Mama Speaks-Some Questions & Answers about #281129

I’m beginning to wonder if I am the only one who is still trying to “come to terms” with the Travis Alexander Murder Trial? (Did you see what I did there?  “TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER TRIAL”?).  I am still wanting to accept the act of senseless murder, arrest, conviction and sentence…to make some SENSE of it all.  “Nothing happens without a reason”…and I need to TRY to understand the REASONS that something so heinous actually happened in our society. 

I remember, as a child watching TV that Lucy & Ricky slept in twin beds, to show that they actually slept in the SAME bed was just TOO much for our puritanical society.  As an older teen, I remember being EMBARASSED when a Tampax commercial was broadcast, and we were in “mixed company”.  I suppose that those things inured me to what was to come; Viagra commercials, catheter commercials, commercials asking if your colon is healthy, bladder control commercials and the ever present “Take Beano, and there will be no gas!”…I think I could have lived my life without knowing about Viagra, catheters, colon-cleanse, Poise Pads, Depends and Beano.  Really.  It just feels like TMI…(Too Much Information)

As a young LADY, I had several pair of white gloves, two or three hats (one just for “pretty” the other to keep the sun off my face), and I wore DRESSES…DUNGAREES (aka: jeans) were for when you were out working in the barn, or out among the brambles, picking berries!  I remember being appalled when Gramma told me that she had sewn a pair of trousers to wear…and she was going to wear them to TOWN!  I guess that was to prepare me for the day I was given a good look at my daughter-in-law’s “tramp stamp”…which prepared me for her “short shorts” which revealed yet another tattoo on her shaved “mouse”.  I didn’t WANT to see those things (and now I need Eye Bleach) but her mother seemed to forget to teach her the “keep your knees together when you sit down” rule….actually, her mother didn’t teach her a LOT of things!

I was reminded of all these things when Sandy Arias said “I guess the one thing we forgot to teach her was how to walk away from an abusive relationship.” Actually, Mrs. Arias, there is a LOT more that you didn’t teach your daughter!  (teaching “knees together” was another…and I’m going to need BRAIN BLEACH after seeing SOME of those gynecological photos of Inmate 281129!  I’ve seen more MODEST photos in HUSTLER!”)

Well, we really AREN’T done with Inmate 281129…sadly, she just won’t go away and never be heard from again…So….what’s next for our Princess? What has she been up to?

What she APPEARS to be doing now…is piling up some cash to appeal…so…thanks to the money-grubbers…here are some FAQS about her appeal fund…and some appeal facts…(thanks to some other site fishing for dollars)…

My back and hips have been killing me…I don’t know if it’s the weather, or that I’m just overdue for my RFL.  I’m scheduled for shots in both my hips next week…and then the RFL in 3 weeks (L4-5)…and then some shots in  my T-area in six weeks…being old ISNT for pussies!

I didn’t get a chance to chat with our Queen over the last few days…but, I can tell you that she is doing fine, and she will be back with us very soon.  She has the greatest news!  I can’t help but spill a few beans…she has been spending a lot of quality time with her son…and I’m so happy for them both! I remember when my son was the same age, and that’s when we really became friends and “compadres”…so, please keep both of them in your prayers and send them all the good wishes they truly deserve!  I hope every day they share together is more special than the day before!

And, for each if you special ladies, I know that Kelly loves you all…as I do.  They things you share here, your thoughts, feelings, care, concern and love have made you special to Kelly and to me!

I’ll be back again soon…if Kelly doesn’t beat me to it!




A1: The Legal Defense Fund is an irrevocable gift trust into which money is deposited as a donation (or gift) for the express purpose of paying for the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi Arias’s wrongful conviction. These fees may include attorney retainers, investigator retainers, experts, mitigation, and court filing fees.


A2: Since Jodi was sentenced to life imprisonment, not death, taxpayers will fund very little. She will be assigned a public defender for her direct appeal, and if her conviction is upheld (nearly all convictions are upheld on direct appeal), then post-conviction relief (PCR) proceedings begin. Few appellants are granted a hearing at the PCR stage, and of those few, fewer still ever manage to get their convictions overturned. If the public defender can manage to get Jodi a hearing during PCR, she will be back in the same courtroom with the same trial judge and the same prosecutor. Only the public defender will be new (and thus at a disadvantage). The Honorable Sherry Stephens will be the one deciding whether to uphold Jodi’s conviction. Arizona taxpayers will not pay for anything beyond PCR proceedings. If her conviction is upheld, Jodi and her public defender will part ways, and Jodi will go back to prison for the rest of her life – unless the Legal Defense Fund has enough money to hire a private attorney to pursue further appeals on both the state and the federal level.


A3: No. The Alexander-family attorney has publicly announced to the media that the Alexanders will be suing Jodi. A wrongful-death lawsuit is a vehicle by which the Alexanders will seek to get as much money as they can from Jodi. The money in the Legal Defense Fund does not belong to Jodi. The trust is not in her name, she does not control it, and she does not have access to it.

In the state of Arizona, attorneys for the state may also try to take any money from Jodi. But again, the Legal Defense Fund does not contain any money belonging to her.

The trust was carefully structured so that the funds may only be distributed for the purposes for which it was created – legal defense and appellate costs. The money cannot be taken out for any other reason, including restitution.


A4: No. The trust is irrevocable, meaning that once money is put into it, it can never be taken out except for the purposes for which the trust was established (legal defense and appellate costs).


A5: No. Any contribution to a gift trust is considered a gift and is not tax-deductible.


A6: Most attorneys’ retainers for a case like Jodi’s are $250,000. The figure of $150,000 has been mentioned, but that is a typical retainer for a case like Jodi’s before conviction, when trial preparation and trial itself are the two overarching factors that drive up the legal bill. Now, however, added to that is the appeals process, which involves extensive legal research, motion writing, and additional investigation.


A7: Regular updates will be announced in this website. This will be a rounded-off figure representing what is in the fund and is not exact to the penny.


A8: Initially, the financial institution and account number were listed on this site, but so many phone calls were received that it became a distraction to the bank employees. So this information was removed. Please note that many organizations which collect donations, such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Feed the Children, and American Red Cross, do not provide their bank information either.


A9: First, appeals will be pursued. Second, given that Jodi’s legal defense fees cost taxpayers over $2 million the first time around, it is unlikely that there will be any money in the fund remaining. However, on the off-chance that there is, it will be split down the middle and given to two nonprofit organizations. One helps disabled children, and one is a no-kill animal sanctuary. These instructions are built into the trust.


A10: For the same reason bank information is not listed: The nonprofit charities are not named here to protect them from undue attention. In the event that any monies from the Legal Defense Fund are donated to these charities, their identities and the donation amounts will then be announced on this website.


A11: The trustee is Sue Allen Halterman, Jodi’s aunt. She had an attorney structure the trust so that not even she may use any of the funds for herself. Despite both her attorney and her tax consultant’s advising her to take a monthly trustee fee from the trust, she refused this option. In the event that she no longer wishes to be trustee, successor trustees are in place.


A12. The donor matching the donations wishes to remain anonymous. All donations to the JAA Appellate Fund are confidential, and names of donors are not made public.


A14: No! As Jodi’s parents explain in the video, the only official website for making donations to the JAA Appellate Fund is Any other website, Facebook page or group purporting to be official is not.


A15: Yes! Jodi loves to receive letters. Send your letters to:

Lumley Unit
Jodi Arias #281129
PO BOX 3300
Goodyear, AZ 85395

ADD ON:  the following is the transcription of the letter that inmate #281129 sent to supporters on 5/24/15.  I couldn’t seem to get the actual picture of the letter to post…(operator error, I’m sure)…so enjoy the special bonus communique!

#281129 has a new attorney…the appeal lawyer has been named – Representing Arias is Tennie B. Martin with Joseph T. Maziarz for the State.


Here is the original letter #281129 got out to her supporters, the transcription follows!


Hi everyone! I hope all is well. I’m getting settled in, but I’m still being processed. The day I arrived, everyone was professional and efficient. My mom said I look tired in my DOC photo. someone else said I look sad. I was neither. What happened was they told me where to stand and where to look at the cam), right then someone flipped on three bright halogen lights. It was like trying to stare at the Sun! Or God. Lol. I was trying hard not to squint too much. ( now I understand why Debbie Milke was squinting in her DOC photo – nothing prepares the eyes for that flood of brightness). Then I was taken to CDU (Complex Detention Unit) and placed on “watch” (suicide watch, that is). Not for “mental health” reasons, I was told, since I wasn’t suicidal, but for “security reasons”, whatever that means. After a week, I was brought over to Lumley. I was not put in Debbie’s old cell. Lots of people thought so. Even I thought that was where I was going. I’m a few doors down. My cell is not blue, as many have thought (further validation that you just can’t trust the media). My cell is freshly painted – white walls, grey desk and shelving, unfinished concrete floor. Still smells like paint. New in other words. It feels clean.

This place is teaming with little animals. Lots of different birds and prairie dogs ( at least that’s what everyone calls them) running around. The prairie dogs are ADORABLE. They look like a cross between a squirrel & a gofer (sp). I saw one take off w/a chunk of bologna the other day! (Yep, there is bologna here!) I also saw some officers dropping poisonous pellets in their dens (frown emoticon). Population control, I guess.

I won’t go on too much about the food. It’s a MAJOR improvement from my last location. Everyone says how awful the food at MCSO is. I didn’t think so; it’s just bland. My only complaint was that it’s not sustainable for long-term inmates. It was all sugar and starch (which is soon to be sugar) in the morning. I called it “the diabetes-inducing diet”. At night, we were served lots of soy protein (which Arpaio thanks is healthy but which studies show otherwise). I’m glad to now have a healthier, more wholesome, well-rounded diet.

I’m currently segregated. Still, I’ve seen many familiar faces since arriving. Having been at Estrella for 6.5 years, I’ve seen many people go before me. Everyone’s been kind, respectful and warm.
I’ve gotten some interesting feedback on my sentencing, most of it very supportive, even congratulatory. The general consensus (that I’m getting) is that people are glad I stuck up for myself. One girl said I have “lady balls” (LOL). One guy said what I said was “way overboard”. I’m sure it made some of my friends uncomfortable, and maybe even disappointed some of you. Well that wasn’t my intention, I have to say, I only wish I would have said MORE , not less. For example, I wish I would have stuck up for Juror 17 after you-know-who threw her under the bus, because we all know that there was not just one tainted juror – there were ELEVEN. I owe my life to #17 and the least I could have done was stick up for her. But much of what I said was on the fly. It wasn’t prepared. I had only intended to apologize and declare my own commitment to pay restitution. (Even though I wasn’t the one who forced everyone to trial – twice. No, of course I wasn’t going to say that part.) But Bryce was right about what he posted later that day. My statement was not an appeal for leniency. God himself could have parted the heavens and commanded the judge to be lenient – she would have disobeyed him. So, after two trials with a corrupt prosecutor, then having to listen to more lies and distortions and facts from the TA camp at sentencing – well, my high tolerance for B.S. had simply reached its maximum capacity. I consulted with my legal team; they gave their blessing. They said, “Do it. You know she’s going to give you natural life today. You have nothing to lose.” so I spoke my mind. Like I said, my only regret is that I didn’t say more.

If you wrote a letter to the judge, thank you! It’s probably not something one does very often. The judge took 10 minutes to read, what, almost 30 letters? – which doesn’t include the 75 feet or so of travel time from the bench to chambers and back. I’ve gotten lots of mail, I’m not able to buy envelopes/paper yet, so don’t give up on me if you don’t hear back for a little while. I don’t know how long they’ll keep me in limbo. If you wrote the first week, & I received it, you’ll be getting a mini note from me.

Thank you all so much. I’m really not worthy. Your love/support/friendship is precious to me. Deep, deep gratitude for each of you – JODI ARIAS 

P. S. Lots of people have written expressing concern about sending photos and putting me over my limit. Don’t worry about that. Let me manage my photos. Send away!

20 Responses to Mama Speaks-Some Questions & Answers about #281129

  1. Mama Via says:

    Please note: I added some extra information to the original post!

  2. Bazzethound says:

    Oh MamaVia- so glad to hear from you! I have a Twitter account, but it just annoys me. This is the only way to know that you and KellyMae are going strong.
    I’m still struggling with it too. I’m reading the ebook about JAA’s testimony that you mentioned. It does sound like the author has a wicked RBMD sense of humor!
    I just joined a Facebook group called “guarding their hearts” which is encouraging networks to stop showing inappropriate commercials during kid’s tv shows. Quite a juxtaposition, right?
    Personally, I’m better. I had a couple of very depressed weeks, but I seem to be on the mend right now.
    Again- so glad to hear from you!
    ~ Gwen a.k.a. Bazzethound

    • Mama Via says:

      Hey, Gwen! Yes, I’m not much for walking down dark alleys at night…OR going to TWITLAND! Did you see the JA letter to supporters?

      Are you enjoying the book? I read both of them…and then read three others…let me know if you need to know the names of the book!

      How are the boys? Yes, I’ve been fighting the Big Black Dog too…it comes with the “I don’t have any estrogen” problem, I think…I really don’t have anything to be DEPRESSED about! And…you (and everyone else) knows you can always drop me a line at “mamavia (at) iCloud (dot) com” if you need anything…or even if you want to write a guest blog.

      I’ll try not to get off onto a rant here…but, I’m just not happy about the rioting going on in our American cities! (my new phrase is “Pants Up, Don’t Loot!”) I’m clueless as to why ANYONE, white, black, orange or polka-dotted, thinks that they don’t have to work for what they want! You had to, I had to, our husbands had to…and my ancestors had to! When they were working in the coal mines, they certainly FELT like they were “slaves” to the “Company Store”!!

      I’m starting to wonder if maybe Inmate 281129 might have it pretty easy…she doesn’t have to clean house…except her room…no cooking, laundry, taking care of a family, holding down a job, paying bills…in a way…a few months if “solitary” with some writing paper, a few good books, and 3 meals a day, delivered…sounds like vacation!

      • Bazzethound says:

        The letter is insane- she couldn’t buy a clue with Trump’s money!

        I’ll think about a guest post- it might be good for me to write.

        On a lighter note…
        Did you hear about the New movie “Constipation? ”

        It hasn’t come out yet!! 😄

      • Mama Via says:

        You are silly, Gwen! You make me laugh so hard sometimes!

        Hey, is it you, or someone else that lives in Tennessee? My DH THINKS we want to move there when he retires…

        Yes, if you want to do a “Guest Post” just send it to me in an email…

    • TrulyUSA says:

      So glad you are feeling better Gwen! Each day is a new start, isn’t it? The darkness of night passes with the coming of dawn — I always know that this, too, shall pass – whatever it is!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Even constipation! LOL!

      • Mama Via says:

        I have an uncle who is just hilarious…you laugh whenever he is near…(he is some story)…he used to tell us that the Bible says “…and it came to pass….” He said “It came to PASS, it didn’t COME TO STAY! So keep your chin up, and it will all change…it will come to PASS….

        My uncle was a comedian…he could do thousands of voices…from American indians to Indian Indians…he could do Russians and ozarkian hill-billys…he was amazing..,and always made us laugh till we would beg him to stop b/we had wet ourselves…or our sides hurt…

        He used to keep a handful of marbles in his pocket…and he would hand them out…and tell you to keep one or two in your pocket or purse…so if anyone asked “Have you lost your marbles?” You could prove that you HADNT!

        He is in his mid 80s now…raised 7 girls…who are all grandmothers now too…he has slowly lost touch with reality…last week he asked his wife of 64 years “Can I go home with you today?” (He had no idea who he was, or what he was doing…or even who my auntie was… His daughter, my beloved sister/cousin bought him a bag of marbles for his birthday…he said thank you, and he looked at them like he’d never seen such thing ever before, then asked “what are these for?”

        I guess that sometimes…that you need more than just having the marbles in your pocket….

        I pray that all of us will always know what the bag of marbles is for…

      • renaes24 says:


  3. mistyjohnson9 says:

    I still pray daily for the Alexander family. This will never ‘be over’ nor will they ever have ‘closure’. They will never regain the time spent seeking justice for Travis and, in part, is why this will never be over for them. The years spent having to relive Travis’ final moments has ground every detail into their minds. I can’t imagine how horrible it was for them literally chained to their courtroom seats and I applaud them for seeking the death penalty. Such courage. I doubt we will ever see a more gracious,family, while also determined to have some form of justice. I see family gatherings with a place set for Travis and in my mind he will be joining them in spirit.

    H aving seen juror 17’s facebook denouncing the death penalty I have no doubt she was ‘a ringer’. What type of fame she was seeking from such a horrendous and horrific murder is too disgusting to even think about.

    And the murderess’ mother was more than appalling with her court steps comments. Indeed, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. The entire family is morally and ethicly bankrupt. The grandmother in a wheel chair in court and then ‘booking it’ for the car sans wheel chair in the parking lot is another perfect example of their ‘con artistry’. Disgusting family. Thank you for not typing ‘it’s’ name.

    • Mama Via says:

      Thank you for your comment, Misty! No, I can’t bring myself to typing “it’s” name…it is 281129…now and forever more…what a sad piece of work…Gramma said that there is something good in everyone, if you look hard enough…I suppose if we must give “it” credit for something, “it” would have credit for reminding us to teach our children to be careful in their choices, that consequences can last forever and to be careful about the people you allow into your life. I’m no “holy roller”…but I do believe in a Supreme Being…and I believe in living a good moral life. I have nothing against “premarital sex” per se…but, women AND men need to show a little discretion….if you know what I mean…(men can be sluts too!)…these days, it’s far to easy to “catch something Ajax won’t get rid of”. (One of my old gal pals ended up with herpes…she asked the guy she got it from “Why didn’t you tell me about that?” Classic “It” answer “Cuz I knew that you wouldn’t sleep with me if I did!” Ya THINK? Sheesh!)

      I hope that moms everywhere are warning their children about people like 281129!

      Personally, Mormonism doesn’t fit into my life…BUT…As a general rule, I’ve found that TRUE Mormons are a great group of people. they ARE gracious, and put a lot of effort into their families, and the children they raise are generally really great people…and the Alexander Siblings are an excellent example. As so many ladies here can attest, losing a brother or sister is even worse than losing a parent (perhaps because we expect to outlive our parents…and when we are 20, 40-50 seems SO OLD!!) losing my sister so young, I’m able to sympathize with the loss they feel…and NO ONE deserves what 281129 put that family through! They are in the thoughts and prayers of many of us…as are other victims…like those of the Marathon Bomber and J. Holmes!

      I’ve felt torn, at times when I think about writing about 281129…a part of me says that she deserves no “news coverage” at all…don’t give her “attention”…but another part of me says “expose the information you have, in the hope that because “It” is receiving what “it” “earned”, perhaps knowing she is facing the consequences will help us all heal!

      There are too many who go “unpunished” for the “sins” they commit…I will only be able to forgive the three that raped me that one night when my brain stops working and I’m not forced to remember…my salvation is my belief in Karma; what you reap is what you’ve sown…without THAT, my life would be unbearable…(and I confess, I celebrated and felt “closure” when I heard that the “leader” of that group had died at only 60 years old!). I hope that the Alexander Siblings don’t have to wait as long as I did to feel that freedom!

      #17 is young…she, too, will learn a lesson in Justice!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        My heart is breaking for you right now, Mama. I did not know you suffered a rape – YOU are survivor, my Dear, a REAL one!

      • mistyjohnson9 says:

        I am sorry to hear you suffered being raped. We are only survivors if we didn’t die. What an odd thought huh? Is that how survivor is described? And sometimes I feel Karma and Justice are interchangeable And I agree with your thought on when freedom sometimes finally comes. I don’t openly wish death on ‘it’ cuz I think bad thoughts like that can backfire……but I sure pray Karma follows ‘it’ around for a perfect shot at ‘it’ (whatever that shot may be lol) T hanks for chatting with me. I have long been a RMBD follower but never commented.
        Best wishes for health and longevity to you and RMBD!!!!

      • Mama Via says:

        Yes, Truly…I thought I had mentioned it before…I was molested by my juvenile delinquint step brother when I was 6…and gang raped (at knife point) by three high school boys when I was 12. (“Friends” of my step-brother…it happened after A judge gave him the choice of going to jail, or joining the Navy after he stole a car and went for a “joy ride”)

        This was back in the 60’s…when 12 year old girls still wore white anklets and saddle oxfords, bikinis still covered your belly button (if your Daddy let you HAVE a 2 piece!), you didn’t get to wear lipstick OR shave your legs until you turned 16…

        Maybe because of what I endured, I tend to be a little harsh on 281129…there isn’t enough brain bleach to rid my brain of some of those porn pics she allowed to be taken of her…she willfully got a “Brazilian”…(and you didn’t have to study those photos long to realize that what ever acts she was committing, it wasn’t her first rodeo, if you know what I mean…). Unlike being forced at knife point…she COULD have put on her panties and gone home at ANY TIME…TRAVIS didn’t force her to do anything she didn’t WANT to do!

        IF (really BIG IF) he smacked her, IF he kicked her, IF he body slammed her (all of which I DOUBT) …she had the ability to put on her clothing and leave. I’m not giving him carte blanche, I’m not condoning violence…but she could gave walked away…at any time…no one FORCED her to drive from Yreka to Mesa. She chose TO STAY…

        Gramma used to say “If you act like a lady, you’ll be treated like a lady”…and at no point did she act like a lady…she acted like a cat in heat.

        I would never wish ill to someone…but I do often wish them “everything they work for, everything they deserve”…I’ve been fortunate that in many things, I’ve received MORE than I have earned, more than I DESERVED…and I’m grateful for the wonderful things in my life…(I’m also grateful for NOT receiving some of the “ugly” things I’ve deserved, too!)

        My job, as a parent, is to teach my child about choices…and consequences…(there ARE good consequences, you know!) we need to teach our children that there are thousands of different choices, which are paths to different consequences…that it’s important to make a decision (because even NOT making a decision is still making a decision!). But, to make GOOD decisions, we must use our creativity in making a decision, look at the big picture, put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, and chose an action which will produce the best outcome, the best “consequence”.

        Inmate 281129 never learned to think or appreciate anyone else’s needs, other than her own…and did not weigh the possible outcomes of her actions. She lives in the moment…much like her statement at the sentencing, she chose the immediate gratification of “telling off” the Alexander Siblings…rather than weighing how much that statement could hurt HER in the future.

        We ALL know she can be an actress…her BEST bet, throughout that trial…right up to sentencing…was to show “true remorse”…to put aside her own selfish childish want to “get even”…and see that the outcome COULD have been much better for HER if she had just “played the fame”…

        Thank God that she is so narcissistic, so determined to get her way NOW, that she can’t see that a little patience would have paid off! IF she were a “master manipulator”, she wouldn’t be in prison for life…her selfishness, her self-centered personality is her worst enemy…

        And baby crabs walk like mama crabs…(as was proven by Sandy Arias’ statements on sentencing day!)

  4. TrulyUSA says:

    Hi Mama! Thanks for finding time to write this blog for us, it is always entertaining. I’m not sure I will ever feel closure for the Travis Alexander Murder Trial (great way to put it)! Justice was served, albeit somewhat lukewarm. It’s just not right that the inmate can still sneak out letters and put her presence in the world. I just want her to go away and for all the doubters of her crime to accept the facts — but the conspiracy theories (with no actual facts attached) are still being bandied about as possible realities — it was an 8 year trial people if there were any facts don’t you think the inmate’s team would have found them and used them with gusto!?! *Sigh* I guess it’s the same with all murderers, they all have a certain fan base, I just don’t understand the glorification of murder and yes — complete sexual immorality. Yes on both parts of course, but is there any doubt who was the “professional” and who was the “novice”? Not to me! I was raised much like you, Mama, I was not allowed to sit without my legs crossed — knees together! Here — walk around the house with a book on your head — ladies have perfect posture! It was a confusing era for us, lodged between ladylike sensibilities and the Gloria Steinham revolution. Drop your purse in public and a tampon rolls out? The shame and embarrassment! It seems silly now, but all of the mystery of romance and sex has disappeared and it is now viewed as just another bodily function by many. That is just sad. The specialness of the sexual bond — reduced by many to the status of a sneeze. Perversion is now exalted and applauded — where will it end?
    I’m so glad Kelly is finding some joy right now and I hope she knows how much we all love and miss her.

    • Mama Via says:

      Miss Kelly knows how much we all love her and care about her…I know that her Son gives her great joy…and no mom should have to endure some of the things Kelly has taken in stride…there is a silver lining…the trials she and her son have faced have and will make their bond even tighter…he is a really GREAT young man…and I just love him to death! Since the thing I’ve wanted most in life was stolen from me when Elijah died, Kelly & her son let me adopt him…and now, my dearest wish has come true…I’m a Gramma! YEAH!!!! He is a wonderful young man who loves, adores and respects his mother…even if they’d never had a cloudy day, he is a thoughtful and loving young man…and that he’s endured so much, so young, speaks even more for his fine character…(and that’s not just a proud “Gramma” bragging either!) Kelly’s son inspires her to overcome the stumbling blocks that are thrown in front of her…

      I think that you will all read the happiness in her words…this time spent with her son has been great for both of them!

      I’m glad to fill in for Kelly as she takes care of things she needs to resolve…but I’m really not a very good substitute…. Try as I might to be funny and entertaining…like Kelly…I’m just NOT…IM JUST ME!!

      (I’ve been told that my endless rants are better than sleeping pills! Is that true? Or was that just a Meanie being a normal Troll-Meanie? Pfftthhsssttt! What do I really care? It’s not like Troll-Meanie pays my fucking mortgage or take me to The River Club for lobster! And I look AWFUL when I turn BLUE, so I won’t hold my breath waiting for my monthly Troll-Meanie stipend to pay the utilities, either! HA!). (Can you tell that Troll-Meanie critism keeps me up at night, worrying? 😂💦 ). (NOT!)

      • TrulyUSA says:

        NEVER listen to the meanies! Mama, you know that their dark hearts don’t hold a candle to the floodlight of your good soul!

  5. Mama Via says:

    I so totally agree with you about everything! But, take heart in this…remember when we were appalled that OJ “got away with murder”? Yes, he did, he truly did…but leopards don’t change their spots…(as I tried to tell my ex-DIL…you can’t run away from your problems, because wherever you go…you are always there!).

    In “getting away with murder”…it only taught him that he could do whatever he wanted…and the end result is that he is in prison for the rest of his life, where he belongs…he didn’t “learn a lesson” and “fly right”…it just convinced him that he could buy his way out…but…you can’t outrun karmic Justice…it will catch up with you, eventually…

    Just like my two pen pals…they have themselves convinced that they are “innocent”…but…they will never be free…wherever they go, they will always be there…looking at themselves in the mirror…they can convince their families and friends if their innocence…but, the court will never see it like that. Even if they were released…they would be in trouble again…because they’ve made no effort to change! They don’t see that what they’ve done is wrong…and THAT is the first step! Admitting you were wrong, ACCEPTING that you were wrong, accepting the consequences and then taking ACTION to change. (Not lip service, ACTION)

    Yes, a good description of being caught between Sense & Sensibilities and Ms Steinham! My ex-DIL COULD NOT understand HOW a man could see “feminine mystique” in COVERING the goods…she thought “sexy” was like #281129s gynecological photos! BZZZZZZZZTT!! WRONG!

    I tried explaining about the difference between an occasional 1 pound box of Godiva Truffles versus several 3 pound bags of Herseys Kisses…her answer was she liked Dove chocolates! DOH!!! (A man she was wanting to “hook up” with sent X-DIL a text that said “I’d like to see more of you!” Which she answered with one of those “GYN pics”! It went over her head that he meant a second date!)

    I’ll take the “old fashioned” love…this world is frightening!

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Your X-DIL sounds like a lot of young people these days — or should I say daze! It does seem like they are deaf, blind and dumb sometimes. My parents thought our generation was an abomination, and I guess we were, because it seems we have spawned some really bad children. My DH and I were talking last night, and he said our parents (WWII ages) really were the greatest generation! I wonder if they thought that about THEIR parents? I wonder if our children will think that of US? What will our legacy be? I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and try to live the best I can in the moment I am given. I don’t understand it all, but I have faith that things will work out for those who work for it, just like you said Mama. Peace be with you all this Memorial Day weekend, remember the greatest generation, fly your flags proudly, and remember even if the shine has dimmed on our nation, it is still one of the greatest nations ever formed and is still the symbol of freedom to many. Let’s just hope we can live up to our reputation!

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Asleep in Left Field-My Life

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Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

Varmt News Network

It's the Internet.


Just another site

Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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