Why Are There No Consequences For Famous People?

The news this week has been…well it’s been ick. Never mind our staple of murders, rapes, etc that people actually get arrested for, we have had the pleasure (excuse me, gotta get the bucket) of discovering you can be a community service at your leisure person or a fucking pedophile and as long as you are famous it’s all good.

Lindsay Lohan who used to be an actress I think, but is now known for her coke habit,spectacular driving abilities, and gold digging finished 125 hours of community service last night. That is a good thing right? Well, it would be except it took her seven years and a threat from a judge to throw her ass in jail for a lot longer than 86 hours if she wasn’t done by today. She tried to count acting in a play as community service but believe it or not the judge, who obviously doesn’t understand that getting paid to act counts as community service in Lohan world wouldn’t go for it. Do you know what would happen to a regular person who took more than three months to complete community service here? Their non famous ass would be in fucking jail because that is what happens when you ignore a fucking court order.

In reality news, shit got real when it was let slip that one of the kids from seven hundred kids and my uterus fell out molested a couple of his sisters and maybe a few non relatives when he was a teenager. Apparently pedo’s dad, the dude that cannot for the life of him keep his baby maker in his pants didn’t really think it was a big huge deal and didn’t report it for a year. Did I mention that this is a hugely religious family and sexual touching of any kind before marriage is a one way ticket to hell. Of course since it was his sisters and they couldn’t get married maybe it didn’t count, who the fuck knows. I just know it’s sick and once again, where are the consequences. You are famous because your mother has the most overused uterus in the world so you get away with that shit? WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK? They did however lose most of the sponsors for their show and it will probably be cancelled. Wonder how Jim Bob is gonna support 80 bajillion kids without his lucrative tv deal? I guess that is something.

Suge Knight refused to leave his jail cell for a hearing stating that he was sicky wicky and just couldn’t make it. Since he is famous the judge postponed the hearing till Friday. Suge is up on murder charges, but he’s famous so he gets to be coddled. Try that here and the Sort Team will tear you the fuck up and you WILL be in court on time.

In the James Holmes trial James is sticking to being insane. His well planned out attack that he so thoughtfully wrote down seems to say otherwise, but I will give him credit for committing to the part. Spoiler alert (He is going to be found guilty on all counts.)

I got hate mail. Thought I’d answer it here. I’d get kicked out of hell so fast your head would spin, I don’t make anybody do anything, totally loved the original user name of GUEST and your email address of youwillneverfindme is dead nuts because I wouldn’t waste the energy. That would mean I care and I seriously just don’t. Have a nice day and don’t say I never answered you.

The in-house psychic is still working on Stabby’s letter so that will be up coming.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

37 Responses to Why Are There No Consequences For Famous People?

  1. KarenW says:

    I seriously burst out laughing at the seven hundred kids and my uterus fell out. LOLOL.

  2. renaes24 says:

    “700 kids and my uterus fell out”? You have outdone yourself with that line. I may have to steal it and will live on the residuals for decades!
    Hate mail? Gee, wish you would post it. I never get hate mail and I feel deprived (depraved?) And Kelly…..you wouldn’t get kicked out of hell. They would PAY you as a speaker (that’s a compliment dear).
    Getting back to the ‘castle’ with the bear…….can we please have gargoyles on it? It could be like Notre Dame but with DAME as rhymes with Maine……seems like a fitting place……no?
    Oh, and I missed you. One more absence and you will need a doctors note ! Otherwise…….unexcused!

  3. Christine says:

    I have a question…I’m asking not to be offensive I’m just curious. Did you write the Eggtreenews blog? I can’t tell you how many times I have checked for new updates on that site and there hasn’t been anything new for quite awhile. I came to your site through a link in Twitter and I enjoy your take on harsh reality tempered with a sarcastic edge. While I find NOTHING funny about any of these cases your writing style helps me deal with the anger I feel – if that makes sense? I felt the same way reading Eggtreenews. Anyway great post as always. I genuinely look forward to seeing your new posts in my inbox.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Christine. No, that wasn’t me but I’ve heard really good things about it.

    • Constance says:

      I actually thought so too, Christine!
      Eggy wrote a wonderful blog – and then just disappeared.

      • renaes24 says:

        The day Stabby was finally sentenced, Eggy wrote a one paragraph note. Hadn’t seen hide nor hare of her since the first trial……and then that single paragraph ……and then, again nothing! I did wonder why she was not writing during the second trial.

  4. Mama Via says:

    Dear youwillneverfindme: you are right, because none of us would ever expend the required energy to look for you. Signed:ImSorryYourIQisSmallerThanYourShoeSize

    Oh, Kelly…didn’t we talk about this “going to hell” thing in the last blog? SOME of us have ALREADY done our time in “Hell” just by virtue of advancing from birth to where we are at this very frigging moment! In fact, I’m beginning to think that “experiencing hell” just might be a requirement to earn a name other than “Guest” here at RMBD! Everyone of us ladies (and Mr. Blue of course) have larger, firmer and better huevitas than the majority of males on the planet…(although none of us rank up there with the Right Whale, who carries an astonishing 1,100 pound testes…but, I believe that puts him into the HUEVOS class, not huevitas class…but, that’s just a guess). (BTW: I had to add the whale, because I typed “planet”, and referred to “males” not humans…but, I’m nit-picking here!)

    My first rule about listening to “opinions” is that unless the one giving the opinion also pays my rent (utilities, car payment, insurance, staggering medical bills, groceries, pharmacy, etc) listening (let alone following) someone else’s opinion is “optional”…but (haha) THATS just my opinion….

    Gee, I knew I was awake at 3 am for a reason!

    Which brings me to this (3 am ravings)…
    Every one of the individuals you mentioned (except Holmes, maybe) have more money than God…and they still aren’t happy, they can’t keep the “candy” out of their nose, their baby-maker in their pants, or their finger off the trigger…(maybe Guest:youwillneverfindme would be advancing humanity by sending hate mail to the people who flaunt the rules of society, rather than abusing a Single Mom whose biggest “crime” is writing a blog (and rarely making a “donate” button available to her readers?) (but that’s just my opinion…and I barely pay my OWN rent!)

    If someone should be condemned to “Hell”, let’s start with a few REAL criminals: the Boston Marathon Bomber? DEATH! I don’t celebrate the penalty, but, I celebrate Consequences!

    Or how about trust-fund baby Michael Dunn, the man who shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis after a dispute over loud music at a convenience store (that happens to be “conveniently” located not more than a mile from my home)? Dunn received LWOP, and thank goodness he is off the street…Jordan Davis’ TRUE crime was being a “black thug” in Dunn’s OPINION. (Yea! CONSEQUENCES win!)

    In watching the Holmes trial, the parade of victims has been overwhelming…he chose to “make himself feel better” by ending the lives of 12 people and shooting another 70 (?) people. SMDH…let’s pray for Consequences!

    in the last conversation with my X-DIL, she said: “CONSEQUENCES!” (Huffing) “You sound just like my muther!”
    I think “consequences” should come about more often…”you play, you pay”…”don’t do the crime if you don’t want the time”

    I have a feeling that the Princess of Perryville didn’t much respect consequences either…I wonder if her situation is beginning to “sink in”?

    • TrulyUSA says:

      I think Hell is the absence of God and I’m pretty sure He doesn’t want to be around Dunn, Holmes, Arias, OR Guest!

  5. Lacey says:

    Great to have you back!

  6. Bazzethound says:

    Hey from Virginia, KellyMae!
    I’m personally very happy that California found a judge willing to put his/her foot down with Little Miss Lohan. It’s unreal how long that little bitch got away with whatever the hell she wanted. My hope is that the children she worked with were the beneficiaries of her acting talent- she acted like she gave a fukk about them.
    Have you seen the “sex ed” material from the homeschooling curriculum the Duggars follow? After its done blaming little girls for their immodesty, it cautions parents against letting boys change their sister’s diapers- cause you know…things could happen.
    The only time King Size- 17, changed Fun Size’s- 8, diaper was when he walked by the nursery and saw me taking the baby’s rectal temperature. Daniel at 10, was so incensed that he told me that looked like a ‘bad touch’ and kicked me out! I explained the situation, but allowed him to finish diapering Baby Adam since it was so damn cute that he was mad at me for putting anything down there.
    Here’s something the Duggars don’t get- siblings should not be forced into a parental role. It causes confusion and resentment. Daniel takes Adam to first grade every day in his kick-ass 4×4 because he wants to. Its not his job. If I need a sitter, I pay him. He’s not expected to raise his brother. It turns out that if I don’t make him spend time with Adam, he wants to anyway.
    How could these asshats keep adding more and more little girls to a household with a disturbed teen brother who molested his sisters?? Fukk what my husband wanted, I’d have been at the MD for an IUD so fast my hair would have caught fire.
    Whew. I really do feel better after a long rant!

    Here’s a fifth grade flashback:
    LYLAS (Love You Like A Sister),
    Gwen, a.k.a. Bazzethound

  7. TrulyUSA says:

    Kickin’ ass and taking names! That’s the Kelly we all know and love — glad to see you’re feeling up to it, Kelly. I remember when I was growing up, if you were famous you did something really GOOD. If you did something really BAD, people spoke about it in whispers, never in the presence of children, and you were effectively shut out of law-abiding society. I miss those days!

    • Mama Via says:

      Me, too, Truly…(and my Betsy Wetsy)

      • TrulyUSA says:

        I had a stick horse which I rode everywhere while imagining I was Barbara Stanwyck on Big Valley — no Betsy Wetsy’s for me — I was a rancher! Had a set of six gun pop guns on my hips tied to my thighs and I was a force to be reckoned with! I guess that’s what happens when a girl grows up around a bunch of men — they want to be the boss. Well, you get tired of being the slave girl! My friends were all the animals, especially when I got older my horse, Dallas County Bud. He was my soul mate.

      • Mama Via says:

        How cool, Truly! Younger women had all the fun! At that age, my “dream jobs” were Mommie, teacher, secretary or nurse. Later, STEWARDESS was added! OOOHHHHHHHH….Ahhhhhhhh

        I wasn’t allowed to ride the horse…(and Definately not the “stick horse”)….that might have injured my “marriage potential”….(and no mamapapa wanted their little girl to injure THAT)…Grampa bought a side saddle for one of my Aunties when she INSISTED on learning to ride….so…goes without saying…all of my horse riding days were done with my knees together…(something Paris Hilton and #281129 have never aspired to attempting!)…there’s nothing quite like learning to ride, knowing that, at any moment, you were apt to end up, face down, in the dirt!

        I KNEW Grama was deeply affected with Alzheimer’s when, in 1983 or 84, (I can’t remember right now which year) Gramma finally quit wearing a corset every day, and started wearing TROUSERS…cuz, THAT just WOULDNT have happened if Grampa had been of “sound mind”, let me tell you!! (And, actually, it was VERY weird to discover that gramma was NOT a well packed “sausage-woman”…but was “squishy” all over…which, by the way…explains my grandparents having 12 children! (I never really understood it until then!)

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Oh, believe me, I rode the horse under my Mother’s loud protests! She had the same fears as your Gramma, but she never told me the why of it all (you just didn’t talk about such things), so I thought for a long time she was just against me having any fun at all (it sure seemed that way!). Yes, I did injure myself on that horse, just as feared, but lucky for me no one knew and by the time I lost my virginity no one cared anymore. It took 3 years of cajoling my father to finally get to ride that horse! He was very high-spirited, a show horse! He was bought for my brother but the horse HATED my brother and LOVED me — perhaps the first time any thing or one in my life preferred me over my brothers. When Daddy bought him I went with him and he was on a lead going round and round and round a ring, sweating profusely, the owner trying to wear him out enough that Daddy would buy him. The owner looked down at me, then a mere 10 year old. and said “if you’re going to let that little girl ride this horse, I’m not selling him to you.” Daddy said “no, she’ll never ride him.” Like I said, three years of begging, grooming the horse, etc. and I finally won the right to sit upon him. That horse got me through adolescence and represented freedom! Flying through the air upon his back, my hair wild in the wind, we were a sight to behold!

  8. Newbie Doobie Doo says:

    Hi everyone! I was going to post this on the “what happens when you die” post but I wanted to get in the conversation! Lindsay Lohan is celebrity-Stabby. That same “the world owes me” and “who, me, actually DO time?” I always read here and have never commented but this is perfect! I haven’t seen anyone else say this but I, sorry, always thought that when you’re dead, you’re dead. No heaven/hell, except for Stabby and that would be hell, hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kelly, I’ve missed you and your potty mouth!!! so glad you are feeling better. Mama, I always look to see your take on everything!!!!!!!!! Now that I belive in the castle….can a guarantee be made that the castle removes all dental problems? Here on earth, it seems like every other week I have to have a root canal. Having my wisdom teeth out was so bad, I thought I was giving birth via my mouth. I think I have been on antibiotics half my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sweet DH almost hesitates to kiss me, because he doesn’t want it to hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want a ground floor room, too. I bet even at the castle, my feet will still hurt!!!!!

    • Mama Via says:

      Newbie Doobie—Mama’s “voice of experience”, here…I, too, had CONSTANT issues with my teeth…OMG…I cannot tell you how bad they were…and…when I had all the problems…I lived on antibiotics and pain killers…trying to “cure” a constant “sinus infection”…I was a single mom…struggling, “hand to mouth” (excuse the pun)…and “dental” didn’t fit into the budget…

      There IS an alternative to taking care of those pearly whites…but…there are only TWO things beneficial to the “alternative”….the first is you NEVER, EVER have to floss! Amazing! I wasn’t very good with that, either…

      The second is that you never get popcorn kernals stuck between your teeth either…

      The drawback…the “bad news”, if you will…is that your teeth live in a glass by your bedside at night…so…even here on earth, your wish can come true…I’m holding out for the promise that I can get my REAL teeth BACK at the Castle…damn the popcorn hulls! I want to chew caramels again…and say good morning without wondering if I’m going to spit my teeth out at my neighbor…or sing “supercalifragilisticexpealadocious” and make all the vowel and consonant sounds….

      • renaes24 says:

        Oh Mama, after I lost most of my ‘roots’ to the chemo, I couldn’t bear the ‘on the night-stand’ teeth. I went and paid $55k out of my own pocket for upper and lower implants and can now eat most anything! Only rarely do I begrudge having spent the money. But, it was a time when it appeared the work and the money would continue to flow. Would I do it now?…knowing the economy?….I hate to admit to being so shallow……but yes I would! (The bad part? even they wear out and when you need to have them replaced, it is a minimum of $4000 for just lowers PLUS you have to travel to places they do them and prepare to spend a few days in a hotel)

      • Mama Via says:

        I have four implants holding my lowers in place…none in the upper…

        No need to explain the cost to you..you already know…my dentist, one of the best in the South…told my DH that he was able to make my teeth as wonderful as I wanted…it depended only on how much Of our savings we were willing to spend…I don’t know how young you were…but, I had to consider that I was over 60 (DH is over 72) so, It was difficult for me to see the value of having implanted teeth if we are both too old to get a job to buy food to use those fancy teeth on? (Or replace the savings spent…) my DH is still working…I hope he will be able to retire, and enjoy the “golden years”…with all the other health issues…(my corneas, back surgeries, and…I’ve recently been told I need to ex-plant my augmentations) it just seemed more practical to just do mandibular implants…and yes, I’d do it again…just the bottom…my “frugal” nature stepped in…I’ve been hungry before, and I hated it…

        Hopefully, by the name you need replacements, I’ll have a guest room…and you can have a winter vacation in NE Fla…when the time comes…do check with me….

        I’ve got the cataract removal in the left eye on the 18th…
        As far as my ex-plants…I’ve had 25 years of fun with them…but really, who cares if Granny is a 36 B or a 40DD? Every decision I’ve ever made brought me to this very moment…I regret none of my decision…

  9. Lola says:

    Hey Kelly, so glad you’re back. Can’t wait for the analysis of stabby’s letter.

  10. Mama Via says:

    I can HARDLY wait for Kelly to read and announce some WONDERFUL NEWS….(no, NEITHER of us is having a BABY…I only LOOK that way!)

    I can’t even give a hint…other than I received a FANTASTIC letter today….and I’ve forwarded it to Our Queen of Fuckery…

    @Lola–I, too have been anticipating the arrival of the “translation” of 281129s letter to her supporters!! I’ve been looking forward to it for a while…I tried to “translate” it myself…but, honestly, it’s FUKKIN impossible to do without the assistance of the In-House Psycho…I mean Psysic…I mean Psychic…I knew I’d get the right word, eventually!!!

    Love to all!!

  11. Constance says:

    The law should matter more than the lawyer you pay for.

    The justice system is a joke as it stands today.

    Victims are victimized all over again, and perpetrators don’t have to have their past history allowed, clean up their looks for court, have evidence thrown out, can get off on technicalities, and have their attorneys bamboozle jurors who lack common sense and are only too willing to be deluded and manipulated instead of having to deal with what really took place.

    The latest Hilton thing is another example.
    On top of Suge Knight.
    And Uterus falling out.

    And that 15 year old monster Philip Chism who raped his sweet 22 year old high school teacher Colleen Ritzger, with a tree branch, slit her throat with a box cutter — and then had an attorney who got his confession thrown out.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      You are so right, Constance. It’s a sign of the times, I think, when criminals are treated better than victims, students have the ability and desire to rape and kill their teachers, rap artists and actors/actresses are considered above the law somehow — is it any wonder our children are confused? Hell, I’M confused!

      • Constance says:

        Yes. 90% of the population have no moral compass at all.

        I don’t know where decency lost its meaning, but it has, and I’m not sure how it gets regained across the board.

        Civilizations collapse when lawlessness becomes rampant, and saying you are innocent is more important than actually being innocent.

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Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this WordPress.com site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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