We Have To Put The Game On Hold for Just a Minute For Some Actual News Type Shit

June 29, 2015

Luka Magnotta, the living embodiment of Stabby’s husband to be; the one who killed, cut up and ate his Asian friend and then had sex with the body has been allowed to join a matchmaking sight for inmates. Canadian Inmates Connect Inc is a website that tries to hook up complete psychopaths with the groupies that love them.


Apparently his profile features two pictures of the former rent boy/stripper/necrophiliac. For those of you who don’t remember, in 2012 he killed and dismembered Jun Lin and then ordered a pizza while he decided who he was going to mail the body parts to.


His sentence includes the possibility of parole after 25 years in Canada because that is apparently just how we roll. He has listed his expected release date as 2037. The still full of himself snotty little fucker stated on his site that only those he deems compatible will receive a reply. Compatible for what I wonder? A nice light snack? A full course dinner?


The chick who runs the website says she is expecting a lot of backlash over his profile to which all of Canada said “no, really?” That concludes the Luka Magnotta news, we now return you to the murder mystery in progress. RBMD Peacing the fuck out

OMG She Is Writing A Post

June 20, 2015

Hai everybody. Tis me, back from my extensive stay at the writers block café. Actually, my brain dragged me back kicking and screaming. I was screaming I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT THIS STUFF. Alas, not thinking about it is not really an option and somebody better start saying something about it soon before this thing we call life comes right off the fucking rails and we have an Exxon Valdez on our hands or some shit.

First, I love my friends on here that happen to be American. I really do. That being said, WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUR COUNTRY. We share a fucking border and barring me going back to Scotland which is probably not going to happen, I do not want whatever fucked up infection you have going on down there infecting this country. I know that the rational caring people on this board are just as frightened as I am. I KNOW you are. I’m scared and I live in a different country (sort of unless the government takes my advice and builds a really fucking big wall all the way around this bitch.)

What is with all the wars? Let me tell ya. OIL. Wars are about OIL. OIL which is helping to speed the extinction event that I pray for every single night. Why? Because we as a species are completely fucked and should not be allowed to lead a family of ducks across the road never mind think we can run a planet.

Your gun laws are not only complete insanity, they are why so many spree killings take place. The NRA can suck my ass. Hear that Ted Nugent. Come here and debate me about guns. I’ve had one butted up against my head so I fucking double dog dare you to debate me about the right to fucking bear arms. What is it going to take, for real? What is it going to take before the powers that be realize that you need gun reform in a huge way. Maybe some yokel fuck will decide he hates newborns and shoot up the nicu in a hospital. Would that do it? Sadly, my gut says no.

Are you aware you have the highest incarceration rates in the world. THE WORLD. NOT like the first world but the entire fucking planet world. Think about that for a minute. Why? Because a large percentage of jails are privatized and incarceration makes money. Why are non violent offenders routinely incarcerated? I don’t give a shit if someone wants to kill themselves with heroin as long as they aren’t violent. Know what we do in Canada? Needle exchanges and a place they can go shoot their shit. Dropped our crime rate for that particular thing by 13% and nobody gets incarcerated.

How come rich people have an entirely different set of rules in the States. I don’t have data for Canada, but I will let you know once Ghomeshi the rapey fuck comes up for trial.

My biggest question, and the one that keeps me up at night. How did the 1% brainwash the 99% that they needed to become cogs in a wheel that never stops going around to keep the 1% in their cheddar? How did that become a thing and why do we accept it as the norm. Work more, make more, buy more, credit, credit, credit, owe till the day you die, rinse and repeat for the next generation. As an aside, Canada is just as bad for that as the US is.

I’m not picking on the US. I’m not. But holy fuck, you have people walking around pretending to be black because why not, you have black people that are 10 years old screaming about oppression and slavery and all that shit. Were they there? Were you? Why do they get to comment on it? That is like me bitching that England stole Scotland. THINK ABOUT IT. I was born in Scotland, Scotland used to have it’s own monarchy and now we belong to the UK. Waaaaay before my time. There were bloody wars, a shit ton of Scots died, were raped, they tried to breed the scot out of us (yes that is a true story) and yet we survived and yes, the old timers hate the British. I don’t, wasn’t there, don’t care this is the way it is now.

I think it is sick as fuck that there is still this black white thing going on in the US. Why can nobody get it that all color is’ is the amount of melanin in your skin. That’s it, that’s all. It is a pigmentation, not a breed. We all have the same organs, we all bleed red, we all want the same things. A little fucking peace. The African Americans of the NOW, this generation, they were never slaves, or segregated or any of that shit. Maybe their parents or grandparents were. Maybe they want to propagate that poor me mentality, but it makes no more sense than me saying I think I will go pick a fight with the UK because they stole my land. It’s all just bullshit. ALL OF IT.

And no white people, I didn’t leave you out because it seems that every fucker with a gun lately is a white guy. Feeling a little inadequate are we you fucking loser. You go to a place of worship and open fire. I bet the devil wants to know when you show up cuz even he went “damn son”.

Everybody, EVERY SINGLE PERSON needs to stop with the racial stereotyping. BOTH WAYS. People are fucking people. Good people and bad people come in every color that we have. All lives matter. Not just black, not just white, not just yellow, not just brown. ALL LIVES MATTER. Hashtag that everyone. #alllivesmatter

I’m heartsick, I’m sad, and I am so damn angry and so should you be. This isn’t going to stop until the governments of the 1% hear us and they are not going to hear a couple of thousand people. It’s got to stop. We are slowly killing our species, and our hope and the future and nobody can see the forest for the trees and that right there is the saddest thing of all.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

Mama Speaks-Gremlins Have Stolen the Comments! (And “The Tale of the Tail”)

June 14, 2015

Where the FLIP did the comments on the previous blog go??!  I was fixin to comment on Kelly’s “writers block” and ask her if “writers block was catching (cuz I think I got it too!)…when I noticed that all of the “reply” buttons were gone.., so, here is a new blog to just comment away on!

The heat is awful here…and papa and his blood thinners and mama with her hot flashes are gonna be the death of one of us!  
Health report from down south…Thursday I get my new left eye…just the cataract removal and new IOL..easy-peasy!
Boo report…when we returned home from Alaska last September, Boo had Itchy Butt….He had never had IB (itchy butt) before we left was because we don’t have a yard, so he never had the chance to spend extended periods out in the heat and humidity,,,(or just sit in the wet grass)…but…at the Dog Sitters home…he could go in and out whenever he wanted…so was outside all the time!  
Frenchies are born with a little “nub” of a tail (rarely longer than your little finger)…Boo’s tail is even shorter than normal…in fact, it is almost an “inny” instead of an “outie”…it is surrounded by fur, and butt muscles…and doesn’t stick out very far…as a result…it seems to always be “moist” now…and all us girls know about what can happen to warm, furry, moist places…
Boo is too short and chubby to actually reach his tail to bite at the itch…so he must resort to a rather cute move that we call “the Boo Boogie”…we didn’t know at first what he was doing and why…we thought he was just entertaining us…but…one day, just looking, I discovered a big area, under his tail that was all red and itchy looking…
I’d heard so many times from the vet to use baby aspirin, or Benadryl …you know, human medications,,,that my first thought on a Saturday afternoon was…”Well, get the Vagisil”…..my poor husband laughs at some of my exploits…but putting a “feminine hygiene product” on our male dog’s tail was just too much for his sensibilities!  But…it stopped the itching, for a few hours anyway!
Monday morning, I took Boo to the vet…they weighed him and did all the doodah that the vet does.  When the Doctor came in, I explained about Itchy Butt anf using the Vagisil…I noticed that the Vet assistant was trying not to laugh!  So, they took Boo back to the back room again,,,and I waited a few minutes…and then I hear the loudest laughter….when the assistant brought Boo back to the room, I noticed that she looked like she had just had a good laugh at the woman who had put Vagisil on her dogs butt!!
Anyway…the doc said “yes, he has a yeast infection….” And she gave him a shot and some medicine…his little IB got better for a month,,,or so…and he started doing the Boogie again,,,back to the vet…who says…”it’s a bacterial infection”. (How many of us have cured one thing,,,just to get something else?). So, back home with a prescription for antibiotics….which worked for a while….
Since September, I’ve accumulated 12 bottles of medications…(have I confessed I’m a hoarder?) anyway…Poor Boo…we take ALL sorts of precautions…always wiping his butt after he “does business” …using unscented baby wipes…being sure to wipe AWAY from his tail, so that no “nasty” gets underneath in that hot, moist, furry area…every other day, we use a special wipe all around his tail, then use a special powder to keep it dry…
So…he was doing the Boogie again last week…Papa said “I made an appointment at the exotic animal hospital for Boo, I’m worried…”  So, we get to the Exotic Animal Hospital…and they recommend a surgery on his tail…this seems to be an issue with many short-tailed animals in this area of the world…so they recommended a surgeon…a tail specialist…
So, after seeing the specialist, Boo has an appointment to get his tail worked on…his surgery is Tuesday…we will drop him off at 7 am …this should solve the poor fellows case of itchy butt.  The surgeon was a nice man…had nice firm hands…so I trust that Boo will be safe.
So, there it is…the tale of the tail…
Now…I wonder if there is a specialist to remove my writers block?

Mama Remembers-Do You?

June 8, 2015

Where were you November 22, 1963?

Do you remember your first 45?  Your first LP?  Or first transistor?
Reel-to-reel tape deck?  8-track tapes?
Did you play “pong”?  Hula hoops, Chatty Cathy, Betsy Wetsy & Barbie!  Silly putty, Slinkey, Mr. Potato Head & ViewMaster.
ONLY CBS, NBC and CBS!  Remember the National Anthem was played at 2am, followed by the “test pattern”?
Putting tin foil on the TV antenna.  Getting up to change the channel (no remote) and change the volume.
Do you remember what L.S.M.F.T. stood for?
Who/what would rather “fight than switch”?
My “fancy” semi-formal 6th grade graduation dress was VERY expensive!  It cost $22!
I received my first pair of “French Heels” in 1965, along with a garter best and my first “nylons”.  (Pantyhose weren’t available until 1970!)
We realize now that “Duck & Cover” was not going to save us!
Did you have both “hat & gloves” for Easter Services?
TV dinners were in metal trays that had to be baked, because microwaves weren’t available.
Roller skates had a “key”, were metal and had metal wheels for using on concrete.
Telephones had “dials” not buttons.  In every house, ONE phone and ONE TV.  
Phone was on a “party line”…nosy neighbors would listen in.
S & H Green Stamps
Mr. GreenJeans
Manual typewriters and Gregg Shorthand.  Carbon paper.
WRITING letters and mailing them.  Long distance call was a “treat”.
Men landing on the MOON!
Percolator coffee pots.
Girls couldn’t wear pants to school, only dresses.
Nurses wore all white.  With their “caps”.
Pay phones.
Home Economics (girls only) Woodshop (boys only)

The In House Psychic Presents Stabby’s Obituary

June 5, 2015

Hello everyone. Sorry you get me today. Seems that the boss broke out in a laughing fit over something on the internet this morning and hasn’t been able to stop. Anyway, since Stabby is going to die in prison I thought that it would be nice of me to save everyone some time and write her obituary for her. I hope she appreciates all this work. (No I don’t) I’m sure that Alfred E. will be more than happy with what I have come up with. Since I’m psychic I happen to know what is going to happen to Stabby, so um, spoilers ahead.

Stabby Anal Arias was found dead in her cell at Perryville Correctional Facility. It has been reported that she died of multiple shank wounds, syphilis, ingrown anal warts, a horrible foot fungus, 3rd degree burns, and apparently rabies from one of the prairie dogs she tried to kick in the head. A traffic cone and all 31 flavors of Baskin Robins ice-cream were removed during a preliminary cavity search. A post mortem will be performed as soon as a Hasmat team can be called in.

Stabby was a gifted tracer of actual artwork and a budding yogi who did headstands whenever possible. She dabbled in amateur porn work and stalking. Her ex-boyfriends all say that she tossed a hell of a salad and expressed their extreme sadness at her expiration date. Apparently Matt McCartney was closest and won the pool. She will also be remembered for possibly the sloppiest meat flaps on the planet as well as her affinity for pigtails and making up words that sounded Einstein-y.

There will be a memorial service held at Perryville where awards will be given out for the people that helped speed her demise. There will also be a memorial service held at the KY factory because they expect sales to drop dramatically now that their poster girl is dead.

Stabby is survived by a bunch of leeches who are as we speak fighting over the irrevocable trust and a group of inmates who are still high fiving each other that she is dead. Auntie Sue could not be reached for comment as she was out Lexus shopping. Stabby’s mother simply stated “meh, I’ve got a couple more.”

Stabby will be buried in the prisoners graveyard since nobody in the family felt that they could afford the cost of retrieving and burying the body. One of them commented “to let the state do it, what do we care.”

The family asks that in lieu of flowers you just send them cash.

This has been the in house Psychic. Have a great night.


June 4, 2015
An old friend of mine owns Volcano Press.  Volcano Press has published books on domestic violence and women’s health for over 40 years.  I recently discovered that the 92-year-young owner of Volcano Press took a “bad spill last year in which she broke her right ankle, knee and shoulder. The recovery process has been long and arduous.”   Will you add Miss Ruth to your prayers or send some healing vibrations her way?  Back when the “women’s movement” was barely more than a handful of small shelters, Miss Ruth was a visionary and pioneer. She is one of the many women who helped bring about changes in our society.  In the last forty years, so many things have changed.  My goal as a child was to grow up and be either a “MOMMIE, a secretary or a stewardess” and I was expected to accept the moments my Dad or husband hit me! I remember my pastor advised me that “it is a duty to turn the other cheek, and to obey the Head of Household to ensure a harmonious home!”  It was women like Miss Ruth and her contemporaries who helped change our world.   Now, we are protected by Joe Biden’s federally funded Violence Against Women Act, and women like Hillary Clinton have  run for the Presidency and served as Secretary of State!  Miss Ruth is “feisty”, like we are.

Sadly, I never had the opportunity to come to know Miss Ruth as much as I wanted to; but the short time we shared, she influenced me greatly, she inspired me to change the “cycle of violence” that I was born into.  Part of who I have become is due to Miss Ruth’s influences.  I’ve read many of the books she publishes on child abuse, rape and domestic violence.  I’m planning on ordering a book or two about “Women and Aging” that are available.  

If you’ve experienced trouble locating a book about women’s health, violence or aging, check out Volcano Press!


The following is a poem Volcano Press shares.  I hope you enjoy it!

Hugs and love!

We’d Like to Share a Poem

“My ’63 Plymouth Belvidere” by Candace A. Hennekens

In 1978, that ’63 Plymouth Belvidere
was already old but it ran. Your mother
had gifted the car to me on her death bed.
Two years later, I drove away, the back seat
piled with clothes, our daughter in her car seat.
I forgot shoes, winter coats.
You mailed those and anything else 
you could find that was mine 
in an enormous box–my grandmother’s wall vase,

college papers, cut crystal, all mixed up.
I vomited in my mother’s basement toilet,
knowing you had touched all my things.
The night we escaped, I decapitated a goose
on some dark country road; the state patrol
ticketed me for speeding. I pulled into my
mother’s driveway, my eyes dilated, panting,
reeling, like a prisoner released after a long sentence.
My mother touched your hand prints on my neck 

and wept. The Belvidere had a 318 engine.
I knew how to change oil, replace spark plugs.
I pushed buttons on the dash to make her go.
Painted bright yellow I never drove anonymously.
Sometimes I search for that car in the classifieds.
If I find her, I’ll buy her back, restore her
to mint condition, and keep her as a memorial
to my freedom that all these years later
is still precious, a gift from your mother to me.

Copyright VOLCANO PRESS 2000-2015

Caylee Anthony We Will Not Forget You Or The Bitch That Killed You

June 3, 2015

There is nothing on earth I hate more than people who hurt children. NOTHING.

Caylee Anthony was a sweet little baby who happened to draw one of satans minions for a mother. The entire family dynamic was completely fucked up with the family first in denial about the pregnancy and then once poor Caylee was born playing a sadistic game of chess with Caylee as the pawn.

Casey Anthony who is a child murdering piece of human excrement whether she got away with it or not just did not have time in her party and boyfriend filled life for Caylee. Casey had serious issues with her mother who happened to love Caylee or at least loved to use Caylee as a way to get at Casey. For 31 days that child was missing and it went unreported. When Casey’s mother finally tracked her down and demanded to see the baby, Casey first said it was late and she would pick her up from the fictitious nanny in the morning and then when mother was not having it she told mother that the nanny that never actually existed had kidnapped poor Caylee. Caylee of course was long dead by that time. Dead and buried in the exact same way that the family had disposed of pets that had come before her, which is to say she was stuffed into a laundry bag and thrown into the woods for the animals to have at her.

Casey’s car was found at an impound yard and the first thing that Papa Anthony noticed as an ex-police officer was the extreme odor of decomposition. It is a smell that you never forget, be it human or animal and in his initial statement while still in shock he said it was definitely absolutely without a doubt the smell of decomp. That would later become the smell of a piece of rotten pepperoni.

It seems the whole of Florida rallied to try and find Caylee. People came from all over the state to help search. Most of them were very aware that Caylee was dead but they searched anyway because that is what you do when a child is missing. Casey was combative in jail, expressing to her parents that they needed to come up with bail because she was of no use helping to find a child she already knew was dead from there. She was combative on the phone with her brother, refusing to discuss Caylee and instead trying to get her boyfriend Tony’s phone number to try and explain why she had been arrested and what a huge mistake it was.

Equisearch even came in to help try and at least find her body and they were very aware they were looking for a body since the Nanny story had long since fallen apart.

The skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony were found in a swampy area very close to the house. Animals had been at her. Her face had been wrapped in duct tape. A twin laundry bag was found in the Anthony house to the one that had become Caylee’s burial shroud. Searches for how to make homemade chloroform were found on Casey’s computer. The working theory and one I believe to be true is that Caylee was being drugged to sleep so that mommy could go out and do her hot body contests and party and fuck her boyfriend whenever she felt like it. Drugged and locked in the trunk of a car. Even Tony who had not been dating Casey for that long began to ask all kinds of questions about where Caylee was. Casey always said with the nanny that didn’t exist.

My personal theory is that Caylee was getting big enough to be able to articulate certain things and Casey certainly didn’t want Grandma asking what she did that day and the answer to be we went to McDonalds and the park and then mommy put a cloth over my face that smelled funny and I woke up in a trunk. So, I think she took Caylee on that last day and drugged her and wrapped her face in duct tape and smothered her to death.

She was found not guilty because apparently Florida is the most fucked up state in the USA for judicial process and walked away a free piece of shit. Then someone actually named Zanny came forward and sued her for liable since the made up name she had used for the nanny was hers. Casey filed for bankruptcy to avoid having to pay Zanaida for the lawsuit.

As part of the bankruptcy agreement she was ordered not to write any book. This she argued about because why shouldn’t you be able to kill your daughter and profit from it? She lost.

She was also a thief of epic proportions, stealing from her parents, her grandmother, and her friends so she didn’t really have anywhere to go once her court case was over. She ended up living with Cheney Mason, one of her attorneys and doing little jobs for him (and you can read into that whatever you like because I don’t doubt it for a second).

He eventually got sick of her mooching ways and she had to find an apartment somewhere. She whined and still does to this day that she cannot have a normal life because she was unjustly accused.

Now it had been revealed that she is in New York to do an interview for huge gobs of money. I have not been able to confirm an amount other than it is substantial.

I hope she gets hit by a car on her way to the interview, or the ceiling falls in or she is electrocuted by the equipment in the studio. Actually what I really hope is that someone wraps her face in duct tape and they all sit back and wait for her to suffocate to death, and then they stick her wretched corpse in a car trunk and let it rot there for a few days and then put her in a crappy bag and toss her into the woods.

You got it wrong Florida. I know it is not like it is the first time or even the fiftieth time, but you got it wrong.

We remember you Caylee, we are sorry that your mother was more interested in having a good time than being a mother, we are sorry we didn’t find you sooner. A country mourned you and continues to do so. We won’t forget.

I hope that everyone of you refuses to listen to that interview. If they get no listeners or readers depending on what medium they choose, maybe they will think a little harder next time before they interview a baby killer.

I hope you die a horrible death Casey Anthony and I hope it is long and drawn out and you are very afraid before the end. I bet Caylee was.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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