Mama Speaks-Thank You, Veterans!

May 22, 2015

I would like to thank and remember the following soldiers who gave all that they could to protect my freedom…

LEWIS MAIN – 36th Iowa Infantry-Unit F- Organized 10/4/1862- Captured by confederates, Battle of Marks Mill, 4/26/1864. Prisoner of War, Camp Ford, released & mustered out, 8/1864  (my G(x6)Grandfather)
M. A. MAIN – USN, survived attack of Pearl Harbor while aboard the USS Allen, also served during Korean & Vietnam Wars,
R.G.MAIN  –  USN, survived fire aboard USS Kitty Hawk, Korea & Vietnam
JFS   – USA – Normandy with Patton and Bradley 
JFJ  –   USAF, Distinguished Flying Cross-Vietnam
DJB –  USN- USS Ohio -(Boomer) Gulf War
Thank you, soldiers, sailors and infantrymen…for showing me what PATRIOTISM truly is…for allowing me to be the Mother, Wife, Child, Grandchild of such brave men who were convinced that serving their Country was the right thing to do.
Please feel free to add names of your loved ones to our Memorial Day list…..
May America always be the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave….

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