OMG She Is Writing A Post

Hai everybody. Tis me, back from my extensive stay at the writers block café. Actually, my brain dragged me back kicking and screaming. I was screaming I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT THIS STUFF. Alas, not thinking about it is not really an option and somebody better start saying something about it soon before this thing we call life comes right off the fucking rails and we have an Exxon Valdez on our hands or some shit.

First, I love my friends on here that happen to be American. I really do. That being said, WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUR COUNTRY. We share a fucking border and barring me going back to Scotland which is probably not going to happen, I do not want whatever fucked up infection you have going on down there infecting this country. I know that the rational caring people on this board are just as frightened as I am. I KNOW you are. I’m scared and I live in a different country (sort of unless the government takes my advice and builds a really fucking big wall all the way around this bitch.)

What is with all the wars? Let me tell ya. OIL. Wars are about OIL. OIL which is helping to speed the extinction event that I pray for every single night. Why? Because we as a species are completely fucked and should not be allowed to lead a family of ducks across the road never mind think we can run a planet.

Your gun laws are not only complete insanity, they are why so many spree killings take place. The NRA can suck my ass. Hear that Ted Nugent. Come here and debate me about guns. I’ve had one butted up against my head so I fucking double dog dare you to debate me about the right to fucking bear arms. What is it going to take, for real? What is it going to take before the powers that be realize that you need gun reform in a huge way. Maybe some yokel fuck will decide he hates newborns and shoot up the nicu in a hospital. Would that do it? Sadly, my gut says no.

Are you aware you have the highest incarceration rates in the world. THE WORLD. NOT like the first world but the entire fucking planet world. Think about that for a minute. Why? Because a large percentage of jails are privatized and incarceration makes money. Why are non violent offenders routinely incarcerated? I don’t give a shit if someone wants to kill themselves with heroin as long as they aren’t violent. Know what we do in Canada? Needle exchanges and a place they can go shoot their shit. Dropped our crime rate for that particular thing by 13% and nobody gets incarcerated.

How come rich people have an entirely different set of rules in the States. I don’t have data for Canada, but I will let you know once Ghomeshi the rapey fuck comes up for trial.

My biggest question, and the one that keeps me up at night. How did the 1% brainwash the 99% that they needed to become cogs in a wheel that never stops going around to keep the 1% in their cheddar? How did that become a thing and why do we accept it as the norm. Work more, make more, buy more, credit, credit, credit, owe till the day you die, rinse and repeat for the next generation. As an aside, Canada is just as bad for that as the US is.

I’m not picking on the US. I’m not. But holy fuck, you have people walking around pretending to be black because why not, you have black people that are 10 years old screaming about oppression and slavery and all that shit. Were they there? Were you? Why do they get to comment on it? That is like me bitching that England stole Scotland. THINK ABOUT IT. I was born in Scotland, Scotland used to have it’s own monarchy and now we belong to the UK. Waaaaay before my time. There were bloody wars, a shit ton of Scots died, were raped, they tried to breed the scot out of us (yes that is a true story) and yet we survived and yes, the old timers hate the British. I don’t, wasn’t there, don’t care this is the way it is now.

I think it is sick as fuck that there is still this black white thing going on in the US. Why can nobody get it that all color is’ is the amount of melanin in your skin. That’s it, that’s all. It is a pigmentation, not a breed. We all have the same organs, we all bleed red, we all want the same things. A little fucking peace. The African Americans of the NOW, this generation, they were never slaves, or segregated or any of that shit. Maybe their parents or grandparents were. Maybe they want to propagate that poor me mentality, but it makes no more sense than me saying I think I will go pick a fight with the UK because they stole my land. It’s all just bullshit. ALL OF IT.

And no white people, I didn’t leave you out because it seems that every fucker with a gun lately is a white guy. Feeling a little inadequate are we you fucking loser. You go to a place of worship and open fire. I bet the devil wants to know when you show up cuz even he went “damn son”.

Everybody, EVERY SINGLE PERSON needs to stop with the racial stereotyping. BOTH WAYS. People are fucking people. Good people and bad people come in every color that we have. All lives matter. Not just black, not just white, not just yellow, not just brown. ALL LIVES MATTER. Hashtag that everyone. #alllivesmatter

I’m heartsick, I’m sad, and I am so damn angry and so should you be. This isn’t going to stop until the governments of the 1% hear us and they are not going to hear a couple of thousand people. It’s got to stop. We are slowly killing our species, and our hope and the future and nobody can see the forest for the trees and that right there is the saddest thing of all.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.


31 Responses to OMG She Is Writing A Post

  1. spellbound4 says:

    She’s back!!! And with an excellent post — thank you very much! I cannot agree. Well done.

    Hope you are feeling well, Ms Kelly.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Spellbound!! It would appear that I am. I must apologize for my extended hiatus. I missed you all. Thank you, I really hope it makes a difference somehow.

  2. Thank you kelly, thank you. As an American, I am so worried about America. I needed that RBMD rant so i can feel some feelings, bc like you ive been suppressing. I am so mad and heartbroken and disgusted and befuddled and upset and dint know what to do to fix it. I worry so much about the world that my child is inheriting. Your words always help me through.

  3. Debbie Young says:

    Wow! You nailed it! I have the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful and talented granddaughter who’ll be 10 in a few weeks. I look at her and think the sky’s the limit for her. But – as crazy as this country and world is – I also wonder what she’ll face in her lifetime. Sad, very sad!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Debbie: Nice to see you. Your thoughts are a blog post for another time. If you belong to any other groups share this, lets get it across the net and see if we can’t get some people thinking.

  4. observer says:

    Wow, Kelly! Great post! I agree 100%!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Observer. Welcome to the no kill shelter. Thank you so much. I’m asking if you belong to any other groups please share the blog. Maybe one person can’t make a difference but with 25 reading countries and all of our members, maybe together we can. Spread it like the flu.

  5. Twister says:

    Yeah, you go girl! I’m afraid of the world my grandchildren will inherit. In think every generation has had the same fears. But …now, things just seem different, scary. The world in general seems to have jumped upside down, and inside out, weird. What was wrong is now right, even legislated. I feel safe, but always in the back of my mind and heart is this uneasiness that things could change next month, or the next instant.
    Glad you’re back! We need more Kelly’s in the world!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      TWISTER!! Mwah. Missed you. Your thoughts too are going to be a total other blog. We have to start to do something, all of us. I’m one person, but together if you include our prescribed members plus the 25 countries that read every blog, if we all hit up one other site we belong to the word will spread. I’m scared twister. I live in probably the most peaceful nation in the world and I am afraid. Spread it. #alllivesmatter

  6. TrulyUSA says:

    Oh Kelly, this world and this country are spiraling downward at such an alarming rate. So many of us seem to be bat shit crazy. Evil is running this world! My husband is a good man but he is a 6’3″ all-man manly man and we were devastated by these murders. He CRIED when those black people got up and forgave that racist white piece of trash. So did I. It touched us so deeply he wanted to wire a bouquet of flowers for the memorial they have set up. We wondered why Obama didn’t get up and say that young black man who made that wonderful speech about his mother, could’ve been his son! Why don’t we celebrate the good guys? Do you know what a difference it would make if our leaders would embrace those family members and say “this is who we are! We will no longer tolerate these racist attacks or the riots!” But there’s nothing in it for Reverend Al this time and the family members’ reactions do not fit the political agenda. It isn’t going to stop. It’s only going to get worse so protect yourself and your children as much as you possibly can. Escalation of the worst of the worst is occurring, can you feel it spreading? I can. Violence begets violence – it’s becoming commonplace and it makes the news! They get attention! They are famous! Social media spreads the disease like wildfire. We are heartbroken.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      P.S. – you are right about the prisons here, too. They are nothing but big businesses anymore and the probation/parole system make sure there is a revolving door so their business can continue with a never ending supply. Rehabilitation? A big joke. They don’t care about rehabilitation.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      TRULY!! Mwah for you too. I wish you knew how much I miss you all when I can’t write. I cried. I cried when columbine happened. I cried for sandyhook, I cried when John lennon got shot and Reagan. You have a gun problem. Your president has aged 20 years since he took office and this is NOT his fault. Your gun laws are completely nuts. We have guns in Canada did you know? We have to take a two day course and get fingerprinted and have an exam with the chief firearms officer over the phone but we can get guns. If you just got separated, no gun for you for two years. Just out of jail? NO GUN. Arrested for assault EVER. No gun. Yes we have gun killings, but since he lands and grooves of every(hand) gun sold are filed with said firearms officer, they can trace it pretty easy.
      The human race is going to kill itself. We are our own extinction event, so I am inviting the board to come stay in my nice safe in the middle of buttfuck no where house. If we convert the attic we can fit about a hundred up there. If we double double we can get another 50 in the house. It’s a little beat up, but you won’t get shot here.
      So, like everybody else I’m asking if you belong to any other groups please get permission to post this blog. Make people think. Start some debate. because every life is precious.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        You’re right, Kelly. We do have a gun problem. The rules need to be changed and it needs to be more difficult to own a gun, especially a hand gun. I don’t think I would ever buy an assault rifle — those are for war not casual ownership. I like Canada’s rules – why can’t we have some of those? I don’t blame Obama for our gun problem, I blame him for a lack of leadership on this subject. He accepted the job as our leader and now he needs to lead us down a peaceful, united path. He was supposed to get stricter rules after Sandy Hook and Columbine — but he just said the words he did not take action. That is my problem with him. That and the fact that those brave people in South Carolina are fighting the problem with unity and peace — and he’s not there saying this is what we need more of — more acceptance and less violence. It makes you wonder if he prefers a good riot! We all need more love in this world!

  7. Mags Vazquez says:

    I like how you think Kelly if you were running for President you would win no doubt . It’s exactly what the US needs a president that kicks a lot of A$$ . Not the idiot s like “The Donald” that speaks out of his A$$ and the “Carpet Baggers” that have no clue of the 99%.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Mags!! Mwah. If I was running for president I’d get shot. Big business would want me dead, big oil would want me dead, the NRA would want me dead (and I hear they have guns) You know what though, if I was American I’d still run for president because I could fix some of that shit. I don’t give a fuck about what I can be bribed with. I want the earth and it’s inhabitants to carry on so there would be huge sweeping changes. Yeah I’d totally get shot.
      So like the rest mags, if you belong anywhere else, please share the blog. People need to wake the fuck up and take a really hard look at what is going on. We’ve been turned into mindless sheep printing money for the 1%

  8. sandymetter says:

    Soooooooo true and perfectly stated, Kelly. It’s pathetic what we are doing to ourselves in the US, and I’m afraid there isn’t much hope for change anytime soon. It wasn’t like this when I was growing up so I don’t know quite when things stated on such a downward spiral. I would love for you to send your blog to The Washington Post, or Huffington Post, in hopes of reaching a wider US audience. I thought it was brilliant! Thanks so much! Xoxo, Sandy

    • SandraTMC says:

      kelly…u have no idea….shit finnah happen…to use a phrase from one of my new best friends…and in the very best /worst way…hold on tight but don[‘t let go…’s all very good…i’m sorry if i have ever hurt you or anyone else…except for maybe. .well i shall keep that to myself for now… long and prosper, my friend (s)…FJAA…………..

  9. renaes24 says:

    Kelly, Kudos to you for this post. However, if having over 20 Kindergarten kids shot in Sandyhook spawned no new limits on guns, then 9 people being killed in a church will do nothing!
    Gun Control in the States is a sticky-wicket. I grew up with guns; most of my friends had guns…….but NOT ONE of us every even thought to bring one into an argument! NONE of us had 900+ rounds of ammunition (if you can’t hit/kill what you want with 9 bullets, you shouldn’t have a gun). NONE of us had anti-tank guns or machine guns or anything of that sort.
    If Congress is so scared of the NRA that they won’t even bring up gun control……then perhaps they could at least limit the amount of guns and ammo that one citizen can have. Perhaps it wouldn’t offend them so much to at least pass a law that requires all ammo purchases to go to a central registry so large caches of ammo could be flagged.
    I get so aggravated at people shouting ‘Second Amendment’ because I am sure the framers never envisioned the type of weaponry that is now available. You want a gun? Fine, But your gun should hold no more than 9 bullets/ should not be automatic and the caliber should be restricted. Your child gets hold of your gun and harms himself or others? YOU also go to jail. No Exceptions! The Second Amendment may give you the RIGHT to own a gun but it does NOT give you the right to have weapons that should only belong in a combat force and it does NOT give you the RIGHT to have your ‘gun’ endanger everyones’ children.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Renae, that is what we have here. You are limited to amo and it IS logged as to caliber, and anything over a 45 is not available in Canada. No assault weapons either. If you want to hunt or need to hunt you do not need a mach 9 to do it.

  10. renaes24 says:

    Sorry, but I have to add a few things about stupidity to this:
    Sandyhook shooter: from EVERY source available, this kid was off-the-scale crazy. So what does mama do? She decides to try and ‘bond’ with him thru weapon shooting! (Anyone see a problem there?)
    Or take the American Sniper killing. He was trying to help former soldiers who suffered from PTSD. Now, I want to know how taking someone with PTSD to go fire not just guns…but WEAPONS……is any kind of therapy. (Anyone see a problem there?)
    I still can’t wrap my head around guns=therapy. So guns are legal but pot is a felony? Damn!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Yeah that American sniper thing I NEVER got. I still don’t. You have PTSD from a war so lets go shoot weapons. That makes zero sense and should send one into immediate flashback mode.

  11. Lorig234 says:

    Glad to see you’re back. I’m crazy about this gun thing. I live about 20 minutes from sandy hook and it hit us very hard. My new neighbor applied for a gun permit. Found out cause the police have to call people on the street to see if there’s a reason not to grant it. I went on record as saying I’m totally against it, not that it means anything. All I can say is this guy has a bad temper. I’m against anything to do with guns but realize people own them and some are responsible. What is the USA coming to. Terrorist groups seem to be the only people more violent.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Lori. I am not against responsible gun ownership. I just believe that your system for acquiring guns is completely and utterly broken. The 2nd amendment is great but I doubt seriously the founding fathers envisioned automatic assault weapons and zero accountability. You give away shotguns to switch banking institutions for gods sake. I own long guns. They are registered and I have to produce my gun license every single time I purchase ammunition. It is illegal to own a 45 in Canada. It is illegal to own an assault weapon in Canada. Long guns are meant for hunting. I have had to sustenance hunt. It made me sad and sick to do it but it had to be done. I may have to do it again this fall I don’t know. I do know that I won’t be taking a kalishnakov out to shoot a deer. People should be allowed to have guns, but you don’t need for the entire nation to carry a goddamn handgun and NOBODY but your armed forces needs assault weapons, or automatic weapons or 50 caliber guns or rocket launchers or whatever the hell else you are allowed to own down there. It is crazy. Seriously the 2nd amendment needs to be amended.

  12. Twister says:

    Yeah, guns, well, I’m don’t see a reason to own one. Both my sons have guns, several, all kinds. They say it’s a hobby, they go target shooting. They invite me to go along, no thanks, I’ll just stay here with the kids. Yes, they both have young kids. The guns are kept locked. My fear is that these kids will soon grow into teen boys with friends, together they may find a way to get to those guns. Just for fun ya know. Yeah right.. My sons want me to get a small hand gun for protection. Not going to happen, couldn’t use it even if I had to. They both have conceal and carry. They know my thoughts, but I’m mom and they are men who make their own decisions.

  13. Mama Via says:

    Well…this is a sticky wicket….during the depression, the only reason my grandparents and their children survived was because they were hunters. My DH goes quail hunting, and yes, I’ve learned to make a pretty good dinner with quail…we also donate the quail to our local firefighters, and I’ve been told the station house has made a feast for the homeless on the street near the fire house!

    When I was in my thirties, I was a champion Metallic Silhouette shooter, but I’ve not done any competitions in 30 years. I learned to shoot skeet several years ago, but my arthritis hates me doing that! I know how to handle a pistol, I know how to handle a rifle. I can DEFEND myself, IF NECESSARY. Killing things just for the sake of killing things is SO WRONG! (Like Sarah Palin shooting animals from a helicopter!)

    This is a crazy society…it’s not the 1950s anymore…that era ended in 1969 when the Manson Family went looney-tubes…LA, Orange and San Diego Counties armed themselves for protection from the craziness. I live within a few miles of the Gate Station where that nutso, Dunn went coo-koo and shot that black kid…

    And, yes, there are members of our family that have concealed carry permits…and who have pistols for self defense either on their person or in the car when they leave home.

    I leave it to my DH to keep us safe and secure….and knowing he is a responsible gun owner makes me feel better. But, basically, I’m a pacifist…I’ve been raped before…I didn’t own a gun then…even if I had…a life is more important…but, back then, rapists didn’t carry guns I guess…..I don’t know….I’m confused…

    Too many facets of this issue to understand…and I need more coffee to get any further…

  14. Mama Via says:

    Great post, Kelly! Ya done good!

  15. Twister says:

    I was involved in some girl chatter today and the topic turned to politics and the Middle East. One of the girls is Iranian. She lives here, but her family still lives there. I asked what she thought of the turmoil in that region. She sad, shit, I’m more afraid of what’s going on in this country! … So there you go….

  16. Betty Gordon says:

    Loved it! Agreed with all of it. BTW, I’m a Canadian. Didn’t know you lived here. Believe it or not, I’m married to a Scott! He wore a kilt to our wedding. First time I saw him wear on. Sure it was the last time since it felt like the hottest frikking day of the year! You probably don’t give a shit but mentioned it in case you do! Lol! And this Lady Heather has a cat-o-nine-tails in her closet too! 😸

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Lady Heather!!! So very nice of you to drop in for a chat. Thank you for the kind words. That is a damn shame if it’s the only time he ever wears his kilt, there is absolutely nothing so titillating as a man in a kilt. Wherebouts are you in our lovely country. I’m in wonderful Waterford, ont. But, true story, I moved from Scotland, to Scotland Ontario. I find that fact amusing to this very day. Have a great night.

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