Mama Speaks-Thank You, Veterans!

I would like to thank and remember the following soldiers who gave all that they could to protect my freedom…

LEWIS MAIN – 36th Iowa Infantry-Unit F- Organized 10/4/1862- Captured by confederates, Battle of Marks Mill, 4/26/1864. Prisoner of War, Camp Ford, released & mustered out, 8/1864  (my G(x6)Grandfather)
M. A. MAIN – USN, survived attack of Pearl Harbor while aboard the USS Allen, also served during Korean & Vietnam Wars,
R.G.MAIN  –  USN, survived fire aboard USS Kitty Hawk, Korea & Vietnam
JFS   – USA – Normandy with Patton and Bradley 
JFJ  –   USAF, Distinguished Flying Cross-Vietnam
DJB –  USN- USS Ohio -(Boomer) Gulf War
Thank you, soldiers, sailors and infantrymen…for showing me what PATRIOTISM truly is…for allowing me to be the Mother, Wife, Child, Grandchild of such brave men who were convinced that serving their Country was the right thing to do.
Please feel free to add names of your loved ones to our Memorial Day list…..
May America always be the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave….

14 Responses to Mama Speaks-Thank You, Veterans!

  1. Trudy Gunn says:

    As the daughter of a Canadian Veteran, John William Wills, Corp of Royal Canadian Engineers, always on the front line, working with engineers from allied forces, constructing rudimentary bridges for allied troops & equipment to cross, once across, exploding them rendering them useless to the other sides advancement from behind in both WWII & Korea.

    I too would like to thank American Veterans for your service.

    Dad told me many stories of working beside his American brothers during these wars. I especially loved the stories of which amidst all the ugliness, they found time for humour, kidding, small celebrations of birthdays with what ever they could improvise, campadres in each other sorrows, homesickness, love sickness, or just sickness, they held each other up so they could go on to fight another ugly day doing what they thought they needed to do to keep our respective countries “free”. I was always glad somewhere they found time for joy.

    God Bless American Veterans, this Veterans Memorial Day 2015

    • Mama Via says:

      Yes, I must say that I had forgotten in my haste, to remember ALL of our cousins in Canada, England, France, Germany, Russia, (this was a bad idea, I can’t name all the countries of the world!)…all of the men and women who fought to bring PEACE to the world…(thank you, Trudy, for reminding me!). Thank you, JOHN WILLIAM WILLS, Corp of Royal Canadian Engineers, for your service, your personal sacrifice, the sacrifices of your family, your heroism and patriotism!

      Thank you to all of the Allies, past, present and future…may our grandchildren live in a world that our ancestors so bravely defended!

      A special tank you to Chief Blue! If you are reading, thank you for your service, we all send best wishes, and hope that the sun shines brightly in your life!

      I wish we lived in a world that did not need soldiers, fighting men and women….but…since that is impossible, I thank the Supreme Being that we have living citadels in our midst.

  2. TrulyUSA says:

    KWT — my country born father who at 17 joined the Army to fight in World War II. They knew those country boys could shoot and survive rough conditions, so they put him in the infantry, front line, Germany, Black Forest. Most of his companions died. He nearly froze to death that winter, with nothing but a couple of army green wool blankets and his clothing to keep him warm on the cold ground. He had a small tin of medals he kept hidden and would not discuss, in fact he would not discuss the war at all. It was brutal. Of the entire battalion of men, only about 35 survived, and he was one of them. Once he received a phone call on the farm from a fellow infantryman. The group of survivors were planning a return to those killing fields and asked him to come with them. He replied “why would I want to go back there and relive that?!?” and he did not go. PTSD was not an ailment back then, strong men bucked up and dealt with it the best they could. His answer to keep the memories at bay was to work from sun-up to sundown his entire life. Before he died, he gave each of us an army green wool blanket, and siad “remember that one of these kept me alive”. That was all he ever said about that. I loved him so. Thank you Dad, you were a great man.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Hurtgen Forest was the right one, not the Black Forest! My apologies Dad!

    • Mama Via says:

      Many thanks to your dad’s gift to freedom….not only was he a Great Dad (as a Great and humble man) but he was a “Great Dad”…he brought a lovely, wonderful, thoughtful lady into the world…and we are grateful that you choose this “NO KILL shelter” to share your thoughts…we love you, kiddo!

      If you want some great information on the world wars, and other history…listen to “Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History”…I just finished a 20 hour series of podcasts on WWI, and it was FACINATING! (It started in November, 2013, and he publishes a new podcast every 3-5 months)

      The long series prior to “BLUEPRINT for ARMAGEDDON” was WRATH OF THE KHANS” about the Mongols…these are on iTunes or on Dan Carlin’s website.

  3. Thelma Pottorff says:

    My Mother in law lost her cousin on the USS Arizona during the Pearl Harbor attack. His body is still on the sunken ship. She had three sons sent to Vietnam Nam. My husband was the only one who was horribly wounded in battle. He earned a Purple Heart at great cost due his to his near death injuries. I am so proud of him who at age 18 volunteered to serve this country. His homecoming was one of disrespect and virtual degradation by war protestors and anti American sympathizers. It has taken many many years before these brave men are able to come to terms with the negativity of their participation in this war that was conducted by politics they had no voice in. Some have never recovered and society has still to fully address this tragedy. I salute all men and women who have served our country by standing for our freedoms in the face of the enemy. They should be honored above all.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      I salute them all!

    • Mama Via says:

      Dearest Thelma…thank you so much for sharing…and I salute the sacrifices your family made. 🇺🇸

      I know a small part of your DHs feelings…my dad and husband both served in Vietnam…and even though I was only an E-4 clerk-typist, for the most part stateside, none of us received much respect for our service…hopefully, someday, society will be able to give the honor and respect due to those combat veterans…politics is like sausage..if you knew how it was made, you’d avoid it!

      Again…thank you for posting, sharing your thoughts…and please give your DH a military salute…followed by a loving hug from all of us here at RBMD. THANK YOU.

  4. Thelma Pottorff says:

    Thank you for your kind words.

    • Twister says:

      My dad was at Pearl Harbor. That was 1941. He was 20. A child really. He didn’t talk about it much, but when he did, I could tell it bothered him. A good soldier. But unfortunately, a crappy dad and husband. Back then, words like abuse in the home weren’t part of our collective vocabulary. All I knew was that our family was nothing like the TV shows in the 50’s. That’s all I want to say about that. He died in 1987 and they gave him a 21-gun salute. That was powerful.

      • Twister says:

        Just to clarify, “21-gun salute” is a military term. Actual salute was 3 shots.

      • Mama Via says:

        Funny, Twister, I thought I had answered your post…but it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace!!

        I know what you mean, our family was nothing like The Cleavers, either! I’m sorry for what you experienced…but, we will take the “bright side” honey….let’s go with “if you hadn’t endured THAT, you wouldn’t be who you are today”…and the Twister we all know and love today is a loving and kind lady…you and I (and several others here) ended up “raising ourselves”…most of us WISH that the worst we ever received was a few whacks with a wooden spoon…or being pushed into the door frame…(“I wouldn’t do this if I didnt care!” “This hurts me more than it hurts you!” “I know you think I’m picking on you, BUT…”) and yet, we all seemed to grow up without killing someone who refused to “love” us back…we didn’t turn into “skanks” (hell, we didn’t even KNOW about skankdom!)

        For as much as I believe you can raise a child with love, and not abuse….I see children now (and young adults) who don’t know what the word “No” means…or “responsibility”, or “consequences”….surely there is a happy medium…

        I see children of 30, still living at home, sucking off the labor of their aged parents…tucked into converted garages, attics or basements….smoking pot to ease their ADD or imagined PTSD that was acquired when Papa only bought one pumpkin to share with a brother the Halloween they turned 12….at 40, they are still asking their aged mother who somehow manages to live on less than $1000 a month Social Security to pay their rent, or get their car out of repossession…at 30, they’ve never held a job more than four months…and are surprised to find out that you don’t get unemployment when, after your supervisor tells you not to give another (minor) employee a cigarette, you yell FUCK YOU! then walk off the job…and at 50, they still call Mama and say “if you want me to come home for Christmas, you’ll have to pay for the airline ticket for me & my “roommate” to come too…”….or…the worst one…”All my problems would be solved if only my mom would just hurry up and die….the sooner I get what Mom OWES me, the sooner I can start LIVING!” (All if those are TRUE stories!)

        And, perhaps, even sadder, is that Mom or Dad…thinking they are actually HELPING the child, succumb to the emotional blackmail…and “help”…they’ve sacrificed so long, what’s “one more time”…they can’t see that “little Johnny” who us now 40, has had every car he ever owned (and financed)…repossessed…the only car that wasn’t a repo, was the used car Mom bought & paid for with money drawn from HER IRA or 401(k)…and little Johnny HATES her because she refuses to co-sign a loan for that little hot rod he wants so badly….

        You know, Twister…the first 18 years of my life were the most miserable…and from 16 to 18, all I could think about was one day “calling the shots” for myself…I learned early that “he who has the money, makes the rules”…and my “escape” was having a job that paid enough to support me. I left home 2 months after I turned 18 (the night I graduated from high school)…and I never looked back…everything I’ve ever had or done was because I earned it. When my dad died, he had nothing…so savings, insurance, property…nothing…what little “personal effects” he owned were auctioned off and went to pay “final expenses”…and what bills remained, I worked years to pay off…I know that many of you are the same way…what little you have, came from your own effort (and maybe a dear husband)…none of us are Trust Fund Babies…

        Although I sometimes wish that I’d been born a Rockerfeller, or a Kennedy…(or even a Cleaver)…I think I have more self-respect just being who I am…I LIKE ME!! And maybe, just maybe, because I like me, I can like others…I was once pals with Mrs Jones…she had almost as much money as God…I envied her Chanel handbag ($5200), her house up on the hill, overlooking the beach (3.2M), her fancy car, and new cell phone every time a new model came out…she had “servants quarters” and a servant to live in them, Mr. Jones gave her a 9ct Diamond for their anniversary…and she wore St Johns clothing…but…she wasn’t HAPPY…
        How can you be happy with the “small things” when you are surrounded with “big things”? I’ve discovered this…when you are at the bottom…when you fall, you never even twist an ankle…but, when you are up there, where the air is thin…a fall can be fatal…

        Thanks so much for sharing…thanks to your father for the service he gave his country…and thank you for the sacrifices every military family gives when a loved one serves the country…we all salute your dad…and we salute you, too, honey…

        Those of us who didn’t have parents that were attentive…learned to be BETTER parents ourselves…I’m sending big hugs your way…

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