We Have To Put The Game On Hold for Just a Minute For Some Actual News Type Shit

Luka Magnotta, the living embodiment of Stabby’s husband to be; the one who killed, cut up and ate his Asian friend and then had sex with the body has been allowed to join a matchmaking sight for inmates. Canadian Inmates Connect Inc is a website that tries to hook up complete psychopaths with the groupies that love them.


Apparently his profile features two pictures of the former rent boy/stripper/necrophiliac. For those of you who don’t remember, in 2012 he killed and dismembered Jun Lin and then ordered a pizza while he decided who he was going to mail the body parts to.


His sentence includes the possibility of parole after 25 years in Canada because that is apparently just how we roll. He has listed his expected release date as 2037. The still full of himself snotty little fucker stated on his site that only those he deems compatible will receive a reply. Compatible for what I wonder? A nice light snack? A full course dinner?


The chick who runs the website says she is expecting a lot of backlash over his profile to which all of Canada said “no, really?” That concludes the Luka Magnotta news, we now return you to the murder mystery in progress. RBMD Peacing the fuck out


11 Responses to We Have To Put The Game On Hold for Just a Minute For Some Actual News Type Shit

  1. renaes24 says:

    While he is ‘eligible’ for parole in 25 years…….he will NEVER be granted parole. Just like Paul Bernardo and Pictin, it will never happen.
    For sick little puppies like those……..25 to life means they will do LIFE. The BEST they can hope for is a medium institution and even that is pretty doubtful.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      I really really hope that’s the case. I wonder what happened to his videos? Hopefully they found and locked them all away so he can’t make money from them.

  2. Mama Via says:

    Two great minds one sick-fuck-Monday thought! Wow! I’m sure glad that “we’ don’t gave the exclusive on “sick fucks”! But I wish the world gad fewer if them!

  3. I just dont get why any prisoners are allowed on the internet at all, something very wrong with that to me.

    • renaes24 says:

      Carmen, He, like Jodi, has no actual access to the internet. He mails into this site and sends his $35. They post it. Any and all mail he receives is SNAIL mail.
      But, in actuality, many state prisons in the US have begun experimenting with using a modified internet. It saves having staff to have to go thru mail and it can be programed to ‘catch’ any behavioral tendencies (from EITHER sender or receiver) that the prison thinks is not in the best interest of the institution. In most of the places that are testing it, the incarcerated can only send and receive email (in place of letters) and only from persons on their ‘list’ of approved persons.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        I’m with Carmen — snail mail and photos should be all that is allowed. They don’t deserve video chats and email. Let them have those when they live in peace with society.

  4. Tina Marina says:

    This is just Unbelieveable. I’m wondering the same as You Kelly- Compatible with who? Or rather What? Someone who enjoys the taste of dead human flesh & likes to have sex with a dead Carcass? (Shutter)And Only ones who “he” deems compatible will receive replys? His Blatant Arrogance Nauseates me. The fact that Freaks like him has Groupies is Disturbing. Ugh!

    I’m wondering How does this Convicted Murderer get Access to money to send to a site like this? What exactly is the process for an Incarcerated person to send money somewhere? Here in the US inmates can only send & receive letters from people on their list. I know the Federal Prison do for sure. Its a Shame he got lwp. I hope & pray he never gets out

  5. TrulyUSA says:

    Oh I remember this guy — who could forget him? That poor victim’s family, I always thought of them and what they had to live with. Much, much worse punishment they received than this POS. I really think there are some crimes that should receive immediate death sentences, and this would be one of them. It may make us feel all humane and do-goody to lock them up, but you just can’t lock up evil, it has a way of seeping out into society – just like this guy is doing. Sick sick sick. He still gets to live and influence others with his sick fantasies.

  6. hbbeachbun says:

    And I thought our judicial system was messed up. I can’t believe this sick POS could possibly be free one day and to be on a dating site. OMG, this is insane in the first degree.

  7. Betty Gordon says:

    That was the funniest comments about that asshole I’ve ever read!! Thanks for the laughs!!

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