For The Edification Of A Few Paranoid People

May 31, 2015

1. I myself have never said a bad thing about anyone’s child. EVER So stop saying I did because it is just not true.
2. I do not post as Guest or any other name but my own anywhere because that is just a pussy move and I’m not a pussy
3. I will not allow comments that disparage anyone on this blog
4. If you have a private detective that wants to know shit about someone that posts on my blog tell them to do their fucking job and find them themselves.
5. I have never given anyone’s address out to anyone. If you constantly talk about your compound and live in a small town I’m guessing it isn’t to hard to figure out.
6. Bullshit that people have been there. What people? There are maybe ten Canadians on this blog and all but one lives fairly far away, like Saskatchewan and Alberta
7. I have never had anyone say anything to anybody about anything because the people here are not mindless followers and can express their own opinions.
8. I do not hide behind any alias. I know for those of you with 17 or so of them that is hard to accept but it is true.
9. Stop ragging on Mama, Renae and Carmen. Do they really threaten you that much?
10. Once someone has posted once on this blog and been approved I have no veto power. The post goes through unless it contains a link. I can remove it but I can’t stop it from posting.
11. Anyone who wants to have a rational conversation is welcome to post here.
12. I get a shit ton of screen shots every day.

That’s about it. Hope that helps. If I have something to say to somebody I will say it under my own name. Have a great day.

The In House Psychic Has Finally Decided To Do Her Damn Job-Stabby’s Letter

May 30, 2015

Yeah, I know you can hear me bitch, you’re a psychic.

Hi everyone, it’s me Dean of Fuckery, Law Professor, Resident sarcasm expert and Queen of all I survey. We have had yet another contract dispute with my in house psychic; something about working conditions or some shit. Truthfully I just heard wah wah wah. Anyway, since she consulted a lawyer who informed her that a contract of indentured servitude is binding she better suck it up and write before I take away her TV time or something.

Check this out!press/cnec it’s pretty cool that we are on an authors press site.

Oh, there seemed to be some confusion over the bad penny post, there was never a part two and I have no clue why the link wouldn’t work to the original. Seems to work now. Anyway without further interruption, the in house psychic brings you what Stabby really meant when she wrote that letter.

why do I always get stuck with the stabby shit? WHY? Why can’t I do a nice reading on Charles Manson or That dick that shot up the theatre. Do you hate me? FINE. Pass the Tylenol and the Pretoria puke bucket. You’re such a bitch. Yes I know you heard me I said it out loud.


Hi everyone! I hope things suck as hard for all of you as they do for me at the moment because if I’m suffering, you should all be suffering. I’m getting settled in, I’m already somebody’s prison bitch. That is just how hot I am. The day I arrived, people threw rotten food at me professionally and efficiently. Good aim too. I got a used tampon in the face. My mom said I look like a serial killer in my DOC photo which made me laugh because we all know I never got the chance to be a serial killer… unless you count the missing animals around the neighborhood. After my photo shoot for life without parole monthly I was taken to CDU (cootie Detention Unit) and placed on “watch” (suicide watch, that is because we all know I might try and papercut myself to death, if it didn’t sting so damn much). After a week, I was brought over to Lumley. I was totally put in Debbie’s old cell. . My cell is blue because they think it will remind me of Travis but because I am a heartless bitch of course it won’t. I have a grey desk and shelving, unfinished concrete floor. It stinks like urine and hopelessness. This place is teaming with little animals for me to kill if I can just get my hands on them. Lots of different birds and prairie dogs ( at least that’s what everyone calls them). They have dog in their name and remind me of doggie boy so I plan on kicking one every chance I get. I saw one take off w/a chunk of bologna the other day! (Yep, there is bologna here!) I also saw some officers with poisonous pellets they said were for the prairie dogs, but guess who is skipping dinner tonight just in case.

I won’t go on too much about the food. It’s pretty gross but not quite as gross as before. Everyone says how awful the food at MCSO is because it fucking is.

I’m currently segregated while they toss the prison daily for shanks. They are up to 987. Some of them even have my name on them. How freaking cool is that. I’m a rockstar. Still, I’ve seen many familiar faces since arriving which is kind of a problem since they cannot deal with my superiority. Having been at Estrella for 6.5 years, I’ve seen many people go before me. They told everyone I was coming and how superior my intellect is so you can just imagine the welcome I got.

I’ve gotten some interesting feedback on my sentencing, most of it saying things like die you sloppy cooched whore. Jokes on them since I got life. In here. The general consensus (that I’m getting) is that people think I am a sick bitch for saying what I said. Well fuck them. One girl said I have “lady balls” of course that was Donovan so I don’t know if that counts. One guy(my dad actually) said what I said was “way overboard”. Well Dad, you can suck it. I’m sure it made some of my friends uncomfortable, and maybe even disgusted some of you. Well that was absolutely my intention, so Yay me. I have to say, I only wish I would have said MORE , not less. I could have given everyone nightmares for the next 5 years and I’d be in your heads for ever. I’m already as famous as Charles Manson. I owe my life to #17 and I sure hope that check clears. She earned it.

I had only intended to apologize and declare my own commitment to pay restitution. (Even though I’m the one that thought 2nd degree and 10 years was fair for slaughtering Travis so it’s not my fault there were two trials. My statement was not an appeal for leniency it was a heartfelt fuck you. God himself could have parted the heavens and commanded the judge to be lenient because hey in my world that could totally happen – she would have disobeyed him because she saw through my bullshit, which in retrospect pisses me off. I put on such a good show, how the hell did that dumb bitch see through it. So, after two trials with a prosecutor that I like to call corrupt because it makes me feel better about my useless legal team, then having to listen to more lies and distortions and facts from the TA camp at sentencing – well, my high tolerance for B.S. from anyone that isn’t me had simply reached its maximum capacity. I consulted with my legal team; they told me to shut the fuck up and stick to the script.

If you wrote a letter to the judge asking if there was a way around a unanimous vote for death fuck you. I’m looking at you dad. It’s probably not something one does very often. The judge took 10 minutes to read, what, almost 1 letter – which doesn’t include the 75 feet or so of travel time from the bench to chambers and back. Thank you all so much for being the gullible bitches that you are. I’m really not worthy but since you cannot seem to figure that out I’m just going with it. Your money is precious to me so dig deep for that appellate fund, or Costa Rica fund if I happen to escape. Either/or.

Stabby Einstein.

this is the in house psychic signing out and plotting ways to get out of my contract.  Excuse me I think I may have to throw up.

Ummm, thank you in house Psychic.  So there you have it kids, the letter stabby was thinking while she wrote the other one.

Have a spectacular evening.  RBMD peacing the fuck out!

EDIT:  I would just be an ignorant person if I did not acknowledge the outpouring of love and support over the last couple of months.  You have no idea how much your well wishes and thoughts and prayers meant to me.  Thank you for the emails, the e-cards and for just letting me know I was in your thoughts.  I am so happy to be back amongst the no kill shelter and writing again.  Thank you all from the bottom of my cold dead heart.  You all mean the world to me.

Why Are There No Consequences For Famous People?

May 28, 2015

The news this week has been…well it’s been ick. Never mind our staple of murders, rapes, etc that people actually get arrested for, we have had the pleasure (excuse me, gotta get the bucket) of discovering you can be a community service at your leisure person or a fucking pedophile and as long as you are famous it’s all good.

Lindsay Lohan who used to be an actress I think, but is now known for her coke habit,spectacular driving abilities, and gold digging finished 125 hours of community service last night. That is a good thing right? Well, it would be except it took her seven years and a threat from a judge to throw her ass in jail for a lot longer than 86 hours if she wasn’t done by today. She tried to count acting in a play as community service but believe it or not the judge, who obviously doesn’t understand that getting paid to act counts as community service in Lohan world wouldn’t go for it. Do you know what would happen to a regular person who took more than three months to complete community service here? Their non famous ass would be in fucking jail because that is what happens when you ignore a fucking court order.

In reality news, shit got real when it was let slip that one of the kids from seven hundred kids and my uterus fell out molested a couple of his sisters and maybe a few non relatives when he was a teenager. Apparently pedo’s dad, the dude that cannot for the life of him keep his baby maker in his pants didn’t really think it was a big huge deal and didn’t report it for a year. Did I mention that this is a hugely religious family and sexual touching of any kind before marriage is a one way ticket to hell. Of course since it was his sisters and they couldn’t get married maybe it didn’t count, who the fuck knows. I just know it’s sick and once again, where are the consequences. You are famous because your mother has the most overused uterus in the world so you get away with that shit? WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK? They did however lose most of the sponsors for their show and it will probably be cancelled. Wonder how Jim Bob is gonna support 80 bajillion kids without his lucrative tv deal? I guess that is something.

Suge Knight refused to leave his jail cell for a hearing stating that he was sicky wicky and just couldn’t make it. Since he is famous the judge postponed the hearing till Friday. Suge is up on murder charges, but he’s famous so he gets to be coddled. Try that here and the Sort Team will tear you the fuck up and you WILL be in court on time.

In the James Holmes trial James is sticking to being insane. His well planned out attack that he so thoughtfully wrote down seems to say otherwise, but I will give him credit for committing to the part. Spoiler alert (He is going to be found guilty on all counts.)

I got hate mail. Thought I’d answer it here. I’d get kicked out of hell so fast your head would spin, I don’t make anybody do anything, totally loved the original user name of GUEST and your email address of youwillneverfindme is dead nuts because I wouldn’t waste the energy. That would mean I care and I seriously just don’t. Have a nice day and don’t say I never answered you.

The in-house psychic is still working on Stabby’s letter so that will be up coming.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

Just Like a Bad Penny, You Cannot Get Rid Of Me…or some shit like that

May 25, 2015

Hello my lovelies. It is me, back from my hiatus. Before I get into the meat, potatoes and other assorted vegetation of todays blog I would like to thank my Mama for covering for me during my absence. I want you to know that I have missed all of you, missed the blog and the Fuckery that I bring.

To everyone who has emailed me, I apologize for not getting back to you in a timely fashion, I have simply not been up to emails or blogs, or pretty much anything for that matter. That being said, nobody ever gets better wallowing in their own whatever, so here I am.

A note about my child and it will be the last one. For those of you who do not comprehend the English language, my child did not live with me for a long period of time for safety reasons. The police, victims services and myself all agreed that him being somewhere that my ex did not know about was probably in his best interest. Since he was outed we all convened and decided that I should bring him home for several reasons that are between myself, my son and the police. So yes crabs, I have a child and had you read one of my very first blog posts, you would know that. It isn’t like I tried to hide the fact that I had given birth. And yup, you pissed me off. So please by all means EAT A DICK!

Over the last several weeks your Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/Queen of all I survey has been thinking about a ton of stuff. First and foremost is why won’t Stabby go away. The in house psychic got out the Pretoria pukebucket and read the letter to the idiots that are still enamored and promised a reading on what she really meant. Look forward to it.

What I have mostly been thinking about is the afterlife. I have several theories I guess on what happens after you die, and I am more than a little curious about what you all think. I know that the consensus seems to be that you are reunited with your loved ones (and for obvious reasons that doesn’t fly for me) but makes me happy for all y’all that subscribe to that notion.

So here is what I came up with. (I actually dreamed it one of my fun filled nights.) My physical and mental infirmities would no longer be a factor. I would be strong physically and mentally like before all this shit happened. I would discover that I had a Bear as my new best friend. We would spend our days wandering the earth, which had been purged of all the nasty assed people on it and only the good people remained. The people with truly good hearts. Everyone that has become friends on the blog would somehow find each other and decide that even in person we all loved each others company. We would form one solid group that always had each others backs. If there was ever trouble we dealt with it as a single unit. If anyone was ever sad or scared all the rest of us would help hold them up until it passed.

Arkham(the bear) would find us all of our food and we would all journey together. We would let all the animals in the zoos free and watch as they all happily galloped away. We would figure out a way to free all the cetaceans in captivity and watch as they swam happily away, having to never do tricks for fish again. Once we had accomplished that we would destroy the last of the vehicles. There would be nothing but a couple of electric cars for emergencies and only rudimentary electricity which would immediately shut down if we got greedy with it. The climate would stabilize because there were no more factories and stuff. We would discover a huge castle somewhere that was obviously owned by someone less than nice since it would be empty and we would live amongst its 2000 rooms. Everybody would have whatever pet they wanted whether it was one they currently had or one that had died previously and had been waiting at the rainbow bridge for the owner they loved when we crossed it. We would be completely self sufficient. Men would be allowed but the first time one raised a hand to anybody the offended party would get to decide how to deal with him. No matter what the punishment was we would all back that play.

Mama and Gramma would show us how to plant in spring so we were ready for winter. Renae would have her medical degree so we had a doctor if anybody got sick, but nobody ever would. We would live in our castle completely content until I woke up and I don’t know what happened after that.

I hate the theory that when we die it’s just like a light going out. It is as good a theory as any I suppose but it is my least favorite theory. Funny thing is it used to be the thing I yearned for. Of course if that does happen I guess I won’t ever know anyway.

What I want is to know what you guys think. It isn’t a morbid thought, it’s a happy thought. So think about it. What happens? I know everybody has a theory, it is the one thing on earth everyone has contemplated at one time or another so tell us. I know I want to know.

I know it’s a short one, but it’s my first blog back so please, a little patience while I readjust to my normal smart assed self.

I missed you guys and I’m glad I’m back and Mama, thank you a bajillion for covering for me. You were great.

That is all for tonight everybody. I’ll be back tomorrow, or the in-house psychic will be, one of us anyway.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

Mama Speaks-What REAL Artists Do

May 24, 2015

Mama Speaks-Thank You, Veterans!

May 22, 2015

I would like to thank and remember the following soldiers who gave all that they could to protect my freedom…

LEWIS MAIN – 36th Iowa Infantry-Unit F- Organized 10/4/1862- Captured by confederates, Battle of Marks Mill, 4/26/1864. Prisoner of War, Camp Ford, released & mustered out, 8/1864  (my G(x6)Grandfather)
M. A. MAIN – USN, survived attack of Pearl Harbor while aboard the USS Allen, also served during Korean & Vietnam Wars,
R.G.MAIN  –  USN, survived fire aboard USS Kitty Hawk, Korea & Vietnam
JFS   – USA – Normandy with Patton and Bradley 
JFJ  –   USAF, Distinguished Flying Cross-Vietnam
DJB –  USN- USS Ohio -(Boomer) Gulf War
Thank you, soldiers, sailors and infantrymen…for showing me what PATRIOTISM truly is…for allowing me to be the Mother, Wife, Child, Grandchild of such brave men who were convinced that serving their Country was the right thing to do.
Please feel free to add names of your loved ones to our Memorial Day list…..
May America always be the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave….

Mama Speaks-Some Questions & Answers about #281129

May 19, 2015

I’m beginning to wonder if I am the only one who is still trying to “come to terms” with the Travis Alexander Murder Trial? (Did you see what I did there?  “TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER TRIAL”?).  I am still wanting to accept the act of senseless murder, arrest, conviction and sentence…to make some SENSE of it all.  “Nothing happens without a reason”…and I need to TRY to understand the REASONS that something so heinous actually happened in our society. 

I remember, as a child watching TV that Lucy & Ricky slept in twin beds, to show that they actually slept in the SAME bed was just TOO much for our puritanical society.  As an older teen, I remember being EMBARASSED when a Tampax commercial was broadcast, and we were in “mixed company”.  I suppose that those things inured me to what was to come; Viagra commercials, catheter commercials, commercials asking if your colon is healthy, bladder control commercials and the ever present “Take Beano, and there will be no gas!”…I think I could have lived my life without knowing about Viagra, catheters, colon-cleanse, Poise Pads, Depends and Beano.  Really.  It just feels like TMI…(Too Much Information)

As a young LADY, I had several pair of white gloves, two or three hats (one just for “pretty” the other to keep the sun off my face), and I wore DRESSES…DUNGAREES (aka: jeans) were for when you were out working in the barn, or out among the brambles, picking berries!  I remember being appalled when Gramma told me that she had sewn a pair of trousers to wear…and she was going to wear them to TOWN!  I guess that was to prepare me for the day I was given a good look at my daughter-in-law’s “tramp stamp”…which prepared me for her “short shorts” which revealed yet another tattoo on her shaved “mouse”.  I didn’t WANT to see those things (and now I need Eye Bleach) but her mother seemed to forget to teach her the “keep your knees together when you sit down” rule….actually, her mother didn’t teach her a LOT of things!

I was reminded of all these things when Sandy Arias said “I guess the one thing we forgot to teach her was how to walk away from an abusive relationship.” Actually, Mrs. Arias, there is a LOT more that you didn’t teach your daughter!  (teaching “knees together” was another…and I’m going to need BRAIN BLEACH after seeing SOME of those gynecological photos of Inmate 281129!  I’ve seen more MODEST photos in HUSTLER!”)

Well, we really AREN’T done with Inmate 281129…sadly, she just won’t go away and never be heard from again…So….what’s next for our Princess? What has she been up to?

What she APPEARS to be doing now…is piling up some cash to appeal…so…thanks to the money-grubbers…here are some FAQS about her appeal fund…and some appeal facts…(thanks to some other site fishing for dollars)…

My back and hips have been killing me…I don’t know if it’s the weather, or that I’m just overdue for my RFL.  I’m scheduled for shots in both my hips next week…and then the RFL in 3 weeks (L4-5)…and then some shots in  my T-area in six weeks…being old ISNT for pussies!

I didn’t get a chance to chat with our Queen over the last few days…but, I can tell you that she is doing fine, and she will be back with us very soon.  She has the greatest news!  I can’t help but spill a few beans…she has been spending a lot of quality time with her son…and I’m so happy for them both! I remember when my son was the same age, and that’s when we really became friends and “compadres”…so, please keep both of them in your prayers and send them all the good wishes they truly deserve!  I hope every day they share together is more special than the day before!

And, for each if you special ladies, I know that Kelly loves you all…as I do.  They things you share here, your thoughts, feelings, care, concern and love have made you special to Kelly and to me!

I’ll be back again soon…if Kelly doesn’t beat me to it!




A1: The Legal Defense Fund is an irrevocable gift trust into which money is deposited as a donation (or gift) for the express purpose of paying for the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi Arias’s wrongful conviction. These fees may include attorney retainers, investigator retainers, experts, mitigation, and court filing fees.


A2: Since Jodi was sentenced to life imprisonment, not death, taxpayers will fund very little. She will be assigned a public defender for her direct appeal, and if her conviction is upheld (nearly all convictions are upheld on direct appeal), then post-conviction relief (PCR) proceedings begin. Few appellants are granted a hearing at the PCR stage, and of those few, fewer still ever manage to get their convictions overturned. If the public defender can manage to get Jodi a hearing during PCR, she will be back in the same courtroom with the same trial judge and the same prosecutor. Only the public defender will be new (and thus at a disadvantage). The Honorable Sherry Stephens will be the one deciding whether to uphold Jodi’s conviction. Arizona taxpayers will not pay for anything beyond PCR proceedings. If her conviction is upheld, Jodi and her public defender will part ways, and Jodi will go back to prison for the rest of her life – unless the Legal Defense Fund has enough money to hire a private attorney to pursue further appeals on both the state and the federal level.


A3: No. The Alexander-family attorney has publicly announced to the media that the Alexanders will be suing Jodi. A wrongful-death lawsuit is a vehicle by which the Alexanders will seek to get as much money as they can from Jodi. The money in the Legal Defense Fund does not belong to Jodi. The trust is not in her name, she does not control it, and she does not have access to it.

In the state of Arizona, attorneys for the state may also try to take any money from Jodi. But again, the Legal Defense Fund does not contain any money belonging to her.

The trust was carefully structured so that the funds may only be distributed for the purposes for which it was created – legal defense and appellate costs. The money cannot be taken out for any other reason, including restitution.


A4: No. The trust is irrevocable, meaning that once money is put into it, it can never be taken out except for the purposes for which the trust was established (legal defense and appellate costs).


A5: No. Any contribution to a gift trust is considered a gift and is not tax-deductible.


A6: Most attorneys’ retainers for a case like Jodi’s are $250,000. The figure of $150,000 has been mentioned, but that is a typical retainer for a case like Jodi’s before conviction, when trial preparation and trial itself are the two overarching factors that drive up the legal bill. Now, however, added to that is the appeals process, which involves extensive legal research, motion writing, and additional investigation.


A7: Regular updates will be announced in this website. This will be a rounded-off figure representing what is in the fund and is not exact to the penny.


A8: Initially, the financial institution and account number were listed on this site, but so many phone calls were received that it became a distraction to the bank employees. So this information was removed. Please note that many organizations which collect donations, such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Feed the Children, and American Red Cross, do not provide their bank information either.


A9: First, appeals will be pursued. Second, given that Jodi’s legal defense fees cost taxpayers over $2 million the first time around, it is unlikely that there will be any money in the fund remaining. However, on the off-chance that there is, it will be split down the middle and given to two nonprofit organizations. One helps disabled children, and one is a no-kill animal sanctuary. These instructions are built into the trust.


A10: For the same reason bank information is not listed: The nonprofit charities are not named here to protect them from undue attention. In the event that any monies from the Legal Defense Fund are donated to these charities, their identities and the donation amounts will then be announced on this website.


A11: The trustee is Sue Allen Halterman, Jodi’s aunt. She had an attorney structure the trust so that not even she may use any of the funds for herself. Despite both her attorney and her tax consultant’s advising her to take a monthly trustee fee from the trust, she refused this option. In the event that she no longer wishes to be trustee, successor trustees are in place.


A12. The donor matching the donations wishes to remain anonymous. All donations to the JAA Appellate Fund are confidential, and names of donors are not made public.


A14: No! As Jodi’s parents explain in the video, the only official website for making donations to the JAA Appellate Fund is Any other website, Facebook page or group purporting to be official is not.


A15: Yes! Jodi loves to receive letters. Send your letters to:

Lumley Unit
Jodi Arias #281129
PO BOX 3300
Goodyear, AZ 85395

ADD ON:  the following is the transcription of the letter that inmate #281129 sent to supporters on 5/24/15.  I couldn’t seem to get the actual picture of the letter to post…(operator error, I’m sure)…so enjoy the special bonus communique!

#281129 has a new attorney…the appeal lawyer has been named – Representing Arias is Tennie B. Martin with Joseph T. Maziarz for the State.


Here is the original letter #281129 got out to her supporters, the transcription follows!


Hi everyone! I hope all is well. I’m getting settled in, but I’m still being processed. The day I arrived, everyone was professional and efficient. My mom said I look tired in my DOC photo. someone else said I look sad. I was neither. What happened was they told me where to stand and where to look at the cam), right then someone flipped on three bright halogen lights. It was like trying to stare at the Sun! Or God. Lol. I was trying hard not to squint too much. ( now I understand why Debbie Milke was squinting in her DOC photo – nothing prepares the eyes for that flood of brightness). Then I was taken to CDU (Complex Detention Unit) and placed on “watch” (suicide watch, that is). Not for “mental health” reasons, I was told, since I wasn’t suicidal, but for “security reasons”, whatever that means. After a week, I was brought over to Lumley. I was not put in Debbie’s old cell. Lots of people thought so. Even I thought that was where I was going. I’m a few doors down. My cell is not blue, as many have thought (further validation that you just can’t trust the media). My cell is freshly painted – white walls, grey desk and shelving, unfinished concrete floor. Still smells like paint. New in other words. It feels clean.

This place is teaming with little animals. Lots of different birds and prairie dogs ( at least that’s what everyone calls them) running around. The prairie dogs are ADORABLE. They look like a cross between a squirrel & a gofer (sp). I saw one take off w/a chunk of bologna the other day! (Yep, there is bologna here!) I also saw some officers dropping poisonous pellets in their dens (frown emoticon). Population control, I guess.

I won’t go on too much about the food. It’s a MAJOR improvement from my last location. Everyone says how awful the food at MCSO is. I didn’t think so; it’s just bland. My only complaint was that it’s not sustainable for long-term inmates. It was all sugar and starch (which is soon to be sugar) in the morning. I called it “the diabetes-inducing diet”. At night, we were served lots of soy protein (which Arpaio thanks is healthy but which studies show otherwise). I’m glad to now have a healthier, more wholesome, well-rounded diet.

I’m currently segregated. Still, I’ve seen many familiar faces since arriving. Having been at Estrella for 6.5 years, I’ve seen many people go before me. Everyone’s been kind, respectful and warm.
I’ve gotten some interesting feedback on my sentencing, most of it very supportive, even congratulatory. The general consensus (that I’m getting) is that people are glad I stuck up for myself. One girl said I have “lady balls” (LOL). One guy said what I said was “way overboard”. I’m sure it made some of my friends uncomfortable, and maybe even disappointed some of you. Well that wasn’t my intention, I have to say, I only wish I would have said MORE , not less. For example, I wish I would have stuck up for Juror 17 after you-know-who threw her under the bus, because we all know that there was not just one tainted juror – there were ELEVEN. I owe my life to #17 and the least I could have done was stick up for her. But much of what I said was on the fly. It wasn’t prepared. I had only intended to apologize and declare my own commitment to pay restitution. (Even though I wasn’t the one who forced everyone to trial – twice. No, of course I wasn’t going to say that part.) But Bryce was right about what he posted later that day. My statement was not an appeal for leniency. God himself could have parted the heavens and commanded the judge to be lenient – she would have disobeyed him. So, after two trials with a corrupt prosecutor, then having to listen to more lies and distortions and facts from the TA camp at sentencing – well, my high tolerance for B.S. had simply reached its maximum capacity. I consulted with my legal team; they gave their blessing. They said, “Do it. You know she’s going to give you natural life today. You have nothing to lose.” so I spoke my mind. Like I said, my only regret is that I didn’t say more.

If you wrote a letter to the judge, thank you! It’s probably not something one does very often. The judge took 10 minutes to read, what, almost 30 letters? – which doesn’t include the 75 feet or so of travel time from the bench to chambers and back. I’ve gotten lots of mail, I’m not able to buy envelopes/paper yet, so don’t give up on me if you don’t hear back for a little while. I don’t know how long they’ll keep me in limbo. If you wrote the first week, & I received it, you’ll be getting a mini note from me.

Thank you all so much. I’m really not worthy. Your love/support/friendship is precious to me. Deep, deep gratitude for each of you – JODI ARIAS 

P. S. Lots of people have written expressing concern about sending photos and putting me over my limit. Don’t worry about that. Let me manage my photos. Send away!

Mama Speaks-James Holmes Parents Letter

May 11, 2015

On July 20, 2012, JAMES HOLMES, 27, a former doctoral student in neuroscience, opened fire inside a movie theater during a sold out midnight showing of the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises”.  Holmes entered the theater wearing ballistic gear and carrying an assault weapon, three other guns and gas canisters.  He opened fire on the audience, and Police responded to the Century 16 theater 90 seconds after the first call for help. In the parking lot, they found James Holmes (then 24 years old).  Holmes told them he was the Joker, a reference to an earlier Batman movie. The theater itself contained a far more gruesome scene: Twelve moviegoers lay dead and 70 were wounded.

In a court filing last year, Holmes’ attorneys said that the shooter was in “the throes of a psychotic episode when he committed acts that resulted in the tragic loss of life.” Through his attorneys, Holmes has offered to plead guilty in exchange for life in prison without parole.

Prosecutors, however, have so far refused a plea deal. Last year, Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler rejected an agreement, saying that — for Holmes — “justice is death.”

Those killed were Jonathan Blunk, A.J. Boik, Jesse Childress, Gordon Cowden, Jessica Ghawi, John Larimer, Matt McQuinn, Micayla Medek, Veronica Moser-Sullivan, Alex Sullivan, Alex Teves and Rebecca Wingo.


DECEMER 19, 2014

As the parents of James Holmes, we have spent every moment for more than two years thinking about those who were injured, and the families and friends of the deceased who were killed, in the theater shooting in Aurora. We are always praying for everyone in Aurora. We wish that July 20, 2012, never happened.

Our son pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the charges associated with these shootings. Defense attorneys for our son first stated in open court in May 2013 that James was diagnosed in Colorado with a serious mental illness. Prior to July 20, 2012, he never harmed anyone and he had no criminal history.

We understand that if our son is found not guilty by reason of insanity, he could go to an institution that provides treatment for the mentally ill for the remainder of his life. This result would prevent any future harm to him and others.

We realize treatment in an institution would be best for our son. We love our son, we have always loved him, and we do not want him to be executed. We also decry the need for a trial. A lengthy trial requires everyone to relive those horrible moments in time, causing additional trauma.

In the criminal justice system, the prosecution and defense can agree to a sentence of life in prison, without parole, in exchange for a guilty plea. If that happened, our son would be in prison the rest of his life, but no one would have to relive those horrible events at a trial the media has permission to televise.

We do not know how many victims of the theater shooting would like to see our son killed. But we are aware of people’s sentiments. We have read postings on the Internet that have likened him to a monster. He is not a monster. He is a human being gripped by a severe mental illness.

We believe that the death penalty is morally wrong, especially when the condemned is mentally ill.

We are not alone in our sentiments. The Murder Victims’ Families for Human Rights, an international organization of family members of murder victims and family members of the executed, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness formed the “Prevention, Not Execution Project,” aimed at ending the death penalty for people with severe mental illness.

Our family has not given interviews to the media because we do not want coverage of ourselves. We mourn the deaths and the serious injuries and emotional trauma of the others who were in the theater. The focus should be on the injured and their healing.


I sat next to Holmes family when the DA announced the death penalty awhile back in court. Some people were cheering, some people sobbing and some just in shock. I use to think that the death penalty was wrong based on hangings, lynchings back in the 19/20 century that were happening to innocent people due to race.

James Holmes has been forgiven by me personally but he will still have to answer to the people of Colorado for the horrific act that he carefully orchestrated over… the months before shooting plus he boobie trapped a whole block to due more harm. Consequences for actions. DNA has freed many death row inmates but in this case it is crystal clear who did it.

What should the penalty for a person that kills 12 people (one being my friend) and an unborn child plus shoot 59 others with an AR- 15 and a shotgun in a movie theater? Life or Death?

What are we saying as a society if there is anything less than the death penalty?

This trial is just not about a plea, at the core it is going to expose many things: Anti Death Penalty vs Pro Death Penalty, Mental Health advocates vs Non, Gun Control vs Anti Control, then make us seriously take a hard look at public safety and the current legal system/gun laws these issues all will be added to the circus.
Jury selection is begining in a month, 9000 summons to get to 24 people then trial starts in June.

I pray for all the parties involved, including Holmes parents, no one is going to be smiling and happy come stand time or during this trial but my hope is that it will began closure for the many victims families and survivors still hurting. This will be the 3rd Holidays without loves ones lost, it’s painful for both sides I would imagine. Vengeance is the Lords and we will just have to ride this out on the national stage, unfortunately. Holmes like us all have choices and his hurt many. If Holmes wanted life he should have taken others. If Holmes wants to avoid the trial then just plead guilty, stop the upcoming trial, save taxpayers, victims, survivors more harm by having to re-live it again in a lengthy trial and just face the truth. The Holmes letter albeit is a plea to live but think about the victims did they have a chance for life?

This will be a very interesting trial, once we move into the defense.  The past 10 days of court have included Opening Statements by both the Prosecution and the defense.   Both sides used the allotted 2 hours to present their opening arguments, and were a pleasure to watch!  District Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. runs a VERY tight court (almost-a-Judge Stevens could learn a LOT from Judge Samour!)

I will catch you up on the Court Action in the next few days.  As I told Kelly, when you get thrown off the horse, you have to get back on it.  You can only wallow in the Arias Trial for so long!  Pray for the victims families to receive the Justice they seek!


Mama Speaks:Updates from Death Row

May 6, 2015

Hi, everyone!  I’m finding it very hard to get back into a trial.  I may do a “marathon” event and watch all the Holmes trial over the weekend.  It’s VERY inconvenient that Court TV is no longer being broadcast, and that HLN is still trying (and failing) to find its niche in television programming.  Am I the only one who remembers that HLN stands for “HEADLINE NEWS”?  That is ALL it USED to do…run the HEADLINES every 15-30 minutes!  To tell the truth, I haven’t seen local or national news in years!  Papa comes home when the news begins, and he just doesn’t want to watch it. He calls it “Eye WitLESS News”, and admittedly, local news here consists of murder, mayhem and traffic jams caused by people doing stupid stuff off the bridges!  I refuse to watch FOX NEWS, and papa refuses to watch MSNBC or CNN…and frankly, after reading the truth about Nancy’s Dead Fiancé (and callers fawning over her two children), I can’t take the “talk-show” format…so, I am thinking that I must live in a cave and grow mushrooms for as much as I know about the world!

Well, the news from Death Row…Wayne, my pen pal in Ohio now has email!  The prisons issued them “tablets” which the connect to a kiosk in the Day-room and they can down load their mail.  They can also buy music, and “rent” books.  This is a BIG improvement for them.  In the years I’ve been writing “my boys”, the worst is the mail.  Personally, I believe that the guards mess with it, both incoming and out-going.  Not because it contains contraband, just as a way to be hateful.  I’ve had way too many letters “never received” for it to be just “lost”…with email, either you did or didn’t mail it.  It also reduces the risk of contraband being introduced into the prison thru the mail system.  A HUGE improvement for the men on Death Row!
Toney, in Florida has heard rumors of the tablets, but hasn’t yet been told positively when/if that the tablets will arrive.  I haven’t been writing as much as I used to, and I just haven’t had the spirit to drive out there.  He sent me a “art” piece he made. I appreciate that he thought of me…but, just between you and me (and a billion other people on the Internet)  I don’t know what to do with it.  
Both men continue to work on their cases.  In some respects, it’s good that it takes so long for the appeals process is so very long, it gives these fellows something to do.  I’m not sure I would want “saving my life in a court of law” as my hobby for years on end…
One other note, then I’m done for today…I peeked into the Twitterverse today; it did not appear that any mayhem, blood or disorder was occurring.  I’d say give it another few weeks and be sure that all the craziness really is over and it might be safe to return.  There’s the sweet smell of sanity in the air…
Kelly is doing her best to get back to 100%…keep sending prayers her way!
Much love to everyone!

Lets Talk About Something That Really Pisses Me Off

May 5, 2015

Hello everyone.  It is me, your Dean of Fuckery/ Law Professor/Doctor of Doctoring/resident sarcasm expert/and Queen of the Universe.  I apologize for my prolonged absence and apologize again because it is going to be longer, but I wanted to at least let you know that I am still breathing in and out and thinking of all of you.

Mama has been gracious enough to cover for me while I am not able to write.  If anyone else would like to guest blog about anything, it does not need to be related to trials or the law please feel free to let mama know and she will hook you up.

Todays blog is going to be off topic.  I could go on about the whole Holmes Trial, but I’m still so boggled that an insanity defense was allowed in this case I just cannot get my head around it right now.  Instead todays blog is going to be about something that I find personally repugnant.

I love animals.  All animals.  Even the icky ones like rats and snakes (which I personally find beautiful, but I know there is a huge ick factor for some people)and possums and spiders which of course I am aware are not animals but still.

Every single day there are stories on the internet about tortured, starved, and tossed away animals.  Those are bad enough.  Then of course there are the stories about how the last male white rhino on earth has to have armed guards now, and how the mountain gorilla is going extinct due to habitat loss and because people like to use their hands to hold ashtrays. (That is sick but true, look it up.)  Every day because we as a species are fucking assholes who figure we can rape and pillage the earth as much as we want another animal hits the endangered species list.

Most of us have seen those video’s on YouTube showing someone with a slowloris as a pet.  What they don’t show you is the animal having his teeth removed because they are venomous.  Idiots who need a Bengal tiger as a pet for the status of it who end up either dead, in which case of course the cat is killed or it ends up in a 10×10 cage in someone’s backyard or garage.  How about the Ikea Monkey.  He too made Youtube.  Thankfully for him, a judge saw fit to give him to an animal sanctuary instead of back to the fucktard that purchased him in the first place.

Then we come to my all time favorites.  Cetaceans.  Killer Whales, dolphins, porpoises kidnapped from their families and thrown into a pool and taught to do tricks for people who are happy to fork over their cash to watch the poor tortured animals jump up in the air so they can have a fish.  Everyone knows from scientists right down to school children that these majestic creatures live in family pods which they stay with for life.  Imagine being kidnapped from your family and taken from an entire ocean and placed into what is basically a fishbowl and commanded to do tricks to amuse the money, I mean people who have come to see you.

There are of course also sea lions, walrus and assorted seals to keep you entertained as they wave a flipper so they can have a fish.

The only way these particular animals can protest is to kill someone, like Tillicum did, and for his protest he has been relegated to a tank by himself so that they can still get that all important sperm from him to artificially inseminate the cows.  An animal that should be surrounded by a pod, an animal that communicates with a sophisticated language, an animal so frustrated that he did the only thing he could has now been sentenced to solitary confinement for the remainder of his days.

There needs to be an overhaul in the law regarding animals.  Let 7 horses starve to death and you get a fucking fine and you can’t own an animal for two years?  Really?  What the fuck is wrong with us?

Hunting is another thing.  I am of two minds when it comes to hunting.  Where I live is very close to the six nations reserve.  A lot of natives hunt for sustenance.  If you apply for a hunting license you should also have to provide proof that you can’t really afford meat and then you get a license.  Or barring that you should have to sign some kind of binding contract that you are indeed going to eat the animal, not just cut of it’s head to mount on your wall.    Hunting for sport?  How the fuck is shooting at something that can’t shoot back at you a sport?  Soccer is a sport.  Football is a sport.  Shooting a defenseless animal is NOT a sport.   I have hunted.  I have hunted out of necessity and I shot a deer once.  I was grateful for the meat, but it was the one and only deer I ever killed.  For three days every time I thought of that deer I would tear up.  That I had taken the life of that beautiful animal made me feel very, very small regardless of how badly I needed the meat.  Like I said though, if you are a hunter and you eat what you shoot, then I think you get a pass.  If you are just killing animals for fun, there is something wrong with you.

Japan deserves a special place in hell just for what they do in the killing cove every year.  That is some of the most heartless, sickest shit I have every seen.

I am going to ask you all, next time you are taking the kids or grandkids somewhere please don’t take them to places like Marine Land or Sea World or the Circus.  While I am not fond of zoo’s they may be the only place very soon that you are going to be able to see a still living lion or rhino or elephant so if you want to show your young ones animals take them there.

Thank you for allowing me to rant

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