Why Are There No Consequences For Famous People?

May 28, 2015

The news this week has been…well it’s been ick. Never mind our staple of murders, rapes, etc that people actually get arrested for, we have had the pleasure (excuse me, gotta get the bucket) of discovering you can be a community service at your leisure person or a fucking pedophile and as long as you are famous it’s all good.

Lindsay Lohan who used to be an actress I think, but is now known for her coke habit,spectacular driving abilities, and gold digging finished 125 hours of community service last night. That is a good thing right? Well, it would be except it took her seven years and a threat from a judge to throw her ass in jail for a lot longer than 86 hours if she wasn’t done by today. She tried to count acting in a play as community service but believe it or not the judge, who obviously doesn’t understand that getting paid to act counts as community service in Lohan world wouldn’t go for it. Do you know what would happen to a regular person who took more than three months to complete community service here? Their non famous ass would be in fucking jail because that is what happens when you ignore a fucking court order.

In reality news, shit got real when it was let slip that one of the kids from seven hundred kids and my uterus fell out molested a couple of his sisters and maybe a few non relatives when he was a teenager. Apparently pedo’s dad, the dude that cannot for the life of him keep his baby maker in his pants didn’t really think it was a big huge deal and didn’t report it for a year. Did I mention that this is a hugely religious family and sexual touching of any kind before marriage is a one way ticket to hell. Of course since it was his sisters and they couldn’t get married maybe it didn’t count, who the fuck knows. I just know it’s sick and once again, where are the consequences. You are famous because your mother has the most overused uterus in the world so you get away with that shit? WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK? They did however lose most of the sponsors for their show and it will probably be cancelled. Wonder how Jim Bob is gonna support 80 bajillion kids without his lucrative tv deal? I guess that is something.

Suge Knight refused to leave his jail cell for a hearing stating that he was sicky wicky and just couldn’t make it. Since he is famous the judge postponed the hearing till Friday. Suge is up on murder charges, but he’s famous so he gets to be coddled. Try that here and the Sort Team will tear you the fuck up and you WILL be in court on time.

In the James Holmes trial James is sticking to being insane. His well planned out attack that he so thoughtfully wrote down seems to say otherwise, but I will give him credit for committing to the part. Spoiler alert (He is going to be found guilty on all counts.)

I got hate mail. Thought I’d answer it here. I’d get kicked out of hell so fast your head would spin, I don’t make anybody do anything, totally loved the original user name of GUEST and your email address of youwillneverfindme is dead nuts because I wouldn’t waste the energy. That would mean I care and I seriously just don’t. Have a nice day and don’t say I never answered you.

The in-house psychic is still working on Stabby’s letter so that will be up coming.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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