August 13, 2015

Or, gremlins depending on whether or not you live here.

Here are some random pictures of my non existent puppies from my non existent dog. You will have to squint really hard to see them.

puppy number 3 on curtain that panda pulled down
This is Titan.

puppies 4
This is the exact copy of Tyson but female.

the bear
This one is Teddy Bear for pretty obvious reasons.

They are so cute when they are asleep.

A Royal Proclamation

August 6, 2015

Your Queen of all I survey, Dean of fuckery, Doctor of Doctoring, Law Professor, has now been bestowed the titles of midwife, lactation specialist, I’m still waiting for an answer about my DVM.

I present the next batch of royal puppies.

Her Royal Dogness Peanut and His Royal Dogness Rocket present the Royal Doglets.


peanut puppies

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