The Philip Chism Trial Day 2. Poor Muffin Had A Meltdown Edition

Still typing on the computer that Caligula used to name his horse Consul .

Hai everybody. Your Law Professor\doctor of doctoring\honorary dvm\Queen of everything and Dean of Fuckery is back with day two of what could potentially be the never ending Chism Trial.

Before we get started, I’d just like to say that I know there are a ton of trials going on right now and normally I would attempt to touch on them, but until Renae’s situation is resolved I am using all my resources for this trial and Renae. If anyone here is following other trials and you could do a recap that I could post it would be appreciated. I would also like to give Constance a HUGE thank you for all the research she has done for me. There are a couple of things I would have totally missed if she had not caught them.

Today started with Colleen’s mother on the stand. For whatever reason the first half hour was not streamed, my best guess being that she did not want to be seen or heard on the television.

Because our young psychopath  has pled not guilty by reason of insanity, he is sort of obligated to act insane. I am starting to see many parallels between young Jism and it which I will not name. Jizzy is putting on quite the show, I will give him that. I have no doubt he is taking from his Legal Aid bag of douche Ms. Regan.

Stephanie Wennerberg was up on the stand. she has 2.5 years on the force but only 2months at time of murder. She was on the 5pm to 1am shift.  She was dispatched to Danvers \High School on a missing person report.  She took part in a  search at Danvers high school. Searched with several people. found nothing of note at that time. Colleen’s classroom was checked as part of the search. Bathrooms were searched at a later time. First search of academic wing bathrooms yielded nothing. At some point additional information was received and then the perimeter was searched as well as the field to the left of the academic wing.    The woods are adjacent to  the academic wing. During the perimeter search she  found two blue and white underarmour gloves and a black purse wedged between two boulders at the head of the Rail Trail. It was Colleen Ritzer’s bag. Officer Wannabe maintained custody of bag and then began searching to the right of the boulders further into the woods. It  was dark but she had a flashlight. She noticed several discarded items on the ground. A folded piece of paper, a white glove and a torn piece of fabric. All had blood on them. Other teachers were helping her search at that point.  She radio’d in and was instructed by the K9 officer to get everyone away from the potential crime scene which she did.  Other Danvers officers arrived presently.

K9 officer arrived on scene and took control of the scene.  Officer Wannabe being the newest addition to the force got dumpster duty while more senior officers took over the crime scene. After dumpsters, Wannabe was directed to check the second floor bathroom.

The lighting in most of the school is motion activated, so she could not see until the lights activated. She very adamantly stated that it was clear that it had very recently been cleaned and smelled of disinfectant.  The trash was emptied and the toilet seats were up. As she was leaving she noticed a smear that looked sort of like a hand print in blood with streaks running down the doorframe. Captain Ambrose (sic) was informed that something had been found. All personnel began to be careful of what they were saying over the radio’s because why not. This PD reminds  me of Paul Blart Mall Cop and all of his cousins. But not in a good way.

The defense was up and had obviously come to the same conclusion I have. The smudge (handprint) was found right near the door handle which is not even close to waist high as officer Wannabe had stated.  There was also what the defense called blood spatter found near the bottom of a dividing wall, but it looks like cast off to me.  Defense is pounding that this is all the blood that was found in the bathroom. She already said the bathroom had been cleaned, but not by whom? If Jizm did it, it is further proof that he had all his faculties about him, and if the cleaning staff did it, they immediately need to be fired because they did a really shitty cleaning job. Oh and they didn’t report the several pints of blood that would have been all over the place. Next we got to see more evidentiary pictures. Items found by Wannabe, who stated that they were covered in blood. She was asked twice by the defense if she touched anything and she said no.  Well, the white glove was definitely NOT covered in blood on the side you could see in the picture.  The paper definitely had blood on it, but again not covered in blood.  The piece of cloth that was found, now that was fairly blood soaked.   Thank all the powers that be that officer I have no idea what I’m saying didn’t find the body.

Justin Ellenton was the  k9 officer who responded to the scene. He has been K9 for 8 yrs. Falco was the officer dog partnered with Justin.  Falco was always with him because he was his partner. Falco has mad skills.  He is trained to track human sent, find evidence, bodies, drugs, protection work ie apprehension or intervention. He will only bite on specific commands. Falco had been used earlier that night looking for missing student Philip chism. It took about 3 minutes to get to the scene where they met with Wannerberg. She was instructed to bring the found bag to Falco. Falco was shown the bag and put in the down position, commanded to track and he began to search. We are up to exhibit 40 already and it is only an hour and a half into day two. There was a gully and then woods. Thorns, pricker bushes, grade was flat and then inclined.  Falco led them to the middle of the slope and up into the opening of what is known as the orchards. Falco, the only cop on site apparently, took Ellenton to the two boulders.  Officer Falco pulled to the left and alerted that he had found something. The new lead detective had found a purple bag in plain sight and there were leaves over the rest of the items. No items were touched or moved. k9 locates only. Detective Falco was removed and told to get back to work.  Falco pulled the guy holding the leash into the woods and to the left. He pulled strongly to the top of a rise. The guy with the leash  had a flashlight with him but only uses it when necessary. Detective Falco found a grey sneaker which had a lot of blood on it his handler noted.    Next Falco pulled towards rocks on the Rail trail and pulled the guy with the leash strongly to the fence and started working fence line. Falco was acting almost frantic, mostly because he realized at that moment he was working with the keystone cops.  Falco needed to be on the other side of the fence but nobody spoke his language apparently.  The guy with the leash spoke a little dog and he eventually got it. Falco dove down into the ditch on the other side of the fence and found how the body had been transported.  There was a large green recycle bin which Falco pawed at in aggravation. Detective Falco was more than a little angry when he was removed from the case, and to add insult to injury tied to a tree so that Ellenton could take all the credit.  AGAIN. Ellenton investigated the recycle bin. The  brush was too thick to take bin any further so it was dumped there. Ellenton and two other human officers who were on the scene checked out the recycle bin.  Inspecting it with a flashlight they discovered that the inside was pretty much covered in blood. There were also some books in it that were soaked in blood. At least until the defense proves that it wasn’t soaked in blood which should be tomorrow.

The Judgiest Judge that ever lived called morning recess and that is when jizzy brought the fuckery.  He was shaking, said he felt like he was going to explode  and he couldn’t take it anymore. He told the bailiff he didn’t want to come out because he didn’t want to hurt the bailiff or anybody else. Best Judge ever noted for the record that it is not that he doesn’t understand or that he can’t he simply refuses to.

The state noted the timing was very convenient seeing as how the recycling barrel was about to be brought in. They also noted for the record that the defense picks and chooses what it likes from the competency report. It needs to be made clear that he is not in charge of these proceedings since he seems to think he is. The Judge acknowledges that he is stressed, as is every defendant in the history of ever but that is not about competency it is about refusal.  Totally a judge is onto Jism. There will be a truncated 15A to check his competency again and  the judge called a recess so he could observe the defendant for himself.

Jism decided to lay on the floor and mumble to himself instead of answer any questions the Judge posed. The Judge is determined that there be no appealable errors so he called the shrink familiar with the case to look at him before they continue.  Court was called for the day and Jurors were instructed to be there for 10:15 am tomorrow.

This thing is pure psychopath and I could give a fuck how old he is.  God help where ever he ends up if he gets off. He will definitely kill again.

That is it for tonight kids.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!

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11 Responses to The Philip Chism Trial Day 2. Poor Muffin Had A Meltdown Edition

  1. Golly, another clown defendant performing…………
    These circus trials are getting boring, but they seem to be all the defense can put forward. (Stupid defense attorneys…silly performing defendant! Ugh….)

  2. Lori g says:

    Love it Kelly. I’m going to bring you up to date on the trials that I’m following. I’m remembering to the best of my ability.

    Remember master bob bashara? He’s been in an out of court for a post conviction hearing that has spanned several days. Poor bob , he’s trying to get a new trial based on ineffective counsel. This is taking place in judge Vonda Evans courtroom. If you never witnessed her in action, she is the biggest, bad ass judge I’ve ever seen. You must check out the bun on the prosecutor when next hearing is on 12/3. Master bob claims that his defense attorneys didn’t call anyone to testify that he has perfect attendance at rotary club meetings and some other pieces of shit that can throw accolades at him and prove he wasn’t around when Jane was murdered. Surprise, surprise, his phone was pinging off cell towers in the area. He’s claiming that his wife’s vaginal problems caused him to seek out sex elsewhere and that’s how he got into bdsm. In the same breath he says he can’t get it up. Trying to convince bad ass Vonda that his slaves he was master over had nothing to do with sex. It was just a loving relationship. Imagine using slave over and again in front of bad ass Vonda. As you may have guessed, she’s black.
    Next is Inkster police officer William robocop Melendez. It’s in Vonda’s courtroom since Inkster is outside of Detroit. Well robocop beat the shit out of a black man at a traffic stop. He’s been in trouble for excessive force before. Apparently Freddie dent was under the influence and had cocaine so in some worlds that’s an excuse to nearly kill someone with your fists oh I forgot to mention a tiny glitch in robo cops story. It’s all caught on police video. Another surprise, Freddy didn’t have any drugs,drug metabolites or alcohol in his system. Funniest thing , the defense brought in “an expert” in appropriate use of force. Where do they get these people. Closings are today.
    Lastly, there’s the Facebook killer. Derek medina emptied 8 bullets into his wife for being abused with a towel and mascara. Did I mention he’s a 25-0 amateur boxer. Don’t get me wrong, dv is no joke, but this is worse than stabby’s bullshit. He then posted a picture of her dead body on Facebook. Rumor has it that the defense is going to bring in drugs, abuse and satanism. Only drugs mentioned so far is pot and we all know that makes someone bat shit crazy. do defense attorney’s sleep

  3. Constance says:

    Convenient timing indeed. Any defendant with a smidgen of a brain would be stressed during a murder trial, duh.

    Jism thinks he can hurt an armed jail guard(s) well trained in tactics? Ha-ha, let him try. Doesn’t that idiot watch enough jail cell extractions on tv to know it NEVER works out for the guy being extracted?

    Put a stun belt on that sociopathic unrepentant manipulative animal and be done with it.

    Who gives a flying monkey if he SAYS he feels like he’s going to explode? Let him. Just shows the jury he’s indeed capable of what he cool-as-a-cucumber planned out and did.

    Here’s the thing. the trial shouldn’t be about him and what he wants now or doesn’t want now — it should be about the murder, period.

    The media focus is off track (as usual) with these antics being given any hopeful sympathy or credibility at all. It’s just a defense team distraction, hoping they can emulate the Stabby trial.

    Jism has already been judged competent. (Notice how he wasn’t deemed mentally ill by anyone while he was attending school?)
    Now maybe the Judge should declare Jism obstinate as well:)

    Thanks for the compliment, Kelly! You are always so thoroughly on top of things i was worried I was wasting your time by sending you so many articles! Glad that wasn’t the case.

  4. Constance says:

    Looks like Jism has condescended to attain his own trial after all.
    The manipulative sideshow didn’t work, thank goodness.

    Jism has been, IS, and always will be a murderous sociopath,
    which is what the defense team doesn’t want the jurors to focus on.

    I have hope that the school camera videos are enough to put him away on their own merits alone. Fingers crossed.

  5. Constance says:

    Please help me with this one, Kelly.
    Exactly HOW did Jism clean the bathroom after he killed Colleen? There should have been a LOT of blood sprayed everywhere from 11 excruciatingly long minutes of cutting her 16 or 17 times with that box cutter.and then slitting her throat

    Either the bathroom would have been drenched with her blood – and didn’t the first officer say that the bathroom was mostly clean and smelled of cleaning supplies?

    Or his clothing would have been totally drenched, not just his right hand. Where IS that drenched outfit?
    He left the bathroom – but doesn’t seem like he could have stopped and showered somewhere before getting caught by the police, does it?

    There isn’t a shower in that bathroom, is there?
    We didn’t see him entering the bathroom with any sort of cleaning supplies on that video, did we?
    How did he get rid of the blood to the extent that he did???

    Because of he was behind Colleen during the time he was attacking her – which would seem to be the case at least part of the time if the girl student walked in and saw his naked buttocks – the blood would have gone forward toward the walls or ceiling or down to the toilet and floor all over the place.
    Trying to get rid of it with paper towels would just smear it.
    Even if her splashed water around from the sink, that would have left streaks.
    HOW did he get that bathroom as clean as he did?

    WHY wasn’t there more blood on his original clothing? Or did we only see the blood his change of clothes? Sorry to not be more informed about the details so far. I feel like i am missing something.

  6. Mama Via says:

    Hi everyone! It’s ME, mama! I’m back from the wilds of the Okefenokee Swamp! It was hot and muggy…I couldn’t breath…now I gotta rest up from not breathing!!!

    Now, I gotta catch up with everything…and it’s not going well…my brains are slow…and it’s hard to comprehend anything completely…

    In other news….I finally found the PERFECT lot and builder for our new home!! Yea!! But….papa, being an attorney…wanted to read every line of the sales contract….and half re-write the damned thing…so…there’s a big meeting with the builder, salesman and papa lined up for tomorrow…I’m SUPER depressed…I’ve worked on finding the perfect house/builder/lot for close to three years…and it may all blow up over a stupid line in a contract…will you all cross your fingers for me?

    In sending Renae good vibrations…and hope that everything works out for her…I also sent a copy of her latter to Chris Christy…hopefully, he can try to smooth things out too..keep asking till we find some help!

    Love to all


    • Constance says:

      Fingers crossed for you, Mama.
      Hope you get your dream house!
      Husband is smart to be so careful.
      You may worry about it but whatever the builder objects to means you’d get screwed on it.

    • renaes24 says:

      Chris Christy? Why in heavens name him?
      By the way, are we now to refer to you as :swamp thing?

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(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


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