I Decided To Go Spelunking And See What I Could Find.

Good day everyone.  Your Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/Doctor of Doctoring/Honorary DVM and Queen of all I survey has been doing a little bit of background on our precious little snowflake Philip Jism.  I had to look under a lot of rocks and at a lot of nasty bugs but I did find a veritable cornucopia of EWWWWWW.

Let us start where all good psychopaths start, at home.  Diana Jism, mom of Beelzebub was asked down to the station in hopes she might know where Colleen Ritzers body was.  She asked if she would require a lawyer and then went on to chat about how much Satan loves soccer and how he had only been in trouble one time in the two whole months he had been at Danvers High School.  At this point she was unaware that he was at the station.  Once she found that out the  first words out of her mouth were “did he hurt somebody?”  She thought it was the Spanish teacher.  Not another student but the Spanish teacher.  She admitted having no idea what her kid was doing between the end of school and when soccer practice started.  The next words out of her mouth and the ones that burn my ass like I ate a jar of hot sauce for dinner were “I do know he is capable of snapping, my son could have snapped, he is capable of that.” 

So, mom of Jism knew she had a rabid dog on her hands, failed to get any kind of intervention for said rabid dog like councelling  or a psychiatrist and sent him off to school every day.  She should need a fucking lawyer.

Moving on to the next rock lets bring out the legal aid attorneys.  I know we talked about who they are but now lets take a look at what they have done so far.   Firstly, I’d like to add the caveat the everyone has a job to do.  ditch diggers dig ditches, garbage men pick up garbage and legal aid attorneys do their best to get their slimball bastard clients off.   You know how in class there is always the top of the class and then that guy that barely makes it through?  Welcome to legal aid.  Thus far they have had his confession tossed as being coerced, they have pleaded Jism not guilty and have tried but failed to have him tried as a juvenile and to have the venue moved.  This is the job they get very  little money to do.  Now, since they are aware they are pretty much screwed they have decided on an insanity defense.  Just to waste some more time.  And money.  Billable hours add up you know.

Rock number 3 brings us to Philip Jism and it was a particularly icky one.  Covered in slime and crawling with bugs.

Jism has been a busy little Psychopath.  Not only did he rape, kill and desecrate the body of Colleen Ritzer, the sweet gentle little snowflake also made time to assault a staff member at the department of youth services in June.  He “allegedly” tried to strangle the woman at the Metro Youth Facility.  He followed her into a bathroom, and assaulted her until co-workers heard her scream and rushed in to help.  Charges are attempted murder by strangulation, assault with intent to murder, kidnapping and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.  My goodness, if I didn’t know any better I’d say our budding your psychopath has a modus operandi.

The insanity defense I am pretty sure came from Jism, the lawyers are just going with it.  All of a sudden, Jism is hearing voices, banging his head off of things and asking officers to shoot him.  I wonder if that would count as assisted suicide and we could just be done with this.

This brings us to now. Jury selection has been halted while we play out this little charade of insanity.  Totally a Judge David Lowy ordered an evaluation which could take up to 20 days. He is being evaluated at the Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital where he is being held in an adult locked unit and has no access to any unsecured areas.

Lead prosecutor Kate MacDougal while rolling her eyes so hard they almost bounced across the room said she expects the exam will find Jism completely competent.  He has a long and storied history of manipulation to get what he wants.

I turned over a lot of rocks.  You’re welcome

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11 Responses to I Decided To Go Spelunking And See What I Could Find.

  1. NapaNonnie says:

    I vote for assisted suicide. Thanks for a great update.

  2. Gwen Bazzrea says:

    Thanks for the new details. So shocked the little motherfucker assaulted another woman.
    The big black dog decided to running off and play with his friends, plague and pestilence. Hooray for me!
    Love and mushiness,
    Gwen, a.k.a. Bazzethound

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Yay the black dog fucked off, hope it gets hit by a car. I myself am not even a little shocked that Beelzebub attacked someone else. I bet he kills cats and lights fires too. Much love.

  3. Lori g says:

    You make my day Kelly

  4. Constance says:

    Hello on Sunday night Kelly,
    Once again, your investigation skills and snarky insights rock in spades!

    I think in this case, the Judge will make all the difference.
    Jism and his team may want to be a Stabby & Co. in the courtroom, but Sherry Stephens won’t be there to let the legal aid folk play their games out.

    What a Mother Jism has. Blech. People like that make me roll my eyes in disgust and then some.

    She reminds me of Sandy Arias and Cindy Anthony and Jackie Peterson. Create a Monster and then play dumb.

    Ignore what your progeny did to the victim, and act like said offspring is a victim instead. Ugh.

    However, in this case… he’s a guy with nothing ‘charming’ or ‘good looking’ about him. The media won’t love him.

    He’s not going to get any sympathy, and in addition, he doesn’t have the history of fame (or money) to have a dream team, a la OJ Simpson.

    I can’t wait for this creep to be put away forever. Fingers Crossed.
    He should never be out in society again. Ever. Can you spell ‘repeat offender’ the second he would get out?

  5. Mama Via says:

    I vote you Empress of Snark…cuz you is the SNARKIEST!!!!

    You always keep me entertained…and I love your sense of humor! Sending love to you both! Is it starting to cool off up there? If it doesn’t quit the 80s soon,,,I’m going to explode!

  6. TrulyUSA says:

    Welcome to legal aid — I love it! This guy is just a nasty little mama-hating authority raper whose anger issues will no doubt make him a fun toy in prison.

  7. Gwen Bazzrea says:

    What if we used the old “witches test” instead of dueling shrinks for an insanity defense?
    1. Find a pond.
    2. Toss in the potentially insane criminal/ witch.
    3. If he drowns, he is declared “not a witch/insane.”
    4. If he survives, he’s a witch/ he is sane enough for the courts.
    Can’t remember where I heard of this- Bugs Bunny? Monty Python? History Class?
    Doesn’t matter, it’s a good (and quick) system.
    ~ the Hound

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