Mama Speaks-What REAL Artists Do


9 Responses to Mama Speaks-What REAL Artists Do

  1. Mama Via says:

    Amazing stuff, right? Wow…I was blown away!

  2. Crabs says:

    I thought a real artist paints birds on hatboxes. And wait, what? Kelly is spending quality time with her son? Her story changes as often as Jodi’s! I thought she was all alone and had no one at all. Sob.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Crabs you have missed about 15 blogs. My son didn’t live with me for a long time which has been explained so no, as much as you would like that to be true, it doesn’t.

  3. renaes24 says:

    And I thought Crabs were eliminated with KWELL. Better let the pharmacy and the public health bureau know they are again on the loose.

  4. Twister says:

    Crabs, you don’t know Kelly or our no kill shelter. Kelly has mentioned her son a few times on this blog. He’s s gamer. Now crawl back under the rock until you can play nice.

  5. TrulyUSA says:

    Crabs, what a perfect name for you. I remember a story someone told me once about crabs. They were digging crabs and throwing them into a bucket. I mentioned that the bucket should have a lid on it, to keep the crabs from crawling out. They said it wasn’t necessary, the crabs that try to crawl out are pulled back inside by the other crabs. Much like miserable people, if anyone tries to get out of the black hole they are in the ones trying to escape will be dragged back down by the rest. How poetic!

    • renaes24 says:

      Wow! so fitting and a great remark Truly. I am grinning reading it. Well done!

    • Mama Via says:

      Yep…that’s what happens with crabs, alrighty…

      Many years ago, my first hubby & I used to go crabbin…crabs are basically scavengers…we used to save the chicken necks, wings and back…till they smelled REALLY ripe…then tie the pieces into the crab traps…amazing how those crabs would come slinking out from under every rock and outta every nook and cranny (kinda like cockroaches) the minute that stinkin chicken hit the water! Crabs are dumb as all hell too…always chasing the rotten stink…get caught…then turn all sorts of different colors when they end up in hot water!

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