MamaVia Speaks-Just Checking In

April 23, 2015

Hi everyone!  Just a quick note to say hello and update you!  Yes, everything is fine with both the RBMD and Mama!  I’ve been a little under the weather with an attack of Fibromyalgia AND my “allergies” have kicked in!  They say that if you never had allergies and move to Florida, you will DEVELOP allergies!  Now, how could I live within spitting distance of a freeway off-ramp (and the freeway) for all those years…oh, and don’t forget…no air conditioner!…and THEN move to Florida and have “clean” non-freeway air…and THAT makes me sick?  Crazy!

Yes, Miss Kelly is fine…I’m sure she will relate her adventures when she returns!

Now! I need your help…what trial are we watching?  

I learn tomorrow if I will be on jury duty next week…so, I will update yall tomorrow…so, until then, be safe and be happy!  I will find something to write about in the next day or so…unless Miss Kelly beats me to it!

Much live and hugs!

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