Sorry Everyone

July 30, 2015

I am currently delivering puppies for one of my dogs that don’t exist so I may be otherwise occupied for a while. First litter. I will be posting part two of the recap and the murder weapon by midnight if I can.
PS, the puppies from the dog that doesn’t exist so far are spectacularly beautiful.

Oh yeah, I was gonna say I don’t know nuthin bout birthin no babies, but in our current PC world I thought that might not be taken well. So it’s a good thing I didn’t say it.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

EDIT. We are still at 10 new additions to the no kill shelter but there is still at least one in there, I can feel it moving so my poor panda (her nickname) is not finished her huge job yet. She is completely exhausted. I called a vet who said she may not birth the last one(s) till tomorrow. It is now 1:18 am, I am going to sit with her for another half hour or so and then I am going to bed. They are all healthy, fat, and are all eating. Thanks for your patience about the recap everyone, I couldn’t leave her alone, she had a hard time with a couple of them.

See you tomorrow

Mama Speaks-NOPE, not INSANE, just EVIL

July 17, 2015

I TRIED to watch the JAMES HOLMES murder trial…I truly did…but, there was just nothing fucking entertaining about that pampered moron meticulously planning the slaughter of so many innocent people…whose only crime was being out after midnight.  In the 30 minutes I actually devoted to watching the trial, I learned that the spoiled brat (whose lifestyle and education appeared to be financed by Mummy and Daddy) had wanted to kill a MASS of people to MAKE HIMSELF FEEL BETTER!  I’m OUTRAGED!

Not only did this cretin scrupulously prepare the massacre at the Aurora Colorado theater, he booby trapped his apartment and made NAPALM in an attempt to murder the first responders who would have shown up to put out the fire that HOLMES had hoped his contraptions would have started!  This HUMAN (he is not a MAN) is not/was not “legally insane”, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and did so with a complete knowledge and understanding that his actions were WRONG!  He is just as despicable, disgraceful and beastly as any other murderer…Ted Kazinski, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, etc.  I DO hope that the judge and jury have the huevitas to give this outcast scum the DEATH PENALTY!  (And all if you know that I am NOT a proponent of the death penalty…but this LOSER deserves it!)
SUPPOSEDLY, this idiot is “crazy smart”–HA!  There’s “crazy” and then there’s “CRAZY”!  I’ll add just one more note to my rant…he bought all of his weapons, chemicals, and body armor using Mummy & Daddy’s credit cards!  I don’t know about y’all….but if my questionably sane Don is buying a cache of weapons on my credit card….instead of STUDYING….I’d be pretty peeved…and I’d be asking some fucking questions!
I just don’t know what is WRONG with people!  When did shooting up other people become the path to “feel better” about one’s self?  As an abused child myself, I am no advocate of severe punishment when it comes to children…..BUT….. THIS particular human OBVIOUSLY had “no fear of punishment” and no fear of CONSEQUENCES either here on Earth or in the hereafter!  It might be “old fashioned” but a solid “fear of God” is a good thing to have!   
I fear what humanity is coming to…as the jury deliberated the fate of HOLMES, some whack-job took out four Marines in Chattanooga.  You know, if suicide bombers want to take out citizens in the name if Allah…ok, that’s fine with me…just keep it “over there”, where it appears to be a more acceptable way of life.  If you want to be American, be a flipping American….and leave the Jihad in a locker in Tehran!  Yes, we all have freedom, but your freedom ends at the tip of my pointy SWEDISH nose.  You can do whatever you desire…UNTIL it affects the lives of others! 
9/11 taught us that we aren’t safe in our high rise office buildings, the DC Sniper taught us we weren’t safe filling our car at the gas station, Holmes taught us we weren’t safe at the theater…and (yet another) Muhammad taught us that we aren’t safe at a strip mall.  We will soon be afraid to leave our homes for fear that some “crazy-smart” weirdo wants to feel better about himself or some crazy suicide bomber wants to earn his “72 virgins”….well, guess what?  You won’t feel better about yourself…and those virgins?  They are all LESBIAN NUNS!

Mama Speaks-Public Service Announcement(s)

July 16, 2015

Helllllo, everyone!  We step away from the Who Dunnit mystery for a (yes) commercial…brought to you by “I Love My Girls” and “No, I Did Not Neither”!

I listen to Dan Carlin’s podcasts: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and Common Sense with Dan Carlin.  If you enjoy history, even a little bit (or maybe not at all) Dan really pulls things all together and makes history not only enjoyable, but helps you understand exactly how what happened so long ago affects our lives even now.  In his “Common Sense” podcasts, he covers current events, giving his own unique take on events taking place not just here in the U.S., but worldwide.   I just love his programming, and I realized just a few days ago, that I had been listening to him for several years now, and wanted to share his podcasts with you.  I highly recommend listening!
One of the topics on Common Sense recently caused me to think about the exposure we all endure when we post something online.  Now, not to cause anyone paranoia…or cause anyone to post fewer comments…(thankfully, NONE of us here EVER say anything that is rude, crude or socially unacceptable!) but I remember Gramma saying “Never write anything you wouldn’t want used in a Court of Law!”  A LOT of folks either never heard that, or, have forgotten it!  I’m so very thankful that the craziness Inmate 281129 was instigating back in April is now almost a (dim) memory!  After all that time, living in the limelight, she’s been all by her lonesome, in solitary, for three full months now…and SHE is Exhibit #1 as to why you should think carefully before placing a digital footprint down anywhere!  Sadly, it wasn’t just the Inmate being rude, crude and socially unacceptable…(then Karma raised her ugly head and swallowed some of the worst offenders!)
Once written and posted, your thoughts are in the cybersphere forever….and even if you manage to eradicate something you’ve written, when you have been VERY rude, crude and socially unacceptable, PEOPLE don’t forget!  For several years, it was VERY easy to start a blog and use the furor around Inmate 281129 as the “draw”…there were plenty of bloggers who attempted to either begin a blog or increase readership to an existing blog by covering the circus surrounding Inmate 281129….and anyone with a lick of sense could see that the party was going to end eventually!
After thinking about the situation for a month or so now, I think I’ve discovered this…there are three types of bloggers:  the first would be one who barely mentioned Inmate 281129, or not at all…second was the blogger who wrote about The Inmate and nothing but The Inmate, and as a result, became just as mean, hateful and rude as The Inmate herself…the hatred almost palpable in the words written…and it seemed that the blogger not only invited but ENCOURAGED verbal disputes between readers (like Jerry Springer) and the third type, who was able to see and comment on the irony, the hilarity and general circus-type atmosphere surrounding The Inmate.
At the time, it appeared that the second type, the ones who encouraged the commenters to attack one another, the ones who encouraged hate and division, were not only a “big hit” but were becoming very successful in the blogosphere.  It wasn’t their own innate talent drawing readers in…it was the Jerry Springer Carnival drawing the crowd!  Reading/commenting on blog like that is like jumping into a tank of piranha!  Then, to MAINTAIN readership, the blogger seems to be forced to embellish (if not fabricate) “news” stories which are so ludicrous……well…kinda like Geraldo’s “Al Capone” fiasco…lead balloons don’t float….major lesson:  if you can’t TIE up the FACTS, don’t report them…or at least put a disclaimer at the top of the page “THIS IS NOT TRUE, ITS ONLY WISHFUL THINKING!”  (And, like so many…now that the big story is done…all that’s left is the sound of crickets….)
As for our UnderDog…the third type…the blogger who is able to see the world in a unique way…reminds me of The Turtle (not the Hare)…three months after the Inmate 281129 Fiasco is over, the readers who have read and commented all along are still reading and commenting.  The blogger still leans on her talent, wit and unique understanding of the world around her.  She’s perhaps carrying a few more battle scars than before…but her integrity is still intact, her faithful readers still check in daily…and all is well with the world.  
The lesson here is that if you sow dissentiom and hate, you won’t harvest roses…
Now, a message from “I Love My Girls”….after avoiding the “annual Girl Squishing” routine for 18 years….mama went to Baptist Healthcare and got a good squishing.  In spite of having “dense, hard to read” girls…I’m happy to report that “All is well”…the Girls are healthy and (more or less) happy!  Tomorrow is Bone Density screening, Friday is eye exam day (I’m FINALLY ready for glasses) and Monday is “Ride the Rod” day..Which I am NOT looking forward to…so, please forgive me for not being more vocal…I’ve been chasing doctors all week…and it really makes me very, VERY tired!  I’ve started the iron, Vitamin D and magnesium supplements the Doc wanted me to start…all is well!
Love to you all!
So, do as Mama SAYS, not what she DOES…and go get your girls squished too!

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