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May 1, 2015

Hi, everyone!  I expect that Miss Kelly will be back in the next few days.  In the interim, will you please lift up a prayer for her as she gets a little much needed R&R?

As I said, this post will contain some odds and ends….and a few observations….
I’ve been on jury duty most of the week; sadly, it was a DWI (alcohol) case, guilty as charged.  Note to DCounty: please don’t call me for another year, Thank You!
Interesting to note that the “MDLR/Arias Assets Frozen” blog post written by a certain blogger of un-questionable credibility has mysteriously vanished from the Premire Investagatory News Network she posts to.  A rumor started that the blog post was removed because  “…sometimes articles go dark when the exclusive rights are being negotiated for things like…book deals? Also sometimes when a national news outlet picks something up the exclusivity is also contracted in the process of the transfer of ownership. I am not at liberty to say anything more than that right now. But I know you aren’t familiar with those things so I am just spelling that out for you.”  (As Gramma used to say “Let’s hide and watch!”)  I look forward to the book being published and announced on my kindle SOON!  I just KNOW it will be a best seller! (But, better strike now, while the iron is hot, because interest in the topic of #281129 is waning very quickly!)

Because I was on jury duty, I had lots of time to catch up with my reading. First on my list was the long awaited (and greatly anticipated) self-published “Our Friend Travis”!  It became available on Amazon as a Kindle book on April 22, price listed at $9.99; but I guess now that the book is a week old, the price has gone down to $8.49  I actually PURCHASED the very skimpy 309 page “quick read” at FULL price…and I then did something I have NEVER EVER done before. I RETURNED the book.  I will not review the book here. I remain just as “de-edified” after reading the book as I was before….

I also read “Behind the Words-a Logical & Satirical Guide to the Defense of Jodi Arias” by Kim Anne Whittenmore $5.99.  I read BOTH volumes I and II.  These two books cover ONLY the 8 days #281129 was on the stand and being questioned by Nurmi…but, if I didn’t know better, I would have guessed that our very own RBMD was the author.  When I questioned our Majestic Queen K, she confirmed, that she was NOT the author, proven by the lack of F*CK, F*CKER, and etcetera words within the text!  The book is very LOGICAL and well thought out!  I absolutely LOVE Amazon’s “Sample” program, where you can download a chapter (or more) to discover if a book might be to your taste or not, and I do so with a religious fervor!  I RARELY choose a book that I do not enjoy.  Do give this one a try.

I “usually” read between 15-25 books a month.  I have one of those “Kindle Unlimited” programs where I can read as many of the “Unlimited” selections as I like.  But, when I’m PAYING for a book, I have “rules”….before the Kindle was a part of my life….(seems like a very long time ago..) .I would only purchase books that “weighed a lot”….a book with 1200 pages is HEAVY!  Maybe because I am so “verbose” I expect my authors to give me a “lot of words for my money”!  Show me a book with 900 or more pages, and I’ll show you my credit card!  But, now that I have “Unlimited”, and I’m reading for “free”, I will choose a “short” 500-600 page book!  (I like “value”!) 

In this age of digital technology, almost anyone can “self-publish” a 300 page book!  You no longer need an editor, proofreader or publisher!  Amazon charges NOTHING to publish, and, following specific guidelines, the author takes from 35 to 70% royalties!  Easy-peasy!  Personally, some of the “indie” authors are difficult for me to read; spelling errors, grammatical errors, errors in syntax and a plethora of monosyllabic words abound!  Back when I was young, and dinosaurs roamed, a reader was not subjected to paragraphs which were, for all intensive (sic) purposes, the ravings of a bearly (sic) educated author who did not no (sic) there (sic) thesaurus from they’re (sic) dictionary. (THOSE are the errors which drive me wild!)

My “all-time favorite” author is James Michner: (“The Source”,  “Hawaii”,  “Alaska”, etc.). I enjoy “epics”, that start “In the beginning…”  And, of course, Ann Rule…..but, I’ve noticed that Ms. Rule is beginning to slow down her production, and isn’t offering as many new books as she once did..(NO, it’s not because The Puget Sound is all out if crime!)  And, of course, I enjoy books that are associated with trials: Helter Skelter was a nice fat one!  I read a lot of English History…well I will read ANY history, really… I’ve probably read every book on Tudor England that’s been published since 1988…the reason for that is another long blog story I will do some other day.  

As far as trials….I watched the opening statements on the James Holmes trial today.  What FANTASTIC attorneys!  What a PURE PLEASURE it was to watch a REAL JUDGE, and two EXCELLENT attorneys in action!  Have you all been watching this?  Do you want me to cover this one?  There are some great trials right now…but this one is VERY interesting!  After watching L.Nurms pick his nose for 5-6 years, I had forgotten that Defense Attorneys don’t ALL look like they put their suit on in the morning after it spent the night wadded up in the “dry cleaning” pile, they really don’t treat their chair like it is a lazy-Boy recliner, actually enunciate “may we approach” (rather than “m’proach”) and most don’t look like child molesters looking for their next 5 year old victim…


Just WHAT is INSANE?  What does it mean “not to know right from wrong”?  Where does “sane” end and “legally insane” begin?  This crime is HEINOUS!!  TWELVE theater attendees DEAD, the younges only SIX years old and SEVENTY others wounded!  This HAS to be CRAZY!…but…two different psychologists say “no…he has problems, but he knows right from wrong!”   

I had the strangest feelings/thoughts as I watched the attorneys today.  The Prosecutor was like Mr. Martinez, he knew every single item in this crime, he is passionate!  He didn’t refer to notes, he was well spoken, he had his facts.  At first, I thought “oh, Slam-dunk!”  But…the Defense began…and suddenly, it was like trying to pull the reins in on the 60-mule team Borax wagon!  The more the attorney spoke, the more I started to question what I thought I knew about mental illness!

I’m not sure what Kelly will cover when she gets back to the keyboard…but…I DO know she is working on a Death Penalty issue…sooooo what trial she will cover, who knows…you all might end up with double blog posts in the future if we both get interested in different trials….I think there are some exciting things coming to RBMD in the future…

I will end with this….I am SICK of hearing anything more about #281129.  She has no relevance in our lives any longer.  She’s gone off to Perryville, and we can get on with our lives.  For myself, now that I have an understanding of the “Perfect Storm” that culminated in Travis Alexander’s murder, I don’t need to keep carrying that history with me.  I am grateful for the friends I’ve made because we shared the experience of that trial, but I regret ever signing into the asylum named Twitter.  None of us need that negativity in our lives, and to be totally honest…Twitter “de-edifies” me.  I feel worse about myself and the world when I even visit there…I really DO have a real life, filled with loving individuals…(like all of you here, my son and my dear husband)…there are thousands of books to read, letters to write for Death Row Support, and of course, my Star Sisters and the committees I either am a member of or Chair.  The thing I will take with me from the Alexander Murder Trial is to do more to enhance the lives of my family and friends…and those who are truly needy.  

I’ve missed talking to you all this week!  Leave a comment, and tell me what your life is like this week!

Love and hugs to all!

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