MamaVia Speaks-Odds and Ends

Hi, everyone!  I expect that Miss Kelly will be back in the next few days.  In the interim, will you please lift up a prayer for her as she gets a little much needed R&R?

As I said, this post will contain some odds and ends….and a few observations….
I’ve been on jury duty most of the week; sadly, it was a DWI (alcohol) case, guilty as charged.  Note to DCounty: please don’t call me for another year, Thank You!
Interesting to note that the “MDLR/Arias Assets Frozen” blog post written by a certain blogger of un-questionable credibility has mysteriously vanished from the Premire Investagatory News Network she posts to.  A rumor started that the blog post was removed because  “…sometimes articles go dark when the exclusive rights are being negotiated for things like…book deals? Also sometimes when a national news outlet picks something up the exclusivity is also contracted in the process of the transfer of ownership. I am not at liberty to say anything more than that right now. But I know you aren’t familiar with those things so I am just spelling that out for you.”  (As Gramma used to say “Let’s hide and watch!”)  I look forward to the book being published and announced on my kindle SOON!  I just KNOW it will be a best seller! (But, better strike now, while the iron is hot, because interest in the topic of #281129 is waning very quickly!)

Because I was on jury duty, I had lots of time to catch up with my reading. First on my list was the long awaited (and greatly anticipated) self-published “Our Friend Travis”!  It became available on Amazon as a Kindle book on April 22, price listed at $9.99; but I guess now that the book is a week old, the price has gone down to $8.49  I actually PURCHASED the very skimpy 309 page “quick read” at FULL price…and I then did something I have NEVER EVER done before. I RETURNED the book.  I will not review the book here. I remain just as “de-edified” after reading the book as I was before….

I also read “Behind the Words-a Logical & Satirical Guide to the Defense of Jodi Arias” by Kim Anne Whittenmore $5.99.  I read BOTH volumes I and II.  These two books cover ONLY the 8 days #281129 was on the stand and being questioned by Nurmi…but, if I didn’t know better, I would have guessed that our very own RBMD was the author.  When I questioned our Majestic Queen K, she confirmed, that she was NOT the author, proven by the lack of F*CK, F*CKER, and etcetera words within the text!  The book is very LOGICAL and well thought out!  I absolutely LOVE Amazon’s “Sample” program, where you can download a chapter (or more) to discover if a book might be to your taste or not, and I do so with a religious fervor!  I RARELY choose a book that I do not enjoy.  Do give this one a try.

I “usually” read between 15-25 books a month.  I have one of those “Kindle Unlimited” programs where I can read as many of the “Unlimited” selections as I like.  But, when I’m PAYING for a book, I have “rules”….before the Kindle was a part of my life….(seems like a very long time ago..) .I would only purchase books that “weighed a lot”….a book with 1200 pages is HEAVY!  Maybe because I am so “verbose” I expect my authors to give me a “lot of words for my money”!  Show me a book with 900 or more pages, and I’ll show you my credit card!  But, now that I have “Unlimited”, and I’m reading for “free”, I will choose a “short” 500-600 page book!  (I like “value”!) 

In this age of digital technology, almost anyone can “self-publish” a 300 page book!  You no longer need an editor, proofreader or publisher!  Amazon charges NOTHING to publish, and, following specific guidelines, the author takes from 35 to 70% royalties!  Easy-peasy!  Personally, some of the “indie” authors are difficult for me to read; spelling errors, grammatical errors, errors in syntax and a plethora of monosyllabic words abound!  Back when I was young, and dinosaurs roamed, a reader was not subjected to paragraphs which were, for all intensive (sic) purposes, the ravings of a bearly (sic) educated author who did not no (sic) there (sic) thesaurus from they’re (sic) dictionary. (THOSE are the errors which drive me wild!)

My “all-time favorite” author is James Michner: (“The Source”,  “Hawaii”,  “Alaska”, etc.). I enjoy “epics”, that start “In the beginning…”  And, of course, Ann Rule…..but, I’ve noticed that Ms. Rule is beginning to slow down her production, and isn’t offering as many new books as she once did..(NO, it’s not because The Puget Sound is all out if crime!)  And, of course, I enjoy books that are associated with trials: Helter Skelter was a nice fat one!  I read a lot of English History…well I will read ANY history, really… I’ve probably read every book on Tudor England that’s been published since 1988…the reason for that is another long blog story I will do some other day.  

As far as trials….I watched the opening statements on the James Holmes trial today.  What FANTASTIC attorneys!  What a PURE PLEASURE it was to watch a REAL JUDGE, and two EXCELLENT attorneys in action!  Have you all been watching this?  Do you want me to cover this one?  There are some great trials right now…but this one is VERY interesting!  After watching L.Nurms pick his nose for 5-6 years, I had forgotten that Defense Attorneys don’t ALL look like they put their suit on in the morning after it spent the night wadded up in the “dry cleaning” pile, they really don’t treat their chair like it is a lazy-Boy recliner, actually enunciate “may we approach” (rather than “m’proach”) and most don’t look like child molesters looking for their next 5 year old victim…


Just WHAT is INSANE?  What does it mean “not to know right from wrong”?  Where does “sane” end and “legally insane” begin?  This crime is HEINOUS!!  TWELVE theater attendees DEAD, the younges only SIX years old and SEVENTY others wounded!  This HAS to be CRAZY!…but…two different psychologists say “no…he has problems, but he knows right from wrong!”   

I had the strangest feelings/thoughts as I watched the attorneys today.  The Prosecutor was like Mr. Martinez, he knew every single item in this crime, he is passionate!  He didn’t refer to notes, he was well spoken, he had his facts.  At first, I thought “oh, Slam-dunk!”  But…the Defense began…and suddenly, it was like trying to pull the reins in on the 60-mule team Borax wagon!  The more the attorney spoke, the more I started to question what I thought I knew about mental illness!

I’m not sure what Kelly will cover when she gets back to the keyboard…but…I DO know she is working on a Death Penalty issue…sooooo what trial she will cover, who knows…you all might end up with double blog posts in the future if we both get interested in different trials….I think there are some exciting things coming to RBMD in the future…

I will end with this….I am SICK of hearing anything more about #281129.  She has no relevance in our lives any longer.  She’s gone off to Perryville, and we can get on with our lives.  For myself, now that I have an understanding of the “Perfect Storm” that culminated in Travis Alexander’s murder, I don’t need to keep carrying that history with me.  I am grateful for the friends I’ve made because we shared the experience of that trial, but I regret ever signing into the asylum named Twitter.  None of us need that negativity in our lives, and to be totally honest…Twitter “de-edifies” me.  I feel worse about myself and the world when I even visit there…I really DO have a real life, filled with loving individuals…(like all of you here, my son and my dear husband)…there are thousands of books to read, letters to write for Death Row Support, and of course, my Star Sisters and the committees I either am a member of or Chair.  The thing I will take with me from the Alexander Murder Trial is to do more to enhance the lives of my family and friends…and those who are truly needy.  

I’ve missed talking to you all this week!  Leave a comment, and tell me what your life is like this week!

Love and hugs to all!

42 Responses to MamaVia Speaks-Odds and Ends

  1. Sandra says:

    Mama Via,
    Aha, I thought you might be over here! Thank you…..from the bottom of my heart….

  2. Sandra says:

    Oh, and hi Kelly! 🙂 Thanks for helping me find Mama Via !

  3. Mama Via says:

    Hmmmm where is everyone this morning?

  4. Mama Via says:

    Reblogged this on Out in left field and commented:
    RMBD blog is up!

  5. TrulyUSA says:

    Hooray for Mama! Thank you for the update, Mama. I will say special prayers for our Kelly. Kelly we miss you terribly! Mama I missed you, too. I’ve just been working and trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep on keepin’ on has become my personal motto. I’ve been taking care of my 89 year old aunt once a week (she’s a peach, a real bitch who still has all her brain power, I love talking to her and laughing at her comments about the small town folks who have and have not managed to outlive her). She is full of wisdom, that one, and not afraid to call a spade a spade. Other than that, my husband and I are planning vacations for this year. We have to work hard in the Spring/Summer so we take our vacations in the fall. One is always a 4 hour road trip into even deeper woods and mountains to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage, and the other is our yearly Carribbean vacation. You gotta have something on the horizon to get through all the crap in life. So that’s it for me, Mama! Thanks for the update!

  6. TrulyUSA says:

    Oh yeah — who is 281129? What is Twitter? Removed from my life — I don’t need extra drama I’ve got plenty of my own! James Holmes has always interested me, Mama. That mix of genius/crazy is intriguing. If you want to run with it, you know I’ll be with you!

    • Mama Via says:

      Thank you, Truly! You know…maybe next winter or winter after we should have a RMBD Cruise to the Bahamas….we could do it if we saved our pennies and got a group rate!

      Thanks for lovely words of encouragement! Love to you!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        That would be so awesome, Mama! I would definitely go on that cruise, and we would be, no doubt, the funnest people on board. We could get our belly dancing outfits and party on!!!

  7. Mags Vazquez says:

    I would love to read about the James Holmes trial , I love reading your blog . 🙂

    • Mama Via says:

      I’m working on the prosecution opening arguments today…plan on defense this weekend…I’ll try to catch up as fast as I can, Mags! Thank you!

  8. Bazzethound says:

    Hey Mama- Crappy day. Didn’t/ couldn’t go to my first grader’s school event this morning and just postponed lunch with my childhood best friend’s mom. She was like a second mom to me, but I’m too freakin’ down & upset with myself to paste on a smile and force myself out of the BazzetHouse. FML. It’ll get better. It always does. Until then I’m gonna sit near the window and enjoy the sound of the rain.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Bazzet, I’m so sorry you are sad today. Just remember, after the rain comes the rainbow…..

    • Mama Via says:

      Gwen…Gramma says that “without the rain, you would never appreciate the sunshine!” Life is like that, too…how do you know what happiness is unless you experience sadness occasionally…you are usually very upbeat…I know you will be yourself again very soon! Sending big ole mama hugs!

      • Bazzethound says:

        I’m still down, but my sons both hugged me through my tears and made me feel like the best Mom of all time. They are awesome.

        My husband was having a slow afternoon working on cars at a dealership, so he got permission to come home and be with me.

        I actually love listening to the rain and feeling the fresh breeze through the window. I absolutely look forward to rain. Its true~ rain makes the flowers grow!

        Thanks Mama and Truly for the kind words. I hope we all have a wonderful, rejuvenating weekend!

  9. renaes24 says:

    Ah, Mama! So nice to hear from you again! (It’s about damn time too…humph!) Random thoughts to you random ramblings:
    Books: I also read both vols of Behind the Words and enjoyed it immensely, (though I liked Vol 1 better than Vol 2). As for “Our Friend Travis” book. I have no intention of even wanting to read it. I find no reason to elevate Travis to sainthood……he was no saint…….and from reviews I have seen, it is that plus a lot of self-help crap along with pyramid scheme stuff in there. No thank you!
    MDLR expose disappearing? Well, I too am awaiting a book about it but I won’t hold my breath. So now our (not-a-) journalist fancies herself some sort of (not-a) screenplay or book author? (Now it is apparent why she bought herself a new hat……her head inflated another 3 sizes…….swelled with WATER is more like it…..damn).
    As for James Holmes, while I read a write up of the trial each evening, I am not watching it online. I feel it is all a waste. He (via his family I assume) were amenable to LWOP but NO! the state wants the Death Penalty……..well, good luck with that because even if he gets it, his attorneys will not have too hard a time proving that he is too CooKoo for CoCo Puffs to be put to death. Hell, the prosecutions’ first psychiatrist said he was no competent and nuts… they get another one just so they could get one to say: well, he’s only SLIGHTLY nuts. What a crock! He is so medicated in that courtroom and it has taken all this time to get him ‘balanced’ enough to bring him to trial. All they have to do is stop the meds and back will pop the ‘Joker’. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to be found ‘not guilty by reason of insanity’ because that would allow a bunch of shrinks to decide when he is “cured” or “no longer a danger”…..and I have ZERO faith in Shrinks to decide any such thing. But, LWOP would be in almost everyone’s best interest. As for the prosecution showing all the planning and the rationality(?) when he was arrested? Does not surprise me. Schizos can switch on and off faster than you can blink in some cases. …….fine line between genius and madness!
    As for the Perryville Prisoner Princess….who the hell cares! Let her sing to the mouldy/crumbling walls till the end of time…..’no one can hear you…..when you scream……in the night…….in the dark’ (Shirley Jackson)
    On with life!…………………………..

  10. Connie Rust says:

    Hi Mama and all…..good to hear from you! I’ve been kinda out of sorts lately with this crap going on with my sister. She had her first chemo session yesterday. So far she’s doing ok but I’m sure that will be short lived. I just hate that she has to go thru that!
    As for Holmes, I did watch the first couple days but stopped. I just can’t stand this whole insanity defense. I also don’t understand why the victims’ testimony is relevant. We all know he did it…so what does hearing from these people have to do with whether or not he was insane? Those poor people had to get up on that stand and relive that fateful night….why? This guy doesn’t even deserve a trial IMO. He stockpiled weapons, ammo, tear gas; bought body armor to protect himself; booby trapped his apartment to deflect attention; even Googled ‘rational insanity’ and took creepy selfies the night before the massacre. Now…as I said about Stabby…anyone who can do something like that is some kinda sick….but that doesn’t give him a get out of jail free card. He knew what he was going to do and he did it…end of story for me. I think they should just take him out behind the court house and shoot him.

    • Mama Via says:

      Connie…I hope to make some sense out of all that I’ve seen so far…you’ve got some great questions…so far…watching these attorneys has given me a sense that Lady Justice has recovered from her illness! Don’t lose faith, honey!

    • Mama Via says:

      I also forgot to tell you that you and your sister remain in my thoughts and prayers! I hope everything goes well with her…let us know if you need to just talk…or if we can help…ok?

      • Connie Rust says:

        Thank u Mama. This is Monday and so far sis is doing ok….well by ok I mean no puking yet. They gave her some heavy duty anit-puke meds which have worked so far…albeit at the expense of her alertness. She’s hoping to cut back on the meds tomorrow so she can stay awake. Her treatments are 3 weeks apart so I sure hope she has some normal days between. This was just her first of 6. They say her hair will go on day 14 and she’s not of of those women who will walk around sporting a bald head. The wigs are on order.
        It’s so hard to see her going thru this.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      I agree Connie — with Daddy’s double barrel at 15 feet! Sure hope your sister comes through okay, I know this is a difficult time, but I know you’ll stay strong for her, too. She is lucky to have you for a sister — I don’t have a sister and I’ve always wanted one. Guess I’ll just have to adopt all of you!

  11. Mama Via, tell Kelly I miss her, but you are a great filler here! I was so happy to hear you say you wondered if Kim Anne was really Kelly! Except for the ‘badder words’, she sure sounded like Kelly to me. I loved both Volumes of ‘Behind the Words’. Several times, I found myself bursting out laughing. Other times, I was thinking, how could any juror keep out off ‘Confusion Street’ while listening to (or reading!) her LONG, BORING testimony! She’s a nut case…a bonafide nut, for sure.

    Take are, Mama Via and tell Kelly she IS missed!

    PS. The inmates Private Eye stepped out of the picture today. It seems the inmate cannot keep paying him. (Am I mean for finding that hilarious? Her ‘gravy train’ is wrecked, it seems!) HAhahahahaha Hahaha (choke…gasp) hahahaha!

    • Mama Via says:

      I will have to share a story with everyone later…about karma…

      But one thing to ALWAYS remember…it isn’t “karma” if it was YOUR hand causing the action! You are ONLY ALLOWED to LAUGH ABOUT KARMA when you had NOTHING TO DO EITH IT…

      Retribution or vindictive actions are NOT karma…that’s just being a fucking bitch…

      In THIS case, we are allowed to laugh! WE didn’t have anything to do with eating up all the PI $$ by purchasing all that commissary candy…expenses were probaby high this past week…my pen pal on death row tells me the TV she had to buy was between 250-350 dollars…giggle! And it’s only 13 inch tv!

  12. Thelma Pottorff says:

    I had to let you know that your reading decisions are based on ‘weight’ I immediately knew I had found a true soul sister reader! I also read voraciously. My eyes hunger for the written words in a nice big fat book. Likewise I was courious about the Hughes book. I’m still pissed I paid full price. I was ready to toss my Kindle at something simply because I felt the last half or more of the book did nothing to honor Travis but merely a long long lesson on Mormonism. Travis was brutally murdered by a psychopath his religion in my opinion played to part in JA’s murderous rampage except for the fact he refused to marry the little scheming Ho. That being said thank you for writing and I look forward to yours and Kelly’s blogs.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Haha, now I have that song running through my head — Hey Sister Soul Sister Soul Sister Soul Sister — only it brings forth images of Christina Aguilera in her bad girl days — make it stop!

    • Mama Via says:

      Thelma, if you’ve had the book for less than 7 days, you can return it! Just go to your purchase, and there is an option to process a return…if it’s been less than 10 days, just call Amazon…tell them what the issue is…I was pretty peeved that a 1/3 of the book was self-help and Religious stuff…if I wanted a lesson in Mormonism, I’d answer the door when they knock! (Haha, joke there! Actually, a mezuzah is kryptonite to their species! They know no amount of talking will get a Jew to convert!)

      So glad that someone understood my “heavy book” comment! I like the “big fatties” because they tend to have great character development and really “see the big picture”!

      I’d love to force Cash Hughes to read some of the Mormon history books like “Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of a Violent Faith”….although, I don’t think he is open minded enough to reading HISTORY….I don’t remember if I read it in his book, or another that said Smith wrote the Book of Mormon (interestingly, he was illiterate) and that he wrote it using the “original language” that the Bible was written in (which would be Ancient Aramic, not Elizabethan/Jacobean English which uses thee and thou….). I would bet my cheese sandwich that he also wouldn’t know that the King James Version of the Bible was written at the command of King James, son of Mary, Queen of Scots, nephew of Elizabeth I….he was chosen as her successor because he was a Protestant from Scotland…and not a Catholic…

      I don’t need to tell you that reading “fatties” gives you a LOT of useless information with which you can amaze your friends….

      Thanks for your comment….be sure to let me know if you find a good “fattie” to read!!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        I like big fat books, too, but I haven’t had much time to read these days. I remember I read Gone with the Wind when I was 12 — and cried when it was over because I never wanted the story to end! Always said if I had a daughter, I would have named her Scarlett Elizabeth — and I’m not even Southern! LOL!

      • Mama Via says:

        My son was SUPPOSED to be a girl too….but I discovered I really do like boys better! Girls stink! (I taught him those words when he was TWO….and I think I don’t have any grand babies because of that….wonder if that was a “law of attraction” thingy?)

      • TrulyUSA says:

        I grew up around all boys/men, just Mom and me for miles around. Even the few neighbors back then had all boys. I guess that’s why I’m pretty tough — I had to be growing up or I wouldn’t have had any fun at all. I actually overcame my aversion to snakes because my brothers were terrified of them, I would catch one and show it to them and say “if you don’t stop badgering me I am gonna put this in your bed tonight!” It was very effective, LOL!

  13. SteffKnits says:

    Hi there, great to read your posts, always. Thanks much for the book review too. I was wondering about the book; good to know you can return it too. You’ve saved me a purchase!

  14. Thelma Pottorff says:

    Several years ago I read The World According to Garp by John Irving. I loved it. The book is oh so much better than the movie (Hollywood fail) which I find is usually the case. Under the Banner of Heaven is an excellent expose of Morman doctrine. I did return the “Cash” Hughes book. Thanks for the advice. It felt almost as good as shutting the door in their face.

    • Sandra says:

      Glad to hear you did that, Thelma. It makes me sick when I see people get all pumped up to sell crap they don’t believe in and has no real value except to the kind of the pyramid’s wallet! CASH and his kind have no problem telling every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the street that they have the ability to sell, sell, sell, to everyone, everyone, everyone… just ain’t so. I didn’t feel sincerity from Travis in his last video on Legal Shield. He should have been a stand up comic, imo. Seemed like he had good timing, etc. And ALOT of material he could have worked with! Especially, if he’d been able to leave Mormonism…..

      • Thelma Pottorff says:

        JA defense team would have had nothing to smear had Travis been just a regular testosterone driven comedian. I’m shocked Legal Shield (AKA PrePaid Legal) is still operating. All their top sellers seem to be living quite well which is no doubt at the expense of someone… doesn’t grow on trees. Skeptic that I am…….haha

      • Sandra says:

        The defense team, imo, was forced to do every thing possible to try and save Jodi from the DP. And still they failed rather….spectacularly. Travis dragged his own name through the proverbial mud with his own words. He needed help. He seemed to be reaching for it, though sadly too late. Nothing is to be gained from keeping out the light from the darker truth so that others can escape the sad fate of Jodi and Travis.
        It’s good to be skeptical….great, in fact! I want people to read my blog and respond to what they think I have wrong. It’s just that they don’t do that very much unless they include a load of b.s. and hate along with it. I’m out of that business now! HA!

  15. Thelma Pottorff says:

    I’m reading Behind the Words and I absolutely cannot put it down! I would gladly have paid any amount for this Kindle download. My husband claims he is starving to death so I tossed him a sandwich and suggested he make his own until I finish this book and the second one. This book fills in all the gaps that watching on TV did not. This is the best coverage of the killers testimony yet. Thank you so much for mentioning it in your blog. Otherwise I would not have know it existed. The Hughes book left me with a sour taste in my mouth and the impression I had read a book about how to conduct my life to reach the heights of the Rich and Famous. At my age I think I can manage my own personal enrichment without Mormon advice. Looking forward to your next blog. Until then I’ve got a book to read.

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