his throat? I sincerely believe he said that to get her to admit she clearly remembers the murder, therefore blocking one more appeal issue. I do not think he would have mentioned anything so personal and painful without their agreement….. I think they knew what he was doing, approved, and lead the murdering bitch right where they wanted her to go! He knows just how to push her to the point of lashing out, and that’s exactly what she did! Brilliant man!

  26. Samantha says:

    Yay kelly! Excellent post, as always your writing matched my feelings, you have a gift for that. thank god the trial is over and the monster is gone forever. And ever. And ever and ever and ever! I hope so much now the alexanders and travis’s friends can begin to heal and all of us can turn the page! So happy to have met all you great people during the craziest most emotional trial ever! 😀

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Asleep in Left Field-My Life

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Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

Varmt News Network

It's the Internet.


Just another WordPress.com site

Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this WordPress.com site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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