Philip Chism Is Found Sane To The Shock Of Nobody Anywhere

Way to rack up those billable hours legal aid!

Hai everyone.  It is me, your Dean of Fuckery/Law Professor/Doctor of Doctoring/honorary DVM/resident sarcasm expert/researcher extraordinaire and Queen of all I survey.

Today in totally not news budding psychopath Philip Jism was found sane and able to stand trial.  Jury selection resumes and we should hopefully have opening statements between the 15 and 20th of this month.

In yet another shot at racking up some more coin the legal aid team brought a couple of motions.  First was for totally a Judge to reverse his decision not to change venue because it was the anniversary time of Colleen’s death.  Second they had a bitch fest about trial start date because their expert may not be available. (as a side note, why does every single defense team in the history of ever try this one?)  Oh yeah, billable hours. Third, Nurmi’s lost twin sister has objected several times now ( like 5 by my count) to the states expert witness, so I cannot wait to see this expert witness.

Since I was waiting for someone with a functioning frontal lobe to say to themselves “Hmmm, he took a box cutter, gloves, a change of clothes, slashed her to death, washed up, changed clothes, stole her credit card, dragged her to where he tossed her like garbage in a recycling bin, and raped her with a tree branch.  Seems to me the boy put more than a little for thought into this.”  And then  stamp a big red SANE stamp across his file I decided to do a little more research into our latest special little snowflake.

Turns out the Jizz isn’t just some garden variety killer. Philip could be is a psychopath. Now, I know we can’t classify him as one till after he turns 18 because the psychiatric community frowns on that; so let me tell you about young Jizm. Turns out that they had only been in the community a few months because they had to move. They marriage was not the hippy peace and love thing that Mom of stabby I mean Jism, sorry got confused for a second, is peddling to the news. They were violent, he says she was, she says he was the cops say they both were. That however is not why they moved. They moved because young Jism as it turns out liked to light cats on fire, or beat them to death with rocks. Apparently once enough cats had gone missing someone caught him and they were basically run out of town.

Have you all heard of the dark net? I don’t suggest you ever go there without a barf bucket and your psychiatrist on speed dial, but you can find out all manner of things there. Juvenile records, old psych reports, and assorted things that I won’t get into. Anyway, turns out Jizzy was also a bed wetter until he was almost 10. He was basically unsupervised, watched a shit ton of online porn and was by all accounts a loner. Probably because most people don’t enjoy the hobby of burning cats. Put that all together and you got yourself one psychopath on the rise and my guess is, that is EXACTLY what the prosecution expert is going to say.

Legal Aid is no doubt doing the happy sad mad dance right now. Happy because payday, mad because they didn’t get their way, sad because they know they are going to lose. Meh, sucks to be them.

That’s it for tonight
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25 Responses to Philip Chism Is Found Sane To The Shock Of Nobody Anywhere

  1. Lacey says:

    Hey Kelly, great as always..the good news is the Sherri Stevens is not the judge..

  2. You are right, Kelly…a psychopath for sure! Whether 18 or not…they are easy to spot and never had a conscience to begin with! Is he being tried as an adult…I hope?
    Keep telling us more. Wish it was on TV, but I guess TV trials have gone the way of outdoor toilets!

  3. Gwen Bazzrea says:

    Big kudos for the judge not letting this crap drag on and on. I’m looking forward to the day when a prosecution team calls on our own fabulous Dean of Fuckery for her expertise!! If I’m ever on trial, heaven forbid, I want Kelly and Mama on my team!!
    ~ Gwen/BazzetMom/Bazzethound

  4. Constance says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I didn’t know there was such a thing as a dark net.
    Why doesn’t mainstream media access it for their information?

    He is a horror for sure. Hopefully whoever the jury will be will put this Jism monster away forever.

    He’s been a killer for years, just started with the smaller and more helpless.

    He did it, he doesn’t care he did it, he would do it again. There’s no rehabilitating him.

    Seems like we have a Judge with balls this time. Thank goodness. Your last paragraph summation of legal aid hit the nail on the head. As usual:)

  5. TrulyUSA says:

    Great research Kelly! Wow — will that information about killing cats be suppressed at trial as “too prejudicial” like Stabby’s dog kicking/killing or cat squeezing till it almost died? They all share the same traits don’t they? Now hear this — if you have a child who likes to torture animals you better damn well get a handle on it quick or children/women will be next! The way Jism looks, or refuses to look, at his mother tells me that if he wasn’t caught she was probably on his short list. Great info, great read, thanks as always Kelly!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Truly. Well, it is readily available if you know where to look. As an aside if any of you want to go to the dark side, there are a lot of things you need to do in order to stay safe and when I say stay safe that is exactly what I mean. You need proxy servers, a different type of browser.

  6. reallybigmeandog says:

    Hey Constance. I know some do but it’s kind of tricky and you really have to dig through a lot of horrible stuff. Remember silk road? or hearing about it? That is where that was, you could buy anything, heroin, illegal weapons, contract killings, children, any sick thing you could think of you could get there.

    • Mama Via says:

      As usual…I’m lost again…what the hell is a dark net? Di you use it for fishing at night?

      • Mama Via says:

        Just answered my own question…just about the time I start thinking that I am a member of the 5% Club…I discover just how little I really DO know…just google the wiki article on the dark net…and you will be even more impressed with our Goddess of Everything than you were before…she’s really smart smart!!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        I wish that is what it was Mama. The way to look at the net is like an iceberg. The stuff we use is like what you see on top of the water, about 6% I think. The rest of the iceberg is the darknet or dark web depending on who you are talking too and it is 94% of the internet. There are rooms where you can watch people be murdered over livestream, if you are willing to pay enough you get to say how they are killed, you can buy anti aircraft guns, you can get your hands on any type of poison on the planet. It is where all the sick things in society like to live, but like I said when you need to find out about nasty things it is the way to go. Just watch where you go and don’t EVER open live links. It is a really bad place and don’t ever, ever go there without proxy servers (plural) an IP ghoster and you will need a very specific type of browser. If anybody wants to see for themselves, email me and I will explain how. But I honestly do NOT recommend you go there.

      • Mama Via says:

        Well…here is the deal…I happen to LIKE the rose colored glasses I peer through…I truly do not believe my sanity would survive a look at what REALLY happens in this world…my tummy us still rolling over actually watching someone be murdered…(hey, my stomach rolled when on a TV show, they opened an old casket to obtain DNA from a relative of those two fellows who escaped from Alcatraz…I COULDNT NOT NOT LOOK..(is a triple negative a POSITIVE?)…cuz I have an inquiring mind…but it was yucky, and too much reality…MY rose colored glasses allow me to believe that our bodies in the casket still look the same 10, 50, 200 years after the funeral! And seeing that fellow look like a rotted cabbage in a suit was just TOO much reality!)

        Back to computers…when I took Accounting 101…it’s was all MANUAL…and my grades were based on whether I used the right DEBIT/CREDIT column and if my HANDWRITING was readable! A few years later, I had to learn DOS…and I had to learn SuperCalc…but…somewhere after that, I got “lost”…(I remember thinking that computers were a FAD–and only Dick Tracy had a phone wrist watch! (Oh, and that PONG was EXCITING!) I am a relic, I know that…I USED to THINK that I was “smart”…I realize now, how little I really know…(actually, I KNOW a LOT…but what I KNOW is so OUTDATED….). Only the people who fill their minds constantly with NEW information remain RELEVANT…and I’ve lost my relevancy…I think that the moment you become “stale”, the moment you you can contribute nothing but philosophical “wisdom”…you enter the world of the “irrelevant”…

        I once talked to you all about discipline…that children like to know how far they can push things. Parents need to set rules, and enforce the rules….in a way, the irrelevant elderly are society’s disciplinarians…society’s “cops”…it’s the “kids job” to try to get away with “razor’s edge” behavior…..

        It appears that what goes on in this “Dark Net” is the new “hiding behind the barn, smoking corn silk”….

        In the history of mankind, we’ve produced some wonderful things…the music of Mozart, Bach & Beethoven…ridding humanity of polio, rubella, and other diseases, sculpture that can evoke tears of joy or sorrow….

        On the other hand, the Crusades, the World Wars, Civil Wars and the ugliness of what humans can do to other humans…to the animals…to the environment…perhaps our eventual extinction is a good thing…humanity never truly lived up to its true potential….how very tragic….

  7. Lori g says:

    Great job Kelly. Not a judge sherry has a trial coming up that she approved cameras for. It’s Tracy Elise. You can’t find recent stuff about her. She’s the mystic mother of the goddess temple which promotes sexual healing. In English it’s a brothel. Good old sherry should have fun with that one

  8. Constance says:

    Trial starts


  9. giz says:

    Philip Chismtrial will be live streamed starting Monday.!schedule/mainPage

  10. Constance says:

    Auggggh – trial began, and almost immediately adjourned/recessed until tomorrow!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Constance, don’t worry sweet, \I have more than enough for the blog I’m working on and some very strange observations. Very strange indeed having to do with blood and Jism the twitch. be patient it will be up tonight.

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