Mama Speaks:Updates from Death Row

May 6, 2015

Hi, everyone!  I’m finding it very hard to get back into a trial.  I may do a “marathon” event and watch all the Holmes trial over the weekend.  It’s VERY inconvenient that Court TV is no longer being broadcast, and that HLN is still trying (and failing) to find its niche in television programming.  Am I the only one who remembers that HLN stands for “HEADLINE NEWS”?  That is ALL it USED to do…run the HEADLINES every 15-30 minutes!  To tell the truth, I haven’t seen local or national news in years!  Papa comes home when the news begins, and he just doesn’t want to watch it. He calls it “Eye WitLESS News”, and admittedly, local news here consists of murder, mayhem and traffic jams caused by people doing stupid stuff off the bridges!  I refuse to watch FOX NEWS, and papa refuses to watch MSNBC or CNN…and frankly, after reading the truth about Nancy’s Dead Fiancé (and callers fawning over her two children), I can’t take the “talk-show” format…so, I am thinking that I must live in a cave and grow mushrooms for as much as I know about the world!

Well, the news from Death Row…Wayne, my pen pal in Ohio now has email!  The prisons issued them “tablets” which the connect to a kiosk in the Day-room and they can down load their mail.  They can also buy music, and “rent” books.  This is a BIG improvement for them.  In the years I’ve been writing “my boys”, the worst is the mail.  Personally, I believe that the guards mess with it, both incoming and out-going.  Not because it contains contraband, just as a way to be hateful.  I’ve had way too many letters “never received” for it to be just “lost”…with email, either you did or didn’t mail it.  It also reduces the risk of contraband being introduced into the prison thru the mail system.  A HUGE improvement for the men on Death Row!
Toney, in Florida has heard rumors of the tablets, but hasn’t yet been told positively when/if that the tablets will arrive.  I haven’t been writing as much as I used to, and I just haven’t had the spirit to drive out there.  He sent me a “art” piece he made. I appreciate that he thought of me…but, just between you and me (and a billion other people on the Internet)  I don’t know what to do with it.  
Both men continue to work on their cases.  In some respects, it’s good that it takes so long for the appeals process is so very long, it gives these fellows something to do.  I’m not sure I would want “saving my life in a court of law” as my hobby for years on end…
One other note, then I’m done for today…I peeked into the Twitterverse today; it did not appear that any mayhem, blood or disorder was occurring.  I’d say give it another few weeks and be sure that all the craziness really is over and it might be safe to return.  There’s the sweet smell of sanity in the air…
Kelly is doing her best to get back to 100%…keep sending prayers her way!
Much love to everyone!

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