Court Will Soon Be Back In Session And A Few Odds And Ends

Apparently Nurmi has a brother

Hai everybody. Hope everybody has been doing okay in my totally sucky absence. I have been busy with the puppies and my son since school started and unfortunately the blog has suffered for it. I sincerely apologize.

Bug is starting cornerback on his football team this year. That means a ton of practices that he needs to be picked up from, and I have to at least attempt to go and watch the games. With a lot of help from mamma I have made it up to seven minutes outside of the car in a crowd before I can’t take it anymore and so I watch the rest of the game from the safety of my vehicle. Bug is absolutely thrilled that I am trying to deal with my mental issues enough to come watch him play.

In Waterford there is this thing called pumpkinfest every year. I believe this is the 35th installment. For the first time ever, they are having a dog show of sorts. Categories are best costume, prettiest all around dog, best male puppy, best female puppy, best puppy in show and best trick. Bug has agreed to take the dogs for me so Hutch is being entered in best male puppy, prettiest dog and best puppy in show. Ewok is being entered for best trick. We have been working with them every night to prep them for the show and Bug has surprised me greatly with how well he is taking to properly training puppies.

My other puppy had to be taken to the vet because her mamma tried to pick her up and she is so heavy that Panzer put a hole in her neck. It was accidental and she didn’t even cry. I cleaned it up and disinfected it but she unfortunately got a pretty bad infection anyway. I had to take both of them because they won’t be without each other so I got Hutch his deworming and his heartworm stuff. Little girl ended up having to get shaved all around the wound and has two weeks worth of antibiotics to take. It is a mess. It didn’t look that bad on top till they shaved her and I could see how far it had spread, but apparently it is deep and by the amount of puss they drained out of it, it is a bad infection. The vet said she will be perfectly fine, but the antibiotics were a must. They also both got weighed. At 10 weeks they weigh 22.9lbs and 20.6lbs. The vet said they are going to be gigantic dogs. She is a great vet. She researched the three best antibiotics and found me the least expensive ones and she gave me the deworming and heartworm stuff for cost plus 10%. Even still it was a 188 dollar visit. They are aware of my financial problems so they are doing everything to help me out which I truly appreciate and I told her so a hundred times.

Bug is doing well in school but I cannot believe how much things have changed for the crazy.   I was the best math student out of my entire highschool and I just shake my head at some of the things they are expecting of 14 and 15 year old kids.  He is the top of his class in history and still hates French.

Now, on to our next court trial. Philip Chism of Massachusetts is the next piece of shit on the hit list of my snarky disgust. Here is a link to bring everyone up to speed. Link provided by Rie. Thank you.

This one is just a disgusting piece of excrement and I can’t wait to take him apart as only I can.

I am suspending the serial until the trial is over because there is not enough time to finish it, and truthfully I don’t think that many people were interested. I will still finish it for those that were following it, just not till after this trial.

In best news I’ve heard all day, Oscar Pusstorias’s early release was put on hold and an appeal to Judges that actually understand the law is being heard. YAY!!

So your homework is to read up on Chism. Trial opening arguments are slated to begin October 20th.

Really Big Mean Dog peacing the fuck out!!

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19 Responses to Court Will Soon Be Back In Session And A Few Odds And Ends

  1. margo says:

    Two thumbs up Dog! xoxo

  2. Catherine says:

    Yay! Another trial- this one I was hoping to follow and (as usual) failing in my attempts to find any info as to when or how. I’m a bad googler according to my recently-separated-from husband. That’s a whole ‘another can of worms, but I seriously need something to focus on, so let’s trial junkie this one up!!

    • MamaVia says:

      My prayers are with you Catherine! You are stronger than you think you are…and a 1000 better than HE tries to convince you (and himself) that you are’. The best revenge is to live life fully…I’m betting on you!

  3. renaes24 says:

    I think you need to change ‘Mean Dog’ to “MOM Dog”.

  4. TrulyUSA says:

    Hooray! This trial will deserve all of your snarky best — can’t wait to get into it with you. I sure hope we have “IS a Judge” this time. It really was a shocking murder because of how senseless it was. Been thinking about cha’ and glad to see you writing. I totally get what a school schedule and puppies can do to your free time. Kelly you are being so brave and strong for your bug! Keep it up, you can do it! Big HELLO to everyone at the dog pound and hoping all of our witty wordsmiths come out for this one. You know who you are and i love each and every one of you! Good luck with the dog show and let us know how you did. I’m still wishing I could have one of those gonna-be-ginormous puppies, but I will have fun hearing about them as they grow.

  5. Constance says:

    Good Friday morning Kelly,
    You are being really brave – good for you for going to the games and staying outside of the car as long as you can!
    If you made it successfully for 7 minutes this week, maybe 8 minutes next week?

    The pumpkinfest sounds like it will be adorable for the dogs.
    Hope the infection heals properly, the vet sounds really good.

    Couldn’t click on the link.
    So glad you are going to be following this trial. Teenage Chism is such a scumbag.

    At 14 years old, with zero remorse, he premeditated and planned the whole thing.

    He followed her to the bathroom in a hoodie and gloves.

    He inflicted 16 slash wounds in his defenseless sweet math teacher’s throat with the box cutter before he finally slashed it all the way.

    He raped her- and then did it again with a tree branch.

    Then this disgusting monster drags her body to a dumpster, leaves a note saying “I hate you all”, and then indifferently goes to see a movie, walking around with her bloody panties in his pockets!

    He confessed he murdered her to the police, telling them among other thing that “morals don’t mean much to him”.
    He refused to have his Mother present during his videotaped confession.
    Then his amoral defense attorney gets that confession thrown out of court.

    Chism gets put in a juvenile facility – and then lies in wait in a hallway corner, and tries to murder a female worker with a pencil to her throat!

    First they tried to get a change of venue, which thankfully the judge refused.
    Now the defense are trying an insanity defense and/or saying he had a bad childhood. .
    Bullcrap!!! He’s a sociopath like Arias.

  6. Twister says:

    Sounds like having your son home has been a blessing for both of you! I’m proud of you both!
    The crime was hellish! Where does that kind of evil come from in a 14 yr old? Can’t wait for your take on the trial.
    Let us know how the dog show goes.

  7. Christine says:

    Hi there!
    Always love to view your posts! If the Michelle Carter case goes to trial would you consider writing on that? I’m not even sure it will get there but it’s just such a different case due to the nature of it being all through txt messages. I know you have your hands full but I wanted to ask.

  8. Gwen Bazzrea says:

    So glad to hear from the Queen again!! It’s quite the comparison- your Bug is the same age as that POS monster.
    Watching a movie with my little snuggler, so I’ll go now.
    LYLAS (Love Y’all Like Amazing Sisters),

    ~Gwen, AKA Bazzethound

  9. renaes24 says:

    It’s been great ‘knowing’ you all. Keep up the ‘no-kill-shelter’. I will miss you all, but I have only a short time to make some difficult decisions.
    Goodbye. and best wishes to all

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Oh no Renae! I don’t know what is happening, but I am going to pray for the best for you and hope you will come back to us! Not going to say goodbye — just see you later — and hope you will come back to us when things get better!

    • Mama Via says:

      Not “good bye”…Aloha…you will always be a part of our lives…and in our prayers

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      No goodbye Renae. I don’t accept that. It’s not over till it’s over. See you later I will say, but never goodbye. We will ALWAYS be here for you.

  10. Buddysmom09 says:

    First time posting. Just saying I live a few towns over from that POS. Remember the day she went missing none stop news coverage. When they reported her missing and then him everyone knew something was up.

  11. Twister says:

    What? No! I too will miss you and pray for you Renae! 😓

  12. Mama Via says:

    I’m so proud of my Canadian family…

    Me and you and Bug and just about everyone else on this blog is living proof that having “a bad childhood” is NOT the reason people end up committing crimes…it’s a fukkin (poor) excuse!

    I’m reminded that if inmate 281129 had her mother apply that wooden spoon a few more times….maybe she would have learned to “honor” her parents…and not jump from lily pad to lily pad…frogging every green thing that gives a croak!


  13. mrsmojojojo says:

    Hey Kelly… Good to see you are happy and still here. I know you would rather not think of or speak of inmate #2111whatever – Stabby but I still follow the twitter feeds on Jodiarias hashtag for subsequent information. Being the awesome investigator that you are, I wonder if you know anything about what is going on with her supporters. First of all, please see this document: Very detail dense and seems to come from the inside. It states that $18,000 of Stabby’s artwork murder money has been stolen by SJ. There is another justice4jodi site that states that 10 of those morons are barred from communicating with her. I also read that the only family member she speaks with is Grandma Stabby. There is a total meltdown happening in that camp, it’s obvious because they have gone silent. Typical of the bitch she is probably blaming everyone else for her predicament. I’m intrigued to know if you know anything about this. Again, soooo glad you are still here and I look forward to following the next murdering dirtbag trial with you. Please respond if you know anything about what is going on there.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      MrsMojojojo, Sorry sweets I have absolutely no ciue about what is going on about Stabby or her clan. I will say I called it however when I said everybody was just trying to grab that murder money. Auntie sue and her new car, mom and dad of stabby begging for money, I called it waaaay back when. I will look into it further for you though, I know just where to go. Let me hit you back in a couple of days.

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