Mama Speaks-Public Service Announcement(s)

Helllllo, everyone!  We step away from the Who Dunnit mystery for a (yes) commercial…brought to you by “I Love My Girls” and “No, I Did Not Neither”!

I listen to Dan Carlin’s podcasts: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and Common Sense with Dan Carlin.  If you enjoy history, even a little bit (or maybe not at all) Dan really pulls things all together and makes history not only enjoyable, but helps you understand exactly how what happened so long ago affects our lives even now.  In his “Common Sense” podcasts, he covers current events, giving his own unique take on events taking place not just here in the U.S., but worldwide.   I just love his programming, and I realized just a few days ago, that I had been listening to him for several years now, and wanted to share his podcasts with you.  I highly recommend listening!
One of the topics on Common Sense recently caused me to think about the exposure we all endure when we post something online.  Now, not to cause anyone paranoia…or cause anyone to post fewer comments…(thankfully, NONE of us here EVER say anything that is rude, crude or socially unacceptable!) but I remember Gramma saying “Never write anything you wouldn’t want used in a Court of Law!”  A LOT of folks either never heard that, or, have forgotten it!  I’m so very thankful that the craziness Inmate 281129 was instigating back in April is now almost a (dim) memory!  After all that time, living in the limelight, she’s been all by her lonesome, in solitary, for three full months now…and SHE is Exhibit #1 as to why you should think carefully before placing a digital footprint down anywhere!  Sadly, it wasn’t just the Inmate being rude, crude and socially unacceptable…(then Karma raised her ugly head and swallowed some of the worst offenders!)
Once written and posted, your thoughts are in the cybersphere forever….and even if you manage to eradicate something you’ve written, when you have been VERY rude, crude and socially unacceptable, PEOPLE don’t forget!  For several years, it was VERY easy to start a blog and use the furor around Inmate 281129 as the “draw”…there were plenty of bloggers who attempted to either begin a blog or increase readership to an existing blog by covering the circus surrounding Inmate 281129….and anyone with a lick of sense could see that the party was going to end eventually!
After thinking about the situation for a month or so now, I think I’ve discovered this…there are three types of bloggers:  the first would be one who barely mentioned Inmate 281129, or not at all…second was the blogger who wrote about The Inmate and nothing but The Inmate, and as a result, became just as mean, hateful and rude as The Inmate herself…the hatred almost palpable in the words written…and it seemed that the blogger not only invited but ENCOURAGED verbal disputes between readers (like Jerry Springer) and the third type, who was able to see and comment on the irony, the hilarity and general circus-type atmosphere surrounding The Inmate.
At the time, it appeared that the second type, the ones who encouraged the commenters to attack one another, the ones who encouraged hate and division, were not only a “big hit” but were becoming very successful in the blogosphere.  It wasn’t their own innate talent drawing readers in…it was the Jerry Springer Carnival drawing the crowd!  Reading/commenting on blog like that is like jumping into a tank of piranha!  Then, to MAINTAIN readership, the blogger seems to be forced to embellish (if not fabricate) “news” stories which are so ludicrous……well…kinda like Geraldo’s “Al Capone” fiasco…lead balloons don’t float….major lesson:  if you can’t TIE up the FACTS, don’t report them…or at least put a disclaimer at the top of the page “THIS IS NOT TRUE, ITS ONLY WISHFUL THINKING!”  (And, like so many…now that the big story is done…all that’s left is the sound of crickets….)
As for our UnderDog…the third type…the blogger who is able to see the world in a unique way…reminds me of The Turtle (not the Hare)…three months after the Inmate 281129 Fiasco is over, the readers who have read and commented all along are still reading and commenting.  The blogger still leans on her talent, wit and unique understanding of the world around her.  She’s perhaps carrying a few more battle scars than before…but her integrity is still intact, her faithful readers still check in daily…and all is well with the world.  
The lesson here is that if you sow dissentiom and hate, you won’t harvest roses…
Now, a message from “I Love My Girls”….after avoiding the “annual Girl Squishing” routine for 18 years….mama went to Baptist Healthcare and got a good squishing.  In spite of having “dense, hard to read” girls…I’m happy to report that “All is well”…the Girls are healthy and (more or less) happy!  Tomorrow is Bone Density screening, Friday is eye exam day (I’m FINALLY ready for glasses) and Monday is “Ride the Rod” day..Which I am NOT looking forward to…so, please forgive me for not being more vocal…I’ve been chasing doctors all week…and it really makes me very, VERY tired!  I’ve started the iron, Vitamin D and magnesium supplements the Doc wanted me to start…all is well!
Love to you all!
So, do as Mama SAYS, not what she DOES…and go get your girls squished too!

6 Responses to Mama Speaks-Public Service Announcement(s)

  1. Mama Via says:

    Where is everyone this morning?

  2. Tina Marina says:

    Good Morning Morning Mama Via! I’ve always enjoyed your blogs. My life has so many simularties with your life and Kelly’s life.

    Although I was upset when the 2nd jury was again Hung, due to what I feel was a Planted juror, I am Elated that the Violent Ghoulish Slaughter is finally behind Prison walls & not in a “jail”. Finally we don’t have to hear daily outrageous stunts that were was happy to hear from jw that that the convicted butcher is “trying” to behave herself, to get more visitors. Hahaha! She now gets 1or2 visitors a week. Its good to know that Perryville Prison is Not rewarding a Violent murderer for bad behavior & getting numerous “Field trips” per week to attend the secret hearings, meetings or an afternoon tea to try to gain a tactical advantage on the Prosecution.

    I agree that some bloggers did try to start a “Springerville” Hatfield & McCoy feud among Travis supporters. Many people commented based on the Laws in their state or another country other than the US, having No Idea that their state laws did not apply in Arizona & every else in the world.

    I learned a few things during this trial. I’m so naive that I didn’t realize that people had several social media
    accts in other names specifically to attack other supporters. I thought that if you were a Travis supporter that we were all on the same team.

    • Mama Via says:

      Thank you, Tina! (My favorite name! My sister was “Tina!”). Well…I learned that not all people are what they want you to believe at times…and crazy attracts crazier! So…as Gramma says “you learn something new every day…if you aren’t VERY careful!”

      Mostly, I’m proud of all of us, and even prouder of our Goddess of Everything…that trial was difficult for all of us…none of our group melted down…and those that left us, making the decision to believe unsubstantiated accusations, rather than getting the truth from the source…well…all I can say is (yet another Gramma bit of wisdom) “Believe nothing of what you hear, and half of what you see…” TRUE FRIENDS stick things out during thick and thicker…and, should there be a misunderstanding, or an act which offends…FRIENDS talk it out…(actually, so do folks who ARENT FRIENDS!). They certainly don’t publish their hurt feelings on the www!

      A gal-pal of mine dated a married man for a while. When he finally divorced his wife and said he would marry her….I told her…”I would NOT marry him, even if he was the last man on earth! If he ran around on his WIFE to be with YOU…what’s to say he won’t run around on YOU to be with the NEXT Mrs?”…she married him anyway…and four years later was SURPRISED that he was running around….I just couldn’t say “I told you so…”

      So, if a “friend” talks to me about the “secrets” another friend told her….should I believe that my secrets are safe? Probably not… If I’ve watched someone “befriend” someone…and then post the personal information they discovered to a blog…is ANYTHING they find out about me safe? NOPE…and maybe, just maybe…the real meanies learned not to publish fibs about a woman who makes her living doing legal work, or who has a lot of slimey lawyers as friends!

      One thing I know for sure….it is far easier to try to destroy someone else and fail….than it is to try to rebuild your own reputation and succeed! So much for Hatfields and McCoys!

  3. TrulyUSA says:

    Howdy Mama!!! Great insight as usual, Mama. As I’ve always believed, it seems time wounds all heels. Hooray! Yes we all have to be careful about what we post and sometimes I get so comfy here on this blog that I forget this thing is on the WWW and lots of people are reading my comments so I better be on good behavior. Of course I’m human and I miss that mark on occasion, but thanks for the reminder, Mama. I wonder about “it” from time to time, mostly I wonder where that darned report from Sheriff Joe is and why it is so late! That seems to be the last loose end that we all want to tie into a neat little bow and be done with the whole fiasco. I’m not sure why I’m still interested, the whole thing was a circus inside the courtroom, on Twitter and on many different blogs. It was entertaining and infuriating all at the same time. I guess I’m glad it’s over!!! Glad The Girls are good!

  4. Mama Via says:

    Yes, entertaining AND infuriating!! I found it very interesting reading some comments…where person 2 disagreed with person 1’s comment…and then accused person 1 of being Kelly, or me, or Renae, or….and, I KNEW it wasn’t ANY of those people! Sometimes, I just had to shake my head as a blogger would tell “Kelly” (in a very rude way) to shut the hell up, and stop coming to that blog….and I had talked with kelly, not 10 minutes before, an KNEW she had turned off her computer because of a storm…so it couldn’t POSSIBLY be Kelly! It’s like seeing an accident on the highway…its gory and ugly…and you can’t stop watching…..

    In a way…I feel sorry for the blogger…yet…in another way…I’m reminded that Karma is a Mother…and it is lessons just like this that we all must learn…

    As always, Truly…I enjoy your insight and comments!

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