For The Edification Of A Few Paranoid People

May 31, 2015

1. I myself have never said a bad thing about anyone’s child. EVER So stop saying I did because it is just not true.
2. I do not post as Guest or any other name but my own anywhere because that is just a pussy move and I’m not a pussy
3. I will not allow comments that disparage anyone on this blog
4. If you have a private detective that wants to know shit about someone that posts on my blog tell them to do their fucking job and find them themselves.
5. I have never given anyone’s address out to anyone. If you constantly talk about your compound and live in a small town I’m guessing it isn’t to hard to figure out.
6. Bullshit that people have been there. What people? There are maybe ten Canadians on this blog and all but one lives fairly far away, like Saskatchewan and Alberta
7. I have never had anyone say anything to anybody about anything because the people here are not mindless followers and can express their own opinions.
8. I do not hide behind any alias. I know for those of you with 17 or so of them that is hard to accept but it is true.
9. Stop ragging on Mama, Renae and Carmen. Do they really threaten you that much?
10. Once someone has posted once on this blog and been approved I have no veto power. The post goes through unless it contains a link. I can remove it but I can’t stop it from posting.
11. Anyone who wants to have a rational conversation is welcome to post here.
12. I get a shit ton of screen shots every day.

That’s about it. Hope that helps. If I have something to say to somebody I will say it under my own name. Have a great day.

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