Sorry Everyone

I am currently delivering puppies for one of my dogs that don’t exist so I may be otherwise occupied for a while. First litter. I will be posting part two of the recap and the murder weapon by midnight if I can.
PS, the puppies from the dog that doesn’t exist so far are spectacularly beautiful.

Oh yeah, I was gonna say I don’t know nuthin bout birthin no babies, but in our current PC world I thought that might not be taken well. So it’s a good thing I didn’t say it.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

EDIT. We are still at 10 new additions to the no kill shelter but there is still at least one in there, I can feel it moving so my poor panda (her nickname) is not finished her huge job yet. She is completely exhausted. I called a vet who said she may not birth the last one(s) till tomorrow. It is now 1:18 am, I am going to sit with her for another half hour or so and then I am going to bed. They are all healthy, fat, and are all eating. Thanks for your patience about the recap everyone, I couldn’t leave her alone, she had a hard time with a couple of them.

See you tomorrow


37 Responses to Sorry Everyone

  1. renaes24 says:

    Guess you have to add Midwifery to you list of titles!

  2. TrulyUSA says:

    Puppies! I love puppies!!! My tail is wagging right now! How cool, Kelly! You’ll have to let us know how babies you know nuthin’ bout birthin’ are birthed! LMAO! Hooray! The dog pound has babies!!!

  3. Twister says:

    I can smell the puppy breath from here! Dogs that don’t exist?

    • renaes24 says:

      If they are imaginary, then you don’t have to worry about puddles of piddle. So, it’s a good thing, I guess

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Twister. Yes apparently it which shall not be named said I made up my dogs. So right now I have a dog that doesn’t exist and 10 non existent puppies LOL

      • renaes24 says:

        While the DOG might not exist………you evidently have a highly charged VAGINA with a distended Uterus running riot there

      • Twister says:

        Made-up dogs – what an idiot statement. Only someone who has never experienced puppy love would say that.

  4. mamavia says:

    Puddles of poodle piddle!!! Hahahahaha! Oh, I LOVE me some puppy breath! All is well here…I’m S L O W L Y returning to (more or less) normal! I guess birthin puppies you don’t know nuthin about ‘splains why you didn’t answer my email, kelly!

    Love to everyone!

  5. Mama Via says:

    Now, where the H -E double L did my comment go? I SWEAR I wrote it! I LOVED puddles if poodle piddle!!

    I don’t know nothin about birthin no babies, neither! Good luck! Let us know all the details!

    Kelly, did you get my email?

    Love to all!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Mama, I’m sorry, I got it but Panda has been in labor since last night. I’m up to ten puppies right now and she is still having contractions. I am exhausted and she is almost unconscious she is so tired. Poor dog. Love you tons.

    • Gwen Bazzrea, a.k.a. Bazzethound says:

      Mama- how are you feeling? Been worried about you.

  6. Sherry says:

    We definitely need plenty of puppy pictures when you have both recovered. Congrats to you and the dog that doesn’t exist!!

  7. reallybigmeandog says:

    Hai Sherry, my card reader on my computer doesn’t work anymore so I am going to try and get the boy to take pictures and email them to me and I will then post them. Convoluted but it should work. LOL. They are so beautiful.

  8. TrulyUSA says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to see them! What breed? I actually love mixed breeds the best! You are going to have soooo much fun for awhile — until they start chewing everything in sight included you, ha!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      They are rotti/german shepherd/coyote cross but they all look like rotties with pointy ears lol. They are absolutely beautiful. And Panda is being a really good mom.

  9. renaes24 says:

    Don’t know about ‘birthin new babies’? You could/should have called for “Mammy” (Mama).

    • reallybigmeandog says:


    • Gwen Bazzrea, a.k.a. Bazzethound says:

      Hey from Virginia- you should definitely try the Glasburn Inn the next time you head home (assuming you don’t already live around the corner)! I was treated like the wealthy southern belle that I must have been in a past life!

  10. TrulyUSA says:

    I need a puppy update! Are there 11 now? Are they all okay? That’s a lot of puppies – hope the mother is recovering!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Last one was stillborn Truly. This is a huge litter for a first one. The runt she keeps pushing away so I am bottle feeding him. I made sure he got some colosterum but I can’t babysit her all the time to make sure she is letting him eat so bottle feeding him is easier. I named him Tyson

  11. renaes24 says:

    Facebook for the senior generation…

    For those of my generation who do not use and cannot comprehend why Facebook exists:

    I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same principles. Therefore, every day I walk down the street and tell passersby what I have eaten, how I feel at the moment, what I have done the night before, what I will do later, and with whom.

    I give them pictures of my family, my dog, and of me gardening, taking things apart in the garage, watering the lawn, standing in front of landmarks, driving around town, having lunch, and doing what anybody and everybody does every day.
    I also listen to their conversations, give them the “thumbs up” and tell them I like them.
    And it works just like Facebook. I already have four people following me:
    two police officers, a private investigator, and a psychiatrist.

  12. Twister says:

    Renae, Ha!
    Kelly, I think your maternity leave is about over.

    • renaes24 says:

      Kelly, Do Not TRY to be a lactation nurse! Twister is right. Maternity leave is about over.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        I’m bottle feeding one renae, he is the runt, came just before a stillborn and she seems to have no interest in him. She is great with the other ones though.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      sorry twister, I’ve got one I have to bottle feed. He is the runt and she doesn’t seem to want him.

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