Mama Speaks-Gremlins Have Stolen the Comments! (And “The Tale of the Tail”)

Where the FLIP did the comments on the previous blog go??!  I was fixin to comment on Kelly’s “writers block” and ask her if “writers block was catching (cuz I think I got it too!)…when I noticed that all of the “reply” buttons were gone.., so, here is a new blog to just comment away on!

The heat is awful here…and papa and his blood thinners and mama with her hot flashes are gonna be the death of one of us!  
Health report from down south…Thursday I get my new left eye…just the cataract removal and new IOL..easy-peasy!
Boo report…when we returned home from Alaska last September, Boo had Itchy Butt….He had never had IB (itchy butt) before we left was because we don’t have a yard, so he never had the chance to spend extended periods out in the heat and humidity,,,(or just sit in the wet grass)…but…at the Dog Sitters home…he could go in and out whenever he wanted…so was outside all the time!  
Frenchies are born with a little “nub” of a tail (rarely longer than your little finger)…Boo’s tail is even shorter than normal…in fact, it is almost an “inny” instead of an “outie”…it is surrounded by fur, and butt muscles…and doesn’t stick out very far…as a result…it seems to always be “moist” now…and all us girls know about what can happen to warm, furry, moist places…
Boo is too short and chubby to actually reach his tail to bite at the itch…so he must resort to a rather cute move that we call “the Boo Boogie”…we didn’t know at first what he was doing and why…we thought he was just entertaining us…but…one day, just looking, I discovered a big area, under his tail that was all red and itchy looking…
I’d heard so many times from the vet to use baby aspirin, or Benadryl …you know, human medications,,,that my first thought on a Saturday afternoon was…”Well, get the Vagisil”… poor husband laughs at some of my exploits…but putting a “feminine hygiene product” on our male dog’s tail was just too much for his sensibilities!  But…it stopped the itching, for a few hours anyway!
Monday morning, I took Boo to the vet…they weighed him and did all the doodah that the vet does.  When the Doctor came in, I explained about Itchy Butt anf using the Vagisil…I noticed that the Vet assistant was trying not to laugh!  So, they took Boo back to the back room again,,,and I waited a few minutes…and then I hear the loudest laughter….when the assistant brought Boo back to the room, I noticed that she looked like she had just had a good laugh at the woman who had put Vagisil on her dogs butt!!
Anyway…the doc said “yes, he has a yeast infection….” And she gave him a shot and some medicine…his little IB got better for a month,,,or so…and he started doing the Boogie again,,,back to the vet…who says…”it’s a bacterial infection”. (How many of us have cured one thing,,,just to get something else?). So, back home with a prescription for antibiotics….which worked for a while….
Since September, I’ve accumulated 12 bottles of medications…(have I confessed I’m a hoarder?) anyway…Poor Boo…we take ALL sorts of precautions…always wiping his butt after he “does business” …using unscented baby wipes…being sure to wipe AWAY from his tail, so that no “nasty” gets underneath in that hot, moist, furry area…every other day, we use a special wipe all around his tail, then use a special powder to keep it dry…
So…he was doing the Boogie again last week…Papa said “I made an appointment at the exotic animal hospital for Boo, I’m worried…”  So, we get to the Exotic Animal Hospital…and they recommend a surgery on his tail…this seems to be an issue with many short-tailed animals in this area of the world…so they recommended a surgeon…a tail specialist…
So, after seeing the specialist, Boo has an appointment to get his tail worked on…his surgery is Tuesday…we will drop him off at 7 am …this should solve the poor fellows case of itchy butt.  The surgeon was a nice man…had nice firm hands…so I trust that Boo will be safe.
So, there it is…the tale of the tail…
Now…I wonder if there is a specialist to remove my writers block?

16 Responses to Mama Speaks-Gremlins Have Stolen the Comments! (And “The Tale of the Tail”)

  1. Trudy Gunn says:

    try coconut oil. it has antibiotic properties.+, lubricates dry doggie bum, (gross but necessary). Try to get some into him orally as well. my dog likes to lick it from a spoon, but Boo may not but it is great for digestion. Yours too. {{{HUGS}}}

    • Mama Via says:

      I will certainly go on a mission and try to find some today, if for no other reason than to ease his itchy bum! The poor fellow, I, myself, just HATE having a case of itchy butt! Is it at Walgreens? Or at Publix? Thank you for the suggestion, Trudy!

  2. spellbound4 says:

    Poor Boo. He will be much more comfy after this is done. You are a good Mama …. you tried your best. I will be waiting for an update after his surgery. Good luck, Boo (and Mama)

  3. TrulyUSA says:

    Haha Mama! You just spread laughter wherever you go! Oh poor Boo! I hope he will be better after this. At least there’s a fix for him! My doggie has a bad tooth, we will have to get it pulled after her round of antibiotics runs out. Trudy, everybody is talking about coconut oil for all kinds of uses – I’ve got to get some of that!

  4. Lori g says:

    One of my dogs scoots on his butt a lot. We’ve had his anal glands checked a million times and they’re not impacted. Thought it was a food allergy so now he eats organic grain free and it helped his other itchy spots but not the butt. Go figure. Have you ever considered a raw diet? I get the vita essentials patties. It sounds cheap when you think of $2.75 a day to feed her, but it adds up. I’m switching to bulk 25 pound boxes which is a lot cheaper but gross. I have to say that it works miracles. Got rid of all the tartar on her teeth, her fur is amazingly shiny. Best of all she lost 4 pounds and beagles get to be porky.

    On a sad note. My 13 year old pitbull was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, which is extremely aggressive. He had an emergency splenectomy and the cancer is at the cellular level, but it will make more tumors. Started on chemo, which another dog of mine handled marvelously but he doesn’t seem that great. Big decision whether to try another dose.

    We were hoping he’d pass of old age, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. We are just going to love him until he seems sick and then make a decision. Better to have a couple of great months left rather than be sick from chemo.

    Sorry to be long winded but too many people aren’t understanding.

    • Mama Via says:

      I so totally understand, Lori…all of us here understand…just be as long winded as you need to be…

      Boo is spoiled ROTTEN! In the morning, he has yogurt with mama and a half a banana with papa…and in the evening, he has about 3-4 ounces (I’ve never weighed it) of chicken breast. He also gets low fat/low salt cheeses, green beans, lettuce, cantaloupe, cottage cheese, and scrambled eggs. We have a list of things he CANNOT have on the fridge (chocolate, tomatoes, grapes, raisins, know, the “list”). Occasionally, he will get beef, instead of chicken (trimmed of fat, no salt or spices), turkey and salmon. He also gets his vitamin every morning! He has a bowl of gluten-free/ grain free “non-people food” in his bowl for “snacking”.

      Because papa has high blood pressure, we are a “no salt” family, and because mama is chubby, we all watch our weight!

      We had the WORST problem finding a “non-people food” he would eat….and he seems to thrive on the diet he is on, when he first came home with us, his “business” was the most rank thing I have EVER encountered…and his stools were always runny, and stained his fur (he is a creamy-buff color)

      My usual vet knows the problems we’ve had with him, so she keeps us advised on the diet. When we took him to the Exotic Animal Hospital, we got the “lecture about people food”…but our stance was “how can you advise us when you’ve seen him only this ONE time for 15 minutes??? STFU!!

      Unless he rolls in something stinky…he goes to the groomer once a month…where he gets a bath, anal glands expressed, ears cleaned, teeth cleaning, Furminator and his nails done…

      Mama decided during the last grooming session, that she should get a “pedi”….so we both had pretty feet when we got home!!!

      But I’m going to find coconut oil to add to his diet!!

  5. renaes24 says:

    Oh, I can’t get into tails. My “missy moo” has had itchy butt for the last 3 yrs. She was getting cortisone shots monthly but now even they don’t work. Vet again tomorrow since no one can figure it out. Her diet is grain free but pretty much anything else is fair game. (This is a creature that LOVES horseradish? and salads? I think she is part cow). Her rear area is now so excoriated and raw and I have to get it in better shape as in July we plan to try cyclosporine and hopefully almost kill off her immune system to then re-start it. (Same principle as having an organ transplant with the same anti-rejection drug). As it is, they are going to have to do a lot of amputation of her (was thumb-sized now size of Jimmy Durante’s nose) tail.
    Being a Jack Russell, there is no way she will allow bandages…..and she knows how to destroy a ‘cone of shame’ in about 10 min.
    Funny thing, a ‘naturalist vet’ suggested we use apple cider vinegar on some of her ‘hot spots’. …..and that is when we found out she just LOVES the taste of Apple-cider vinegar! (grrrrrrrr)

    • Mama Via says:

      Hahaha…poor missy moo and boo boo too!!

      Boo won’t need the Cone of Shame…poor Boo..he doesn’t have much of a tail to amputate! But, one thing at a time,,,

      Boo and I have Missy Moo in our thoughts and prayers…and her mama too! Hoping your leg is better…

      At least our tails don’t itch, Renae,

  6. Mama Via says:

    Just to let you all know…Boo is fine. The surgery to amputate his tail went well…he has been high on pain killers all day…and he is clueless as to where he is at…or why…poor thing..,I’m supposed to go get him at 10 am tomorrow…I will update you again tomorrow!

    Love to all…mama

    • spellbound4 says:

      Poor sweet Boo. I am glad he is doing all right. A thank you for the update. Soft hugs being sent his way. I do hope he won’t have any problems with recovery…. so hard to keep them from licking their wounds. Good luck to you.

      • Mama Via says:

        Fortunately, he is too squatty to lick where his tail USED to be! I will give him your gentle hugs when I see him in the morning!

    • renaes24 says:

      Poor Boo……..Guess he knows…….’It won’t be LONG now”!

      • Mama Via says:

        Well, it WASNT long to start off with! And what there was, was hiding in his pocket! I’m thankful to get get well wishes for Boo, he will get extra hugs tomorrow! Hope you are feeling better Renae!

  7. Mama Via says:

    Eye surgery is done…all went well, I’m home noe

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