Lets Talk About Something That Really Pisses Me Off

May 5, 2015

Hello everyone.  It is me, your Dean of Fuckery/ Law Professor/Doctor of Doctoring/resident sarcasm expert/and Queen of the Universe.  I apologize for my prolonged absence and apologize again because it is going to be longer, but I wanted to at least let you know that I am still breathing in and out and thinking of all of you.

Mama has been gracious enough to cover for me while I am not able to write.  If anyone else would like to guest blog about anything, it does not need to be related to trials or the law please feel free to let mama know and she will hook you up.

Todays blog is going to be off topic.  I could go on about the whole Holmes Trial, but I’m still so boggled that an insanity defense was allowed in this case I just cannot get my head around it right now.  Instead todays blog is going to be about something that I find personally repugnant.

I love animals.  All animals.  Even the icky ones like rats and snakes (which I personally find beautiful, but I know there is a huge ick factor for some people)and possums and spiders which of course I am aware are not animals but still.

Every single day there are stories on the internet about tortured, starved, and tossed away animals.  Those are bad enough.  Then of course there are the stories about how the last male white rhino on earth has to have armed guards now, and how the mountain gorilla is going extinct due to habitat loss and because people like to use their hands to hold ashtrays. (That is sick but true, look it up.)  Every day because we as a species are fucking assholes who figure we can rape and pillage the earth as much as we want another animal hits the endangered species list.

Most of us have seen those video’s on YouTube showing someone with a slowloris as a pet.  What they don’t show you is the animal having his teeth removed because they are venomous.  Idiots who need a Bengal tiger as a pet for the status of it who end up either dead, in which case of course the cat is killed or it ends up in a 10×10 cage in someone’s backyard or garage.  How about the Ikea Monkey.  He too made Youtube.  Thankfully for him, a judge saw fit to give him to an animal sanctuary instead of back to the fucktard that purchased him in the first place.

Then we come to my all time favorites.  Cetaceans.  Killer Whales, dolphins, porpoises kidnapped from their families and thrown into a pool and taught to do tricks for people who are happy to fork over their cash to watch the poor tortured animals jump up in the air so they can have a fish.  Everyone knows from scientists right down to school children that these majestic creatures live in family pods which they stay with for life.  Imagine being kidnapped from your family and taken from an entire ocean and placed into what is basically a fishbowl and commanded to do tricks to amuse the money, I mean people who have come to see you.

There are of course also sea lions, walrus and assorted seals to keep you entertained as they wave a flipper so they can have a fish.

The only way these particular animals can protest is to kill someone, like Tillicum did, and for his protest he has been relegated to a tank by himself so that they can still get that all important sperm from him to artificially inseminate the cows.  An animal that should be surrounded by a pod, an animal that communicates with a sophisticated language, an animal so frustrated that he did the only thing he could has now been sentenced to solitary confinement for the remainder of his days.

There needs to be an overhaul in the law regarding animals.  Let 7 horses starve to death and you get a fucking fine and you can’t own an animal for two years?  Really?  What the fuck is wrong with us?

Hunting is another thing.  I am of two minds when it comes to hunting.  Where I live is very close to the six nations reserve.  A lot of natives hunt for sustenance.  If you apply for a hunting license you should also have to provide proof that you can’t really afford meat and then you get a license.  Or barring that you should have to sign some kind of binding contract that you are indeed going to eat the animal, not just cut of it’s head to mount on your wall.    Hunting for sport?  How the fuck is shooting at something that can’t shoot back at you a sport?  Soccer is a sport.  Football is a sport.  Shooting a defenseless animal is NOT a sport.   I have hunted.  I have hunted out of necessity and I shot a deer once.  I was grateful for the meat, but it was the one and only deer I ever killed.  For three days every time I thought of that deer I would tear up.  That I had taken the life of that beautiful animal made me feel very, very small regardless of how badly I needed the meat.  Like I said though, if you are a hunter and you eat what you shoot, then I think you get a pass.  If you are just killing animals for fun, there is something wrong with you.

Japan deserves a special place in hell just for what they do in the killing cove every year.  That is some of the most heartless, sickest shit I have every seen.

I am going to ask you all, next time you are taking the kids or grandkids somewhere please don’t take them to places like Marine Land or Sea World or the Circus.  While I am not fond of zoo’s they may be the only place very soon that you are going to be able to see a still living lion or rhino or elephant so if you want to show your young ones animals take them there.

Thank you for allowing me to rant

RBMD peacing the fuck out!


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