The Philip Chism Trial Day 4: The Judge Got Mad Edition

Still on the borrowed computer that is older than dirt.

So, as I feared and predicted, the Judge was not amused in the slightest with the shenanigans of the pool cameraman. I do not know what exactly this particular idiot was thinking, but he fucked us for a live feed for the foreseeable future. I fucking hate this bullshit of let’s see how far across the line we can get. He didn’t just cross it, he pole vaulted across that fucker. Showing jurors faces, zooming in on the prosecutors notes, etc. Judge Lowy has  always been a huge proponent of cameras in the courtroom, he gives leeway if it is accidental, but this was so blatant that he pretty much lost his shit.  He did not say the cameras were banned for the remainder of the trial, but cameras are likely banned for the duration of the trial.  Maybe he will allow a different operator or something.

Mr. Pimentel, the Spanish speaking gentleman was back on the stand today.  His English is quite poor, but for the life of me I cannot understand how his supervisor Danny could possible confuse blue and blood, no matter how thick the accent. They just do not sound anything alike, in English or Spanish.  Danny apparently just gave him a hose and a key to turn the tap on.

Pimentel, doing his job, hosed down the floor and walls, then got a floor cleaning machine and then for good measure he used a mop and bucket.  Everything had cleaning solution in it so bye bye DNA.  In total the bathroom took about 45 minutes to clean and Pimental said that since his boss was not concerned, neither was he.  Let that sink in.  45 minutes to clean up all the blood in the girls bathroom at a high school.  A room roughly the size of my laundry room.  That my friends is a lot of blood.

Defense was up for cross examination and still asking some of the most mundane questions I have ever heard in a court room, which makes me wonder exactly what kind of fuckery they have up their slimy little sleeves.  First question was “have you ever seen so much blood there before?”  Think about that question for a moment. Is the defense trying to infer that blood in the bathroom in large quantities is a fairly regular occurrence?  Does he mean as opposed to say someone who has their period and decided to just let her rip on the floor? Is he just an idiot?  You decide. Pimental answered that nope, nuh uh, he had never seen that much blood in the bathroom before. The next question was “did you tell the prosecutor it looked like a slaughterhouse?” That was answered in the affirmative and just like that Pimental’s cross examination was over.

Former custodian Dan Marshall was next up on the prosecutors list of basically useless witnesses.  Just as an aside, if I ever get murdered in Mass.  Someone please move my body to an adjacent state.  Thanks.

Dan Marshall testified that he thought that Pimental was saying blue not blood and he thought a bunch of cleaner had been spilled. So instead of going to look for himself he just handed over a hose and a key and probably went back to watching internet porn or whatever had him so busy he couldn’t go see if maybe Pimental even needed a respirator or something with a bunch of industrial cleaner spilled all over the place. Once again the defense had no questions and Danny was excused.  Not for being a complete idiot, just from the stand.

Kelly King a forensic scientist with the state crime lab was then called by the prosecution. (I’m sorry, I’m in shock that they have a crime lab. Please give me a moment.)

Apparently, King was on site and as they were walking back a trainee noticed a toe with nail polish sticking out of the leaves.  King went back with a paramedic and uncovered the rest of Colleen.  The paramedic checked and said that she was deceased.  She was naked from the waist down and had been heavily beaten and raped.

King went to the bathroom and despite the cleaners best efforts to totally eradicate all the evidence, she found several blood stains on a wall and in the stall.

The prosecution has brought out round six hundred of the exhibits. First is a blood caked white glove, and then the other. Next was the note found saying I hate you all.  Then a sock and a yellow backpack with Jism’s identification on top of it. The backpack itself was stained with blood.  The rest of the parade of recovered clothing is brought out, both Jism’s and Colleen’s pants and underwear again. Jism’s blood stained jeans had the jury’s rapt attention.

Defense is now up. Let us see what asinine questions they ask this witness.  First question Osler asked was about the wounds.  They were very deep cuts was the reply. Jizzy perked up considerably once they started talking about his handy work.  He listened intently with a hint of a leer on his face.  Osler wants to know why there was such a small amount of blood found with the body.  That would be because she bled out in the bathroom and all over Jism you stupid, stupid person.  King didn’t say it, but you know she was thinking it.   There was a sidebar and when it was over there were a couple of questions about the tree branch that was used to violate Colleen some more and the defense released the witness.

Next on the stand was the paramedic who pronounced her pretty fucking dead.  No questions from the defense and he was done.

Now the prosecution started calling students. The first one up was the one I was waiting for; Emily.  Emily was one of the people that saw fuckwad rolling the recycle bin.  She was not supposed to be there, she was supposed to be at track practice but she had shin splints and instead she was seated at a picnic table doing homework when the murdering fuck wheeled on by.  Big man who likes to kill tiny little teachers was having a difficult time of it.  She watched him wrestle with the bin for about five minutes.  No questions from the defense because what the fuck could they possibly say with that print powder covered bin sitting prominently in the courtroom.

Last witness of the day was another student who was in Colleens class with Jackoff, I mean Jism that day. She stayed after school to get some help but ended up just drawing on the chalk board and talking with Colleen.  She wasn’t really listening to what they were talking about but said Jism seemed angry when Colleen left the room. She said before she left she told Ms. Ritzer what a great teacher she was and that seemed to piss the psychopath off.  She was the last person besides the fuckwad to see Colleen alive.

There was a sidebar and court was called for the day.

So, here are some things to ponder since lots of people are asking.  Jism definitely got blood on him, but I think he slit her throat from behind which is why his dominant hand was completely soaked in blood compared to the rest of him.  Once most of the arterial spray had subsided he spun her and did what he did and that is how the blood got on the shirts and pants.  The first pair of shoes was covered likely from a heavy rain of gravitational blood.  The second pair if you remember had only a couple of gravitational drops likely from when he was moving her.  I am also fairly certain this is not the first time the psycho has killed something or someone using a blade.  He was waaaaaay too prepared.  Scarily prepared. Like Ted Bundy prepared.

So, there you have it, Day 4, sorry for the delay.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

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22 Responses to The Philip Chism Trial Day 4: The Judge Got Mad Edition

  1. renaes24 says:

    I’m waiting to see what the defense has up their sleeve because even with their poor investigative work, they have him 6 ways till Sunday. There is absolutely no ’bout-a-doubt’ it

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Renae, I think they are completely fucked and they know it. the only thing that could save this psycho is an identical twin walking into the courtroom. Yes they have him 6 ways till Sunday, but that does not make my disgust of the way the evidence was handled any less. It was pathetic. Completely pathetic.

  2. Constance says:

    The police ought to look at the cold cases where Jism has lived since he was 10 years old. Someone very old who lived alone, or someone homeless or a prostitute.

    In OTHER news, i think Nurmi’s book is going to send Stabby into a complete emotional tailspin of pain/depression and rage when she reads it.
    And you know someone will send it to her, and the rest of the prison will have read it too.
    For someone whose image is everything to her – Nurmi’s total disdain and disgust will be a humiliating rejection in her mind that will eat at her for longer than long.

    • Twister says:

      Aww, that’s too bad. Poor Stabby. And talking of blood, I could never how she got out of that house without leaving a blood trail.

      • Mama Via says:

        I’ve had the same question…I decided that sick fuck showered…standing over his body…(I’d bet she’s a “shower pisser” too…the final insult to that poor man…) I cannot imagine spending MY life in a little, tiny, unconditioned cell…which explains exactly why all my Ex-husbands are still living and breathing…sometimes the better part of valor is just divorcing the M-F…and daydreaming about slipping the bastard a few zannies and tattooing the litany of his crimes to womanhood on his back…just to warn the next “Sister” of what she might’ve dealing with…Mama’s Dating Rules #75: ALWAYS run like your panties are on fire when the sister of the “cute guy” you are dating warns you using the words “you wouldn’t believe me if I DID tell you about his past…but, if you have any brains, you would drop him like a hot rock NOW, before he ruins YOUR life too!” So, 30 years later, I still occasionally imagine him lying dead at the bottom of the shower…(but unlike the Princess of Perryville…I value my freedom so much that I keep my imagination from becoming reality…)

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Constance. I totally agree as you are already aware. you do not go from lighting cats on fire to this type of planned out and controlled homicide just like that. There is a dead prostitute, homeless person, or someone that nobody would miss dead somewhere that the case has never been solved. I’ve been dark netting it for a great portion of the day and have discovered much to my dismay that there are waaaay to many unsolved murders right across the US. I’ve narrowed it down to his MO and will let you know what I find if there is anything there.

      As for Nurmi’s book, I find it very amusing and telling that it is perfectly okay for Juan to write a book, but people on twitter are losing their shit about Nurmi doing the same thing. Asking to have it marked as spam, screaming about him making money off of Travis’s death. Well, so did the 13th Juror, and so did Chris Hughs and so is Juan. The hypocrisy disgusts me. I’m looking forward to reading it (thank you again for loaning it to me) and I am looking very forward to reading Juan’s book as well.

  3. Constance says:

    p.s.The lack of concern and empathy Pimental has is pretty appalling.
    WHO acts like that? Nobody with any humanity. He knew it was blood, knows darn well it isn’t from a girl’s period or a sports field mishap, and doesn’t care because his boss doesn’t care?

    Could he have been buddies with Jism? Anybody ever investigate that connection?

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      That is some fucked up shit. giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was afraid to argue because he is illegal (that is purely speculation on my part), maybe where he is from things like that are normal and he realized someone was dead but his job was to clean up the mess. I don’t think he was friends with Jizzy, I think he was just stupid.

  4. I’m thinking he must be an ISIS convert….

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Judy, that is not as weird of a statement as it would have been a couple of years ago. So much about todays youth is just not understandable. That being said, I don’t think he was an Isis convert, just a garden variety Psychopath.

  5. Mama Via says:

    Good morning! Well here’s the report, ladies…papa and the builder had a 2 hour conference call on Friday…and they negotiated the sales contract…(WHEW!)then, yesterday, papa and I went to take another look at the lot we had chosen…then papa went to the sales office….I had a LOOOOOONG talk with the salesman…remove the bath from my new studio (increasing the room to 17 X 15) put a 1/2-bath in papa’s new “exercise room”(making it 11×15)…add French Doors to the patio from my studio (also add 4 Windows, 3 on the north wall and add one on the east wall) add another set of French doors from the master bedroom to the patio, a set from the foyer into papas office, and another from papas office to the exercise room, add a concrete pad beside the air conditioner units at the side of the house to put the garbage cans on, and add 8 foot long X 6 foot tall fence to hide them, add 2 floor electrical outlets in the living room, add a fireplace in the living room, remove the 16 foot slider and replace with three French doors, and add a bay to the master bedroom….I was spending all of papa’s money…he will never be able to retire…

    We still have to design the kitchen cabinets, the cabinets in the laundry room and in the pantry….choose the sinks, faucets, the flooring…papa wants wood (he who signs the contract has the power) I want tile….so: tile in the baths, laundry, rear entry and my office…wood in the living room, dining room, breakfast nook, and foyer…and (commercial) carpet (ugh!) in the two guest rooms, master bedroom, papa’s office and exercise room…I think I got them all…..and we still have to design the shape of the pool, and choose the color of everything…..

    I’m THINKING of going with white (ugh!) cabinets on the east and south wall of the kitchen….and a medium gray for that 18 foot prep island….with gray glass tiles…(close to what the model used).(it’s kinda like using “harvest gold”–EVERYONE did harvest gold back in the 70’s….EVERYONE did “soldier blue” in the 80’s…on the way home, all I saw were GRAY CARS!)

    What do y’all think? Should I go with gray and a light “coral” or “peach” in my studio?

    Do y’all want to see photos?

    It seems like we have accomplished so much…but, in fact, have only touched the tip of the iceberg….

    And…we still have to sell our townhome…(ugh!)…anyone in the market for a beautiful townhome in the lovely Southide of JAX?

    I’m wondering if papa can sleep tonight….I can’t…

    • renaes24 says:

      At one time, I had wanted to do a room in peach and navy (at the Las Vegas house). I gave up when I just could not find a ‘peach’ that did not look ‘orange’ or ‘pink’ depending on the time of day. Also, trying to match ‘peach’ (shades) is almost impossible as every manufacturer seems to have a different idea of what ‘peach’ actually is!
      That being said, if you can do it…..GO FOR IT. I think it would be lovely.

      • Mama Via says:

        My studio has a NNE exposure, so the light will be “cooler”…I’m guessing more toward 4000Kelvin, so the “peach” won’t be TOO orange…I’m thinking Pindler & Pindler will have just the right color, then I’ll match it up to a Pantone to get the right paint color..I met one new neighbor, (he is an attorney too)..he told me that on the other side of our “house-to-be” is a surgeon who does cochlear implants and is married to an attorney too..papa said that there are so many attorneys in our small enclave that we are moving to LITIGATION Estates not Saint John Estates…

        NAVY and peach sounds LOVELY…and over the next few months, I just may re-think my color scheme…and do gray/navy/peach

        As I plan our thanksgiving dinner…I’m thankful that this will be the LAST year I have to cook a big dinner in this DINKY kitchen!! You are all invited for dinner next year…but remember (bring your bathing suit)..I have only two guest rooms and only a three car garage…(after all, It is only an “estate”, not a “compound”) (every time I hear the word “compound”, I think of Auchwitz! [shiver!])…so, get your “holiday reservations” in early!

        I am so grateful and thankful for finding a husband like papa…he spoils me so very much…he wouldn’t be buying this house for just himself, if he were living alone….I know that not everyone who “pays their dues” are rewarded…(and lord knows, there are plenty of spoiled, unappreciative -unts who have never earned ANYthing they’ve been gifted…)….papa asks for so little…my New Years resolution is to try even harder to make papa’s life even better…to work on my (very few) flaws, to be a better wife and friend and a better mother…I’m only human, so, I know I will err…but I will give papa’s needs more consideration…and try to see his point of view even clearer than I do now…..I will try to improve my own karma…

        I’ve come to the conclusion that Karma DOES exist…good and not-so-good things happen to all of us…but WHAT happens to us is less important than HOW we react to it. You MUST believe that “tomorrow” will be a better day. You cannot quit TRYING, you cannot GIVE UP, or become a VICTIM. You MUST remember that you are STRONG and can overcome whatever comes your way. And you must remember that there are some people that are SO unloved, so MISERABLE with their insignificance that they feel that they MUST destroy anyone who is happier than they are, or more successful or talented than they are…they will attack…they will find the smallest most insignificant chink in your armor and use it in an attempt to make you feel as miserable as they are themselves. My ex-husband was like that. He SAID that he wanted to “remain friends”…but his sole reason for wanting to do so was to ensure that he was “there” just enough to make me question my own decisions…to cause me to feel even worse than I did when things in my life were less-than-pretty. The only time he felt good about himself was when he could cause me (or his other ex-wife) misery. I remember him gloating (and his evil laugh) when Ellen had problems with their children, or her car broke down, or when she was laid off work…in his mind, all these things were “her karma” for the imagined hurt he felt she wished him…he never seemed to see that HE was responsible for any of his own karma (either good or bad), he never understood that HIS actions had consequences….he never saw that his own misery was due to his own action (and INACTION)! “karma” is the effect of your own actions. As an example: Snickelfritz made the decision to go out drinking, instead of paying her car insurance payment…she ignored the “pay or else” notice from the insurance company…then she ignored the “get car insurance or have your agent contact us or else” note from the state…(ALL of the notices). Now, really, just whose fault is it that the state suspended her drivers license and issued a bench warrant for her arrest? The last I knew, she was driving with a suspended license, a warrant for her arrest and expired tags…(because she didn’t pay the $13 renewal fee)…now…JUST WHO is to blame when she is stopped (and she will be) for driving with expired tags…and then is arrested for the bench warrant…plus pay the ticket for driving without a license, driving with no insurance and on expired tags? Karma? You bet…plus a huge heaping helping of “driving while stupid”….

        Was it my son’s “karma” that he came home to find his pregnant fiancée dead on the floor…no, it was HER “karma”…she was an addict….and her death was directly attributable to years of drug abuse… My son’s only responsibility was in falling in love with a woman who hid her addiction from him…so, even when you do everything right, bad things are going to happen…

        “For every action (or inaction) there is a corresponding reaction…” Try always to do your best every day…try to attract as much “good karma” as you can…”you reap what you sow”…and if all you sow is hate and disdain and lack of respect…expect that (and more) to come your way…if you sow love, respect and caring…that will always be returned to you…not always when you expect it…but it will come…

        My holiday Thanksgiving wish for all of you…is that each of you feels as much love, concern and caring as I feel from all of you here…may each of you get all that you deserve and more…let the feelings of Thanksgiving and Christmas fill your hearts with warm happiness and love…and may your karma always be happy and good…

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        \oh yeah, US thanksgiving is coming. National poptart day as I decreed last year. don’t forget all of my Canadian brethren, it is national poptart day so we can celebrate with our US compatriots.
        On your thanksgiving, I am grateful for you my mama, and for all the wonderful people that have come together on this blog and that you have a man that loves you so very much. I am grateful that I still have a roof over mine and my sons head, I am grateful that I am better than I was at this time last year, even if it is only a little bit. Baby steps right? I am grateful for the gift of humor that I was given and that I have a way to share it with you all. I am grateful that Bruno the non existent dog was able to gift me with two of the most perfect non existent puppies a person could ask for so that maybe his death was not absolutely pointless. They are beautiful and they fill my heart with happiness. I see Bruno so very much in one and the other is almost a carbon copy of Panzer, one of my other non existent dogs. I am most grateful that my son is finally starting to not be afraid of every sound he hears and he isn’t afraid to stand at the bus stop anymore and he is happy. All of his sadness and terror is going away and for that one thing I will be grateful till the day I die.
        I believe you about Karma mama. You know what happened with Bruno and there have been other developments that I was unaware of until my sons bestfriends dad let me know the word going around town. One of the benefits of a small town. sounds like somebody is getting a huge bowl of Karma. Wish I was there to watch that person eat it.
        I hope that we all have a great thanksgiving/national poptart day.

      • Mama Via says:

        Dear daughter…and my dear grandson….I am MOST happy that you are both together this year…there is one gift that costs absolutely nothing, but is the most valuable gift in the world…the TIME you spend with family and friends.

        Some, like my own bio-egg-donor, are selfish with their time…she spends her resource only on herself…she is too selfish to share it…(albeit that she’s devoted much of her resource dreaming up lies and convincing herself how much she “loved” her OTHER daughter, the one who has been deceased the past 39 years! It seems to be easier for her to “love” the fantasy daughter, than it is to deal with the daughter that is still alive. My own flawed daily existence cannot compete with the “perfect” daughter…that woman yelled at me “Why can’t you be more like your sister???” I can’t be more like her because I’m still ALIVE…). ( sorry,mi got off on a rant there…)

        Not just you, dear daughter, but all the moms here…remember that you have immense power over your children,,,no one, no matter HOW hard they try will EVER replace you…the time you give your children is something that shapes your children’s future…ONLY YOU can be THE MOM…and any rejection by a mother can deeply affect your children’s lives. Dear daughter, I was so proud of the moments you went to B’s games, and even got out of the car…THAT was a gift to B that was precious…because you stepped out of your own needs, and sacrificed for his needs…he will never forget that you tried….he will never forget your successes…

        Does mom eat burnt toast cuz she likes it? Nope, it’s one of those mom sacrifices that perhaps no one recognizes….(like wetting yourself in a dark suit: it gives you a warm feeling, but no one notices…)

        I feel sorry for the children who are less important than the snarky comment some mothers feel they must post in the Twit-verse…earlier this year I watched parts of Twitter…and women who I KNEW have children were busily posting hate-mongering comments at all hours of the day and night…comments like “Shit! I have to go fix The THING his dinner, I’ll be back in 10 minutes!” made me feel so sad for poor Thing…to be made less important by your MOTHER than her composing vile, hateful, rude comments to people his mother did not REALLY know…are only faceless, nameless 140 character comments made to people who have no relevance to your REAL life…

        THAT was why I removed myself from any and all internet activity, other than HERE…I began to realize that these “entities” were beginning to affect my “real” life…”Here” is different…we know each other in a “real world” way…(for instance, we know that Renae is NOT married to Madonna’s ex-husband, Guy Ritchy! And we all think it’s kinda “Hawt” that she was able to snag a “Boy Toy” so much younger! (And that last “injury” Renae sustained made her give up hanging from the chandelier during amorous sessions!) (oh, just kidding!!)) I came to realize that MY “real life” was MUCH more fascinating than ANY of the BS I read on Twitter…THOSE people are not REAL…WHY should I value or worry about what these people THOUGHT? Or SAID?

        I came to realize that giving my time to Twitter and other sites was stealing the resources I COULD be devoting to my home and family…but, the friendships and love that I feel here are with REAL people…people who help me see the world in a different perspective…and help me be a better person…

        So…Happy PopTart day!
        I love you all

    • Constance says:

      Sounds absolutely fabulous, Mama! Congratulations!!!

      And I highly recommend DunnEdwards 6373 Porpoise.
      Have used it in three places in the house so far, and it is gorgeous, a very very soft gray with a pale pale blue undertone.
      Works well in sunshine or at night:)

      And totally agree with you about how Stabby cleaned up. Ugh.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Good afternoon Mama. I’m so glad to see you back. you have been missed like crazy and I have the emails asking about where you were to prove it lol.
      I’m so excited for you and your hubby about your new house. I know it has been a long haul trying to find the perfect spot for your estate. Sorry it couldn’t quite be a compound, but hey we can’t all own city blocks full of property or actually, be related to the person that owns it. Still, Estates are awesome without all of the rodomontading that comes with owning a compound.
      I like the grey and coral but you will have problems matching as you have already stated. What about a grey with a blue undertone and maybe mushroom or a very light yellow? I think that would look really nice and mushroom is a spectacular color. why carpet? Especially with your COPD, why not hardwood or some of the really beautiful tiles they have out now with some accent rugs? the hardwood floors now are pretty much bullet proof if you are worried about Boo’s nails.
      I’m so excited for you. We want tons of pictures.

      • Mama Via says:

        Papa (the one with all the money, thereby making the final decisions) wants carpet in the master bedroom, his office, the gym and the guest rooms…he likes carpet, I hate it…we are doing wood in the “great room”, kitchen, nook, dining room and entry,,,tile in the baths, laundry and my studio…

        Someone told papa that tile and wood are “loud” and “cold”.. As a woman who I’d ALWAYS HOT, COLD sounds good! And ONE of us dropped SOMETHING on the tile in the kitchen HERE, and chipped the tile….and, even on his happy pills…he’s been obsessing over that “ding”…(but he forgives Boo for the spots he has licked into the drywall!)

        As to color scheme…I’m kinda tied into blue/red oxide/tan/gray…not my choice, papa’s…it’s his favorite…he has a painting by Ertė with those colors and everything we own is based on that painting…and no, you cannot teach old dogs new tricks…our leather sofa is that color of blue he likes…so I have to work around that….

        The idea of “peach/gray” is just a lighter shade of the red oxide he likes…I decided that the easiest way for me to change the color scheme sometime in the future…was just to go with “gray and tan/brown”…furnishings and accessories can always be changed with those neutrals…if blue/red oxide/tan and gray make papa happy…so be it…he asks for so little in return for doing so much…and in the large scheme of things…are the color choices so important that strife should come into this special time in our lives?

        I like the gray yellow idea, too! Maybe one of the guest rooms!

  6. Constance says:

    p.s. very much agree with your karma conclusions

  7. Constance says:

    p.s.s. Trial over until Monday

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      This trial schedule is so very fucked up. There was supposed to be court tomorrow but they are fighting about the states expert. the defense really, really doesn’t want this expert to testify.

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4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

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(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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