Merry Christmas!!

From our Shelter to yours….

Our Queen of All She Surveys wanted me to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas!  We hope that during this Season of Joy you find great happiness and even greater love with family, friends, neighbors and especially, the special relationships you’ve developed here at Our No-Kill Shelter.  

We are especially grateful for each of you for everything that you bring and share here. You are the reason RBMD survives and is what it is.  Without your comments, your concern, your laughter and jokes we would be nothing except a place where Mama posts an occasional rant!  :). Yes, even those of you who quietly visit, rarely saying a word.  We know you are there, the statistics tell us tell us that you’ve visited, and we are grateful that you spend a moment of your busy day in visiting us.   

We wish you one and all a Very Happy Christmas.  You have our heartfelt and eternal gratitude.  As 2016 dawns, I pray that each of us has a year that far surpasses any other in our life.  

Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love. 

Love and Joy to you and yours….here’s to a beautiful Christmas and an amazing New Year!

26 Responses to Merry Christmas!!

  1. Linda Brunetto says:

    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. renaes24 says:

    Merry, Merry Christmas to all! I missed the ‘brunch’ but will be back for our ‘late nite snack’.
    Wishes of Joy to all……..

    • Mama Via says:

      Oh, you didn’t miss it…we were all there…you just didn’t SEE me…cuz I was UNDER the table…it appears that the old bottle of (VERY EXPENSIVE) (French) champagne that my Matron of Honor (My Eye-Surgeon’s Wife) gave us for our “Honeymoon” (what, is she crazy? She knows the effect of alcohol on hydraulic systems!) SOMEHOW, magically found its way into a huge bucket of ice…

      Then…when it was ICY cold…IT ATTACKED ME!!! By the way, NEVER trust a guy that has a name you can’t spell after a glass of wine!!! So, anyway… we will just call him “Dom P” (cuz I know you are a “foodie” Renae, and I know you would want to know!) technically, i think it might have been “date rape”….cuz I said “only one glass”

      Well, after that “one glass”, Dom P said “well papa is drinking that stuff with the olive, and Son is drinking that fancy micro-brew that he loves, and if you just let me sit here, all icy and inviting, I’m only gonna loose all my TINY BUBBLES….” And then he went off on his best impression of Don Ho (the 1960 version, not the 1999 version) and sang at me until I started singing too…”make me feel happy…make me feel fine…”

      So…I had another glass…and despite Son’s begging me not to…and papa sticking his finders in his ears…I joined in with my best opera voice (which sounds a LOT like a cat on a room full of rocking chairs) as Dom P started a rousing rendition of “Gramma Got Runned Over by a Reindeer” …at which point that manipulative old bastard, Dom P, convinced me that since he was even MORE cold and sparkly and inviting…and then he teased me, saying “wouldn’t it be a real SHAME to leave just two itty bitty glass-fills left? Almost CRIMINAL!”…then, we started singing “Chrissy the Christmas Mouse” (the old Debbie Reynolds version, not the South Park version featuring Cartman) then, somewhere between “four lords a leaking” and “three French postcards”, I discovered I had somehow found my way into a pair flannel Jammies and turned the air conditioner to “extra cold” (because who wears old flannel Jammies when it is 80 degrees with 200% humidity?)…

      Christmas “virtual brunch” must have been very good…and Christmas dinner must have been very good…although I don’t remember much…except what I’ve detailed above…

      My son, God bless that man, is a professional chef. So, his deal with me was that he would prepare the entree and bake his pie (and shuck the oysters) if I would prepare the remainder. So, he smoked a huge prime rib roast….

      We started with Apalatchicola Oysters served on the half-shell, my son arranged for these to be harvested on the 24th, and were delivered a few hours later. Second course was chilled plucot plum soup followed by a small arugula salad with fresh home made tomato vinaigrette dressing. Fourth was the smoked prime rib, fresh asparagus, corn soufflé, and baked potato. The last two courses: my son’s Pecan Fruit Pie (yum!) and later Godiva raspberry dark chocolate truffles and demitasse…..

      But…somewhere between the prime rib and the Pecan Fruit Pie, my brains ran off with Dom P….and all I can tell you was that I told my son that his prime rib was excellent,,,and that FOUR slices of pie were served to the THREE of us…and Boo looks suspiciously fat this morning!

      My kitchen….which Brenda just cleaned top to bottom on Wednesday looks like two battalions of Army Rangers bivouacked there, may never be the same…in fact, I’m almost afraid to go in there for my morning espresso….but, I know I must…if Brenda saw that mess, she might QUIT! Note to self: arrange Boxing Day as a Brenda cleaning day too!!

      Gotta go…my head is throbbing….

      Tell us about your Christmas Feast….

  3. Gwen Bazzrea says:

    Beautifully stated. Even with my depression and the fact that I seem to only have one frayed nerve left, I had my favorite Christmas ever! Somehow I was able to find nearly perfect gifts for everyone, and it was so much fun watching their expressions when they opened them.
    Prayers for the folks dealing with severe weather today.
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

    • Mama Via says:

      Gwen…I’m hearing a note of hope and wonder in your voice…and perhaps your fight with the Big Black Dog is coming to an end? I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

      • Gwen Bazzrea says:

        Awe, thanks Mama! I feel like I’m making some improvement. I didn’t get to church, but went to both family events. There was some Klonopin involved, but I made it there, damn it.

        I don’t want to jinx my better mindset, but I’m feeling more like the old me (a.k.a. the younger me). Thanx for the lovely brunch. I would have helped with the bubbly bottle, YOU ONLY HAD TO GET OUT FROM UNDER THE TABLE AND ASK!!!

        Blessings to all,

      • Mama Via says:

        Much love to you Gwen! Wishing you continued progress in the new year!!

  4. TrulyUSA says:

    A belated Merry Christmas – I just managed to park the reindeer herd (my husband went with me so we require extra reindeer) and wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year, since I’m late on Christmas! A New Year approaches and I say bring it on beyatch I’m ready for whatever life wants to throw me. The blessing of getting older, once you get past the wrinkles and aching joints, is that you know in your heart things will work out one way or another and most likely you will survive, enduring varying degrees of pain and pleasure so savor the pleasure and the pain will pass. We made the rounds to all the family on both sides prior to Christmas and we settled down for a traditional Midwestern feast of country smoked ham, grilled smoked turkey breast, green beans with Canadian bacon, sweet potatoes baked with honey and cinnamon, mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, fresh hot yeast rolls and Casear salad. Mama I started the day with Baileys in my coffee, looked at hubby and said, I believe we should carry this theme throughout the day! We had Columbia Winery Riesling and Kendall Jackson Merlot with dinner, hubby sipping some very old single barrel Jack Daniels most of the day, and I bought him a Man Crate which contained copper cups for Moscow Mules complete with shaker and ginger beer. If you’ve never had one, you must try it. I finished the evening with a nice White Russian, some fudge, pumpkin bread, snickerdoodles, and a very good pumpkin roll. So today I’m bloated and lazy, but very content. It is raining and we have the fireplace stoked, we have plenty of food cooked, we’ve visited everybody we wanted to, and we still have booze. Salute! Cheers! Prost! There’s no place like RBMD — all my love!

    • Mama Via says:

      Oh, Truly! All of that sounds absolutely DELISH!! Oh, I’m hungry just reading it! We go to your house next virtual holiday dinner!!!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        You’re on! There is always plenty on the table, and if you consider yourself an odd duckling, orphan, square peg in a world of round holes, black sheep, or generally misunderstood, most likely you will also have a beautiful soul and will find plenty of room at my table.

    • Gwen Bazzrea says:

      Truly: this post qualities as FOOD PORN! Good for you!
      Merry and Happy, Bazzethound

  5. renaes24 says:

    Sorry guys……I can’t post right now……..I am still ‘basking in the glow’ (ahem)………. oh! and dinner was fantastic too! 😉

    • TrulyUSA says:

      I thought it was the Northern Lights!

      • renaes24 says:

        Good one Truly!
        Actually, it was a fantastic Christmas.
        I am no foodie……but here is the story of why I was making meals by the pound(s).
        A few years back, everyone in the family came to the realization that the last thing any of us needed were more ‘things’. Most of us either HAD or were about to downsize and ‘stuff” was just ‘stuff’ we had to put somewhere. We, (the entire family), started to donate instead but a few got burned by what turned out to be scam or sketchy charities.
        Now, with parents in their 80’s, who are no longer that mobile (especially in the winter), they tend to eat whatever is either in the house or what can be gotten within a short walking distance.
        Because of the downsizing, they no longer have a freezer….instead that resides at our house….anyway, with both sons living equidistant from them……but with granddaughters that have to travel by them almost daily……we took it upon ourselves to cook and freeze individual meals which will be stored where the granddaughter can just pick up a mess of them and deliver on a regular basis.
        Nothing I cooked was fancy or fussy……(it has to be something that will freeze well and not be touchy to deal with) so I made things like meatloafs and chili and beef stew (pork and sauerkraut are next up to cook)…….when I was done……my husband went out and bought/prepared and cooked our Christmas dinner (again, nothing fancy…..just Turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes/corn/carrots in OJ and cinnamon apple pie). Meanwhile, I was told to not even bother getting dressed if I didn’t feel like it and was served like a queen!
        My entire contribution to the meal was setting the table and I didn’t even do it up that fancy.
        So……I was basking in the glow! (Is Mama’s face red now?)

      • Mama Via says:

        Renae…I don’t REMEMBER the last time I “basked in the glow”…I’m not married to a YOUNG whippersnapper like you are…(I think I learned THAT lesson back when I was 26, and I dated that 19 year old! I vowed then and there: NO YOUNGER MEN! They are just too…exuberant….)

        Did everyone make it thru the weekend?

      • renaes24 says:

        Made it thru the weekend………….just barely! ……and he doesn’t need to go back to work until Jan 4! (Oh , be still my heart!)
        Now, Happy Holidays to our QUEEN…..(where is she, by the way?)

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Now that’s the true spirit of Christmas Renae! I love that idea, I freeze meals 3 or 4 times a week to take to my 90 year old aunt who is still sharper than I am but confined to her home. You will be blessed by blessing others!

  6. TrulyUSA says:

    Queen of All You Survey – wishing you the best New Year (YAY we get to start over!) ever!!!!!

  7. Joe Santos says:

    Great job Kelly! Happy New Year!!! 2016 🌟

  8. Twister says:

    Hey y’all, this the season! I’ve missed the shelter since I’ve been recovering from surgery and then my tablet broke, OK I dropped it on the tile floor. We’re both functional again. Had a nice Christmas brunch with the family with gifts for the grandkids. Thanks to RBMD and Mama for the laughs! Love to all!

    • Mama Via says:

      Hey, Twister! I hadn’t taken roll call yet…but, I was planning on it soon!!! Our Queen still has a broken space bar…I needed to get a 9-pin charge cable–-and dammit–none were available locally, so I’m waiting for the pony express to get it delivered,,,then out queen will be back in the saddle!!

      Happy almost new year!!!

      Love to all!

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