Mama Speaks-NOPE, not INSANE, just EVIL

I TRIED to watch the JAMES HOLMES murder trial…I truly did…but, there was just nothing fucking entertaining about that pampered moron meticulously planning the slaughter of so many innocent people…whose only crime was being out after midnight.  In the 30 minutes I actually devoted to watching the trial, I learned that the spoiled brat (whose lifestyle and education appeared to be financed by Mummy and Daddy) had wanted to kill a MASS of people to MAKE HIMSELF FEEL BETTER!  I’m OUTRAGED!

Not only did this cretin scrupulously prepare the massacre at the Aurora Colorado theater, he booby trapped his apartment and made NAPALM in an attempt to murder the first responders who would have shown up to put out the fire that HOLMES had hoped his contraptions would have started!  This HUMAN (he is not a MAN) is not/was not “legally insane”, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and did so with a complete knowledge and understanding that his actions were WRONG!  He is just as despicable, disgraceful and beastly as any other murderer…Ted Kazinski, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, etc.  I DO hope that the judge and jury have the huevitas to give this outcast scum the DEATH PENALTY!  (And all if you know that I am NOT a proponent of the death penalty…but this LOSER deserves it!)
SUPPOSEDLY, this idiot is “crazy smart”–HA!  There’s “crazy” and then there’s “CRAZY”!  I’ll add just one more note to my rant…he bought all of his weapons, chemicals, and body armor using Mummy & Daddy’s credit cards!  I don’t know about y’all….but if my questionably sane Don is buying a cache of weapons on my credit card….instead of STUDYING….I’d be pretty peeved…and I’d be asking some fucking questions!
I just don’t know what is WRONG with people!  When did shooting up other people become the path to “feel better” about one’s self?  As an abused child myself, I am no advocate of severe punishment when it comes to children…..BUT….. THIS particular human OBVIOUSLY had “no fear of punishment” and no fear of CONSEQUENCES either here on Earth or in the hereafter!  It might be “old fashioned” but a solid “fear of God” is a good thing to have!   
I fear what humanity is coming to…as the jury deliberated the fate of HOLMES, some whack-job took out four Marines in Chattanooga.  You know, if suicide bombers want to take out citizens in the name if Allah…ok, that’s fine with me…just keep it “over there”, where it appears to be a more acceptable way of life.  If you want to be American, be a flipping American….and leave the Jihad in a locker in Tehran!  Yes, we all have freedom, but your freedom ends at the tip of my pointy SWEDISH nose.  You can do whatever you desire…UNTIL it affects the lives of others! 
9/11 taught us that we aren’t safe in our high rise office buildings, the DC Sniper taught us we weren’t safe filling our car at the gas station, Holmes taught us we weren’t safe at the theater…and (yet another) Muhammad taught us that we aren’t safe at a strip mall.  We will soon be afraid to leave our homes for fear that some “crazy-smart” weirdo wants to feel better about himself or some crazy suicide bomber wants to earn his “72 virgins”….well, guess what?  You won’t feel better about yourself…and those virgins?  They are all LESBIAN NUNS!

17 Responses to Mama Speaks-NOPE, not INSANE, just EVIL

  1. Mags Vazquez says:

    Mama You are so right on. My Husband and me like going to the movies at least once a week and no matter where we sit I’m constantly checking the exit door as I watch the movie , and I have Holmes to thank.

  2. Twister says:

    Excellent post Mama. … Sweden eh? Me too!!

  3. TrulyUSA says:

    I’ve been thinking lately if we don’t stop this in its tracks, with every means possible, then our country is heading for a long and bloody war, perhaps a World War, and we could have stopped it but did not act. I told my DH that if someone would shoot up D.C. and target some high level politicians we’d see some action then!

    • Mama Via says:

      Nuke ’em till they glow!

      We’ve lost a LOT of freedom, especially since 9/11…and we will be losing more! Personally, I think it all began 11/22/63…Camelot ended…and it all started down hill! Add the ability for Big Brother to watch us all…and although it is the MINORITY causing problems, the minority rioting, looting and setting fires, the MINORITY bombing the Boston Marathon, shooting up Aurora and Chattanooga…we ALL fucking pay the price…

  4. Gwen Bazzrea says:

    Hey Mama, KellyMae, and all-
    I haven’t been here in a while. I’ve missed you all. I got behind on the mystery and lost interest, but it looks like fun and I’ll catch up one day.

    Things are great right now for the Bazz household- with the exception of me. I’m sad. I can’t shake it. Depression sucks. The handsome husband and sons have been so good to me & dear mother is beside herself because she can’t fix me (that makes former nurses absolutely batty). Everything is going so well that they can’t understand what has “gotten me down.” Of course, if my condition made sense it wouldn’t be considered Depression, would it? I’ve fought through it before & now I get to do it again. Wooo fukkin’ hooo.

    If anyone has any extra fairy dust or rainbow sprinkle, send them my way. Thanks.

    • I just happen to have some extra fairy dust and rainbow sprinkles right here coming at YOU right now! You deserve to be happy, sweet lovely Gwen! Do you know “hyperbole and a half”? If you dont you must read her blog specifically “adventures in depression” and “depression part two”. Google right now! She, like kelly, makes scary and not-so-funny and ugly things frikkin hilarious. She uses humor to get you through some tough stuff and dark thoughts. I’m sorry you are having a hard time, but you will pull through i know it. you are bright and funny and so lucky to have people who love you all around you ❤ ((((hugs)))))

    • Mama Via says:

      You have our love and support, honey! I’m sending Mama Fairy Dust your way too! I understand, I really, really do…I have horrible depression that lasts FOUR FUKKIN years at a time…and no amount of happy pills cures it…I get into a hole, and just pull the damn hole in after me when I get that way. They say “depression is anger pointed inward”…my anger was directed at my bio-female (for abandoning my sister and I when I was two…and the resulting molestations and rapes that happened that I blamed HER for because she wasn’t THERE to protect me like a REAL MOTHER should) and at my dad (for moving us from so. Cal to iowa in my junior year, for molesting both my sister and I when he went crazy) and at my first husband for STEALING my son from me and hiding him for 12 years! (Plus, I have some “crazy” inherited from my bio-female-because she truly is certifiable!). I CANNOT do anything about the crazy I inherited. I just have to deal with it (my son has it too…). But the ANGER that I blocked and bottled up for so long…I FINALLY faced. I admitted my anger…sometimes we hold things back because we don’t want to “hurt” anyone else…we don’t want to tell our parents we are angry…and even worse, we can’t talk bad about dead people. That was the hardest…when one of my dads sisters raves on about how “wonderful” my dad was…I have to remember that they knew a different person than I knew. They didn’t know the physical violence, the verbal abuse, they didn’t know him during his “crazy years”…I don’t burst their bubble…that’s ok….sometimes we have to remember that no one is 100% evil, or 100% good (no, not even ME!) (I can give references that claim I am the devil incarnate!)

      My I recommend MY answer to the depression? Let go of the anger. Discover WHO and WHY you are angry…and release it. With my dad…I visited his grave…and talked to him…well his headstone, anyway….with my bio-female…I did two things…I broke all communications. I don’t care what her phone number is, and she doesn’t know even what state I live in. Then, I wrote her a letter…it was 42 pages long! After I wrote my heart out, I waited till I was the only one at home…I started a fire in the fire pit…I gathered some wonderful incense and a “singing bowl”–it’s a beautiful brass bowl that “sings” when you strike it with a small mallet. I made a “ritual” all my own! I began by burning the incense…and I sat in front of the fire pit….I re-read my words…I felt the pain for the last time…then, I struck the bowl…and as it “sang”, I placed the page in the fire and let the page burn…and I ritually said goodbye to that hurt. I refused to take that pain with me…I refused to carry the pain that page held any longer….I did that for each page….I didnt “forgive” her actions…I’m not FORGETTING them…but the PAIN they cause was incinerated. I’m NOT punishing myself any longer for HER actions…something that “I” am not “guilty” of perpetrating. But…I AM “guilty” of allowing HER actions to make ME miserable!

      I “should” have entered my “blue period” two years ago…so, I’m hoping that I’ve broken the cycle of enduring 4 years of depression, 4 years without….I still have a day or two of “feeling the blues”…but nothing as debilitating as I USED to have…we cannot allow ourselves to “wallow” in our pain…we need to discover what is making us feel so bad… And address THAT… We are all here for you, honey…let us know if we can assist in any way…we all love you

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Fairies flying in the air with rainbow sprinkles for your hair – Gwen I hope you feel better soon ((hugs)) Mama, if there were Amazonian Warrior Women you would be one.

      • Mama Via says:

        Truly, you are a sweetheart! We have so many Amazonian Warrior Women who are also In the Sisterhood of the Really Big Mean Dog…I wouldn’t know where to start naming them! There are all the regular ladies who post almost daily…some ladies who post regularly, but not daily, ladies who we hear from occasionally, and a group who are shy and stand in the shadows, only posting a comment when something someone has said moves them to state their opinion, or enlighten by sharing their experience. Each of you, no matter how much or how little you comment is special to Kelly…special to all of us. We are grown up enough now to “learn thru the mistakes others make”…so I’m always happy to see someone sharing wisdom…and when we are fighting depression, or trying to make a decision…the Sisterhood is always a wealth of comfort, compassion and love! How lucky we all are to share these moments in time!

        Hugs to everyone!

  5. renaes24 says:

    Well Mama, here I am going to respectfully disagree with you (on James Holmes). He (and his family, although I don’t know why they would enter into the equation), were willing to plead guilty to M-1 as long as they took the death penalty off the table. Ok, the state wants it’s pound of flesh…….I get that…….however, this dude is crazier than a bed-bug and just because he is not LEGALLY insane, he is still NUTS! (Both prosecution and defense shrinks all agreed he had some form of schizophrenia).
    What good does the death penalty serve here? Even if the jury votes in favor of it……IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Not just because more and more states are doing away (either by statute or in practice) with the death penalty……..but also because the Supremes have ruled you can’t put a crazy to death. Again, he may not be LEGALLY insane…..but he is just crazy enough to avoid the last mile.
    Had I been his attorney, I would have advised him not to take any of his medication and let his ‘true-self’ shine thru. Why they didn’t is beyond me. However, should he get the DP. I have a feeling that at least after exhausting appeals, that is what they will do.
    This trial, though cathartic for the victims, was a total waste of time, money and emotions.

    • Mama Via says:

      Renae, they had to medicate him so that he could “assist his attorneys with his defense”…although, In MANY ways I agree with the things you say…the ONLY thing the death penalty does at this point is insure that the inmate is in solitary confinement. If I remember correctly, there is currently a moratorium on executions (nationwide)….with someone as looney tunes as HOLMES, solitary will only make him crazier…and he will end up doing a suicide…I think that maybe the death penalty is truly just two words that make the victims families feel better. I’ve written extensively AGAINST the death penalty….it’s EXTREMELY expensive, not only for the appeals aspect, but also for the maintenance of the prisoner for the rest of his natural life…the other thing that “death” does, is to insure parole won’t ever be considered.

      I hope that you are feeling better, honey!

      • renaes24 says:

        Just because someone is Eligible for parole does not mean they will EVER get it. Bernardo is ELIGIBLE for it up here and has applied and people are appalled. However, EVERYONE who has any familiarity with the system (including his attorney) knows he will NEVER EVER get it. Face it, he has nothing better to do….so why not apply?
        Before so much time and especially MONEY is poured into these death-penalty trials……someone should actually sit down and do a cost/benefit analysis. …..and then ignore all the paranoids out there.

  6. sadiequinlan says:

    USA needs to review its gun laws as a matter of urgency. politics has nothing to do with it. the outraged hunters etc etc can shove off. we need to keep people safe from nutters. taking away guns whilst overhauling legislation is the only way normal folk can rest easy

    • Mama Via says:

      I agree Sadie, sto some extent…my DH and I argue about this all the time…I don’t believe that ANYONE other than possibly the military NEED an ASSAULT WEAPON! I think if we can’t ban the guns…at least stop making the damn bullets…the real problem is…people are going to get these guns and ammo if they want them…legal or not. Stricter “gun control” really doesn’t do anything…crazy people (under current gun laws) aren’t SUPPOSED to be able to buy guns ANYWAY…HOLMES is proof that law doesn’t work!

  7. Gwen Bazzrea, a.k.a. Bazzethound says:

    Thanks a bunch for the love, hugs, advice, and fairy dust, Mama and Carmen! Its working a little bit. Today is a bit brighter. I’m definitely going to look up the blog Carmen recommends and I’m gonna give a lot of thought to what might be making me turn anger inward. My childhood was disgustingly happy, so I can’t find my answer there. My parents totally failed in giving me issues- just a small complex because they’re just so dang accomplished and civic-minded. DH and I have had our issues, but I’m currently dealing with a crush on him and we’re going away for a couple of days later this week- It’s a 20moon. His drinking bugs me, but I’ve come to realize that it’s his problem alone, and it doesn’t affect me & the boys unless he’s driving or acting like a jerk. Both are stressful but thankfully rare.
    My 17 year old just left with his 8 year old brother- they’re going to their uncle’s house for the afternoon. My husband and I rarely get any time without the progeny. I’m certain a little adult naked time will boost my mood a little more! 😁 Details will not be forthcoming. Unless you really, really need to know.

    …Hopeful the funk is lifting…
    Supreme Godess of Underwater Fire Prevention;
    Sisterhood of the Really Big Mean Dog

  8. Catherine says:

    Hey Mama Via! I watched as much of the trial as I could around work and having 5 kids in my house for summer vacation and if I remember correctly, he used accounts his parents DIDNT have access to. He also spread the purchases out to avoid raising any suspicion.

    Personally, he’s never walking free so at this point, I have no preference as to his fate. Yes, he’s crazier than a shithouse rat, so DP is likely to never happen, but life in a mental hospital isn’t a walk in the park either,,

    I’d like to see him rot. Alone and miserable. So I’d like DP just so that he’s secluded for life.

    And Bazz, I know you don’t know me, but I know depression. And like Jenny Lawson (the bloggess dot com) [can I use links?] says- depression lies. She is hilarious and very open about her struggles. Keep your chin up and I’m sending love and fairy dust your way!!!

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